Christmas aftermath, aka Going straight to boxhab

This kitteh (who has GOT to be sent to straight to Boxhab) is overdosing on the available Christmas packaging goodness.


William H., way to join the  exclusive club that is CUTE CAST!



  1. greenighs says:

    Eeek! Tiny pawsitude!

  2. greenighs says:

    (Squeeze me. I bleened.)

  3. and giggling to boot! what a lovely kitty.

  4. that’s really cute. I like when she pops out and looks around like “how did I end up out here?” Excellent vid.

  5. greenighs says:

    d00dz tehr be a posting problems, srsly.

    [Noted; I’ve seen them too… – Ed.]

  6. I am zer master of disguise and surprise.

  7. Lol, if you don’t know if theirs cat in it, you would be very schocked to see a walking box! 😛

  8. i cant see the picture?? 😦

  9. metsakins says:

    I love boxes that move or occasionally reach out and claw you as you walk by. LOL

  10. I snorted my coffee when the box started moving across the floor. I love me some crazy kitteh!

  11. Meg, why exactly is a box habit a problem? I’ve had one for years now!

  12. I love the piece of tail fluff sticking out by the end.

  13. metsakins says:

    but Meg…he could stop anytime he wants, but his human finds it so amusing, and he likes to entertain the opener of cans.

  14. Silent Meow says:

    We all know that when there is great entertainment, humans spend more money on food.

    LOL! = more kitty treats

  15. Hey Ed. ? Where’s you been lately? I find myself missing Teho.

  16. How appropriate for Boxing Day !

    May all your boxes have kittehs.

  17. Ear tufts! Ear tufts! Awoooga!

  18. someone is making some SERIOUS margaritas on Christmas day, did you see the giant case of lime juice in the background?! LOL

  19. I just found it hilarious when the kittty gets his head outside and then goes “oops, I blew my cover!” and goes back inside!!

  20. Giving new meaning to the term “cat box.”

  21. berthaslave says:

    The human is enabling the kitteh’s boxmonkey.

  22. Oh, Happy Christmas! Someone got a case of Lime Juice from Santa! Break out the tequilla!

  23. charliewabba says:

    I don’ wanna go to boxhab
    An’ I say

  24. Kitteh does not need boxhab. Kitteh is just entertaining the Giver of Gooshyfood.

  25. LOL classic and I too found the tail nubbins sticking out the back to be hysterical.

  26. My kitties preferred to thwart my wrapping efforts. RIBBONS!!!

  27. Catherine says:

    I love the darting box. Cats in boxes- the hilarity never ends. 🙂

  28. Last night my mothers BBW Cat was sitting by the bedroom door being adorable and I commented to mom that I never see Belle sitting in boxes, she needed to get larger boxes perhaps. Belle looked straight up at me and hopped in a very tiny box, squooshing it all to heck as if to say – I can fit in any box – SEE!

  29. What is a “BBW Cat”? When I do a Google search on it, I get the MOST shockingks results.

  30. it was a typo I meant BBC

    I’m a bbw Belle is a BBC

  31. Looks like a little after holidays therapy to me!(Wondering where I can get a hold of a washing machine box…)

  32. cats in boxes, cats in sacks, will the insanity ever end? I give the sack on my living room floor a WIDE berth lately.

  33. there should be a website devoted to video of kittehs and wrapping-paper tubes…

    there should

  34. Ear tufts!

  35. Doodz…kitteh is TOTALLY going all Solid Snake from Metal Gear with that box.

  36. Yitzysmommie says:

    Very Qte!
    Our version of CatsNBoxes: Presents arrived in a lovely medium sized box with crinkly paper for protection. Yitzy immediately took possession of the box.
    Grandkids brought a Thomas th Tank Engine large (3ft tall, 6 ft long) cloth replica upstairs. It has screened windows and cloth “doors”. Yitzy has found this object so fascinating that he can be found in it any time day or night. He loves going in & out of the doors, he loves people playing through the screens with him, and his box with crinkly paper is now inside Thomas for Yitzy’s resting pleasures. Silly Cat!

  37. Beautiful Drunk says:

    I love the stunned “where the hell am I” look on the kitteh’s face when he ‘accidentally’ jumped out from under the box. Haha. I’ve seen that exact look many times from my Pretty Miss Pounce.

  38. Bill Guppy says:

    Yes; the case of lime juice totally makes this video.

  39. CheshireCat says:

    This video reminds me of when I hid inside a huge empty box on Christmas Eve so I could jump out and scare friends and relatives! Lolz…wait does this mean I have to go to boxhab?? *shifty eyes*