Check out this debauchery

1. Oh, just make yerself comfortuhbuhls! [kittehs in cat food bin]


B. They tried to make this pup go to boxhab and he said no, no, NYERHE


Is this what it’s come to, Erica O.? HEINEKEN with cat food and SHALLOW pizza boxes for your pup!? HUH!? IS IT!?



  1. Gheghe everybody loves Heineken…

  2. FyreKnight says:

    Of course the cats are living it up while the poor dog has to make due with a box that is too small!

  3. metsakins says:


    and those cats are probably being overfed which means that they are being abused.

    just shocking

  4. Better debauchery than de-box-ery..?

  5. *GASPS*
    They MUST get to boxhab. That kitteh has some stheriouus catnip issues.

  6. that takes self-feeding to a WHOLE new level.

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    “beer for my kitteh, pizza for my puupppeehs”! (Toby Keith voice). I thought it was only kittehs that cram themselves into any available box- or bowl-like structure.

  8. I think we need a new boxhab category.

    Just look at all those coloring additives in that cat food.

  9. OMG, I worked at Aurelio’s Pizza in high school! Best pizza EVAR.

    The pup has the right idea. 🙂

  10. LOL as white kitty looks on at tiger kitty.. Tisk tisk he just overindulged himself into a coma.. poor thing.
    Then Pup is all woe is me all I have for a bed is this tiny little pizza box..So Sad!

  11. I think these pictures are really of the Cute Overload Headquarters New Year’s party. Come out with it, Meg.

  12. *doesn’t want to try to get the pizza grease offa the long haired puppers*

    I guess I’m lucky, my dog just EATS the pizza box.

  13. Puppy precious, kitty napping in food, heehee too much…but as a beginner…please help…what is “NYERHE”???
    how is it pronounced, I lOVE it, just want to say it right! Help, help the hyerhe impaired!

  14. Was that a pup-er-oni pizza? Heks all like: …. This box smelz gooooood.

  15. Erm…does that box say “Aurelio’s is QUANTITY”??? I KNOW I haven’t had that much to drink yet.

    Here’s hoping the other side says “quality”.

  16. Cyndy, “nyerhe” is “No!”, and it’s said like this: (Petulantly) NEEEYERRRHHH!

  17. A very finite detail that makes the top pic even funnier than it already is – I’m pretty sure I spy catnip flakes on the this kittehs lower back region…*adjusts glasses*

  18. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Indeed, Lisa, that box does have “Aurelio’s is QUANTITY” on it.

    Adorable pup, he/she has a “go away” look on his/her face.

  19. I think the “naked” ad on the left site is tasteless on this site where my kids like to visit.

  20. Naked is ok with me, not so sure about all the chinese girls offering themselves for a date though

  21. berthaslave says:

    I love kitteh #2 looking into the box…

    “Dude…dude…wake up dude…”

  22. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    Alcoholic cats passed out in their food! so not funny!

    😀 tee!

  23. BumbleBee says:

    Wow – i’d heard that everything in the US is bigger than what we have here in the UK, but never, in my life have i seen a pizza box sooo beeeg! Unless that is actually a v.small puppeh. So cute tho

  24. “Boxhab.” Meg, I heart you.

    BumbleBee, I don’t know where you live, but I can pretty much guarantee that everything here in the U.S. is bigger. Particularly if it is food-related.

  25. Stephanie J says:

    “..and he said no, no, NYERHE”


  26. Zreekee, if you install an ad blocker on your system, you won’t have to see any of the ads.

    However, Meg has long proclaimed this to be a PG-13 site and all the regulars know that. So maybe you should find other sites for your kids to visit.

  27. If there was a box o’ chocolates triple the size of my body, you would find me passed out face-down in them exactly like that.

  28. Oh, and dear Editors – we need a sound clip of someone saying NYERHE like pronto.

  29. Aurelio’s is Quantity!
    Aurelio’s is Quality!
    Aurelio’s is Value!
    Aurelio’s is Pizza!
    Tell ’em Joe sent you!

    I think that’s right, it’s been a long time since I worked there but I folded a LOT of those pizza boxes. 🙂

  30. Ewwww! Any pet food that color has got to be toxic. Maybe that stripey cat is dead???

  31. Yes, yes, most pleeezze!
    A sound bite of Nyerhe and Nyerheh!!! I must have eloquent pronunsheeashun!
    At least a “hooked on phonics” version. Wheeee!

  32. Hehe!

  33. If the dog is in the box, it is because the floor is colder than the box… If you put a carpet, he goes to the carpet…

    For the cat, for me, we have 2 choices :
    – It is eating time, and proprietor has open the box (maybe it is allways like that ?)
    – The cats are realy hungry, and that is not good

  34. spongebrooke says:

    that pup has excellent taste in pizza!

    aurelio’s = best pizza in the history of forever and beyond

  35. Cats attempt death by kibble. Dog ”Don’t mind me, I’ll survive on pizza fumes.”

  36. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Actually, if we are looking at the same ad of two girls in white underwear with the caption Get Naked Now, it is not meant to be salacious at all. I didn’t think it was as soon as I saw that those girls aren’t standing in a typical “come hither” pose, but are actually rather prim, except for the fact that they’re in underwear, and even that isn’t especially sexy or revealing. But the ad is a promotion for a new show on one of the women-oriented channels, which has also been promoted endlessly on TV. It’s called “How to Look Good Naked with Carson Kressley” (I think that’s his name) and apparently it’s a show about helping women achieve positive body images. The only provocative thing about it is the name. Unfortunately even though I see about ten commercials for it every day, I still don’t remember the channel – one of the cable channels, WE or Oxygen or one of the others.

    So we need not be concerned that porn advertisers have discovered cuteoverload, even though the choice to accept advertisers is Meg’s to make. But in this case, the show being promoted apparently has a high-minded purpose hidden behind a racy name.

  37. I would say NYERHE to the colors in that kitteh food — but stripey cat probably had extreme munchies. (I say ‘had’ since the pix are a few years old)

    Puppeh is not overly big — it’s an extra-large pizza but not mega-ultra-large.

    The hubby was *extremely* disappointed with the “Look Good Naked” ads; he was SO hoping for porn and only got larger-than-model-size women getting fashion from a gay guy!

  38. “Nyerhe” is pronounced to rhyme with “Heylerhe,” of course. 😉

  39. breed of dog anyone?

  40. ***** WARNING ***** those cat food bins are LETHAL …

    a curious cat recently suffocated when the lid closed on him …

    his owners are devastated, but they can’t turn back the clock …

  41. BrianMPLS says:

    Linnie- Where you worked, were the boxes pentagonal? Just curious.

  42. Only the most discriminating kitties drink Heineken with their kibble…

  43. Positive Jube says:

    Clever doglet. To sleep within warm, flavoursome, and cheesy bed. Yum.

  44. Yitzysmommie says:

    White Cat: “d00d, get UP! They’re coming!!!”
    Stripey Cat: “Nyerhe!”
    Stripey appears to be suffering from CatFoodOverload, passed out completely!

  45. Oh man, my Boobadoo would love to be that cat. He would eat himself into oblivion.

  46. My Stinky (cat) likes to sit ON, not in, pizza boxes. Often with the pizza still in it. It’s warm and smells good. And there’s yummy food inside. It’s a win-win-win! 😛

  47. That puppy probably are all the pizza and is hoping to conceal the evil deed by hiding the empty box!!!

  48. I hope that cat doesn’t think it doubles as a litterbox. You know that phrase that ends “…in your messkit”?

  49. My 2 cents on the Get Naked ad: I saw it and thought how refreshing to see two women with bodies that aren’t super-skinny for once. And how much sexier they look without their bones sticking out!

  50. BrianMPLS – nope, they were the standard square-type pizza boxes. The box in the pic is from one of the suburban Chicago Aurelio’s, I’m sure of it… I’d know that “Aurelio’s is Quanitity” anywhere!

    spongebrooke – you are ever so right about Aurelio’s Pizza, I have been known to drive 2+ hours back to my hometown JUST for Aurelio’s.

    By the way the pets are awfully cute and so is the “get naked” ad. 🙂

  51. what do you charge for delivery of a pup-pizza?

  52. Markalept says:

    I live in Frankfort, IL about 5 minutes from Aurelios! Best pizza in the world..mmm…

    oh and the puppers is adoor-uh-buhls as well 🙂

  53. Silleh Puppeh… boxes is for kittehs!!!

  54. At first glance, I thought it was an ad for multi-colored cat litter!


  55. gluttony


    Main Entry: glut·tony
    Pronunciation: (gltn-)
    Function: noun
    Inflected Form(s): plural glut·ton·ies
    Date: 13th century

    1. See above.

  56. marsheeeee says:

    I think the look good naked thing is on Bravo. That’s where Queer Eye was…

  57. Please dont feed your pets Purina, Pedigree, Beneful…or other cheap store brand pet foods. They are so low in protien you may as well be feeding your pets lawn clippings. Besides, what little meat that is contained, is often from diseased, or dying animals, as well as animals that have been euthanised. Pet food has been found to contain the drug used to euthanise farm animals and pets, and even the same chemical found in flea collars. Thats right, dead cats and dogs are often used in manufacturing these bargain pet foods. And at what expense? Higher rates of cancers and kidney disease in our pets. Please google “Truth about pet food” or “whats in pet food” to find out the truth for yourself. Dont take MY word for it..

  58. YUMMMMMMMMM a tub full of Meow Mix!!!!
    Heaven………Heaven……….munch the crunchies!!!

  59. It’s the “1” followed by the “B” that really made me LMAO.

  60. CheshireCat says:

    My kittehs like to chow down inside their cat food tub too, except they’re tub is filled with organic cat food without artificial colorings. *smiles smugly*.

  61. hotmustard says:

    (In my best Terri Garr voice) I lahk to roll, roll, roll in zhe pupperoni.

  62. annoying little twerp says:

    Linnie, Spongebrook:
    I’m originally a Chi-south suburbanite(my mother and inlaws are still southlanders)and I used to live at the Homewood store.
    My husband and I live west of there now but still dig our Aurelios…and Chicago Dough Company.

  63. Our doggies have box addictshuns too! It’s more common than you might think! What a shame…

  64. This is living………. lots of food, lots of beer to wash it down, and lots of coffee for the resulting hangover. Now all they need is a nice puter monitor with a blanket in it to sleep on.

  65. Is this your dog? It is really weird because i had a dog that looked almost exactly like this