Bottle-fed orphan BFFs

Lila and Outlaw (the raccoon) are tewtelly BFFs!  Both were bottle-fed orphans and are best buddies to this day. Hey Sender-Inner C.S., have any photos of them now?


Don’t mind me. [chomping on behbeh raccoon ears]



  1. Awww, little bleening baby McScruffersons.

  2. OMG! Overdosing on cuteness before 11am.

  3. metsakins says:

    I want to lie down on that couch!

  4. Num num num num num!

  5. Raccoons! Yippee! I luf waccoons! I think it’s the cutest animal ever (well… except kitties. and puppies. and sqwerls).

  6. love it!
    What is Lila?

  7. My daughter’s name is Lila (she’s 2) and she thought it was pretty funny that the kitty had her name. 🙂 I love racoons too. We used to have one named Mugsy!

  8. My uncle had a raccoon in a really big cage out in his backyard; we used to love playing with it. When my younger (weird) cousin was mean to it, my brother and cuz locked HIM in the cage!! LOL (of course we had the raccoon in the house playing)

  9. a raccoon killed my baby kitty 😦
    i hope being raised alongside a kitty makes one not so vicious?

  10. I’m torn between kissing that kitten’s smooth fur and the racy’s warm coat.

  11. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    racoony and kitteh-y
    live together in snuggly harmony
    side by side on my red leather couch
    why can’t we?

  12. This is so cute it hurts…

  13. Between the two of them, I bet they grow up figuring out how to open the back door, the kitchen cabinets and operate the can opener!

    I had to chase off a wild raccoon that was coming in the cat door and eating one banana twice per week. He was very neat, but freaked out my cat, who woke me to chase him out. This raccoon peeled bananas just like we humans do…

  14. Yitzysmommie says:

    Very Qte. Has put me to contemplating what a raccoon / kitten mix might look like – a Kittoon? A Raccten?

  15. I’m sure the wildlife experts will weigh in, but my cats have been “around” raccoons and they all just keep their distance. However, raccoons can be pretty vicious in a fight.

    We have a raccoon couple that sneaks into our backyard and steals the kitteh food we leave out. I have video of it (which isn’t really “cute” so much as interesting).

    These guys are anerable and my guess is they will grow up to be good buddies. Cats are great ambassadors.

  16. a “marmaloon”

  17. That kitn has every cat’s dream: a BFF who has opposable thumbs and similar taste in food!

  18. Heads up, lil fellers. I want to see if these BFFs have BEF. 😉

  19. so darling, I have to say!!!
    hey there are some pretty cute dog videos I just found

    lol the site is like youtube but for dogs

  20. ck out the fido site–really cute chichi vid today

  21. Hi all…These cuties are mine and they are still best buddies. Outlaw has outgrown Lila by about 22 pounds. He’s a big boy. He lives in our house and is part of the family. We had to raccoon proof the house! We live in the mountains where there are wild raccoons and they can be extremely vicious and very destructive. Outlaw is a love but I got him when he was a week old and raised him. His mamma got killed and he was the only survivor out of four babies. 😦

  22. this is truly awesome

  23. a racoon named Outlaw, what are the chances?

  24. Hate to be a downer, but coons carry some nasty bug that can kill cats. Hope all is well with these 2…..

  25. I want to see piccies of them all grown up now too! So cute!

  26. arachnophile says:

    Great work STINKBUG!

    Thanks for sharing your babies and this Awsome picture. More PICTURES PLZ!

    Not everyone can handle a raccoon. Good on you for doing right by this “not so litle,” one. 😉

  27. I want to kees that kitty head.

  28. spongebrooke says:

    i love baby raccoons (even though they are complete twits most of the time) but i could never stand to have one as a pet. dealing with them at the rescue is enough for me!

  29. Sharon Wilson says:

    So is the black one a raccoon or a kitteh? This pic ought to be in Matchingks!

  30. Old New England legend had it that Maine Coon cats came from a cross between a racoon and a cat. That’s not true, of course.



  31. spikedcolor says:

    “That’s not true, of course. Right?”

    Nah, but I bet they’d be even cuter if it was true 😉

  32. Excuse me one minute while I…


    oh the temptation is just to much.. but i think i will try to resist choping at my computer.
    peope around me right get the wrong impression…

  33. CheshireCat says:

    *adds “nawm bebeh racoon” to list of things to accomplish in 2008*