People’s Choice: The Best 2007 Commentroversy

At Cute Overload, we pride ourselfs with providing engaging content. Sometimes, that plan backfires! Hee! That’s when we call it a "Commentroversy." This year, it’s the People’s Choice to decide the BEST Commentroversy… What do YOU think? Choose one in the poll below.

The "Over-Snorgle!"


Chomping on Cute Animals!

I’m Sure There’s a Perfectly Good Explanation for This

Meg uses the word "Goddamn"!

And, with a whopping 3570 comments: Fat Cat on a Couch!



  1. oooooo this is a loverly way to end the year.
    the poll doesn’t show for me (FF but just to give my $0.02 – I vote for “Chomping on cute animals”= the original and teh best.

    [It should work in FF as long as your AdBlock and/or NoScript plugins allow the domain “” – Ed.]

  2. HEhehe MEg you are teh Awesome. so many good commentroversy’s so hard to choose but I am going with my favorite fat cat on teh couch altho the baby chomping kids tail was awesome too. ; )

  3. Ah, I loved them all. Good times, good times.

    I think the outrage over “goddamn” was the most surprising and outrageous commentroversy, so that got my vote.

    I so enjoyed “love = pain” too. Tough call!

  4. I hope my goddamn choice wins!
    heh heeeeeh.

  5. carmypies says:

    How can the “name this whale” thing not make the list?? 😛

  6. COMMENTROVERSY on this poll!!!!

    The first FOUR choices were all from 2006!!!!

    And HOW can we not have “Miss March and the Yoda Pup?” 425 Comments! Constant debate about the acceptability of humans as “cute”! This was a WEEK-LONG Commentroversy that involved MANY posts of peeps with pets!

    AND (not that it matters) it was my only Bleen post.

    If the Cute Awards are the Oscars of C.O., this Commentroversy Award is shaping up to be about as legitimate as a Golden Globe!!

    IN THE ABSENCE OF A WRITE-IN for the above referenced Miss March and Yoda Commentroversry, I am supporting the “goshdarn” commentroversy over Fat Cat. BUT THOSE WERE THE ONLY TWO IN 2007!

    Can you tell I’m obsessed with dates and rules?

  7. berthaslave says:

    Upon further review, I should correct myself and say that the first post (Over-snorgling) was from 2007. Just trying to be accurate.

  8. I used to comment all the time… then the commentroversy started and I decided just to enjoy teh cute….
    the buddy post nearly redeemed the comment section… it gets my vote!
    Thanks Meg and Teehofor all you do!

  9. warrior rabbit says:

    I agree, some of these are from 2006, so I don’t think they are valid entries. As enjoyable as they were (love=pain is one of my all-time faves!).

  10. warrior rabbit says:

    In fact, if you were going to include oldies but goodies, what happened to the pig snout lick? Ah, memories.

  11. I still laugh out loud at Love = Pain. “Unclear on the concept” = hilarious!

  12. Oversnorgle definitely. It was a tough choice between that and the careless parents who let their kid bite cats but it came down to this:

    Which mother did I want to smack more? The clueless one who thinks this is fun for the snacker and snackee.

    And maybe I skimmed the couch one but that one was hardly worth opening a pudding pack.

    And I’m guessing those that were closed within an hour or removed automatically aren’t eligible?

  13. I expected Name the Whale to be here too

  14. I love the goddamn one. LOVE IT. I also love the fact that NO ONE knows how to change how big the font is in their browsers (under “view”).

  15. Wow! This post took a lot of work but I loved the entire thing. Thanks for putting it together, Meg! Thanks for cuteoverload as well!

  16. I had to choose the “goddamn” one because the whole thing is so goddamn ridiculous. I hadn’t been aware of this commentrovery until just now, and I looked at the picture and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the problem could be, despite having been clued in by the title of the choice. I STILL didn’t get it! It all seemed so innocuous. And then when I read and saw people getting offended by the use of the word, “goddamn” …well…all I can say is, what’s relevant to one person is patently absurd to another, or to just about everyone I know in this case.

    On another note, thank you Meg for doing what you do. And Theo for helping out. I found this website at a time when I was in true despair, and it became the one place I could go for some relief. (Except for some of the commentroversies anyway. If you see fewer comments from me it’s because I participate in them less due to all the upsets.) I’m just glad I developed the habit of googling “kittens” when things seem overwhelming – I might not have found you otherwise. You really saved me. 🙂 Here’s to another overload of cute in 2008!

  17. OK I chose the “over snorgling” commentroversy. That thread had wisdom and insight…
    “If I saw a mom repeatedly forcing a child to react nicely to something she she doesn’t want to touch and punishing her for reacting and CONTINUE FORCING her child etc etc I’d say she’s f’ing neurotic and she’s trying to make her kid neurotic. Same applies to pets.
    Proud Owner of Cats | May 24, 2007 at 11:49 AM “

    Yes my childhood did flash before my eyes.

    It had cool self referentiality that helped me to distance from the action, eg. Betting on the length of the thread…
    “Sarah, the potential for 600+ is there, but I’m going to take the long Memorial Day weekend into account and lowball it at 342.
    warrior rabbit | May 24, 2007 at 11:53AM

    and “Pass the popcorn, please..

    *sits down with englishwoman to watch the fun*
    a different Laura| May 24, 2007 at 11:57 AM

    And last but not least, one of the few posts to make me laugh out loud.

    “Um, that’s the equivalent of someone rubbing a bacon cheeseburger all over my face and then smacking me when I tried to eat it. Not cool.
    Beth S May 24, 2007 at 12:02 PM “

    Definately a winning thread.

    Kimski, who enjoys starting sentences with And, :P.

  18. I can’t believe I just reviewed a thread.

  19. FAB end-of-year recap!

    i’m abstaining from the vote, though. don’t want to encoruage the nuffs, each of whom will undoubtedly will bitch about how s/he should have won, it wasn’t fair, unscientific voting, lack of electoral college, polling place irregularities, hanging chads, jerrymandering, etc etc etc…

    happy new year, peeps! thanks for a great year of CO.

  20. greenighs says:

    Straddler. *yawn* back to bed. Happy gnu gyrs everyine!

  21. Thank you, Meg and Theo for all of the work that goes into CO. The Pomerianianiaan with the chick should be the wallpaper at the White House. I’ll pay for it out of my own pocket. It is, after the fuzzy, furry teeeny-tiny horses the COest evah. Thanks for the chuckles, tears-o-joy and heavy duty controversh. I found you by googling Bunnies-and after going to Betty Chu’s website and absorbiiing her bunfluffishness, I was directed here by the Diety Herself. Deity- umm, ya know God. A Happy and Fluffy 2008
    to all. K.

  22. Oh, my favorite was DEFINITELY the fat cat, or any commentroversy in which people go ballistic about things the owner of the pet in the picture should or should not be doing. What? How is that your problem? (Goddamn it.)

  23. wow.. I really didn’t even realize some of these were commentroversies to begin with, they certainly didn’t arouse any outrage in me.. I was stunned! Anyway, i voted for fat cat. Although, I did enjoy the interesting comments regarding the dolphin naming.
    and BTW: Love Ya Meg!

  24. Personally, I voted for Meg using goddamn in a title since it was the most hilariously ridiculous.

  25. Hey-h, I’m gonna make it my damn problem, dammit, ‘cuz it’s my right as a denizen of the internet to tell people how to run their lives, dammit! Especially since I can discern every detail of their lives from a photo or a thirty-second video!

    I have to admit, I love commentroversies, even if they are ridiculous. It’s one of my guilty pleasures…

    Why did I use “personally” at the beginning of that post? That looks kinda dumb.

  26. What about the “What’s with all the pictures of people! Stop it, I hate people!” commentroversy? Or is that disqualified because it was over several posts? ‘Cuz that rocked.

  27. Ah, the “I hate people!” one was the “Miss March and ‘Yoda’ the pup” commentroversy, already mentioned above. That was great.

  28. This ballot is totally ‘SHOPPED! I can tell because I’m smarter than everyone else, nyah nyah nyah!

  29. First of all: Thank you for Cute Overload, Meg!
    I voted for the goddamn commentroversy, since it was the most ridiculous.
    (I would have liked to vote for the cats’n’racks pic with the kitty making biscuits and resting his head between breasts…)

  30. Actually, I’d choose “Snakes on a Rack” –

    Or the ever memorable Tick ‘Tocks –

    Both of them stirred an exorbitant amount of overly sensitive ’nuffers into a frenzy. Hee! ^_^

  31. Goddamn, all the way. Dammit.

  32. Yknow, I’m disappointed that more people aren’t taking the Lord’s name in vain in this comment thread. Let’s get some commentroversy going, for christ’s sake! Jesus!

  33. metsakins says:

    *chanting again*

    Buddy, Buddy (who is the fat cat on the couch for those who didn’t know)

    we very seldom have any couchstraddlerpawdanglers and I made some great friends on that post.

    also Buddy reminds me so much of my dear departed Bubsy.

    In all, g*ddamn it…vote for the fat cat couchinator, Buddy!

    *goes back to chanting*

    fat cat
    fat cat

  34. The “goddamn” one was the best, hands down. Who’s to say that cat wasn’t really thinking it, eh?

  35. i think we should have a commentroversy about the commentroversy!! goddamnit!

  36. Yitzysmommie says:

    Since other 2006 contestants were in the running, I think the All Time Most Commentroversial submishe was the very lovely very young looking rack with the cat: “Since when did we start posting pictures like this here?”
    So commentroversial that just its headlines exist, the Innerwebs have consumed the pic and posts…..

  37. Oh my jeebus! I haven’t posted in forever, but still find that I am involved in most commentroversies! I guess I’m just an arguer after all. 😉

  38. Jim, I loved the “people suck” commentroversies. If those were up there, I would’ve voted for that instead of “goddammit.”

    Cats ‘n Racks commentroversies are pretty damn good too. Although those kinda go along with the “people aren’t cute” thing.

    Goddammit. 😀

  39. “Goddamn” all the way! It had so much going for it – religious discussion, righteous indignation, semantic nitpicking, declarations of never, ever coming back to C.O. followed by MORE comments… GOD even posted! An awesome display of exaggerated, blown-out-of-proportions ridiculousness!

    I thought things couldn’t get any better after seeing the best of the best post. I was so, so wrong. Thanks, C.O. 🙂 Your humor is tewtelly terrific.

  40. “Goddamn” all the way, though I think I accidentally voted for “I’m sure there’s a perfectly good….”

    And I second butter on “people suck” commentroversies. Those are the best.

  41. I was going to vote for “Kid Licks Pig Snout”, but in the absence of that, I went with “Baby Bites Cat”.

    B/c I could do with fewer rug rats polluting my Qte as well. 😉

    All the Commentroversaries have struck me as tewtelly redonk.

  42. I am sticking with buddy The fat cat on couch… he had it all righteous indignation oh and the DIABETUS folks and the How dare Meg post the over weight cat and name calling and people would just keep popping over and flaying poor buddy who wasn’t really that fat. and a lot of I will never return to CO again how dare you and puddin flinging and lots of fun stuff. OHhhh and our introduction to the BARF diet… yes the name says it all

    Buddy was definately the clear winner with over 3000 posts pulease the rest are mere shadows of the buddy post SO yeah I am sticking with fat cat on couch,

  43. “meg uses goddamn” was definitely the most ludicrous commentroversy. At least the other ones had some (comparatively) valid controversy!

  44. oh, MEG, how could you forget that * n’ racks with the supposedly underaged girl with like a milimeter of boob showing? Holy Crap! I thought the site would crash! And even more ludicrous than anything here was the photo of that girl and her dog, and people FREAKED out because she was attractive? Nothing inappropriate about the photo whatsoever-people were offended because she was pretty…this truly represented the silliest of commentroversies.

  45. Lol, it’s good to see Meg keeps a good sense of humor about nuffage.

    Personally I voted for kitty biting for bringing out the child free wank, but if I could nominate, all the controversy over “munchkin” animals.

  46. Some of Buddy’s comments were just chat, though, right? I mean, after the nuffs were all off the net with apoplexy or the vapors or whatever.

  47. Meg calling the jerboa un-cute. What was she thinking?!

  48. lurkingsmirk says:

    @ Koko–omg, the pretty girl with her dog! It was so ridiculous, people said stuff like “I’m plain and when I look at cuteoverload it makes me feel good but seeing a pretty girl reminds me that I’m plain and makes me feel bad again.” Seriously, some people are ridiculous.

  49. Goddammit, I missed the original commentroversy! I had to vote for it ’cause in reading through, several comments left me udderly helpless with hysteria—like “Jesus’s middle initial isn’t H….his last name is “onapogostick””!!! OMG, I’m still laughing!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!

  50. I am also fond of “Today is an outside day, Tabitha” for:

    1. being insane in premise.
    2. getting shut down within a few hours
    3. spilling into the owner’s youtube (still comments to this day!)
    4. Continuing despite Tabitha’s owner’s perfectly logical explanations and obviously hurt feelings.
    5. Tabitha is cuter than Buddy, sorry.

  51. I’m with the people who are wondering about the lack of the whale-naming post! I mean, everybody and their brother accusing Meg of racism, of all things? Pricelessly insane.

  52. metsakins says:

    okay now I’m ready for a ‘versey…Tabitha is cuter than the couchinator!!!!11!!!!!


  53. My people:

    The goddamn post wins, hands-down. That is all.

  54. It’s just the facts, ma’am. OMG UR CAT IZ OUTSIDE! > OMG UR CAT IS OUTSIZED!

    (I don’t remember the one with the pretty girl and her dog… anyone know when it was?)

  55. i’m with Janni; the cats’n’racks with biscuit-making was absolutely the best. it never fails to amaze me that how die-hard prudes can find sexuality in the patently un-sexual.

    but in the absence of that one, my vote is for “meg uses ‘goddamn'”. a commentroversy that inspires a born-again christian to quote scripture in order to illustrate why people should lighten the f*** up is top notch in my book.

  56. yeah i liked the “Today is an outside day, Tabitha” as well. Especially because the minute i watched that one i expected commentroversy but in a will they/wont they kind of way. I just love how people predictably get upset over nothing.
    unfortunately i had somehow overlooked the ‘meg uses goddamn’ one but thanks to current post i had a look at that one as well. brilliant!

  57. fat cat!!!

    and may i add: top overfeeding your animals people its cruel!!! stop it!!!

  58. What about the Cats ‘n’ Racks entry: Making Biscuits on a Rack?????? people getting so bent out of shape at the sight of two lovely breasties and an appreciative kitty…..

  59. Ooh, so many commentroversies – I don’t know how you narrowed it down. Of course, as noted, some are from Twenty-Ought-Six, so I shan’t vote for those. I was surprised too that the whale-naming one didn’t make it – that was some crazeh shizz. Anyhoo, it was a tough call, but I voted for “goddamn” because it was so tewtally unrelated to the pic. “Fat cat” was a close second, due to the main nuffer’s several dozen “this is my last comment, for reals” comments.

  60. Gotta go with the fat cat! It has spawned many and wonderous things, you know. And I think the first thousand comments or so are pure nuffage. PLUS it had to be closed to commenting because IT CRASHED BROWSERS. How is that not awesome?!

    Bwa ha ha ha. Thanks Meg, CO and the friends I made here kept me going through a tough year.

  61. I cannot believe you people.
    “baby chomps on kitten tail” is last in the polls.
    you have no respect for the classics.
    no respect, I tell you.

    the authorities shall be informed of this travesty.

    [The authorities say: Technically, that *can’t* be a “best of 2007”, since it happened in 2006, can it? Same goes for the “Love=Pain” and “Perfectly Good Explanation” posts, a-HEM… – Ed.]

  62. I’m with DCN. I think Meg saying jerboas aren’t cute was the biggest C.O. scandal of 2007. (especially since the long-eared jerboas being captured on camera was big news in wildlife conservation =)

  63. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    Ah! this poll proves how delightfully cool Meg/Theo and Co. are! high fives all around! 😀

  64. Gotta go with the Baby Chomps Kitty, cuz nothing’s funnier than a PO’D CF.