Holy Rumble in the Jungle, People, check this baby brown bear action.

That one behbeh bear is all—"I KNOW my ears look dee-lee-shous, many have tried to eat them before AND FAILED HI-YAH KARATE CHOP"


Nice work, Ron N. Niiiiiiiiice.



  1. Make My Day Punk ;0)

  2. Teddular entanglement – love it!

  3. hehehe I started hearing those sound effects they always add to karate movies…

  4. me too, Annie!

    and picturing the bears talking with their mouths not matching the words.

    go Bruce Lee bear cub!

  5. Learn well, young bearhopper, one day you too will be Master of the Flying Salmon.

  6. must nom the upturned toesies, and fierce fists of furry fury. heh…

  7. omg LOL!!!!!

  8. You can not beat my ninja teddy style!

    Darling pic.

  9. (the original) Mel says:

    Everybody was Bear-Fu Fighting….

    Bruce Lee scream.

  10. Babeh Bear1:gotcherschnaaahhhzzle neenerneenerneeener
    Babeh Bear2:Moooooommmmmm!!!

  11. Those bears were fast as Lightening

  12. “Dude! Smell this!”

  13. OH- My- GAH—- That has got to be just the cutest picture!
    How freakin adorable are bear cubs!!

  14. (Bear on left) Dood! C’mon! Mom’s gonna get maaaad.

  15. Sharon Wilson says:

    I love the upturned hind foot on the cub on the left! And the cub on the right–“I call this move-the FLYING FURY OF DEATH!”

  16. I love all the anerable bigheadedness and skinnyboditude.

  17. haiyyaaaahhhhh…. pochi wants to join the fun.

    poronchi 😀

  18. Yeeee! The cutest shapes ever!

  19. I have come to avenge my master.

  20. I don’t know what to say! I am in love with these bears and just amazed someone was fortunate enough to capture this shot. 😀

    Just fabulous and terrific!

  21. Lol he’s all like…. smell my finger!

  22. Anne Boleyn says:

    Let’s get ’em a little car like the chihuahuas have got and they can drag race.

  23. I want them

  24. OMG. Teddular!? These guys have just replaced my grandchildren as background wallpaper.

  25. Put ’em up, PUT ‘EM UP. Which oneaya first? I’ll fightcha both together if you want! I’ll fightcha with one paw tied behind my back! I’ll fightcha standin’ on one foot! I’ll fightcha with my eyes closed! Ohhh! Pullin’ an axe on me, eh?

    Lions and tigers and….oh my…..

  26. berthaslave says:

    Oh…and matchingks??

  27. LOL!!!

    “You wanna piece of me?”

  28. holy god. i literally gasped at the ridonkulosity when i ohpanned this page.

  29. You can’t get me !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was faster than you …so go get your style little sis

  30. I wanna feed honey and a couple of picnic baskets to the one on the left. He’s skinnier than the average bear.

  31. We gonna rassle, then clapse into a hammock.

  32. OK…can I please bottle two baby bears’ of tootness?!? Awesome!!!

  33. Does this remind anyone else of Maurice Sendak’s Little Bear stories???

  34. Adorable, yes… but is anyone else just a little freaked out that these bears seem not only comfortable, but happy (see smirk on bear on right) to be WALKING UPRIGHT? When these guys grow up, is there going to be a 7 foot tall bear looking to karate chop someone? (The image is funny in my head- probably not so funny if you were the one getting karate chopped!)

  35. Stephen Colbert’s worst nightmare come to life: bears that know kung fu

  36. “The Bearable Cuteness of Being”

  37. OMG…these two remind of Little Bear from the Maurice Sendak books! I love Little Bear and this pic made my day!

  38. AuntieMame says:

    They’re totally Little Bear!

    And part Miss Piggy, too.


  39. Haha they are so cute when they are little…

  40. “Sweep the leg, Johnnie.”

  41. Hasn’t this photo been floating around the Internet for a while already? I coulda sworn I’d seen these karate cubs before.

  42. OK, it’s a tango now, so it’s my turn to lead. Please try to look sultry this time.

  43. This is one of hundreds of great photos at Ron Niebrugge’s Wildlife Images. Here’s a link to the cubs: