Oh Hai…

Will you please check out this proshness, a boid captured on an outdoor webcam (via Plastic Media in Hungary)

He’s all ready for his International debut ‘n’ stuff.


Jess L., check out the claw-to-car-size-ratio.



  1. wow. that’s awesome!

  2. Aiiiyeee! They’re invading us!

    Precious birds from outer space.

  3. cinderELLA says:


    wow, who thought to put a webcam OUTSIDE. I mean PURE GENIUS!!! Lets all them a round of applause!!!
    Oh, and happy New Year. Auld Lang Syne, and all that.

  4. lurkingsmirk says:

    Wow, look at that mad wing whirrage! He looks like he busted straight out of a Disney movie.

  5. The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Or at least it’s getting much closer to the ground.

  6. kyute!

  7. Pleeze tell me the liddle boidy didn,t fly right into the webcam and fall 6 stories

  8. best most favorite photo yet! He’s all “Yesh, vear’s mee shtuddle?!”

  9. best most favorite photo yet! He’s all “Yesh, vear’s mee shtuddle?!”

  10. Talk about your hover-text!!!

  11. I don’t know- I think that’s more scary than cute!

  12. RUN it’s the GODZILLA of the Boid Woild….. Run for your Lives….

  13. possumpiratess says:

    Holy Crap! That is awesome!

  14. If he opens his wings those buildings will FALL!!! AIEEE!!!

  15. warrior rabbit says:

    Gadzooks! How cute! And he looks very plushy, like a stuffed boid.

  16. Also, if I’m identifying him correctly, he has pretty much the funniest common name of any bird in the world (other than the blue-footed booby): I think he’s a Great Tit.

  17. hello welcomes to Hungurzz, what do you think of us now…???????
    Think I am Cute???

  18. (Chickadees are a kind of tit that lives in the U.S. – Great Tits live in Europe. And quite possibly in other places, too.)

  19. frostmonkey says:

    A quick google image search confirms that it’s a Great Tit. Which is freaking hilarious. I love goofy animal names.

  20. Take cover below! Dear heavens, what about the children!

    Seriously, he looks like he has Mothra for lunch.

  21. Speaking of chickadees, there was a discussion a while back to come up with a collective noun for tits. (Like a flock of birds, or a school of fish.)

    It was determined that tits grouped on a branch were a rack of tits, and tits seen flying together in the sky were a jiggle of tits.

    If that’s not official, it ought to be.

  22. mikemil828 says:



  24. Holy jebus, this photo SCARED ME when I opened up the page. THE BIRDS! THE BIIIRRRDDSS!

  25. Another Angela says:

    Greatest tit ever.

  26. lurkingsmirk says:

    Hahaha at Yubi…I’m thinking of all sorts of addendums not fit for posting.

  27. that’s amazing!

  28. Genetic engineering gone mad.

  29. I’m pretty sure the Swedish name for that one is talgoxe, which would translate into something like lard-ox. Great Tit is a lot funnier. 🙂

    We have a couple of boirds called “tita” though… talltita and entita. And when I looked that up on Wikipedia, I found that their particular family of titor, (poecile) is called – *drumroll* – chickadees!

  30. De rare Hoonkarian cheeckadees.

  31. He’s a hungry??? Looks like someone fed him too much and now he’s going to chomp US all into tiny pieces.

  32. omg! beeeg bird!

    major coolness and laughs

  33. My, does he ever look *peeved*!

    FYI the word “tita” in Hawaii refers to a tough lady – perhaps appropriate, but I thought you should know!

  34. Aww! Look at those cute beedy eyes. 🙂

  35. Happy New Year to everyone here!

  36. (I won’t have internet tomorrow)

  37. We saw these birds everywhere in Austria. They’re just as common there as chickadees are here. But when we talked about them in the fancy hotel elevator, people would look at us funny. I guess they knew enough English to recognize the funny meaning of great tit, but not enough to know the English name of their Kohlmeise. Before we went, I had bought a European bird guide and hand-written in the German names. But I don’t have it with me right now. So hooray for Google. And thanks for bringing back a great memory. What a great photo!

  38. PS to DC: You’re right about Talgoxe. See http://www.mumm.ac.be/~serge/birds/search_en.html

  39. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Why is it that bird names seem to have an affinity for breasts?? Great tits, hooters (owls), boobies, etc???

  40. Here in the U.S. we have the bushtit and the tufted titmouse.

  41. rad_cuteologist says:

    is anyone else getting this chnlove.com ad on CO now? CO may not have control over what ads google puts in the googleAds box, but this one might as well be asianfetish.com with that smiling white guy going over to pick up his mail order bride in china. :O call me a nuffer, but racism is not cute…

  42. Catman Dude, perhaps it’s the other way around? I mean, perhaps we have decided to name this favorite part of the female anatomy after lovely birds? Hmmm?

  43. well somehow this killed their webcam 😦 I wanted to go watch.

    does anyone else watch raccooncam.com ?

  44. eeep!!!!! so cute! so cute! love zee shickadeez!!! amazingk leetle creaturrzz.

  45. What an amazing photo!

  46. rad_cuteologist, it’s not really racism, but yeah, I agree that C.O. isn’t the place for Asian personal ads. I could also do without the “Get Naked Now!” gals in their undergarments, but oh well.

  47. ee’s all like “sup doods, can i borrow a cup of shuhgar? I’ze makin New Years suet cakes and I’ze ran out!”
    *hands you a giant sized measuring cup*

  48. wagthedogma says:

    It looks as if he’s about to grab that white car in his claws, carry it off to his Great Tit lair (most likely a DD cup), and nawm on it!

  49. Ya know, here she is, just
    going about her day – checking her feathers in this nice, reflective spot
    and what do we do??
    We take her picture!
    What ever happened to privacy?
    Can’t a birdy just adjust a feather anymore?

  50. stephanie s says:


  51. cute lil white cheekx aaawww

  52. HAI!!! OMG, can’t take the beediness! Squeeeeeeeeeeee!

  53. It seems unlikely that this is the first tit to be caught on webcam.

  54. I can just hear those wings buzzing. So cute & pretty!

    “It seems unlikely that this is the first tit to be caught on webcam.

    JIm | Dec 31, 2007 at 08:11 AM”


  55. Yubi—ROTFL! Would a flock of adolescents be called a “handful”?

    Happy New Year QTE’ers!

  56. rad_cuteologist says:

    llism, are you saying asian fetish ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asian_fetish ) isn’t racist or that http://chnlove.com isn’t based on asian fetish? From their faq: “it is a dream for many western singles to share their life with Chinese women who are famous for their faithfulness and tenderness” ( http://www.chnlove.com/help/questions.php?category=1 ). I’m not saying all interracial dating is racist, but to fully dismiss a site for western men to find brides in china as not really fueled by (dangerous) stereotypes seems a bit rash, imho.

    ..may the cute be with you..

  57. I seriously thought this was a parade float at first.

  58. Wow, that’s cool! I wish everybody a very happy new year!

  59. Lol mikemil828 u beat me too it 😀

  60. one of the erins says:


    just to weigh in on the ad issue… I don’t know if it’s intended to be racist or not, but I did take notice of the fact that all they think someone needs to know to be interested is height, weight, age, and major city. That ads a layer of creepy.

  61. Yeah I was a bit annoyed at the asian dating add too. Its like LOL womens dont look at the intarwebs! -.- It maybe isnt true in this case, but I find shipping women off to be slaves of sad white guys that cant get a date pretty sexist if anything. :/

  62. mikemil828 ftw!!!

    I wish Cloverfield would be that cute!

  63. /agree deana but you wouldnt want to look like a giant worm too much ! or wear a ladybird outfit! HEY maybe this is the solution to all thos evil harlequin ladybirds hehe

  64. AuntieMame says:

    It’s the titty that ate Cincinnati!

  65. It’s the itty bitty titty committee.

    Actually, I like this pic, because on Friday where I work I found a dead bird on the reflecting pool. The poor little guy went in to get a piece of bread and must have broke his neck in the falling water, because he was out on the edge of the pool, and the bread was still in his beak when he died.

    This kind of honors his memory, in a way.

  66. And to those who are going on about the sexist and racist nature of the ads… I don’t agree. I only think they’re inappropriate if the women are being forced to do something they don’t want to. Otherwise it probably means a better life for them here than there.

    Just focus on the cute, people. 🙂 There’s no reason to get hypersensitive about every little thing. Fuzzy kittehs, furry buns… now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

  67. warrior rabbit says:

    Hey! Did someone say fury buns? That’s my cue! lol

  68. bunnyburrito says:

    Great Tit Photo of the Year, 2007

  69. Yitzysmommie says:

    Stheriously Kewl pic.
    In the “I kid you not” category, a LBB (little brown birdy”) just flew into my sliding glass door. Didn’t look like a tit to me….
    Happily he turned around & flew over to the ivy where I swear he sat glaring at me.

  70. Sharon Wilson says:

    AAAAAH! It’s a great tit–and I do mean great! BTW, firefinch, I too am a birdwatcher and I’ve seen a bushtit, in one of my parents’ rosebushes. I had to look it up, and I haven’t seen one since. It was a total Snow White birdie, completely unafraid of me.

  71. yitzysmommie:

    I have a story about that. Once I was at a client’s house which was also his office – a rather large building in the Santa Monica mountains with a lot of glass windows. I looked outside and there was this little ball of feathers puffed out.

    I went outside and picked her up. She was still alive, but stunned and didn’t make any effort to resist me. She sat on my finger for 10 minutes while she came to, and finally flew off once she came to her senses.

    This was a wild bird – not a pet.

    It remains one of my best memories – I just wish I’d had a camera.

  72. Oh my God! Run, everyone! It’s coming fo… wait… Awww… look at the cute birdie face…. YAAAAAH!… [splat!]

  73. Apologies to Jhonen for remaking “Hamstergeddon” into “Birdiegeddon”.

  74. Oh BTW, I always thought they traveled in pairs. 😉

  75. How neat….

  76. I agree with Meggy, I thought it was a very realistic Macy’s parade float.

  77. This is a really cute blue tit!
    In Hungary we call it “cinke” or “cinege”. :))

  78. Hope it didn’t fly against the camera and broke its little neck. O_O

  79. FANTASTIC!!!!

  80. I think he looks like he’s about to burst into song – not birdsong, but with lyrics and stuff, like a Disney character or something.

    Very cute.

  81. 3ringcircus says:

    I can only hope that bird doesn’t fire off a butt load over those teensy liddle cars…the squeegy guys would have the devil of a time getting it all off the windscreen!

  82. it’s coming…did you hear that?