I can quit whenever I want.

My name is Sid. People say I have a prol-layme. They think I MUST be in a confined space to be happy. They wanna send me to boxhab. I don’t need no stinkin’ rehab for boxes. I’m perfectly fine.


Look, I can sit in bowls too—you gonna try and send me to bowlhab!? heh hehe [nervous laugh]


I just like confined spaces, Bokay? A radiator slot is OK when there is no available box. [Dreamily] Mmmmm, delicious boooxxxx.


Stop looking at me like that, I’m FINE.


I can quit anytime I want. [Falls off table]


Hayley S. and Sid the Kitteh, I think you need some help. er, HALP!!!



  1. There’s just no curing that addiction. 🙂

  2. Oh god that’s wonderful. The commentary had me giggling (espesh when in the bowls)

  3. Too Many Maureens says:

    Apparently, there is no curing the addiction to pointless bleening, either.

    *crawls back into her Tupperware*

  4. Mmmm…contaiineeerrrrs….

  5. Kitteh misyunderstood instrucshuns to get more exurcise by doing some bowling. Thinks it is still teeny babe.

  6. I am powerless over boxes and bowls and my life has become…UNMANGEABLE. Highter Kitty Halp ME!


  7. Nicolletta says:

    Sid is certainly a handsome fellow. =)

  8. And they say cats have no sense of humor. Clearly, Sid knows how to make his people laugh!

  9. Hee!!

    Cats are hilarious.

  10. The Bottom One Reminds Me Of The Cat’s In The Kettle Video. Cat’s in the Kettle ;0)

  11. Here Is The Link ;0)

  12. They trying da make me go to rehab but I say meow meow meowa

  13. Hey I like to be warm, and you can’t touch me if I am inside the container….

    But please refrain from shaking me………..HALP

  14. I are tiny kitn!

    That second pic is a little frightening…

  15. cute, cute, cute!!

  16. I R TINY KITN!

    I love when the floof hangs over the edge of the containers.

    My tortie just sat in a box that was exactly her size (no hanging over) and looked as pleased with herself and smug as possible for a cat. Which is a LOT, as you know.

    Don’t send Sid to box-hab! Just keep taking pix of him.

  17. I wonder if maybe stuffing oneself in a box is a natural behaviour for mammals. Humans just grow out of it – and out of boxes. Remember when you played airplane and car and spaceship and cave explorer and time machine and grave (maybe that one’s just me?) in empty leftover boxes? Kitteh doesn’t have a problem – he’s an astronaut!

  18. dharlan1too says:

    I invites you to my next Tupperware party…bring your check book!

  19. LOL liquid kitty is filling ur containerz.

    I love how he is an equal oppertunity container cat.
    No container is too small or too unusual. Square round plastic glass He uses them all.

  20. Sid you’re adorable.

    That kitchen is adorable too. My dream retro kitsch’n is butter yellow with a table like that.

  21. This reminds me of my cat, Delilah. She LOVES boxes, of all kinds, so long as its a semi-tight fit for her. That, and she loves being curled up as close to us as possible, like, between legs when sitting crosslegged.

    We think that this is because she was taken from her mother WAY too early, because the people that she was received from were rediculous. 5 weeks old we got her. or maybe 6. So we think its cause she needs the security of one of us being close at all times.

  22. Um. . . there are kitty temp. tattoos? How have I missed these? Let’s see – Siamese on Saturday, Manx on Monday . ..

  23. I was just about to say I cannot believe that no one mentioned the kitty tattoos, yet alas jiffknee beat me to the tattoo mark.

    Cute kitty, I have never had one that liked to shove themselves into small spaces, but I have the kitties that have to be on top of something to be higher…even if it is a piece of paper

  24. berthaslave says:

    Sid is one of those cats who would probably survive being packed in a box and put under the Xmas tree on Xmas eve. “Where’s Sid?” asks the kiddies. Scritch scritch scritch. Unwrap unwrap unwrap. Oh, there’s Sid, curled up next to Grampa’s new fedora in the hat box.

    Viva Sid.
    Viva teh Qte.

  25. Sid, put your money where your mouth is. Make this a New Years Resolution.

  26. snoopysnake says:

    Sid loves getting gift-wrapped containers for presents – he gets two prezzies in one!

  27. snoopysnake says:

    I meant to type gift-box wrapped.

  28. Yitzysmommie says:

    Sid, ya better watch out for when Lolrus sees you haz his bukkit……

  29. that last one is a catserole.

  30. Silent Meow says:

    Sid, Kitteh,
    When some people suggested you enter a 12 Step program, they did NOT mean for you to enter a 12 piece Tupperware storage set! LOL!

  31. Sharon Wilson says:

    LOL! Our kitteh used to do this with bulk mailing trays! He weighed 30 pounds and overflowed the sides, but he didn’t care! I love the fur sticking out the top of the box!

  32. still. the best posts eva in the whole cute world.

    kuddos to Meg and Theo. love You both!
    Happy New Year to ALL COL Regs! and welcome to all newbies!
    I still miss my Luvins and am very concerned….
    anyone?? plezze? anyone??

    Theo? any idea?

  33. LOL so funny… rehab

  34. Happy New Squueeeeee to everybodies!!!

  35. oh BTW. I’m a total enabler. I’d get this kitteh any kind of vessel he might want to snuggle into. no prob.
    this kitteh doesnt have a problem! 🙂 we all should be so cozy! love it.

  36. “they say they want to send me to bowl – hab and i say No, No, No.” [insert music]
    (but hes prettier than her.)
    dont ya think?

  37. JinxtheCat says:

    schnuggle bunny

  38. metsakins says:

    Now Miss Huggums does not understand Sid at all. Every box must be tested for its worthiness and only a select few are deemed worthy of her using on a regular basis. BTW, my son took one of her boxes to move some books. She is NOT pleased!

  39. LOL Metsie. Poor Poor Miss Huggums.. How dare he use her special container..

    Liz, it is still the holiday Luvin maybe is still visiting family.

  40. Sid's Human says:

    Yay! Sid got on Cute Overload…it’s been his dream come true!
    He really does love anything he can sit in. He used to have a box that simply said ‘Sid’s Box’ on the side. Thanks so much for loving him, everyone! And Happy New Year!

  41. That is one beautiful cat.

  42. he has a bukket!

    He looks like a lion in the plastic shoe-box type box.

  43. My Roland is a “claustromaniac” also, he’s recently discovered a basket that is a perfect (as in just too snug) fit. I’d wanted to use it for my crocheting materials. alas I’ll never get it back.

    catserole is awesome!!

  44. That cat is like “Shut UP! Don’t judge me!”

    I feel you, cat. I think I might have to make some serious life changes this year. Here’s hoping.

  45. Congratulations Sid’s Human! He’s a beautiful boy and those are some wonderful pictures. 🙂

  46. I thought you looked pretty comfurtabls there, Sid. you don’t have to quit if its noh a problyme, a’ight? *winks*

  47. Oh Sid, I know what you mean. I love boxes myself – only they’re slightly bigger and come with mattresses and pillows. 😉

  48. The tiny eDiot in me saw the third picture and thought, “A radiator slot is fine too.”

    Horrible horrible.

    Second picture is just a blob of fur with a giant set of jaws stuck on. That’s not a cat, man, that’s a caricature. For the last cute post of the year, it’s frickin’ basass.

  49. Popess, your comment is killing me. You said…

    “my life has become UNMANGEABLE”

    I can’t tell tell if you meant “unmanageable” or if you were being SUPER FUNNY for a cat!!

  50. How cute!! I used to have a Boy just like that had the same orange color his name was Churby Dean had to sit in every box and bowl or shoe he found, no matter how big or small it was.

  51. AuntieMame says:

    Don’t tell the lolrus, but I think that’s his bukkit…

  52. Schweetie kitzey puss wikes da bowl! No boxhab, NO BOXHAB!! Safe habit, it iz!

  53. true Annie – thanks!
    I am temporarily put at ease. 🙂

  54. ok, this is gonna sound weird, but my mom and little sis just pointed out to me that the first three photos looks dangerously a lot like a cat we had a few years ago called Precious. They even dug up photos of him to show me that the color patterns matched… lol

    We live in Greece, and we had him re-homed to germany via a friend of ours who runs an animal rescue organization out of denmark. We were moving, and couldn’t keep the cats…

    Anyway, kinda freaky seeing photos of a cat that looks identical to ours two years after rehoming him in a new country… lol

  55. They try to make me go to boxhab I say no, no, NO!! Isnt that how the song goes?? 😛

  56. Heather says:

    The 3rd pic. from the top looks EXACTLY LIKE MY CAT!!!!!!!!! I MEAN IDENTICAL!!! WOW, I am freaking out…. I’ll post a picture of my kitty today… gotta go for now tho’…