Caturday ROKKED. Gonna sleepies in for a whiles.

[Temporary straaaaaayche. Sleeps for another 2 hours]


Sally G., good luck with that kitteh. I think it’s gonna be a while(s).



  1. Silent Meow says:

    Oh, I was soooooo almost! ARGH!

  2. Toeses!

  3. Silent Meow says:

    Kissable, nibble-able, kitteh feetsies!

    Nom nom nom nom nom…

  4. Wow! Those are some cute feets!!!

  5. Nrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmm.

    Straaaaaaaychies are sooooo contagious!!!

    WUNderful pictoor!

  6. must…eat…toes…

  7. In our household we call them ‘toebursts’. And shout ‘Toeburst!’ when our two streeetch like that.

  8. Nicolletta says:

    *tickle tickle tickle*

  9. Alice Shortcake says:

    I feel an overwhelming urge to stick Q-Tips between those toes.

  10. MY FEETS.

    Let me show you them.

  11. TOEBURST?! Oh great, now I have to call my next pet that.

  12. Toeburst! Bwahahahah I love it. And so discriptive. HEheheh. I shall use it now too.

  13. Nom nom nom nom nom on widdle jelliebeanies

  14. This Sleepy Kitty Is Adorable. Toeburst ;0) My Cat Does This, But She Is Usually On My Leg Or Chest With Her Claws Extended. I Seriously Need To Invest In Some Soft Claws. ;0)

  15. Yitzysmommie says:

    Toebursts! Purrfect! Yitzy does this alot when he’s snoozing on my lap & strayches, but the camera is ALWAYS across the room!

  16. Here, smell my feet. Do my toes smell funny to you?

  17. Yoga Toes!

  18. Yoga toes.

  19. berthaslave says:

    Toeburst is brilliant!!!

    Excellent timing on the part of the photog!

    And I LOVE teh kitteh’s front paw up — it’s all “Lemme tell you about lass nightzzzzzz….”

  20. ok I wanna snorgle this one and tickle those tootises…….

  21. CheshireCat says:

    That kitteh is all: Talk to mah toeses.

  22. Piiink feeeeeet! nom nom nom nom nom

  23. Ah, I can smell the corn chips now!

  24. Jellybean toebursts at max!


  26. Mmm. Delicate pink orangekitty pads. I remember them well (no more pink kittypads in my house now sad to say).

  27. Looks like a nose below the toes.

  28. double cat-fu kick to tha FACE!!!

  29. acelightning says:


  30. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    “Look at my butterbeans!”

  31. “Moar feetrubs!”

  32. I want him!