Um. We got a prol-layme here.

Kitteh Rooter!?


Sally G., nice lil’ Clogger you got there. (And tail stubbulence)



  1. This little guy is the cutest drain clog ever! I’d like to find a kitten in my sink.

  2. And for all you cats self-conscious about your belly flaps, our new girdle is designed to give you the figure you’ve always wanted, as modeled by our kitten here.

  3. very funny

  4. This is why the InterWebs is so slows.

  5. Quick call roto rooter we got a major hair clog in our drain system.

  6. berthaslave says:

    DIY Kitteh Body Cast.

    (I’m kidding, the kitteh is prolly fine and does not need a body cast. I do not recommend doing this if your kitteh really needs a body cast).

    I also lurv kitteh’s neutral expresh. It’s either “Will you get this freaking thing off me” or “What?”

  7. I was having funs and then well somethiing happened and well I just don’t know what. get this off Now !!!

  8. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    Kittykins, the wide belt look is just SOOO not you. And lose the vertical stripes….don’t you know they simply add POUNDS to even a svelt figure like yours? Kudos on the uber’-chic blue eyes, though….

  9. I would LOVE to hear how this happened. 😛

  10. What A Prescious Kitty ;0)

  11. anomalous4 says:

    MEOWWWWWWWWWWWCH!!!!!! sum1 plz tellz teh sto00pid hyumin hu is keep triing 2 dres me up:

    teh corsets has went out ov styl elebenty yrs ago!

    clos is teh pleh newai. DO NOT WANT!!!!!!!!!! we no needs no steenkin clos, we has teh FURZ!!!!!!!

    p.s. & we no has 2 killz nething 2 gets it eethr. so htere. kthxbai.

  12. omg that is sooo cute!!!


  13. An I thought the hair clogs in MY sink were bad!!

  14. anomalous – are you a regular commenter on cheezburger? i can’t understand a word of that.

  15. (the original) Mel says:

    When Fluffy decided to take up clogging as a hobby, she was a little confused on how to get started.

  16. I’ve seen this pic before, and I want to know how the heck it happened. Was it the kittayn getting into it, or a human doing it for the LOLs? Where are the before and after pictures?

  17. Too cute! And he is so wee! Widdo bebeh kitteh cat!

  18. Looks like a label from a skein of yarn?

  19. Little Ms. Kitty could not bear seeing her square fluffy body in the mirror everyday, and after many months of failed diets and exercise regimens she gave into the latest rebirth of Corsettry.

  20. Adorable kitty, no question, but I’m bewildered as to how the toilet paper got around him. Neither side looks squishy enough.

  21. Kitteh corset?

  22. Poor bebeh looks so upset. Look at those drooping whiskers.

  23. Oh (the original) Mel,

    You owe me a new keyboard. There’s hot chocolate all over mine.

  24. Thanks, Norah!
    You prevented me from
    “nuff-ing”, thinking
    it really was PVC pipe! :-p

  25. I have looked all over trying to find the original but I can’t. I seem to remember it was not pvc pipe kitty was in but some kind of paper thing. that looked like piping.

  26. Sharon Wilson says:

    Now how did THAT happen!? Poor little thing! He looks so unhappy! I think this ought to be in Cute or Sad?

  27. Annie…..I Think This Looks Like Heavy Paper That Was Maybe Glued Or Taped Around The Little Kitty. ;0)

  28. violetgreen says:

    “Here’s your problem, ma’am…”