Nightmare background music + Ninja ‘Munkersons = ???

This CHIPMUNK NINJA could use a little Van Halen action [‘Jump‘ anyone?]

Check it out; he’s all taking this kitteh to skool and stuff.

Johanna S., way to find ’em—Brrronnngggg! [ninja star suddenly stuck in neck]



  1. compy-saur says:

    What a brave little feller 🙂

  2. What a great defense confuse a cat on a Caterday…..LOL

  3. looloopoopie says:

    Chipmunkies are quick little guys. Not bad jumpers, either.

    That was pretty win, imo.

  4. I do not find this to be cute. The chipmunk was being stalked by the cat…. he was not having fun..he was fighting for his life.
    Just because the video has music added, is slowed down and the chipmunk is jumping around does not make it a “cute” video.
    Way out of character for Cute Overload to post something like offensive like this. Shame on you.

  5. I do not find this to be cute. The chipmunk was being stalked by the cat…. he was not having fun..he was fighting for his life.
    Just because the video has music added, is slowed down and the chipmunk is jumping around does not make it a “cute” video.
    Way out of character for Cute Overload to post something like offensive like this. Shame on you.

  6. If said chipmunk wanted to get away, all it had to do was run- said little feller was p-l-a-y-i-n-g that cat for all it was worth. No life strife here, just a chipmunk with chutzpah.

  7. I wonder what on earth was making the Mr Chips act that way. The normal response would certainly be to run away. Even the cat is baffled.

  8. That cat is a total failure as a carnivore.

  9. :\

    not gonna nuff

  10. Come on people, it’s nature’s way. Animals get eaten and some survive.

  11. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Kitteh not used to his food jumping all around him!

  12. I felt bad for the chipmunk, too, and thought maybe the cat injured it which might explain the jumping around and not running away…but it’s probably defending its territory and/or young from the cat and damn if it didn’t do a fine job of it.

  13. After the fearless mouse,

    The DNA-combat-enhanced Ninjuts’munk

    Anyone else suspects an evil otter professor behind this?

  14. Not cute, it’s inhumane. The chipmunk was fighting for it’s life and could easily have lost (would that be “cute”?)

    The videographer should have put down the camera and picked up the cat. Instead he gets rewarded with a posting on a popular website.

  15. saradipity says:

    I believe the chip had already been injured by the cat who wasn’t hungry enough to finish it off. It would have run away if it could have. Probably a spinal cord injury so it couldn’t run. Cats often ‘play’ wit their prey. IT IS NOT CUTE. But it is ‘reality’

  16. God, what is with the nuffers?

    There are in fact areas in the video where the chipmunk DOES run. Also, should he have a spinal cord injury..he would most likely not be able to jump around with the ferocity that it did. Also, if the cat had actually injured the chipmunk, I’m sure that the videographer would have grabbed the cat.

    Now that my anger at nuffers has been taken out…

    Was anyone else reminded of Monty Python’s “Confuse-a-Cat” ?

  17. this reminds me of when my cat caught a bird one day. I saw him running up the driveway with this pretty yellow bird in his mouth and I felt horrible for the bird. Till I realized the bird was fine and was pecking away at my cat’s face. Then it was funny because damn cat was getting what he deserved and still wouldn’t let go!

    PS: the bird was fine and I think it was domestic so I took it to the humane society.

  18. O M F G…..That Is Too Cute. ;0)

  19. i too do not find this cute. it’s mean. why did someone video tape this? poor form.

  20. Not cute at all.

  21. One of our previous cats, named tuffy has been faced down by a squirrel(face to face like a rocky movie), and my all time favorite a vole(even smaller than the chipmunk) which bite him on the lip. vole got away, cat was fine, I was so surprised I didn’t even have time to react…

    This chipmunk was rocking the awesome “I will not back down to this cat”, and it was amazing to see it on video. Go ninja chipmunk go.
    Nuff said.

  22. OK Nuffers…..How Do We Know That This Chippy Wasn’t A Family Pet, And The Two Might Be Playing? ;0)

  23. divine ms k says:

    Hilarious!! And come ON — you can easily see that the ‘munk is not injured. Plus, the cat totally runs away from him at the end. The little ‘munk is all “Yeah, that’s what I’M talkin’ about!” Hee.

    Some people just like to get their knickers in a twist over every littler thing, it seems.

  24. I think it was pretty cool to see how a chipmunk would react to a predator. (I always assumed they would run and duck into one of their many holes in the yard.) The only thing I ever see chipmunks do is eat expensive flowers and steal birdseed.

    I also don’t think the cat was trying very hard to catch him. He kept looking around the yard for an excuse to end the fight.

  25. Roberta, i didnt even think of that, but good point.

  26. Well, I didn’t find the video cute, more interesting than anything.
    I still felt bad for the lil chipmunk though.

  27. Please grow up, just a little bit. Do you realize that “feeling bad” for the chipmunk helps no one and only makes you feel bad?

    Inhumane indeed. Nature is inhumane.

    “Send the police to arrest nature. That way we won’t have to grow up and be adults, even for a few minutes once in a while.”

  28. Yitzysmommie says:

    As we say here in Utaw, Oh My Hell! Way to kick some kitty a$$, Mr “Jet Li” Mc Monkerjudopants!!!
    HEE larious video.

  29. warrior rabbit says:

    This is reality, Nuffers. Welcome to it.

    Go Chippie, Go!

  30. The cat was merely pawing at the munkers. He wasn’t even doing it with force and looked like he was playing with a squeaker toy. Kitty seems so domesticated that he probably was like, what the heck is this silly thing?! The cat never even tried to chomp at the munk let alone serve a death blow.

    And while the cat probably lives indoors that munk lives outdoors 24/7 and I can guarantee this was NOT his first encounter with something higher up on the food chain. That munk is wild and he can obviously hold his own!!! Good show little guy!!

  31. Poor little dood. Not cute at all.And I’m not nuffing.Just expresssing my opinion like anyone is allowed to do. Cameraperson should have stopped the cat. kitty looked pretty well fed to me, I don’t think there was a need to hunt chipmunk for food.


    Seriously people, the chipmunk was flying around in the air. That stuff’s hilarious. AND– it got away in the end. Happy ending for everyone. Including me. Cuz I thought this video was cool.

  33. “this is reality nuffers”

    Um last I checked cute overload was about cute, not “when animals live out their lives as prey for other animals”

  34. Andrea|Nash says:

    Well, it had my stomach tied up in knots (I hate suspense), but I figured you wouldn’t show it if it didn’t have a happy ending. Anyway, that chippie did a few of the things we’re told to do when threataned by a bear – don’t run – do stand up really tall and try to look as big as you can – try backing away slowly. Must have taken a ranger class on safety in the wild.

  35. WICKED!!! That was so cool to see a wee chipper defending his territory against a somewhat bemused cat. And nuffs can take a chill pill, the chpper is clearly fine and victorious. How come nobody felt sorry for the snake that got beat up by the bunny? Remember that video?

  36. Andrea|Nash: Tee hee Andrea Excellent point. and now I am seeing little chipmunkersons learning ninja moves being taught by a ninja ranger. teeeheeee.

  37. I was wondering about rabies as well. That behavior is just so totally out of character for a chipmunk.

  38. berthaslave says:

    Kitteh is clearly playing. That’s not to say it’s not dangerous for little Chip (or Dale), but anyone who has actually ever OWNED an outdoor kitteh would recognize this behavior vs. serious predation.

    Animals have instincts, not emotions. I’m astonished at how upset people are with this incredibly common incident while praising two dogs sleeping near each other as evidence they are “so in love.” I come to this website because I am fascinated by the natural world of animals, and I prefer the “cute” side to the grittier side (do a search for “Battle at Kruger” on youtube for an example of REAL animal predation – it’s intense). But I think some might find this disturbing because they are too busy projecting human emotions onto something that both animals need — their animal instincts that allow them to survive in the wild. Kittehs play with moving things (and kill when they need to — this cat NEVER takes a “killing” pose, low to the ground); McChippersons avoid potential predators through speed and stealth and hellacious back-flips (apparently). Wow. Wonderful. Wonderful.

    I agree with Ben who said that people need to grow up. Protecting the 8 year-old in you from the reality of the animal world is a fool’s errand. If you don’t like it, move on.

  39. Awesome ninja moves. I want a ninja squirrel as my new home security system. The intruders would never know what got them! 🙂

  40. Not cute at all!!!!! Poor chipmunk 😦

  41. Anonymouse says:

    An odd choice when compared to the pictures of puppies getting a bath and ads for footy pajamas. I think it’s a miss.

  42. Keep your cat inside where it belongs. Your cat is not a wild animal and only kills and maims millions of birds and small animals each year. The wild creatures deserve to live out their lives without additional stress from human activity.

  43. The chipmunk put up an awesome defense and got away from this well-fed pampered kitty. If the cat were hungry, this story would have had a different ending.

  44. Um… If he had his head gnawed off, that would not be cute, the fact that he/she did well and made the cat think twice is great.

    Please, think about the natural instincts of the cat. Please, grow up. It survived and that cat will probably not play with chips anymore (the krinkly bags, yes).

    Oh, btw, the chipmunk is probably infected with toxoplasmosis. It tends to remove the pure survival instinct in rodents and can even have them drawn to the smell of cat. Just think, odds are, many of you are infected too! JOY!

  45. So NOT what I expected from a Chipper! (They usually just go “bling” and are gone.)

    I think some Evil Mad Scientist, possibly an Otter, put a ferret brain in a chipmunk body, it’s certainly acting like a ferret or weasel… (Ferrets jump around and circle, very much like this, with kittehs when playing with them.)

  46. i remember i laughed and laughed at my cat chasing a chipmunk.

    then it caught the poor guy and it became horror.

    i dont particularly think there is anything actually wrong with a cat chasing and eating animals, i just dont want to see it for the emotions i will throw at the event.

  47. He was so totally sent in by the rest of the group to distract the evil kitteh from interfering with their save-the-world plans.

  48. berthaslave, of course animals have emotions–they love, they fear, get depressed, scared, recover into trust. they express joy and exuberance, concern and gentleness. heck, i’m pretty sure my cats have weird little senses of humor. we’re animals–do we just run on instinct? yeah, to some extent, but are our feelings to be so ignored? this misconception has been very handy for the human race; it makes abuse so much easier. just because we are occasionally stupid about animals doesn’t make them less sentient.

  49. No. Not cute. Sad.

    @ those who think this is OK because it’s “natural” — it was natural for that tiger at the zoo to maul that kid to death. Would it be cute if we filmed _that_ in slo-mo and set it to a rockin’ soundtrack?

  50. argotnaut…..The Human In That Case Was Being Mauled. The Chipmunk And Cat In This Video Seem To Be Pestering Each Other. Not At All The Same Thing. Animal Planet Airs The Wild Kingdom In Which Each Animal Plays Out Their Dominence. Had The Cat Been Mauling The Chipmunk, No Indeed It Would Not Have Made It Onto Cute Overload. And As I Stated Earlier, They Could Both Be Family Pets, And Just Playing Around. ;0)

  51. This post is clear nuff-baiting. Meg likes to keep things lively around here.

  52. I think it would’ve been funnier to the Rescue Rangers theme song.

  53. Please stop telling people that post here to “grow up”. Those of us who didn’t find this video cute are not being childish–we just want no animal to suffer! So sorry some of you don’t understand that.

    The nuffs reportedly brought the virus to Cute Overlad with them when they migrated from the now defunct Yahoo! News message boards.

  55. I haven’t checked the comments on CO in awhile. Wow! What happened? There used to be so many happy people here! Now all I see are the same blank-brained nuffers you’d see on any boring “social” website.

    Meg, Theo? Maybe you guys should disable comments for awhile. If people aren’t sharp enough to keep up with this whole “cute” thing and only want to ruin it for everyone else, maybe they don’t need to be able to talk about it.

    I thought the little chipmunk here was pretty cool. He scared the cat away, didn’t he? I think the cat decided to leave before he got a chipmunk roundhouse to the face.

  56. Hey Nuffs – If you think letting a cat outdoors creates animal suffering, think about the consequences of eating a happy meal or wearing fur or driving your SUV to the suburban mall. Each of us humans cause more animal suffering every day than all the housecats in the world combined. Animals have no ethics, but WE SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!! The lives of battery farm hens, displaced wildlife and starving polar bears makes this chipmunk’s ordeal look like a holiday. If you insist on getting your panties in a bunch over animal cruelty, look at yourselves first before blaming it all on cats.

  57. And for the record, I think this video is awesome. I love it when cats lose to wee critters.

  58. “Animals have instincts, not emotions.”

    Berthaslave, how can we know this? I mean, isn’t a dog that looks sad probably … you know .. sad?

  59. I like chipmunks as much as cats. I’m not nuffing at all – this could have gone badly for the chippie. I think most things are cute, including grasshoppers and snakes.

  60. “are not being childish–we just want no animal to suffer! “

    Right…because such impossible, feel-good wishes are the very stuff of adulthood.

    Anyway, the ‘munk got away, and had a great story to tell his drinking buddies.

  61. The nuffers are saying that this type of video is not appropriate for CO.
    It is as simple as that. It is not CO appropriate material.
    People come here to see cute and happy pics an video.
    If we want to see footage of predator vs prey situations we do not come to CO we go to National Geographic, Animal planet etc.
    There are more negative comments about this video than there are positive ones …that never happens here on CO….the reason so many folks are speaking out against the video is because it is inappropriate for CO.

  62. divine ms k says:

    “this could have gone badly for the chippie”

    OH for crying out loud. It “could have,” possibly, yes (though it would have gone “bad,” not “badly,” from the grammar nazi in me). But it DIDN’T. So what is the big freaking deal???

    Potentially any situation “could” go bad… should we not enjoy any video of animals because there’s the remotest possibility of disaster?

    And frankly, if there WERE a video of a human being pawed by a predator, who did all kinds of acrobatics to get away AND THEN SCARED AWAY THE PREDATOR? It would probably win the top prize on America’s Funniest Home Videos, so yes — that would be funny as well.

  63. Just sayin’ … it’s CO, not national geographic!!!

  64. The nuffers are saying that this type of video is not appropriate for CO.
    It is as simple as that. It is not CO appropriate material.
    People come here to see cute and happy pics an video.
    If we want to see footage of predator vs prey situations we do not come to CO we go to National Geographic, Animal planet etc.
    There are more negative comments about this video than there are positive ones …that never happens here on CO….the reason so many folks are speaking out against the video is because it is inappropriate for CO.

  65. I don’t find the video to be shocking or overly disturbing because of the animal’s behavior. I think it’s just sad from all sides. The domestic cat preying on it, the chipmunk trying to defend itself and in a way that makes it look like it is unable to dart away (either physical or mental) and the camera person who was PROBABLY not filming with the intention of capturing a ‘cute’ video. Not cute anywhere around.

    There’s only one thing I find disturbing, and that is if this was posted by CO simply to get people irritated for entertainment.

  66. berthaslave says:

    1. Perhaps I overstated myself if I implied that animals don’t have emotions. Perhaps they do, but we don’t know how they factor into their lives, we don’t know what they “mean.” We barely know what our OWN emotions mean.

    2. Meg can post whatever she wants. This is not a subscription site. Meg decides what’s appropriate. She allows us to comment. Sometimes the comments are negative because people disagree. It’s okay to disagree and discuss politely (or at least I believe it’s okay). Adults do that. If you want a perfect website that conforms to YOUR idea of perfect, inoffensive cuteness, then please start one, and let us know because I’m sure we’ll visit, and you don’t have to allow comments if you want.

    For the record, in the past, Meg and /or Theo have deleted comments they deemed detrimental to the website’s well-being. Every single one of us has the right to read, ignore, or comment as we wish.

    Freedom of expression is messy and complicated, and requires that we tolerate opposing viewpoints. I never take any offense in what people say here, or what Meg posts, because if I don’t like it I can say so (hopefully politely and constructively).

    Now, I understand if people don’t think this kind of polite discourse is appropriate for a “cute” website. But honestly, there’s nothing more compelling to me than people’s thoughts, even when (and especially when) they are different from my own. That is an amazing, AMAZING thing to celebrate. Cute? Maybe not. But very, very beautiful in it’s own way.

    Happy New Year to everyone! Please take care of your animal friends!

  67. I’m craving pudding.

  68. Me too, Kar. Load the catapults with chocolate.

    This ninja ‘munk rocks. Kitty is a failure at being a predator — Confuse A Cat, indeed!

  69. It’s not shocking because of the animal’s behavior, it’s disgusting because of the unseen *human*’s behavior:

    1) The cat owner was cruel for standing there taking a video instead of saving the chipmunk.

    2) This isn’t CO material even with the music and slow motion. It’s not the least bit cute to see an frightened animal desperately fighting for it’s life. The cat was playing, but the chipmunk wasn’t.

    3) This ain’t nature, it’s someone’s pampered pet vs. a wild animal trying to make a living. Even if it was, see #2 above.

    4) What’s with the “nuffer” term that everyone seems to know? Never heard that one / can’t even Google a definition. What inbred little backwater of the web came up with that one?

  70. I think I’m in love with berthaslave.

    Well said.

  71. looks back at video… hmmmmm….I could have sworn I was watching a video of a chipmunk out manuvering a cat and the cat running away from the chipmunk.. not a cat eating a chipmunk!

  72. what type of puddin’ would ya like?

    Do I need to get ma friends to bake cookies???

  73. Oh hiya Annie….I tink we need some of your brownies stat!!!!!1!

  74. Manic ‘munk strikes again. Felines flee in terror. News at 11.

  75. Hi Metsakins… best ever brownies on their way to make everybunny smile
    MC2, LOL

  76. how was this inhumane? Maybe to the cat. I don’t know what video you nuffers were watching, but I saw one of a chipmunk harassing a cat.

  77. Sharon Wilson says:

    I knew chipmunks were feisty, but I didn’t know they were this feisty! This reminds me of a movie I saw once in high school biology class where a bobcat pounces on a mouse and suddenly screams as the mouse bites its paw and escapes. Just a reminder that some of the time the prey gets away. I once saw our cat chased into cover by birds.

  78. “….the reason so many folks are speaking out against the video is because it is inappropriate for CO.”

    Start your own blog. Meg gets to choose what is or isn’t appropriate, you get to choose whether you come here or not. It’s just that simple.

  79. maggiesmom says:

    Obviously Anonymous hasn’t made it to all the wonderful places that CO has to offer. If they want to know what a nuffer is all they have to do is check out the CO glossary to the right of the screen. Thats where I learned all that I needed to understand what everybody was sayin here. No need to call anyone names here either. Theo is neither inbred or backwater……why can’t we just all enjoy the qte and not get so upset about something that really isn’t about cruely, things aren’t always as they seem. I recall seeing postings of a guinea pig and a bird actually playing together in perfect harmony! Lighten up! Happy New Years!

  80. Grow a set, ’nuffers. That video was sweet. KICK HIS ASS, Mr. ‘Munk!

  81. I laughed a lot while I watched this. If I felt sad for every wild animal I came acoss, it would be because I would realize how much of a negative impact we humans have. We drive cars, hit dear with them, end up hitting rodents, like KittyProof Munk there. BUT, how many of you would immediately stop driving if there was a possibility of a collision with a small animal?

    Animals act largely on reaction, even if it is with “emotion”…it is important to not humanize animals. If I had to choose between family and a pet, I’m sorry but I’d pick family and I bet all of you would too. I’d be sad, yes, but humans are not animals. Animals, inherently, are just not as important. There is a food chain, stuff happens. It’s eat or be eaten. Not so much with humans.

  82. possumpiratess says:

    It’s an interesting vid. Maybe “cute” isn’t a word I’d use, but inhumane? Not at all.

    Yeah, I’d have stopped the cat, but maybe these two play together a lot. It almost seemed like that, didn’t it? Especially at the beginning. Toxo could be the reason, sure enough.

    I guess I’m never surprised, but always a little amused, when people who have cats, or some other predator as a pet, cannot handle that side of their “pet.” Our cats kill. Even the ones inside would kill if they had the opportunity.

    That is a natural fact. I’m not thrilled about it, but it’s the way things are, whether we approve or not.

    And seriously, this is someone’s blog, so us deciding whether some content is appropriate or not is kinda…presumptious, I think. It’s easy to forget that since it’s up for everyone to see.

    Happy, Healthy New Year to CO and all its peoples and animals!

  83. Awww, what a spirited little feller, giving the cat a piece of his mind! Inspiring stuff.

  84. Mmm mmm, pudding!

    I’ve actually SEEN a chipmunk behave like this before… I stepped in to intervene, thinking that poor chippie was a goner, but then it zoomed toward me, LAUNCHED itself off of my very PANTS, and ran for the hills. I felt happy that I could aid in its escape strategy. 🙂

  85. berthaslave says:

    Okay, the funniest thing is someone telling us what is or is not appropriate for C.O. and then asking what “nuffer” means! It’s like Mr. Burns saying “Wait a second, there’s a NEW Mexico?”

    And Lisa: thank you. You have permission to fall in love with me (or, if it’s more convenient, simply agree with me and many others who think that freedom of expression is a good thing).

  86. I thought this was a fine video and just fine for CO. It reminded me of a time when my dog (half retriever, half husky) went on a walk with my dad in the woods, and when they went home he realized she had something in her mouth. He pried her jaws open and a fully intact chipmunk, soaking wet with dog drool, leaped out and ran for the hills.

  87. Sigh, and I had a great comment, too. Now no one will read it…or at least pay attention to it because it doesn’t even address the terrible, awful, very bad video.

    Alas, I cannot help myself.

    Meg, I mis-read your caption when I first saw it. It clearly reads “This CHIPMUNK NINJA could use a little Van Halen action”

    I read it:

    “This CHIPMUNK NINJA could use a little Van Helsing action.”

    And I thought “What an odd reference to make…but…aren’t there flying critters in that movie? Well, I guess it kinda makes sense….”

    In re-reading I realize that No, it doesn’t make sense at all. I’m just lexdystic…sledyxic…dyslexic…something.

  88. Sammys Mom >^..^ says:

    I wasn’t surprised at all to see the chipee-munkee jumping and flipping around. I have been ‘studying’ the squirrels (who have very similar behavior to chipmunks)that live in my yard for the past 2 years. They all have names and I recognize each one. They are like little maffia men – very tough and persistant! They hang on my screen door ‘waiting’ for raw almonds and they instigate ‘play-chases’ with my cat Sammy, who after like 20 seconds of their forward and backward lunges, always runs away from them. These squirrels have the FASTEST REFLEXES I’ve ever seen, and they jump and flip even if you move a hair. I believe the Chipmunk in this video was jumping because they are so tiny and fast. It could have turned and bolted at anytime and returned to the safety of his/her tree.

    here’s my cat’s page if anyone wants to see a video of him completely uninterested in the squirrel that’s eating nuts on my living-room floor. my cat doesn’t even bother with them anymore because they are just like the ninja chipmunk – tough and spunky >^..^< !

  89. People! Please! NINJAMUNK! And if that’s not enough, we also have, CONFUUUUSE…THE…CAT!!!

    This video is full of awesome!

    So shut the nuff up! 😉

    (OK, I too am a little in love with berthaslave, and I too embrace the principle of discourse. However, I would still like to beg, implore, coax and cajole the nuffers to LIGHTEN UP a bit here! 🙂 )

    The cat here reminds me of my (indoor) kitty when she finds a bug on the ground. She seems to have some vague notion that she ought to…hunt…or something…but mostly she ends up harmlessly batting it around and looking…well…confused. Like this cat here. No way does he actually have any intention of hurting the thing.

    And I’d be inclined to think, given the fact that the camera guy was there and even shooting from multiple angles, that maybe he was prepared for this–that perhaps it was a common occurrence in his yard.

    Once again, munk WAS NOT MAULED, so what’s the big nuffing deal? 😉

  90. Oh, also, berthaslave, had I been drinking anything, I would have done a spit take at your Burns quote. Genius.

  91. People, it is obvious that this chipmunk is infatuated with the lovely cat and is doing a sexy mating dance. Pepé Le Pew The Chipmunk lives!

  92. Heh..I’ve chased chipmunks (yes I’m human silly) and if they want to get away, they use the power jets. Also, slightly overweight, well groomed kitteh doesn’t have the hunt pose..notice the paw action..scoop not claw extension kill mode… While now an “AWWWWWW so CUTE!” movie it was definately an “AWESOME PICS” movie.

  93. I found this at youtube –
    Added: February 21, 2006
    Ninja Chipmunk takes on the cat. Oreo in an inside/outside cat. She is well fed. I’m sorry I did not mow the grass, but I think it saved the chipmunk. Oreo also wears a bell to warn critters in advance. Somebody has corrected me and noted the “chipmunk” here is really a “ground squirrel” as chipmunks have a very short tail – but they are very similar otherwise.

  94. I’m disappointed to see a video like this on CO.

  95. I’m a lurker, definitely not a nuffer and I think the post that Carrie just posted from YouTube should shut the nuffers up already about this. Obviously that little rodent creature is not leaving the situation.

  96. Let’s put it this way. How much money have you payed to enjoy this site? If the answer is none and the site isn’t doing something illegal, you have no right to complain. That’s why there’s an X in the corner of the window. Or a red dot if you’ve got a Mac. Either way.

  97. Berthaslave, I hear you! Well said. And Happy New Year to you and Bertha.

  98. spANDspunky says:

    I think we need a professional opinion on this video. call in the shrinks! 🙂


  99. I’m disappointed in Cute Overload. I come here to laugh and see pictures that make me feel better.
    1. Letting your cat live outdoors is animal abuse. You are leaving the cat out in a world trying to kill it…cars, disease, wild animals, fights with other cats.
    2. Domestic cats kill MILLIONS of songbirds every year.
    3. Domestic cats kill MILLIONS of small mammals every year.
    4. Domestic cats are an introduced predator and upset the balance of nature.
    5. Stop putting “emotions” into this video. The cat is doing what it was born to do…hunt. BUT: It doesn’t belong outside. At ALL. And the chipmunk is clearly injured. Have you ever seen a healthy chipmunk run away? They are super fast.
    This one obviously has an injury and is doing whatever it can to keep from being eaten.
    6. Indoor/Outdoor cats are at the same risks as cats who stay out all the time.

    Don’t delude yourself in thinking a tiny bell is going to save anyone.
    Why do I care? Because I am the director of education at a rescue and rehab center for birds of prey, and outdoor cats kill the food that owls and hawks NEED to live.
    I love cats…I have four, and they LIVE IN THE HOUSE.
    Stop ignoring the fact that you are allowing your cat to be put in danger.
    This was NOT a cute overload. It was sickening to me.
    Like I said, this was a disappointment.

  100. Your cats aren’t allowed outside? Ever?


    About the vid. Okay.. I admit, I watched peeking through my fingers, I’m sensitive you see, but I saw the happy end, read the sensible comments.. and well… hooray for Ninja-groundsquirrel!

  101. metsakins says:

    Okay that will be one batch of butterscotch, one batch of chocolate and one tapioca.

    Can some one please bring whipped cream???


  102. SGN, I assume you have not read any of the other comments nor even seen the video since
    a) The chipmunk is obviously uninjured
    b) this cat is obviously not hunting.

    Yes, cats kill rodents and songbirds. Therefore no more cats on cute overload! Some dogs kill cats. No more dogs on cute overload either!

    Yes, some cats hunt and kill things. But plainly not this one. Get a grip.

  103. OMG, letting your cat live outdoors is animal abuse? *picking myself up off the floor*

    I thought that the cat was acting through instinct, but not hunger. Also, the chipmunk was acting through instinct and did a damn good job of avoiding his demise. Freaked the kitty out and both went on their merry way. Sure, the chip was a little skeered, but he’ll have great stories for his grandchildren someday!

    “I tell you kids, that cat was THIS BIG!!!”

    “No WAY, Grandpa!”

  104. And by the way, what the hell is a “nuffer”? I guess I haven’t read the comments often enough to keep up with the lingo.

  105. Wow.

    Ok, frankly I think that the person who had the camera would most likely have put down the camera if the cat had really hurt the little critter (monk or otherwise). But little one had the upper hand and didn’t need any help. He was doing just fine showing bad ole puttytat what was up. Besides, he could have easily run off if he had wanted to. Did you notice how he actually ran up to the cat a couple times? He wasn’t in any trouble.

    Yes… cute.

  106. metsakins says:
  107. i wouldn’t thank anyone for locking me up to keep me safe…20 years inside the house sounds like a recipe for a horrible life. pets are animals, and need sun and plants and interesting things to interact with. ever seen the movie Boxing Helen?

  108. i shoulda said that i live in a cat friendly place–no coyotes, busy streets or toxic dumps. i guess there are places were you’d want to keep you animals in.

  109. This is wrong on many levels. Cats are pets and should not be allowed loose outdoors to kill and maim small animals and birds. Who would not only stand and watch, but actually videotape this?? And then think it’s cute!

  110. So every single person here complaining about the cruelty of animal instincts, the circle of life and cats killing small creatures, is a vegetarian then?

    Great to know. Good for you, guys!

    Seriously. Yeesh.


  112. That is one tough chipmunk.

    (See that, peeps? On point.)

  113. You nuffers really know how to entertain me. 😛


    That being said, very cute video. I thought the little ‘munk was hilarious. Kick his tocks, ninja-munk!

  114. You nuffers really know how to entertain me. 😛


    That being said, very cute video. I thought the little ‘munk was hilarious. Kick his tocks, ninja-munk!

  115. You nuffers really know how to entertain me. 😛


    That being said, very cute video. I thought the little ‘munk was hilarious. Kick his tocks, ninja-munk!

  116. You nuffers really know how to entertain me. 😛


    That being said, very cute video. I thought the little ‘munk was hilarious. Kick his tocks, ninja-munk!

  117. Woah, i’m sorry for the quadruple post. 😛 Delete three of them if you want.

  118. If anyone is still here and reading comments:
    Can we all get over ourselves?
    1. Yes, cats are animals. And predators. But when released outside, they become introduced predators to an already strained ecosystem.
    2. Why didn’t the little guy just run away? Because it was INJURED.
    3. I feel deeply about this because it’s my career. I work for conservation and seeing pet cats outside undermines all that I and others are trying to accomplish.
    4. I am NOT a vegatarian.
    5. I have to wonder about the person who videotaped this. If a native animal is killing and eating another native animal, it’s interesting and cool. Watching a pet cat (who is only doing what it was born to do) paw at an animal who did not evolve in an environment that included pet cats is fairly sick.
    6. Cats don’t “need sun and plants and interesting things to interact with”. They need protection from the things that are OUTSIDE: Cars, disease, parasites….
    They need love and safety and TOYS. NOT small mammals out in your yard.
    7. The munk did NOT have the upper hand. It was doing its best against an animal who should not have been out there in the first place.

    Why do I come to CO? Because the pictures are damn cute. I think that 99.99% of the entries are adorable. But I can’t get behind this one. Cute Overload is all about anthropomorphism, but we still have responsibilities to our pets and nature.

    All of you who don’t think this post is sad, maybe you could take a few minutes to educate yourselves about the real hazards that pet cats face outdoors, and to look up the stats on feral cats, overpopulation of feral cats, and how much havoc they have caused in native fauna.