Williamsburg Collie & Sheltie Tour Services

Ready for a tour of eighteenth-century life in Revolutionary America!? Grab a wig and hop on—first stop; the James Geddy House. Biscuits provided.


Ginny C., nice cuteporting…



  1. Sooo…cute…

  2. My head asploded, that’s so cute.

  3. Ahhh…so cute!! Collie must be running around town all “check out mini-Me”!

  4. so quaint 🙂 Is that a collie pup or a sheltie?

  5. For the record:

    Rule #7 FTW.

  6. Two orders of Brunswick Stew please!

  7. soooooo cute! I used to live in Williamsburg back in the 90’s. Anyone remember what that bread was they served at all the restaurants in the Colonial district? It began with an “L” and it was gooooood. Like cornbread, if I remember correctly.

  8. Lassie’s hit hard times, ex movie star is now a cab driver

  9. Robin, could it have been Sally Lunn? It’s an old traditional bread, kind of sweet.

  10. most unique example of rule #7 yet!

  11. Matchingks!!!

    And Scoobie…it’s part of Lassie’s community service. Ever since that incident on the set where she had a little too much kibble schnapps and bit Timmy on the hinder. She’s only got a week to go, and the judge was nice enough to let her bring Lassie, Jr. along.

  12. Why wasn’t this duo around when I was at William and Mary? 😦

  13. This photo is so adorable that it has rendered me too stupid to say anything but, “AHAHAHA so cute!”

  14. Yay for drafting dogs! Sulkies are nice but I love my wagon. 😀

  15. CheshireCat says:

    This is an positively peerless matchingks pic, so why is it not in the matchingks category?

  16. looloopoopie says:

    ‘sploshun in 3…2…1…

    ohmigawd wow. too cute for words.

  17. What beautiful dogs!

  18. May I ask yoou both to escort me around town. I would not be lonely and I dont care iif i get lost with you two………

  19. These dogs ran over my heart and killed me *dead*!

  20. Beautiful doggies, my gradma used to have a collie and they are very sweet and obedient…

  21. BB/VA – yes, it was Sally Lunn!! Warm and sweet and buttery…yum! Thanks!

  22. 2008’s hottest franchising opportunity—–LassieTaxi!!

    No time to drive the puppeh to Puppy Kindergarten? Call LassieTaxi!

  23. you’re saying i’ve been missing out on these two characters during the past 4 years at school?! man, i should’ve taken more walks in colonial williesburg.

    and that carriage kills me! it’s obvs made for that puppy. damn, i want a personal carriage driver.

  24. matchingks?

    puppeh rickshaw?

    i gotta get in on that tour. so cute!!

  25. KittyMom755 (TX, USA) says:

    Now that’s what I call a dog cart!


    That Sheltie is living the good life.

  27. OMG!!! This gets my most redonk vote for 2007!!!!!!

  28. We’ve just started seeing this dogcart duo around town at CW. Sometimes there’s a little boy with a tricorn hat who rides in the cart with the puppy, which is somehow even cuter!

  29. This is sooooo ridonkulously weird! I am at this moment in williamsburg and we were just talking about that dog walking around town today and I go on CO and it’s on the website!!!! So cool! That dog is adorable!!!

  30. eabhaciar says:

    I work at colonial williamsburg and have never seen them but they are too cute!