It’s Caturday, I snore if I WANT

Snorrrrrrrk. Snorrrrrrrk. Snooooooorrrrrrrk.

Snufffle snuffle.

Snooooooorrrrrrrk. [repeat 'til Bunday]

Reina U., must have been good times last night…


  1. LOL! My old cat used to snore like that every once in a while too.

  2. I was laughing so much I forgot to bleen!

  3. awwww :D thats like my kitty when she’s sleeping. she makes this really low growling sound along with the normal purring. i wanna poke her tummeh.

  4. Ohmy {giggle} poor thing snores worse than my little “blue” kitty (chartreux). I’m torn between amusement and pity at the moment, though, as it sounds pretty labored.

  5. Looks like he was taking a cat napnea.

  6. fish eye no miko says:

    Captain, there be whales here!

  7. Awww!!!! Kitty!! I think he needs some Mucinex, maybe some Afrin, or a kitty C-Pap machine (what they give us human snorers/sleep apnea people). Glad I didn’t have to sleep next to that though!

  8. dharlan1too says:

    I am sure that is an obstructed airway. Kitty needs BiPap for sure. Trouble may come in securing the necessary mask apparatus. Better jus get used to the noise.

  9. good night! do they make breathe right strips for critters?

  10. I don’t know whether to chuck a pillow at that cat or snorgle it. So cute! And obnoxious.

  11. …are you sure that noise is coming out the FRONT end…?!



  12. Cats always snore when they’ve been drinking…

  13. I have a cat that if he hears a sound that he likes he adapts his snoring pattern to that particular sound. Just when you think you can sleep in the same room with the four legged devil (I love him ) He has changed his snore pattern.

  14. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    LOL, that is so loud, you’d think he’d wake himself up!

  15. But Is a cute video of a comfortable pitty

  16. My dog and cat BOTH snore. With one cuddled up on either side – for even the aloof Ozma Meow cannot resist bed time snorgles – it’s impossibly cute / annoying.

    I think they imitate my mom, who snores horribly. The pup makes snoring sounds when she’s really happy, so I think she associates the sound with contentment.

    The cat just does it because she can. Goofy meow.

  17. Ah, memories of Dad’s snoring, which could rattle windows.

  18. I just hope the cat is ok medically – otherwise I feel really bad for all the laughinks.

  19. Silent Meow says:

    This cat sounds, at least to me anyway, kind of like an elephant. LOL

  20. Aww, has anyone taken poor kitty to the vet / showed a vet that video? It’s cute, but really unsettling because it sounds dangerous :(

  21. ka9q's wife says:

    Lizzy has your mom been checked for sleep apnea. I talked my friend into going to a sleep clinic for his snoring. It turned out he had really bad sleep apnea.
    The Pit Bull I puppy sit snores too.

  22. So much for teeny-tiny honk-shus!

  23. My baby girl Minkette snores like that, although not quite so flagrantly.

  24. His aspiration looks labored. I hope he gets a checkup SOON. And the person doesn’t sound very nice — hope they’re just frontin’.

  25. Hi. I usually hate nuffs and apologise in advance, but that kitteh really looked like he was having trouble getting enough air in. It wasn’t the noise so much as watching the movement of his abdomen as he tried to get enough air in. If you watch, you can see that the intake of air requires a lot of effort and is always terminated abruptly. If that were my puss, I would high-tail it to a vet asap.

  26. berthaslave says:

    The breathing looked okay to me, and I’m wondering if the sound was a little funky because kitteh is on a leather -like substance, but if this were my cat, I’d be concerned, especially about the sounds early in the video. I’m not throwing pudding at anyone, and again, I’m choosing to believe that whoever made the video takes good care of the cat, but this isn’t as cute as maybe it should/could be.

  27. It’s cute, but it does look and sound like the cat has trouble breathing. I hope nothing is wrong with the lil kittehkat!

  28. Cheeta Lee says:

    Dear Old Loretta, my late 15 year-old crabby cat, also made these noises, both while sleeping and awake…not to be a downer, but she had an allergy (???) which affected her nose that we never could figure out, and it impacted her breathing for years. I suspect it had something to do with her eventual demise from heart failure (labored breathing–>not enough oxygen–>heart has to work harder).

    Or, maybe this breed of kitte-kat just has extra preciously small nostrils that lend themselves to snoring! Yes, let’s say it’s that!

  29. Humph. Sounds like my ex.

  30. People, chillax! I’m sure the owner has taken the cat to the vet. After all, if he follows CO at all, he knew putting that video up would elicit all the unwanted commentroversy.

  31. I used to have a cat with allergies…when he slept, he sounded like that. But not as bad as that cat in the video.

    Made me giggle my head off, then showed it to my husband. He got a giggle out of it too…

  32. Holy flipping bejeezus, that sounds painful. O.O

  33. I had a cat that did that first time i heard heard it I got a fright not knowing what it was!

  34. CheshireCat says:

    My kitteh snores like that! she also makes audible nawm-nawm-nawm sounds while she’s munching her kibble; it’s total LOL every time.

  35. looloopoopie says:

    lawl! I want a cat like that!

    I wonder if it gets loud enough to wake up the whole house at night.

  36. My fat mankatty snores like that too, just not as loud. He has always been fine, no problems breathing.

    I love a fatty catty with cattitude. they can snore allz they wants.

  37. BD Wilcox and Denita, LOL!

    Yes, it is apparent kitteh has sleep apnea. I do too and my DH snores and his chest strains just like that, but tests show he’s only borderline on low oxygen. If kteeh would open his mouth while he slept all that might stop, but hub snores with his mouth open too.

    Cheeta Lee, yes, sleep apnea leads to heart disease because the body doesn’t get enough oxygen. I sure hope the vet was consulted in this case, but I don’t know if there’s much a vet could do about it. Kittehs are not going to wear leetle CPAPs now are they?

  38. That kitteh has some serious allergies.

  39. Heehee, so cute… this is not honk shuu, this is…


  40. mom vs. kitty says:

    that kitty snores just like my mom!

  41. Haha, that’s just cute!

  42. This belongs in the Cute or sad category. I have asthma and I can imagine how much effort that poor cat has to put into breathing.

  43. Cheeta Lee says:

    Patty P., the vets (several over 10 years in two different cities, at three different vet. offices; we tried everything/everyone) never connected the dots between breathing problems and potential heart problems. It was always about the scabby/running nose rather than the breathing. It wasn’t until the last vet took an X-ray to see what was going on with her lungs that she saw an enlarged heart–which was why she was in failure, and it turned out to be her last day :( .

    So that’s why, peeps, if your gato snorts & spews more than the average kitty, it may be more than just disgusting (or charming, depending on your perspective).


    this is the cat that actually has breathing problems – and master problems too :\

  45. Yitzysmommie says:

    Ditto Cute but Sad, and also heartily ditto I hope this kitty has been to the vet. The combo of obstructed airway noise & the exagerated muscle movement of respiration point to a kitter with a serious respiratory problema. Hope he/she is OK………
    eNuff outta me.

  46. First, take the cat to a vet. Seriously.

    Second, put the cat on a diet. Like humans, snoring will decrease when a proper weight is achieved.

  47. This is a fine day for an old Nuff like myself. Finally I don’t have to say anything about the breathing problem of this kitty, everything has already been said. Yes!

    Now I wish more people would also understand that breathing like this is not cute even if it’s done by a pug.

  48. you should go with him to the doctor !!!
    i think he has a problem with his breathing !!!!

    i am not joking !!

  49. The sound wasn’t really matching the breathing, could this video be fake?

  50. anomalous4 says:

    dis kitteh is kill me wif teh ROFLS! is sound liek moocow or sheepl blowin its noes, or peeps plaiing kazooo.

    or mai b mean evol wikkid peeps making “com her duckxz i wants 2 shoots u 4 no reezun” noyzez wif wierd noyz makr ting. (shoots ducxs for eets is k, shoots dukxx for fun is abomminashun in teh eys ov Ceiling Cat. if peeps is no eets duckx, giv to kittehs or othr peeps.)

    sum kittehs just has snorz, nuthin bees rong wif dem.

    i no tinx kitteh is teh fat. not 2 mush newai. is has teh thik plushy furs. lotsa russki blueskis has dat.

    BTW, dusnt winston has snorz 2? i 4get. he has teh flat smuush l00kin fase & alerjyz. but his hyumin slaev is all wais tek g00d caer ov him & dey has teh happeez cuz dey hearts eech othr.

  51. darkshines says:

    Me fail English? Thats unpossible!

  52. I didn’t think it was possible for kittehs to snore that loud. Maybe the audio has been adjusted/increased for amusement purposes and kitteh doesn’t actually sound that bad.

    Why are all the nuffs assuming (ahem) that this kitty HASN’T been to the vet, repeatedly even?

    Did anyone else have an irresistible urge to poke/pet this kitteh’s nose?

    (anomalous, we speak Snorglish here, not LOLCat, FYI)

  53. Pooh snores like that, but not THAT loud, thank God!

  54. My kitteh snoreth too!!! He wheezes actually, he does it when he’s awake too!

  55. HEEHEEHEE sweet! My cat does that too.
    P.S. Folks, it’s a cat! Chill out! BTW, a 15 year old cat is OLD! If you want to save something, go adopt a kid!

  56. gostillers says:

    i know a cat that snores like this. she is very very ill and is close to death. this site is wonderful, lots of cute things but a cat who snores like this may have a very serious medical condition. really, this cat should be taken to the vet immediately.

    go stillers.

  57. Yesh. Adorable, but kitteh likely has asthma, which can run the gamut from benign to life threatening. My kat has teh asthmas… he snores like that tho not quite as loud, and he frequently sounds congested when he’s awake as well.

  58. Awww…I feel sorry for the kitty if it does have asthma. Sadly I wouldn’t be able to have that cat…unless it slept in another room than me at night. I cannot sleep when anyone is snoring. cute video though

  59. Hee hee! It’s so much more coot when it’s NOT COMING OUT OF MY HUSBAND’S SHNOZZ!!! What a cutie kitty.

  60. Lesson for humangs: do like this kitteh and do everythingks you do, including the sleepingks and the honkshus 1000 percent!

  61. My male cat will snore when his allergies act up, but not that loud! A little benadryl usually helps. This cat looks just like my girl kitty but she is far too delicate and ladylike to snore!

  62. Can you imagine a kitty CPAP machine?

  63. hah! My cat snores too. She was sleeping while I played that video. The sound woke her up and she gave me a dirty look!

  64. hah! My cat snores too. She was sleeping while I played that video. The sound woke her up and she gave me a dirty look!

  65. My sister’s cat snores like this, then she wakes up & sneezes snot all over the furniture. It’s a joy. She’s cute so she’s forgiven.

    And yes, my sister has taken the cat to the vet & it’s a non-serious chronic respiratory thing. Kitty is going strong at 13 years old. Let’s all assume the maker of this video has taken this cat to the vet and found the same thing.

  66. that is one cute cat – cuter on mute, but cute indeed – holla

  67. I think this poor baby has sleep apnea! I am conducting a sleep study as we speak!!!


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