Exscqueeze me? An ANTEATER on Caturday?

This poor s’marmelade kitteh is astounded to see an Anteater on a Caturday. It’s sacraleeeege!

Well, I hope we just made up for it.


Katie A., can you everrr forgeeeeve us!? And I’m wondering if we should be a little more diligent about Moosday Monday, Sunday Bunday, and Camel Wednesday.



  1. Oh…now dis is a cute kitteh!

  2. I think the kitty needs to give back the ‘H’.

  3. Camel Wednesday.

  4. Camel Wednesday! How did I miss that?!

    And that’s either a very tiny kitteh or one big-ass laptop!

  5. Ross– I was thinking maybe the cat made that face after trying to snack on “H”

    nom nom nom

  6. Kitteh’s make the best faces don’t they????

  7. I love kittens…they’re so tiny and fragile, but have tons of attitude, like this little guy!

  8. He’s a poison one!

  9. I agree with the pitty what a sacralige even if I cannot spell it today….

  10. Deezzzzzzz-gussteengks!

  11. Deeeez-gussteengks!
    I can smells de anteaters even over the InterTubes.

  12. Whoa. Does my laptop look that grungy under the keys? Erm . . . maybe :/

  13. I have the same computer and I just lost a key to one of my pets stepping on the keyboard. We are soul mates, Katie A.

  14. Kitteh lookz disGUSSSSted.
    Cute, too.

  15. Da-yum, that’s a dirty keyboard!

    Hilarious kitteh, though…

  16. that is sooo cute

  17. berthaslave says:

    And what about Pheasant Phriday???

  18. Awww… he’s sooo cute and itty bitty! 🙂

  19. CheshireCat says:

    Dat is such an anerably indignant kittayn-face!!!

  20. omgah i want a kitty that tiny!!! eeek!!

    also—my family has that same laptop and our b key broke off. eeesh

  21. A marmalade for my toast. Nummmy.

  22. I thought Wednesday was for assorted fowl — you know: “Hensday”?

  23. Miss Marmelade! That’s a tamandua…an arboreal anteater with a prehensile tail. Maybe, since it’s such a special creature, it would be OK to share Caturday? Unless it could be for Tamandua Tuesday!

  24. Yitzysmommie says:

    methinks adorable kittayn is laughing at the Qte: “Dja see his schnozzle! Redonkulous”

  25. Whoa, massive slam on anteaters!