Caturday FLow Chart

Time to get your LOL on then:


Check out more of A. Koford’s LOL Cat Cartoons here. Nice submishe, Dan S.!



  1. I don’t get it.


  2. i dont gets it either.

  3. i do! i do! Kitteh & Pip. dey is my fave. i hearts dem 4ever.

  4. If its Caturday, he is happy (happy face)…if its not Caturday, he is sad…..

  5. I <3 Pip and Kitteh.

    Any Cuteologist, ICHC fan, or cat lover who isn’t reading this strip is losing out.

    I have 4 of the original artworks and joined the Pip Fan Club.

    Today’s strip is also appropriate for here.

  6. Wonderful is all I gotta say peeps…………..

  7. LOLcats are one of the more persistent memes evar, and The Laugh-out-Loud Cats are a super-brilliant parody of them.

    If you don’t get it, soak up some innernets cultcha over at the source,

    which collects most of the originals, such as





    and one of my personal faves,

    and has inspired most of the followons, the quality of which is spotty, but worth a gawk

  8. Err … I hope nobody has bought any of the stuff being sold by “Ape Man” thinking they were based on real 1912-13 cartoons. Just had a quick flick through his Flickr account and the “cat-oons” are quite obviously modern done in an old-fashioned style. Pity he had to make up the fake the great-grandfather to sell his stuff.

  9. Cutes. YU HAZ DEM. Caturday RULEZZZZZZ ^^

  10. LOLasplosion!
    I love this (‘my pokemans, let me show u them’ being a personal LOLcat favorite)

  11. P.S. to Anon… the wonderful faux-history of the LOL art is a ~joke~ for humorous purposes not for selling purposes. If the TXT-talk in the comics didn’t tip you off, surely Hearst proffering banana shipping statements did? Just sayin’ 🙂

  12. berthaslave says:

    For those of you who don’t get it, these are comics that supposedly date back to the “original” LOLCats of the 1910s. It’s a very clever and very hilarious idea. All the hepcats love it. 23-skidoo.

  13. Andrea|Nash says:

    Well, at first I was all “huh?”(what’s with LOL in 1910), but it looks and feels so real. And then I was irked, cause I don’t like being tricked. But then (after I followed it back), I felt kind of good because the artist wasn’t mocking the original – s/he was showing us how our responses are, no matter what culture we live in, universally human.

  14. LOL!

  15. Err, Meg… you already showed us Ape Lad’s comics! See August post heeyah…

  16. anomalous4 says:

    @Anon: It’s all part of the premise of the thing. boingboingtv “interviewed” Aloysius a month or so ago:

    BTW, teh LOLcat at 3:32 in teh viddy o was maded by ME! im in ur youtubez bein teh faymus but no1 noes iz me……..

    @lurkertype: teh jelus. i has it.

  17. anomalous4 😛 I’m as happy as Pip with a bag o’leafs.:) but I want MOAR!

    The conceit of this being started in 1912 is all part of the art project. I know, it’s a leeetle meta, but it’s not that tough to understand. The influences include Krazy Kat, Calvin & Hobbes, and the work of John Hodgman.

    After you’ve read and enjoyed all the cartoons, check out the Zazzle page! My Xmas cards this year were Kitteh and Pip vs. Santa, and I have the new Pip shirt. Was hoping for the calendar, but with only 2 days till Jan, it’s not looking good.

    (am in no way affiliated with this strip or ApeLad, just love the work)