Will you please get a load of these eyelashes

First of all, there is some ridiculous tongue/ear/schnozzle action going on here, and SECOND, you must get a load of these soft, white eyelashes. Puhlease.



Way! [pushing you against the wall]


Lauren S., if you could please make me a sweater out of Spencer’s fallen lashes, I’d be really grateful.



  1. cabal!

  2. Aww, he looks so soft and fluffy! I want to squeeze him!

  3. TILT! let’s playpinball with this stheriously qte fluffitude. He’s totally doing tha gangstah leannn.

  4. He is so cute, I cannot stand it.

  5. I like his kittie ears

  6. I’ve had three dogs like that in my life. They are so cute!!!! I love sammies! I wish I could lie in a box of samoyeds fear factor style and snorgle all of them. That would be torture!!

  7. SAMO! They are the best!

  8. I come from a sammy family. The adults are just as cute and friendly.

  9. Eyelash sweaters are too scratchy! Just ask Squidward.

  10. I’m mainly just enjoying the floof myself.

  11. Ah, he has eyelashes like my little kitty! It was the first time I ever noticed animals with eyelashes. This guy is too cute.

  12. ded! ded, I tell you!

  13. Awww thanks guys. I got a message from another website I frequent, telling me he was on here. Yay! What a way to start a morning!

  14. Buries face in fur. Ahh… I am complete.

  15. Lauren S, you live with this cuteness? Every day? And the floofiness? And the tongue? It’s not fair, I tell you, not fair!

  16. CheshireCat says:

    The sheer cloying cuteness of those winsome, half-lidded, puppeh eyes, the anerable tip of pink tongue poking out sideways from the little white muzzle, oh.. it’s….just…tooo… moishe! *splodes*

  17. Adorkable.

  18. swan dives into the warm white floofiness

  19. berthaslave says:

    He’s got Bette Davis eyes!!!

    And LOVE the shwerve in teh walk!

  20. ummm, frosted lashes are so 80’s, mmmkay?

    we’ll make an exception for this cutie i guess.

  21. ok gimme.
    i iz in need of this bab’a this season!

  22. Forget “Hello Kitty”

    I want that picture on a tee shirt!

  23. I had a samoyed for many years. They are a total yes! Everything about them. I miss you Rocky!

  24. Is it just me…or does this dog look drunk?

  25. Ohhhhhhh…. *SPLODE*

  26. Don’t forget the leetle peenk tongue.

  27. anomalous4 says:


    Happy New Year!

  28. there is something about the look on that puppeh’s face that reminds me of paris hilton


    am i wrong?