Wake me when it’s 2008

Until then, I ‘m dreamin’ about my New Years Resolushes.
1. Do not put up with puppehs
2. Ignore dry food  until it goes AWAY
3. Keep paws up
4. Quit smoking


What are YOUR New Years Resolutions? (you too, Jenny C.)



  1. My resolution is snorgle more kitty bellies!

  2. *poit*

    The paws are killin’ me! I want to kiss its little kitty face 😀

  3. mom2twinzz says:

    I resolve to read more CO without liquids in my mouth.

  4. i surrender… if it means i can nap!

  5. resolushes:
    1. snorgle puppehs
    2. snorgle skiers
    3. make lots of dough
    4. spend dough

  6. WEll I plan on snorgling all four kitties More often..this is all in a bid to reach Purr-vana.

  7. good god!!!! aaaaaa!!!!!

  8. the entire bellah is an axis of snorgling if you ask me!

    first I’d kiss this dot, then that dot, then that dot over there, then this dot here, then that dot that’s right next to the other dot… followed up by nomming on pink jellies, as well as some kittypit snuffing. Yup that’s what I’d do!

  9. oooh and privacy leg!!

  10. i resolve to add another dog to our household.

    and any other critters i can talk my husband into…

  11. I vow to only add girls to my house boys drool ,and snorgle my babies each and everyday and check cuteoverload mutiple times eachand everyday..

  12. I have the irresistible urge to poke that kitten right in the middle of the stomach.

    Is anyone else weirded out by the ad for the adult footy pajamas? I wonder if they have buttflaps.

  13. Holy bejeezus, they do have ones with drop seats. XD

  14. FOR ME!
    please send via over night fed ex. asap!

  15. I resolve: To get another kitteh! I have an old girl who sleeps all day, and a babee girl who needs a bud to go nuts with. And I need one.. more… belleh to snorgle. Happy new yeer all!

  16. I see 7 little pink jelly beans waiting to be eaten! Along with the rest of the kitty…

  17. Awwww..preshusssss babeeeee…. wahnt 2 snorgle… nowww…

  18. Awwwww, preshussss… wuht a sweet bebeh.. want 2 snorgle de kitteh… sigh..

  19. @carololz. If your cat is old and really tired (more than usual) take her to the vet and get a blood test. Look for kidneys or raised levels of white blood cells.

  20. berthaslave says:

    I resolve to get at least ONE photo on C.O.!!! And maybe get another kitteh.

  21. anomalous4 says:

    butter asks:

    “Is anyone else weirded out by the ad for the adult footy pajamas?”

    Yeah. And how.

    Glad to hear they have trapdoors! I know from experience that if they don’t, they’re a royal pain just like all jumpsuits (except those weird polyester ones with the sash that wraps around and ties in front “as seen on TV”…….. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one IRL, but for way too many years they showed up in every one of those thick envelopes of wasted trees – you know, the slippery stacks of glossy ads for useless things). You have to get undressed to use the toilet. pleh. DO NOT WANT!!!!

    OTOH, as for this kitteh……. iz teh cats pajammies. WANT!!!!!!! but my landlord would have a cow………

    My New Year’s Revolution: Start hanging out with more peeps who have kittehs! Then maybe I won’t feel so deprived – or is it depraved? My puter screen is all smudged up from me trying to snorgle the CO kittehs! 🙂

  22. omg pink pawsicles!

  23. belly… so… fluffly…

    my kitteh is 8 months now and used to look exactly like this… and now he’s like a foot long! i miss his glorious underbelly!

  24. ellie? he doesn’t have an underbelly anymore? howz that happen? 😦 I’m sad for a kitty with no underbelleh.

  25. anomalous4, I hated those things when I was a wee wee child. Especially having to nudify to pee. That and being trapped in by all that polyester/nylon/whatever flame-retardant material it was. I don’t get why adults would want to wear them when they have the choice to wear pants.

    I think I’d only want to wear a jumpsuit if I got to jump through a flaming hoop on a motorcycle. That’d be cool.

  26. Now I want a kitten darnit! This baby is sooo cute! Sob…

  27. bananasforbunnies says:

    Feather Kitteh!

  28. Wasn’t this the Daily Kitten recently?

  29. Aaaaaaaagh!!!


  30. acelightning says:

    Awww, what a sweetiepie! Soft sleepy kitty sleeping softly on a soft sheepskin surface (try saying that with a mouthful of crackers)!

  31. Awww…. soft fuzzy kitten belly! Will snorgle more bellies in the new year! 🙂

  32. That



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  34. Anne Boleyn says:

    carololz, if you live in the seattle area, and measure up, you should get an Itty Bitty Kitty. Anyone who doesn’t know about this is really missing out!

  35. Spotty bellehs rule the universe!

  36. YItzysmommie says:

    I’ve been looking adoringly at this kittayn while trying to think of resolutions.
    1. To volunteer at the country animal shelter (from where we adopted Yitzy). I can get many kitten snorgles in that way.
    2. Change jobs after my new doc partner gets comfortable. My current job is sucking out my soul and starting to hurt me. Time to change.
    3. Remember that I still (without my permission) have diabetes. I resolve to simultaneously stop eating so much $hit, and start exercising more. Soon. Right after the New Year, Sure, you betcha!

  37. Be Cute
    Make the world Cuter
    Point out Cuteness
    Appreciate the present Cutness already found
    Happy 2oo8!!

  38. SHHHHHH!!!

    Wee kitty is asleep…want to kiss each pink paw…..and the wee little forehead……Shhhhhh!

  39. What an adorable little baby! And OMG Carrie you kill me!

  40. Beware People Who Look Like Their Pets!

  41. OMG

    just too much.