Oh Little Town of BethlahaaaaAAAAGGGGHHH!

MARY! MARY! Are you all right!?!?!?


OMG, NICE mauled crêche set, Susan D.



  1. Oh my! What a catastrophe!

  2. Best. Post. EVAR.

  3. lurkingsmirk says:

    Hahaha oh the caption really adds a little somethin’ somethin’ to this picture =D

  4. next victim… baby Jesus figurine.

  5. fish eye no miko says:


  6. the title almost killed me

  7. punkinberry says:

    That kitty isn’t knocking anything over! No, he’s bestowing a blessing on Mary. Yup.

  8. Which made me laugh harder, the caption or the hovertext? XD

  9. Oh man! I didn’t even get it until I read punkinberry’s comment, thanks!

  10. Hilarious by the way!

  11. The wise men look like they are getting ready to run too! 🙂

  12. This post totally made me laugh out loud. Seriously, even though the pic is blurry, this gets my vote for best CO post ever. SO funny!

  13. Fabulous! It reminds me of the old vaudeville gag of having a shepherd’s hook pull a bad act off from the side of the stage.

    I saw another creche visited by an unexpected animal here:


  14. Is this the new “Cloverfield” poster?

  15. This post actually made me snort. Yep…SNORT with glee.

    I think it’s the title that did it to me XD

  16. Oh lordy!! I think I ruptured something trying not to wake the hubbie at 3:30 a.m….bad kitty!!

  17. seeing there’s no sheep or cows in sight, puss in completing the Nativity set …

    also LOLOL @ punkinberry

  18. Now *that* is funny.
    And Nolla Shonag (belatedly) from Ireland to you all.

  19. Sorry, should read Nollag Shona, too much of that whiskey trifle… Sorry.

  20. This is the first time I have posted on here…but I’ve been reading for a long, long time.

    I had to, the title made me laugh way too hard. Love you Meg.

  21. This is the first time I have posted on here…but I’ve been reading for a long, long time.

    I had to, the title made me laugh way too hard. Love you Meg.

  22. oh crap, it posted twice! >< sorry

  23. (the original) Mel says:

    (I’m sorry in advance for whatever my Blackberry does.)
    But, it’s the Wisecat, bearing gifts of nip, kittenscence and purr. Surely you know about the wisecat?!?!

  24. girlnextdoortn says:

    giggles abound!

  25. This calls for a …

    “dun dun DUNNNNN!!!!!”

  26. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    I think this is what happens when you try to cut corners and substitute catnip for myrrh. Let this be a lesson to all of us!

  27. ROFLMAO!

    O. M. G.

  28. Okay, I RARELY LOL, (or make any audible response at all) at the internets, even on my beloved Cuteoverload, but this one got a big guffaw outta me! Espesh the rollover text 😀
    I’m still giggling every time I look at it (I’ll bet Jesus & his entourage laughed too…after they got over the initial shock, anyway) – I <3 Meg!

  29. JuleeJulee says:

    It’s an old Japanese horror movie about Christmas. “Christmas For Cat-ra,” or something like that!!

  30. I lol’d till I cried.

  31. OMG, this almost made me burst out laughing at work! *hides from coworkers* Let’s see them add this to the lyrics of the carols.

  32. It’s the kitty from the video, going after the party responsible for creating puppies.

  33. HRH, puss has to complete the Nativity because he ATE the sheeps and the cows, and probably the angels too!!!

  34. oh little town of bethlehem,
    why do you have such big cats?
    could it be the new nuke plant,
    did you get a permit for that?

  35. WOW!!! I want to see what happens next. Any other follow up pics?

    Maybe kittie trots off happily with poor Mary in his/her mouth. Or maybe, Mary is rolling on the floor “laughing” with the rest of us and will be found one day in summer under the china cabinet or some other lonesome place with the rest of the kittie toys (crumpled paper, bouncey balls, lost earrings, etc.)

    Great captions by the way!

    Happy New Year!!

  36. a different Laura says:

    This reminds me of the “kitty in the manger” pic from a year ago that got me hooked on CO. Can anyone find a link to that? The comments were hilarious!

  37. Ahahahaha! So cute! ^.^ Mary has been bad, kitty needs to punish her. *pow! smack!*

  38. The coveted “kitteh blessing”.

  39. forgot to mention – the hover text is pretty genius, too.

  40. Is this the kitty in the manger link? Soooo adorable!


  41. This event in the nativity story, is usually left out of most translations.

  42. Well, let’s look on the bright side: as evidence points to a Bad Cat, at least you get snuggles and purrs along with the mayhem.

    It could have been a velociraptor.


  43. Oh no! coffee came out my schnozz when I snorted out loud.
    Had to show it to the super religious guy in my office – he thought it was funny too!!

  44. Looks like Santa Claws came to town!!!

  45. Oh my goodness, it’s Ceiling Cat! I knew the LOLCat Bible wasn’t lying.

  46. LOL good one, Pat!

    I LOVE this post! Thanks, Meg!

  47. Oh man, that was every Christmas at my house from birth to the year I moved out (I don’t have a manger scene, creche, etc.). Just substitute a different colored paw for the white one and it’s Christmas at our house. Or a cat replacing baby jesus, or floor hockey with the wise men. Any of those activities are seasonally appropriate at our place 🙂 Happy Holidays to everyone!

  48. I have to re-post Tony James’ hilarious song from the kit in a manger pic last Christmas. (Jesus!!!) it’s hilarious 😉

    “We three kits in marmalade coats
    Far more cute than weasels and stoats
    Sleeping in mangers, shedding on strangers,
    This is what floats our boat


    Kits of fluff and kits of skwee
    More snorglee kits you never did see
    Meg did post us
    Heavenly host us
    And we play with toys dang-a-lee.”

    Happy New Year all!

  49. Monster Feline destroys the Nativity in one fail swoop !!!! Update at 11:00 !

  50. Mary (the first) says:

    This is so funny. We didn’t have creches at our house or I’m sure would have had the same.. different colored paws over the years but same results.

  51. So, first I looked at that and was waiting for a hamster in with baby Jesus. Then I couldn’t figure out what was cute. (I think I thought that the white paw was cotton to represent snow or something) When I finally saw it, a GIANT honk of laughter escaped my mouth. Love it!

  52. cute-o comment spoiler says:

    i hate to be the one to ruin this joke-fest, but this is truly horrifying.

    have you not read the many reports of virgin mary toxicity in the feline community? it’s the third leading cause of holiday-related cat fatalities! i hope they’ll keep those kitties away from the creche from now on, or we’ll all be singing a different tune.

    in the meantime, i’ll be praying to baby jesus for that poor cat (although it shouldn’t get near baby jesus either — that’s the fourth leading cause of fatalities).

    [LOL… but you might be surprised how many folks won’t “get” this, Cute-O “Spoiler” – Ed.]

  53. the rollover caption made me laugh out loud! AWESOME!

  54. who’s the guy in the back with the white hair?

  55. Silent fright,
    Holy sight,
    All was calm
    all is bright
    round yon baby jesus
    on the floor.
    kittehs all, like,
    Christ, the savior is gone,
    Christ the savior is gone.

  56. circuscake says:

    i believe the white haired guy is a sheppard- and i bet he is quaking at the sight, indeed.

    i’m thinking the angel kinda left this part out when he told ’em to come check out the newborn king…..

  57. Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
    Not a creature was stirring
    Because the cat scared the shit out of em all !

  58. Just found your site in Your Style Magazine. Good work! I want a kitten, I want one I want one I want one…

  59. It’s the Presence.

  60. Erica-

    I had the exact same experience!

    Meg –

    You ROCK!

  61. Hee hee! Anyone else have problems getting in through the main page? Said ‘unavail’ so came in through a sublink… 😛


    [yep, Meg & I are aware of the problem, working on it… – Ed.]

  62. bcteagirl I have been having problems for a couple of days so i found a convoluted way in.
    I wish they wouuld fix it soon.

    Ashagato… LOL Tony James poem was funny

    Cute-o comment spoiler snerk.

    Kiragirl Clapity Clap. Nice

  63. http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/

    try this link peeps – it works for me

    this is freekin’ HYSTERICAL!!! omg I almost choked on my Malt-O-Meal this morning… my hubby didn’t find the humor – his loss

  64. berthaslave says:

    And it came to pass in those days, in the land of Judea, that King Herod sent forth word that all the newborn male children should be slaughtered. Yea, but God protected the infant Christ, sending a horde of giant fuzzy kitteh paws to keep watch o’er the newborn babe, even though it inadvertently resulted in a minor concussion for the blessed Virgin mother.

  65. it’s just a flesh wound.

  66. btw, the captioning, title, and hovertext are the best. LMAO. happy new yeah, CO

  67. bertha!!!!!!!! omg

    *falls over**

  68. berthaslave snicker

  69. Anne Boleyn says:

    It took me forever to figure out what was going on. At first I thought there was a cotton cloud that had fallen on her head. All the comments were so funny that I knew I was missing something and, when I looked again, it’s as if the cotton cloud morphed into a marauding kitty paw! Wonderful!

  70. Charlie (I am not a boy!) says:

    okay okay I have seen a different pic like this but that is histarical!!!!!!!!!

  71. uh oh. ‘nother big cat attack on christmas.

  72. hahahahahahaha! love the title! perfect caption 🙂

  73. Sharon Wilson says:

    LOL! I never thought about this happening! Love the paw! And the title!

  74. Why do kittehs love to do this? My kitteh used to do this when I’d set up my Legos.

    He would attack the pirate ships and we would call him sea monster.

  75. LunaKitteh says:

    I think he’s patting Mary on the shoulder, saying “Good job, ya carried the Messiah in her belleh, and now we’s gonna be worshippinz Himz!!! GO, MARY!”

  76. Susan – I don’t think anyone else got that! Go you.

    This has to be one of the most hilarious posts ever, by the way. The way you don’t actually see the damn paw for a few seconds makes it just classic!

  77. LunaKitteh… yep that’s it, you got it. The next frame was Mary turning around and giving giant kitteh a jubilant thumbs-up.

  78. Lol. That is SO like a cat.

  79. “This event in the nativity story, is usually left out of most translations.”

    Hon Glad, I believe this version IS mentioned in the Apocrypha/gnostic gospels… not generally known to most civilians, but JUST AS VALID as the rest of the bible.

    P.S. BRILLIANT hovertext (do I detect Teho’s fine hand here?)…

  80. anomalous4 says:

    & teh all mitey paw ov Ceiling Cat wuz pon her & she can has n00b hyumin.

    & Ceiling Cat sais nise werk, u can has lots ov cheezburgerz. waitaminnit, u & joseph is Jews so no can has cheezburgerz. but u can has cormbeef & latkes & gfiltah feeshz & rost lam & motzaball soop, k? & cookies 2.

    & mary & joseph NOM NOM NOM it & sed jewish f00dz is teh gret, we dont needz no steenkin cheezburgerz, kthx. gon 2 eegips cul8r bai.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. I haven’t been the same since I found the LOLCat Bible and “translated” a big chunk of Genesis (but under a different nickname)……..

  81. anomalous4 says:

    p.s. I was going to put a T.Rex into my parents’ creche, but my mom would have had a heart attack if I had.

  82. Seriously.. funny. I Loved it. Meg.. Teho.. you guys are brilliant.

  83. sillykytti says:

    OMG, haha. This reminded me of the time one of my kittens stole baby jesus out of the nativity set and started batting him across the floor. I know its so wrong, but its hilarious. Wish cameras were what they are now back then. =P

  84. The wise men are like “OMG! It’s Catzilla!!”

  85. Caption + picture = died laughing.

  86. LOL!

  87. acelightning says:
  88. best.title. EVAH!
    /collapses in giggles and wakes up the hubby

  89. I’m laughing so hard right now. Everything is perfect, the picture, the title…I love coming here.

  90. In my creche, the baby Jesus is perfect cat-toy dimensions. My little Mimi cat used to golf him out of the manger and on unscheduled flights all over the living room and kitchen.

  91. In my creche, the baby Jesus is perfect cat-toy dimensions. My little Mimi cat used to golf him out of the manger and on unscheduled flights all over the living room and kitchen.

  92. *falls off chair laughing at pics and comments* XD

    And today’s Creche-r feature is…!

  93. “Hold on, Mary, you have something fuzzy in your hair…”

    I LOLed so hard, I had an asthma attack. Wheezing was never so much FUN! *LMCAO*

    (Laughing My Christian *ahem* Off!)


  94. Funkin’ amazing. Even my cranky boyfriend laughed aloud at this one. Nice caption. CO does it again!

  95. Another Angela says:

    Great post and hovertext!!!

  96. Meg, you really deserve a standing ovation for this one. The text is brilliant — the title, the comment, and the hovertext. I keep coming back to this one to see it again!!

    Brilliant. Just Brilliant.
    (wipes eyes and blows nose again from laughing so hard.)

  97. Holy Kitty.

    A bit of fun with the religious figures….God would not mind!

  98. LMAO!!! Just brings to mind a possible REALLY irreverant South Park episode!
    “Holy C@#P! The killed Mary!”

  99. Made me LOL. XD

  100. It took me a few mins to figure out that was a cat paw, but hilarity ensued shortly thereafter!

    To me, the wise man on the far left in red & blue seems like he is looking out of the corner of his eyes at the camera like, “wtf?”

    Too funny!

  101. I’m shocked that no one has mentioned the Mr. Bean Christmas special yet! I’m waiting for the Dalek to show up… that or the dinosaur 🙂

  102. Kiragirl I was wondering the same thing – who IS that guy with the white hair. Both he and the boy figure to the far right look out of place – maybe from the swiss alps – or Amish country or sumpin. My daughter used to sneak her weebles in there. LOL

  103. mymainecoon says:

    Look the Herald Angels run!

    Hurry Joseph get the gun!

    Now the Wise man’s on his knees!

    Show me to the bathroom please!

    See the shephard standing near?

    He holds his hat and quakes with fear!

    Give it everything! Don’t grieve!!

    He’ll think it’s catnip then he’ll leave!