Hello Kitty for… Dudes!?

Hello200_2Mens, get readeh! Hello Kitty is coming for you. And it’s FABULOUS [Z-snap]

Ladies, it’s a new way to (literally) drive your man crazy—A new version of the famous Kitteh, created especially for (??!?!) Guys, a faceless, coy logo on Ts, watches and fanny packs? Read more here…


Sparky, it’s not too late for me to get this for you for XMas…



  1. Wow. Thats pretty lame if a guy wears that. No man should want to or have to wear that. I believe that hello kitty for guys is one of the worst ways someone could waste their money. Thats pathetic.

  2. *laughs* I think it’s kawaii! I can think of a couple male friends (the skinny, DDR Addicted type) who would rock this style. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I love Hello Kitty! Now I can also buy if for my BF! 😛

  4. TheLez-chan says:

    Wow, that’s cute!!

    I’m not sure if it will do too well in the United States… but I could imagine that men in Japan would purchase this! And for that, I think that is cute. ^^

  5. i could see some american guys wearing hello kitty in a totally ironic fashion.

    but i think her friend batsmaru would be a much more guy-friendly character.

  6. dharlan1too says:

    Real men wear pink–but, kitties? I will count how many I see–and laugh and point when I do see one. O.K., I won’t point.

  7. WickedWendy says:

    Yeah, uh, you know what? Uh uh!

  8. I would rape any man wearing this.

  9. Don’t really see anything particularly ‘male’ about these items, over-riding female association or not.
    And a fanny pack? Double trouble. Woe betide ye. ~.~

  10. Skiffle – that’s schweet (not).

    How about Hell’NO Kitty.

  11. YItzysmommie says:

    Oh yeah- I can see my big burly hubs who works in a state prison wearing this to work. Riiigggghhhttttt…

  12. REAL Men wear Badtz Maru…

  13. I don’t like the facelessness 😦 Doesn’t make it any less feminine really, especially when it still says hello kitty in massive letters!

  14. Yltsysmommie – my husband works in a prison too ^_^

  15. berthaslave says:

    WTom beat me to it….Badtz Maru is totally suitable for boys and men. The rest, not so.

  16. The name instead of a face is completely disgusting. It’s cowardly. If you want to wear hello kitty, you want it because it’s cute not because it has a recognizable brand name.

    Look, if you’re afraid of teh queer, stay way from the cutsy, if you’re not you can stand having a face.

    One of my favorite tee shirts is a yellow one with Minnie Mouse gardening that I bought at Disney World. Very cute.

    If it had been pink I wouldn’t have bought it. That’s my limit.

  17. Saw a thing on Fox News today about this (my dad watches it and as a visitor I have no input). The guy was saying this is part of the feminization of American boys, that they’re not men, they’re “mama’s boys” and being raised by their mommies makes them little girls and so on and so forth. I wanted to hit him with a big pink flowered stick.

  18. I got 20 seconds into the video – with a stupid Sanrio marketer explaining that Hello Kitty embodies the spirit of “Fun, Femininity and Empowerment”

    I didn’t know that an expressionless cartoon with no content, no story, pink dresses and dot eyes stolen from 1940’s Disney cartoons was empowering.

    Simple and cute maybe.

  19. Would you forgive me if I linked to a YouTube of “eyes without a face”?

    Well you can google if you want to hear it again.

  20. Ahh yes, fanny packs and hello kitty; two things that make me thing “men”. lol!!

  21. Um. There’s something about a guy saying hello to pussy that isn’t gay at all. Not one bit.

  22. Interesting.
    I will wait to see if guys wear it… ANd I guess I will say a big maybe remember they have been done guyliner and jewelry and they now die their hair so why not hello kitty.
    I doubt tho that my Guy will be rockin the hello kitty designer wear.

  23. ^ lol.

    i don’t see anything wrong with a guy wearing hello kitty.

  24. lol-ing at K, to clarify

  25. CheshireCat says:

    lol, a double entendre indeed.

  26. saintstryfe says:

    I’d wear it if it were big enough. No problem. It IS cute.

  27. He, Cafe Alpha, Hello Kitty does have a story, friends, content, etc. Do your research before you make such judgments.

  28. Christina, I made a mistake because I’m old enough to remember when Hello Kitty was a big craze, long before they came out with any videos, other characters etc.

    I did a web search… One guy says that Hello Kitty has been around for 33 years! He also said he thinks the design was stolen from a 1968 Belgian cartoon called Musti. But it’s such a simple design that it could be a coincidence.

    So she has that stuff, now.

  29. OMG, a wedding held at a Hello Kitty theme park in Tokyo

    HK and friends were on stage with the couple ^_^

  30. Wow, that makes me happy. Hehe.

  31. The term “fanny pack” never fails to make me smirk. Oh, America…

  32. If I recieved one as a present it would never be worn, Now give me a HARLEY shirt and I’d wear it always.

  33. I strongly advise everyone take a peek at this wonderful blog:


    The author satisfies Hello Kitty fans and detractors alike with his accurate portrayal of how the feline is taking over the world, one item at a time.

  34. LOL and here is a hello kitty rap video with some hello kitty’s on Motercycles and well see for yourself ..
    interesting combination.

  35. Way sad. Hello Kitty is a chick thing. Don’t think I’ve ever met a man with a bow in his hair…and if I did, I’d take his temperature!

  36. Okay I got lost in the hello kitty hell website that carol posted. Snicker… and apparently there are lots of hello kitty guys out there.

    that was a way weird trip into hello kitty land.

  37. Badtz-Maru is for guys, Sanrio. Give us back our Badtz merch.

  38. Son of a Biscuit says:

    Hey, do you need another comment about how the guys *I* know are way too macho and manly and tough and homophobic to wear something with Hello Kitty on it?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so. 🙂

  39. I always thought HK was kinda creepy, not having a mouth, and now not having any facial features… I dunno.

    Dudes who are secure in their sexuality will wear this; insecure ones will mock it.

    BIG LOL@ K. Too true.

  40. Um………….Nope.


  41. I won’t post a link here for obvious reasons, but deep in that hello-kitty-hell site that Carol posted above, there are pictures of a Hello Kitty themed bondage love hotel.

    Cutsy decorations, but restraints in all four corners of the bed, and, nice touch, a piano with a leg shackle.

  42. Sammys Mom >^..^ says:

    If I remember correctly, Hello Kitty had a boyfriend named *My Daniel*. They were even sold together in McDonald’s Happy Meals toy packets some years ago.

  43. I love me some HK but this is stupid. Hello Kitty for guys = No face???? WHAT? CREEPY!

    Fer frick’s sake, dudes who want kitty paraphernalia should want her freakin’ face.


    And what’s with all the gender panic in the comments. Come on people, you’re looking Cute Overload. Calm down! If this hasn’t made you into teh ghey you’re probably safe…or are you?

    ****teh ghey is comin’ to git you*****

  44. Sammys Mom – you’re right! I think his name was Dear Daniel. He’s a boy version of Hello Kitty, and equally as cutesy as she is. Maybe that’s why the still felt a need to design a dudelier one. Although I can’t say I think they really hit the mark with this version.