The redonkulousness continues… [with sound track]

I am STHUCH a STHUCKER for the great lof affairrr between… Lucky and Tasha!

9Poppy, You find the best YouTubage. Stherious.



  1. The doggie kisses are absolutely adorable!

  2. Silent Meow says:

    I actually started crying while watching this, and I have never done that with anything at CO before.

    All I can say is…


  3. My heart melted and this screams cute overload !!!!

    Please everyone enjoy!!!!
    Merry Christmas Peeps !!!

    Thanks Meg, for posting !!

  4. I feel that I now know I’ve gone insane because this made me cry. Also, my dog needs a boyfriend. So does her owner.

    Tasha is all about the axis of snorgling!

    That was lovely *sniff*

  5. I can’t believe I cried. The love, romance, and playfulness of these two puppies.
    Love what you did with Jim Croce…one of my favorite teen singers tragically removed from our world. You’ve touched my heart in my love for music and animals.

  6. ZOMG, that was one of the sweetest thing I’ve evar seen in CO!

  7. This is ULTIMATE cuteoverload. I love Lucky and Tasha!!!

  8. is that bruce springsteen? i hate bruce springsteen. but i like dogzzz!!!

  9. jim croce? i hate him too. still like dogzz.

  10. Yes, that’s Bruce Springsteen.

    That was so adorable! I now need to find a mate for my Roxy!

  11. that completed me! I cried, too! THe snout biting! The axis of snorgling footage! The country time lemonade romping through the grass! Such lof and deevotions!!!!!!!
    And I luffed the sound track. Uffffff, I must watch eet again!

  12. brokentreasures says:

    i wonder if lucky has a brother!

  13. Ok, I’m glad I’m not the only one who cried like a baby as I watched this. What a wunnerful, wunnerful video! *sniff*

  14. Thats a wonderful video, love the music. I forgot the name of the movie it’s from…

  15. Momof2kitties says:

    I’m glad to know that I am not the only one who teared up at the slo-mo backyard romping. Sniff! This almost makes me want to get a dog or two. My kittehs just fight all the time. No luff for them!

    Not to be a downer, but what a wonderful memento this will be (hopefully many years from now) when they are both gone. Sniff, again!!

    Merry Christmas to all my CO peeps! I’m so glad I found you!

  16. holy cuteness: it’s from jerry maguire 🙂

  17. There are several more videos of them at the bottom of the screen – they come up when the video has played.

  18. oh…my…goodness! What an adorable couple! Did anyone else notice how perfectly their actions went with the song lyrics? Excellent job on the “directing” of that clip! I hope those 2 never have to be without each other – they’d be lost. (sniff)

  19. What kind of dog was the short-haired one? Is that a fox terrier? Gotta have one!!!

  20. One of the cutest, sweetest things yet !

    Merry Christmas peeps w/ love and gratitude.

    Cuteoverload rocks ! Thank you Meg !


  21. Yes, he’s a fox terrier. I also have a fox terrier (named Dexter) and a pomeranian (named Olivia) and wish they were in love like these two. I boo hoo’d through this, too, just like the others!
    Merry Christmas.

  22. One of the GREAT Loves of all time.

  23. Yitzysmommie says:

    I teared up too – and smiled at the same time. What a lovely, precious video.
    Our Toby (Wawa mix) and Kizzy (Pom mix) kees and snorgle and cuddle and play like this too. Yes, we are very blessed. May all the peeps be blessed too.

  24. I teared up aswell. Was afraid someone would walk in on me crying so I shook myself a few times 😛 Merry Christmas fellow CO’ers!

  25. squeee!! sniff! two of my most favorite things in this whole world — bruce springsteen and cute overload — collide! awesome! long live puppy love!

  26. LoL! I *almost* cried, that was too cute! And throughout the video Lucky keeps looking at the camera like: “Dude, do you mind?”

  27. Silent Meow says:

    I swear that some of those snout bites appear to be a doggie version of French kissing.

    What a great way to spend Christmas Eve morning, watching videos like this!

  28. The LOVE! This is what it’s all about. So sweet and touching…made my holiday!

  29. circuscake says:

    wow. love truly is a many splendored thing.

    i am totally aching for a second dog.

  30. Anne Boleyn says:

    Well, that just about does it! So sweet and lovey. That relationship should be the goal of every couple! Yikes!

  31. WHA?? Dogs?? IN LURVE??

    Goddammit. That’s just too freakin’ cute.

    They make out more than me and my boyfriend do. 😛

  32. Also, lots of “Baroo?” in the beginning of that vid.;)

  33. Love means never having to say “you’ve got doggy breath.”

  34. yet another michelle says:

    I have two boxers that are deeply in love like this. I can’t even bear to think of the day that one *might* be without the other..I blubbered all the way through this…

  35. yet another michelle says:

    Ok, I just went back and watched the others…did anyone else notice that this woman’s house is always clean!?!

  36. sockmonstersarai says:

    Awwww! Nuffin’ says lovin’ like a nosicle nibble! How sweet. I didn’t get all teary though it was so sweeeet!

  37. i’m so glad i’m not the only sap. i got so very teary eyed…still am…


  38. Oh my goodness. I am so glad I read the comments and realized I am not alone in crying like a baby. It really got to me. So cute. So PURE.

  39. JuliaJellicoe says:


    Someone has to come to my house now to clean up this puddle of melt that was my heart.

  40. thee most presss-ious posts eva. lovin it.
    Merry Christmas Ya’all!
    please hlep me find Luvins???!!!

  41. Theo and Meg-
    XXXXOOOOO slobber slobber slobber snort.
    mmmmm. you gettin me?

  42. don’t let them off their leashes, else the cops will shoot them…

  43. omgosh, their lovey-dovey-ness is soooo heart warming!! awww! i luurvvv itt! it makes me go all “EEEE! ^___^” awwww…. so cuteee!

  44. Marie Butson says:

    darlingk!! perfectly darlingk!

  45. brokentreasures cracks me up. I was thinking the same thing.

  46. I cried like a baby too. So very touching to see two dogs love each other so much.

  47. Aaawww.. that made me cry, too! That was really too much. Pure love!

  48. bananasforbunnies says:

    I bawled too. Wish I could find a love like that! If not that little doggie will do just fine.

  49. OMG, I´m so dead from cute now. Brought a tear to my eye too. Those are just the cutest lovers ever… 🙂

  50. berthaslave says:

    Wow. I could say some really cynical boy things right now, but I won’t. Merry Christmas, everyone. Your animals love you.

  51. Another Angela says:

    Unmitigated uncensored CUTENESS!! Where was the warning? Love eet.

  52. What kind of dog is the cute short-haired one?? She looks almost exactly like my baby!! Such a sweet video–loved it!

  53. This video makes me so happy. These two are so sweet they love each other so much. Stuff like this makes me feel so much better about the world.

  54. I love “A secret garden”…*bites throat*…”she hides”.

    Very soppy but sweet.

  55. berthaslave, bring it on, I feel like the weird cynical one, when normally I’m the most sensitive one in the room.

  56. circuscake says:

    “she said, you, complete her.”

    that totally kills me every time. i burst out into the happiest laughter ever!

    (also- i love that tasha finds lucky’s eyes and nose so handsome….so do i.)

    thank you so, so, so much meg- for the constant non-ironic dose of cute you feed to us. you, complete me.

  57. OK. I’m now crying at work. This doesn’t bode well. The expression in his eyes was so loving,it was beautiful.

  58. Soooooooo sweet. There were a couple moments, tho’, that I thought were a tad too private for this website! I shall pretend I didn’t see.

  59. Mary (the first) says:

    I felt a bit like a voyeur on some parts of this .. no one should be observing/filming their intimate moments. But it was VERY sweet. I would so love to have a couple of beautiful dogs like this!!

  60. berthaslave says:

    Okay. Go ahead and call me a nuff, but…

    “Love” as I see it is a human emotion, and projecting it onto animals who are snorgling is fun, but we don’t really know about animals’ emotions. A lot of what I see in this video is two very friendly dogs playing with each other and sleeping near each other. I’ll concede that if there IS a dog love it probably looks like this, but saying they are “in love” seems a bit of a stretch, at least in the way that we humans think about it.

    One day about ten years ago, I woke up to find Bertha (not yet fixed) having, um, relations with my previous cat, Rider (who was fixed and about 5 years older than her). I only saw it that once, and not for a second did I think “Oh, they are in love.” And I didn’t think they were in love for the 7 years they shared my space, even though they were frequently seen leecking each other and sleeping on top of each other. I just told people they got long really well (pretty good considering Bertha hates every other living creature except me) and that they looked out for each other. If you twisted my arm, I’d concede that it looked like a kind of sibling or compadre love (except for that one morning).

    But being “in love” for humans involves a lot more than what I see here. Y’all can disagree, but I think what is reflected here in the comments is more projection than reality. The videographer has framed (and edited) the action to tell this story of “love” and it’s adorable, I admit, but I can’t believe that these two creatures love each other any more than Fred loved Ginger or Luke loved Laura or Anakin loved Padme.

    But I will say that they love each other than Tom ever loved Nicole. Oooh, snap.

    That’s it. I’m not trying to rain on people’s parade, I’m just a little surprised so many people are projecting so much. But again, I’m a guy (a single guy that matter) so what I have to say about “real love” might not be that relevant.

  61. circuscake says:

    okay, okay, berthakilljoy… i don’t really believe that tasha whispered into her owner’s ear that lucky completes her. and yes, yes, she totally put those mushy love thoughts into our heads with that beginning speech and the song choice.

    but it’s like seeing a chick movie- you know it’s not exactly ‘real life’, and you know how it’s going to end, but that’s not the point. it just makes you feel good. like eating chocolate.

  62. berthaslave says:

    well put, circuscake…I love chocolate. And I’m not heartless, I like certain chick flicks. And this is a very cute video.

  63. bananasforbunnies says:

    Luv that grand is so awesome! It comes in all ways from unexpected places.

    Theo, can you please delete the nuff from berthaslave!

  64. circuscake says:

    ah, berthaslave- we know you’re a sweetheart. and i’m thinking this crankiness is coming from some place else (well, that’s usually how it is with me when i get a bit nuffy…)

    hmmm…..perhaps it’s because you realize no man can possibly live up to the caliber of lucky’s love for tasha as portrayed in the video. yup- we are projecting our ideals on them big time, which might be frustrating/mystifying for a single guy to witness. please, don’t try to figure us out. even i can’t.

    so here’s a quote with a dose of realistic love, in your honor: ‘all love stories end tragically’ (i have no idea who said it)

  65. berthaslave, perhaps i can interest you in reading up on cognitive ethology and, for comparsion, some recent neurological findings concerning human emotion?

    grab marc bekoff’s “the emotional lives of animals”, anything by frans de waal, “the naked ape” by desmond morris, “descartes’ error” by antonio damasio, and for an appreciation how different human male and female brains are, read “the female brain” by louann brizendine.

    marvelous books, my friend, and highly enjoyable reading. 🙂

  66. …and I thought I was only crying over this video because a boy has just left me emotionally vulnerable. Sniff. Good to know I’m not alone. One order of Lucky/Tasha puppy love for me, please.

  67. Just wanted to say thank you for all your sweet comments. PS I cried too while making this! 🙂 Sonya

  68. tabbycat917 says:

    I wish you lived next door to me Sonya, I’m in love with your fur babies Lucky and Tasha!!!!

  69. tabbycat-that is so sweet!thank you so much! 🙂

  70. darkshines says:

    berthaslave, you don’t have to be single you know…. 😉

  71. The blonde is so hot….it must be a bunch of chicks that go to this site as no one has mentioned her yet….no Im not creepy as I go here every day….aaaaaaaa

  72. awwww! Puppy luff!

  73. Okay Berthaslave yep it is a picture but for once I gotta say we had a little black stray kitten that our fixed male brought home to us. and they really Loved each other. i have not seen any of our other cats be like this with each other. I don’t know if these two love each other but the two cats had a real love affair going on. So yeah I think they do… like humans occasionally find a true love.

  74. Oh, the head tilts!

  75. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  76. Tasha and Lucky are the most beautiful couple I have seen all year…by far!

    May their love be eternal.:)

  77. Ah, yesh, the head tilts!!! heehee! It IS so good to see animalishousness together. Especially after visiting friends whose doggies are alway nipping and yappahn about which one sits where and who gets any petehns…sheesh!
    So my most snoofyist dewy comment is Meeeep! and Meep!!

  78. Marsha from Michigan says:

    What a wonderful world this would be if humans behaved like this. Gods blessings to all.