Merry Christmas Eve Eve, my leetle Blob

[Slurpity!] My leetle Blob, I shall geeve you a good cleaningks, then you can go back to playing with your mouseh.


Ok, Mommoi. (er, Bert D.)



  1. Love is….

    This picture is purrrfect

  2. large cute fuzz leeking smaller version of itself — cute!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  3. “Mini-me, you complete me.”

  4. ohhhhh…look at that sturdy little kitten! look at its triangular body and in-turned back feet!

  5. Please oh please put the widdle blobbular one in mah stockingks!! It looks so soft and smooshy…

  6. So cute!! I was going into withdrawals here for a bit…bring on fresh Qte!!

  7. The mom’s like, “Gotta clean your ear!” and the kitten’s all, “Nyehre…”

    So cute <3.

  8. I vote Matchingks!

    So freakin’ cute…

  9. AuntieMame says:

    This must be the kitteh equivalent of momma licking her thumb and wiping the schmutz off your face…

  10. Well… you’ve done it… this is officially the cutest thing I’ve EVER seen… blobulence!

  11. matchingks!

  12. I love the kitten’s scrunchy face!!!

    Shouldn’t this also go into “I shall leeck you”? ^^

  13. He is the Toblerone of Kitties…

  14. acelightning says:

    Don’tcha just hate it when your mom cleans your face with spit?!

  15. Have mercy, Meg. Those back feet have killed me.

  16. Mom-meow & her mini-me! Love it!

  17. awwww it even has a mousenski!

  18. I so want the little blobbular !

  19. the mommy licking the baby is…meh…kinda cute

    but the toy mouse in the foreground that seems to be “ehn”ing his way to a clever escape makes this a pricelessly cute piccle.

  20. I can just picture the kitten saying, “Aww mom, not in front of the camera! The human will surely put this on CO and the all my friends will see this!!”

  21. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    Yes, this confirms that our Meg is the “Beatrice Potter of the New Millenium”!

    Thank you, CO, and Happy Holidays to all!!
    Dreamspinner Cheryl

  22. Is it a kitten? YES!

  23. Awww, mom…do you gotta do that NOW? I’m playing with my mouse!

  24. WOW. Cinderblock kitteh!

  25. WOW. Cinderblock kitteh!

  26. PS, I have ackshally begun to go around saying “Hey-lerhe!” and “Nyerhe.” My mother asks my why I am talking like Terry-Thomas.

  27. Yitzysmommie says:

    OH MY GAWD ! ! !
    Qtest picture EVAH!!
    Now my new desktop, supplanting lovely snowy night images.
    Dear Sender Inner, is there a leeenck perhaps, where we can see more of thees adorable pair?

  28. Yitzysmommie says:

    PS – definitely “I shall leeck you” AND Matchingks.

  29. Oooh, so cute! Anyone know what race these cats are? They are too cute!

  30. Momof2kitties says:

    I vote Matchinks and “I shall leeck you” for sure.
    I haven’t huffed a kitten in several days now. I can has?

  31. All I want for Christmas is THE BLOB! (and his mum!)

  32. Mom is spiffing him up for Santa tonight!!!

    “…as visions of catnip mousies danced in their heads…’

  33. Oh God. PWECIOUSH!


  34. OMG! What a darling photo. The kitten is so chunky. I wanna nom nom him. So cute.

  35. this lovely photo makes me feel all warm and mushy inside. aahhnnn.

  36. it could be worse little kitty… mom could have just spit into a tissue and cleaned your cheek off while waiting for the No. 20 bus on 234th street and Broadway, the Bronx!

  37. Chunk-style kitten is pigeon-toed!

  38. Oh my, that’s the roundest little kitty I’ve ever seen! And Mom is all “Don’t pay attention to the other kittens. You’re just big-boned. I love you.”

  39. The kitten looks just like my old kitty Jade, who is now in kitty heaven.

    Adorable kitty.

  40. That kitteh has some big kitteh feet. I bet he sounds like a herd of elephants when he galumphs through the house. ^_^ How cute.

  41. Wow! So cute! I’m reading through the looking glass, and this is totally like the fist part,so cuuute!

  42. So cute!! What breed of cat are those? I want one. Pleeeze

  43. They’re British Shorthairs. Lovely cats with plush like fur. Teddy Bear cats… 😉

  44. *deep satisfied sigh*

    this is one of those Magic Moments pix that obliterates all the stress, hate and injustices in our world – for a little while …

    purrfect peace

    (((((hugs))))) to baby Blob and MommaBlob

  45. FelineFevah says:

    I do believe the correct term for the day before Christmas Eve is Christmas Adam. ::pushes up glasses and straightens pocket-protecter::

    Wonderful feline specimen.

  46. CheshireCat says:

    The traditional slurpity pre-Christmas cleansing of blobbular kittehs, ahn!

  47. berthaslave says:

    Eric Cartman voice:

    “but mooooooooooommmmmmmmmm……”

    That is one festively plump kitteh.

  48. I think they’re british bicolor shorthairs. . . and show quality too because the grey patches are symmetrical on the behbeh

  49. His mum loves him, and he’s adorable. And now also clean!

  50. hey everybody, thanks for the sweet comments, to get a couple of things straight, they are two girls, and actually sisters with one year between them!! for more of our girls, check our flickr page at

    happy cutiedays everybody!!

  51. Hi Bert, I went to Malibu and Florida’s site immediately & love your girls more than ever …

    those pics of them exploring the Christmas tree are too sweet …

    conCATS on having TWO “festively plump kittehs” …

    sending them both hugs & smoochies from Brisbane, Australia,

    a fellow-ette owner of two totally black but thin and sleek British Shorthairs

  52. Dear bert,
    i love your cats.
    But they do not look like cylons.
    Unless of course…my god, cylons made to look like cats?!?
    Oh noooooooooooooooo…

  53. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh my gahhh!!! What a cute li’l chunkeh chubbeh bebbeh!!! ME WANT!!! And what a sweet pic of mom, too!!! It’s that eyebrow lickin’ thing my mom used to do to me, only she did her thumb first, then transfered the thumb to said eyebrow!!

  54. Sharon Wilson says:

    I love how the little guy looks just like his mom! (Maybe this shot should be in Matchingks?) I also love the furry little tail on the mousie!

  55. that is one healthy, sturdy kitten 🙂 he’s so cute!

  56. Laws! Wee munchkin is a bebeh version of my Stinky (who is also a blob but not nearly so well proportioned blobbularity-wise).

    Hey, catablob, I can think of no better way for Cylons to take over the universe than by being kittehs.

  57. can you imagine the snorgableness of that babeh’s tummeh?


  58. Mary (the first) says:

    I also vote for Matchingks even though it’s not mama/bebeh as supposed but according to “Bert”, they are sisters. Sometimes sisters look alike though. They’re both cute!!

  59. it’s a pile of kitty!!!!!
    it’s such a cute pile!!!!!

  60. Yitzysmommie says:

    Bert – Thanks for the link to see Malibu and Florida. They are both so sweet!

  61. I would lick that cat – gracious – holla

  62. Oh My Gosh.. BLOB IS SOOO CUUUUTE i’m going to cries…..╥_╥