Merrrrrry Christmas (and Hannukah), from Winnie and Rudy

Winnie, what’s the matter? [Say in Rich voice]

Oh, we put a costume on you, that’s right. [Winnie bleating sound]

Merry Christmas, Rich, Rudy and Winston over at FourFour



  1. No idea what this post is but I’m first

  2. Awww, its Winston with his lovely Meow (not)

  3. OMG this is a cat’s nightmare!
    but oh well i think most of the people just want to enjoy a excuse to dress up a kitten as usual
    have a nice one 🙂

  4. Marvin's Mama says:

    Shake all you want, Winny. That costume ain’t coming off! I can’t decide if that video is horribly cruel, HIGH-larious, or both!

  5. Watched this one earlier – hilarious! I’m a big fan of Winston and his cranky meowing. I think he’s adorable. People put outfits on their pets all the time…Winston is the only one who is so consistently whiny that he meows all the time, and every time it’s hilarious. I especially love the hat. When it’s put on, his expression is “Watch yourself, Winston, he’ll get his due…”

    At 1:45 it gets even more spectacular.

  6. I want santa to sit on MY lap this year!

    Cutest santa ever! Great music to go along with it, I can totally picture Winston as the Grinch.

  7. oaklandcat says:

    Love the Grinch music. Winston really looks like a Who in that costume!

  8. Why does Winston get this insane, crazed look in his eyes whenever he eats?

  9. Whatever the reason it IS adorable!

  10. Yitzysmommie says:

    YAY! I can finally happily post re a Winston video.
    Poor Winston – the indignity of putting Santa’s Clothe on a Nice Jewish Cat. OY GEVALT- they’re all meshuggeneh there, but nice hanukkiah.
    This was very Qte, and I lurve the earses on Winston’s hat.
    Happy Belated Hanukah to Rich,Rudy and most espesche to Winston. May he find some nice herring for a treat.
    The Salt Lake City Jew

  11. Winston does look insane when he eats. hes all NOMNOM MUST-EAT-IT-ALLLLLlll!!

    I must admit I snorted a little when he jumped in the dish then half fell/jumped on the floor and took the dish with him. Oh so graceful

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!!

  12. I can’t stand it when people let their cats on the counters. I love cats soo much, but that’s just gross.

    My fav part of this video is when the cat falls off the counter and takes the bowl with him. and at the end, when the other cat is like “SHIT theres fire on those things!”

  13. I absolutely adore Winny and Rudy -how come Rudy doesn’t get to join in any Holiday cheer?

    Winny is going to be the next SMP films – (drool) Corey Williams – (drool)

  14. Michael Jackson WATCH OUT!

    I loff you so moiche, Winnie…xoxoxoxo!

  15. Poor Winnie – why is HE forced to wear the costume when the other cat doesn’t?

  16. i think winnie is far more concerned with the lack of food being fed to him than he is the costume. he’d wear anything to get more food lol

  17. Poor kittie. Just give him his gift so he can take a nap and take off the outfit.

  18. Happy to see Winston looking so festive. (And hungry!) Merry Christmas everyone!

  19. That’s it peops! Winston is a misplaced and rare who-cat from who-ville! I can see it all now! That’s why he is always so vocal, he is trying to find his lost tribe of whos.

  20. snoopysnake says:

    Naturally Winston has to play Santa because he is such a good actor. I love his meows! I think he really does put up with this because he really does love his human, whose love of this kitty really is obvious. I wish they’d do a snuggle/purring video. Or maybe just a snuggle/meowing/whining video if Winston does not purr. (P.S. I get the Churchill connection but could it be that Winston whines so much because he does not like being named after a cigarette?)

  21. Haha, poor cat…

  22. @ above comment: i never knew Winston Churchill was a cigarette brand. i always remember it as a name… as in one of the prime ministers of England? @__@ am i wrong?

    love the video =) such elegant kitties. my favourite part is the end though because they have the Hanukkah comment with the menorah all lit up… with a MICHAEL JACKSON – THRILLER action figure next to it! XD

  23. Winston!!! Man,I love that cat. My cat won’t let me pick her up, let alone dress her up. Though she does tolerate a St.Paddy’s day hat…Happy Holidays all!

  24. I love Winstons mad meows. Happy Christmas all you folks in Cute Overload land.

  25. Poor Winston. He was following the camera person around hoping he would take the costume off of him–bc he’s too lazy to roll around on the floor and try to take it off himself! hehe. At the end, that cat was like, “What the hell is all those candles for?!” classic! thanks for posting 😀

  26. Gubaldorf Ronksmaejir says:

    Winston has the best music in his videos.

  27. “Happy Christmas” to you QTE’ers across the pond and “Merry Christmas” to the QTE’ers stateside and especially to Meg and Theo!

    God bless us, every one!

  28. Oh I loved that is was so cute and funny. and Winston. we love ya especially the meows.

  29. I GOTTA find somebody who will take this %$#@! thing offa me!! Camera person, PLEEEAAASE??!!! No? %$#@! Rudy, c’mon, help a guy out here! I. WANT. THIS. OFF. NOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!

  30. That cat is going to kill someone in their sleep tonight. Revenge is best served cold.

  31. Merry Christmas, Human – you die now!!!

    I think Winston (the name gets me every time) looks quite DASHER-ing in his Santa suit. The beard is precious.

  32. Awww…Winston was so cute! But why does he get an outfit and not the other kitty? That’s really not fair….and he really doesn’t seem at all upset to be wearing the outfit. Love that the other cat is following him around like “dude, what’s going on? What’s with the clothing and the fake beard?” Have to ask, is that Michael Jackson ala Thriller next to the menorah?

  33. Silent Meow says:

    Yeah, Kendra, I have the same question about the Thriller figure next to the menorah. Michael Jackson isn’t even Jewish!

  34. AuntieMame says:

    My guess is that the other kitty isn’t as tolerant as Winston of the indignity of dress-up. Or else he’s smarter than Winston and knows to pull the temporary paralysis trick if they ever manage to get any clothing items on him. 🙂

  35. Winston: You put that thing on me and and I shall whine and complain and whine some more… (Hmm, I may have overplayed that hand)
    Oh well, Happy Christmas 1!1!!

  36. merry christmas.
    that was very cute.

  37. I usually am not one for “dressing up” pets, …
    but I love how the santa hat is made for two little cat ears :3

  38. Hey, Winston, I think you did pretty good, considering the INDIGNITY of being dressed up just to amuse all of us humans. Nice job, kid. Give that cat a TREAT!

  39. LOL! I love how Winston just kinda takes it.

  40. berthaslave says:

    The best part is the banana. Other than that, I feel kinda bad for Winston here. But he’s very loved, so it’s all good.

  41. I’ve been waiting for nuffers, and I’m glad there hasn’t been any. I love winston, and he gets plenty of Love and treats, so I doubt he minds TOO much.


  42. circuscake says:

    winston is dressed up as santa because he is a Christian kitty, but rudy is Jewish, so all he had to do was risk burning his whiskers on the menorah. guess they didn’t have a dreidel costume to put him in…

    watch the hair michael!

  43. If I puts a costume on Miss Ripley Chainsaw I iz purty sure that I wud lose a limb.

    BTW, iz Ripley’s birfday- she is a chirstmas kitteh!

    (winnie is 1 excellent kitteh)

  44. Why did this cat ever become famous? I don’t get it.

  45. yankeebird says:

    RH, because he’s an overload of cute. Y’know, Cute Overload. It’s fairly simple, really.

  46. Rudy is fairly tolerant about costumes. He wore an overall for halloween, after all. But Winnie is just funnier as a Santa.

  47. yankeebird says:

    That’ll teach me to comment at this time of morning. I meant that comment to go to MH, not RH. RH, if you exist, my bad. That snarkiness was meant for another.

  48. yeh…i saw this yesterday too…i can not tell you when i had laughed as hard or as long…winston getting what he deserves and a little more…and now it’s even and he’s a beloved member of the clan…that’s what a good laugh is for

  49. Hooray for Winston, my holiday hero!

    He’s all; “I smell roast beast and scorched whiskers”

  50. You know, one day Winston is going to kill Rich while he sleeps — and no jury will convict him.

  51. Awww, poor Winston! But he´s SOOO adorable in that costume! Happy whatever to you all too. 😉

  52. O! The indignity.

  53. Whiny Winnie wins again! Love Rudy too.

  54. awww, poor winston, lol. i guess he doesn’t mind the costume so much as long as there is food about.

    merry christmas!

  55. Momof2kitties says:

    I’ve said it before. Winnie totally owns my soul. He is CO to the Nth degree!!!!!

  56. Loved Winston in his suit! Obviously he doesn’t realize how cute he is…What a Complainer… Tee Hee…I think Rudy was getting a chuckle out of it himself!

  57. I love this video. The thing that totally gets me is that Winston doesn’t even seem to care that he’s dressed up as Santa. It’s still, “Oh, ok. Where’s the food??” 🙂 Love that kitteh.

  58. It’s just too easy to humiliate that poor cat, isn’t it?

    This video was hilarious. Though the Michael Jackson doll at the end kinda scared the crap outta me.


  60. Winston is the internet star that he is because he has the greatest character! Winnie “allows” the costume because his owner is so loving and attentive the rest of the 364 days of the year. 😉 I agree with fourlegs – I’d lose a limb if I tried to put a costume on my Stripey Stupid.

  61. i kinda felt kinda bad for winston, but i got over it real fast.

  62. tablemountaingirl says:

    Oh, Winston. We would feel sorry for any other kitty…but after the initial shock, he’s his same old self, just in Christmas gear. Going after bananas, knocking over things, whining. We love you Winston and Rich!!

  63. michellemybelle says:

    Winnie is adorable as always, I didn’t know Rudy was Jewish, and I love the Michael Jackson.

  64. Winston- The Grinch who Ate Christmas

  65. Yay, new Winston video! When I saw this one I first thought of the “Jingle Bell Rock” scene in Mean Girls, but Winston looks WAY fiercer than Lindsay Lohan. 😛

    Happy holidays, C.O.! <3

  66. oh good heavens, I laughed through this ENTIRE THING. Obviously winston wasn’t traumatized by the costume, he always meows like that. What a FREAKING RIOT.

    the hat just absolutely killed me, with his little muppet mouth… the other cat got off easy.

    merry christmas Winston!!

  67. Happy Every Holiday to everyone!!

    Bless everyone…

  68. Good King Winston looked out on the Feast of Stephen…

  69. THE GREATEST VIDEO EVER — we love it! So cute!

  70. haha i was laughing all the way through that. poor cat! at first i felt bad but the cat is such a trooper. he clearly doesn’t mind that much, my cat would just roll around crying if i put that on him.

    that cat had such a cute MUEEWWW

  71. Let’s see, put a uncomfortable costume on a cat, make him wear it, even though he’s trying to shake it off. Then, put another cat next to open flames and hold the cat’s tail really hard to force the cat to stand close to those flames, even though the cat’s instinct is to jump away from danger.

    The word “douchenozzle” comes to mind and I am not talking about Winston.

  72. Winston is so cute!

    It’s like the four four boys have one Jewish cat and one Christian!

    The more holidays the better!

    (and GH Waite should get a life and follow the link. That guy doesn’t abuse cats.)

  73. I would totally dress up my kitties if they’d take it like winston. Halloween kitty costumes? Hell-to-the-effen-yeah!!!!!!

    Lurve lurve lurrrrrrrve Winne.

  74. Winston is not cute after the umpteenth time.

    And I’ll be nice and not say anything about the owner.

  75. Oh, the costume wasn’t that bad. Winston handled it pretty well for a cat. (as most other cats would tear the thing to shreds.)

    I do agree about the open flame bit, though. I doubt the owner would have allowed anything to happen, but it still made me nervous!

    GH – Where did you see him squeezing the cat’s tail really hard? How do you even know this to be true?

  76. wow. that’s appalling.
    that cat didn’t enjoy a second of that. why do people do that to their animals. i had to stop watching when he fell off the counter.

    people are dumb.
    animals are innocent.

  77. I see where he’s holding Rudy’s tail. But it doesn’t look like it’s being hurtful.

    Jeesh – Merry Nuffmas.

    The joy of Winnie is his whinyness.

  78. I have to admit that my Pickypuss would do the “temporarily paralyzed” trick if I tried to put any kind of non-catly costume on him – he won’t even wear a collar! Poor Winston! And as for the Rudy cat: Gotta be careful with cats around flames – had a kitteh who sat too close to them and had a flame-up of her long whiskers – all of them. She looked pretty funny, thank heavens she wasn’t burnt, but she sure wasn’t comfortable until the whiskers grew out again.

  79. If the nuffers had ever seen one of the many Winston videos, they’d know that Winston’s demeanor in a Santa costume is pretty much the same as his demeanor when buck-nekkid. That is what makes this so funny. Winston, buck-nekkid, follows people around whining at the top of his lungs, grabs and noms foodstuffs and klutzes out. In this video he just does it all in a Santa suit. I loved it.

  80. Come on, if Winston would’ve hated the costume, he would’ve scratched the owners eyes out while dressing. Of course cats are not born to wear clothes, but I don’t think Winston suffered. And when it comes to the candles: cats aren’t stupid, they’ll know it burns. I bet Winston and Rudy’s mom and dad care about their safety. Most likely this isn’t the first time they see a candle.

  81. WIN! The time I’ve actually approved of an outfit/costume on a cat. Merry belated Xmas Winston!

  82. i just noticed

    winston stood there patiently waiting while his costume was being prepped


  83. Winston is so adorable, and frankly, very tolerant of the Santy suit. Sure, he got a little squirmy and whiny, but most cats would have scratched their hoomans eyes out for that. Good Winston! Such a nice boy…

  84. Sharon Wilson says:

    I love the part where he walks slowly down the hall; he reminds me of Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” coming down the stairs in his pink bunny suit! I love how he stops in the middle of the hall, then turns around and leaves!

  85. Aw, thanks for the video, fourfour! You never disappoint. Happy Holidaze to you all, beloved CO-ers, nuffers and all!

  86. Anyone else having trouble with the C.O. domain?

  87. On Rudy the cat and his lack of costume..he was probably snickering at Winston in his little Santa/Grinch costume the whole time.

    As for the C.O. domain, I also had trouble with it today. I suspect it’s on its way to a new, virusfree home. Either way, got this linky bookedmark now:)

  88. Meatetarian says:

    Yeah, the domain seems to be having issues. =(

  89. i thought that work had finally gotten wise to my browsing and shut me down…THEN I found out that all my other silly non-work-related sites were worky. So, I sneakeded in here the backdoor way

    I’ll never tell though.

  90. omG! I couldn’t get directly onto cuteoverload. Said there was no such website! :((( Finally got in thru a link from another site. Anyone have any news??

  91. Usually I love Cute-overload but this was really not cool. That poor cat did *not* want to be in a santa suit and was obviously trying to get it off. And kitties + menorah = singed whiskers… that’s not good either.

    Let’s keep it cute without torturing the pets okay?

  92. @Rebecca He didnt look that bothered to me, and it didn’t stop him begging for food.

    Lets have more pets in Santa outfits

  93. THANK GOD YOU’RE BACK! (gasp, pant, pant)

    No cute overload! I was so grumpy! I was mean and nasty and filled with hate! Ooooh, I’m so glad you’re back.


  94. Winston seems to be the new reality star of C.O.

  95. I got the idea that he was holding Rudy’s tail to keep him from getting *too* close to the flames. That’s what I do when my cat starts getting too curious for her own good. I figure she gets it out of her system and I can pull her back a touch if she gets in trouble.
    If this makes me a mean ol’ kitty mama, then shoot me!

  96. Ahh, Winston! I would stand in line for hours with tons o-humans to get my “pitcher” taken w/yoo. I adore your whining!

    I missed out on Hannukah this year (or should I wall it “Ruddikah”?), so I’m glad Winnie’s dudes gave us a shout out.

  97. possumpiratess says:

    I am amazed yet again by the skill these guys have in making a great video. All the bases are covered. The editing is terrific.
    Anyone who objects to the content just hasn’t seen the other vids by this person. Or just doesn’t understand the content. Winston is a complainer, in a suit or out. Neither cat is in any real danger. No more than your own cat is when left to its own devices. These guys love their cats and I’m so happy they are willing to share, and so skillfully, the character and quality of their cats’ lives. Thanks, guys! Merry Christmas and shout out to the Jews! 🙂

  98. that’s that look again, the, i’ll kill you while your sleeping look!

  99. I loved this! Those cats are too freaking cute and they deserve to be featured on this CUTE site.

    I watched Winston run around meowing and I kept yelling at the screen(every time I see one of their vids) “He’s saying FEED ME!”

  100. I went looking for more Winston material at FourFour, and I found this which should silence all those folks concerned for Winston and Rudy’s well-being. For two guys to take on a cat with IBS is heroic IMHO. Read and be amazed…

  101. yuck, Yitzysmommie, don’t be like that! Rich isn’t Jewish but his boyfriend is, they like to say Winston isn’t Jewish but Rudy is. Calm down! yuck yuck yuck

  102. Soooooo Cute!!! But i feel sooo sorry 4 the cat! It must be a cat’s nightmare come true……….TOTURE!!!!1
    But that is really funny! (not the torture)☻☺♥

  103. darkshines says:

    Oh my, I can’t believe there are people in this world who don’t know who Winston Churchill is. Thats like me saying “Abe Lincoln….he’s on money or something, right?” Churchill was not only our prime minister, but got us through the war! Hes a british icon! Haha to all those fake “oh yeah I hae british roots” americans who know nothing about my country.

  104. HAHAHA I love the spiritual curiosity towards the menorrah (sp?) candles and then the look on the cat’s face when he wonders “What the hull is Mikey J doing here????” hahaha!

  105. Oh lawd. Winston makes me giggle everytime!

    Happy New Year, grumpyface! LOL!

  106. possumpiratess says:

    darkshines…believe me. It’s an age thing more than an American thing.

    Some of the 20-somethings here and below don’t even know who John F. Kennedy was.

    Hm. I guess it’s an American education thing. And really…I’d have to say Churchill qualifies as a world leader as much as a British icon. He helped save the world.

  107. darkshines says:

    I hope its an age thing, I know my kids are going to damn well know about Churchill, the Wars and the important things that shaped my country today 🙂

  108. I’m just getting to some of these as CO had some bumps last week – but Winston falling off the table makes me *lol* every time.

  109. New York Michele says:

    Don’t worry, darkshines- many of us will never forget Churchill and how he stood against the forces of darkness.

  110. I love Winston and Rudy’s videos–I look forward to them. Winston’s quite tolerant of his Santa outfit and a terrific performer. Yay Winston and Rudy! How wonderful they’re saved, loved and pampered.