Hedge’tock Warshe


(Will you please check out the ‘tock curvature action there. HA!)


Cocobuttr and Abigal the Hedge, What a fun, fun evening you had.



  1. Standing! On the tiny feets! Too cute.

  2. You can almost hear the little squabbling sounds as this dainty pincushion tries to exscape 🙂 Go hedgie go!

  3. I picture a little balloon over his wittle head, saying “HALP!!”

    I lof heem…

  4. eee! little peeenk ‘tocks!

  5. AuntieMame says:

    I love her little pink bum. Like a little piggie!

  6. Oh, do I know what it’s like when the hedgie doesn’t want to be washed! I find that the only way I can get him clean is to let him run all the way to the end of the sink, and then pick him back up and put him at the other end, and then repeat until the hedgie is clean…plus it’s the only way I get to see his teeny tail!

  7. i just washed my hedge and i can’t do a theeeng with it

  8. Hedge-a-loons?

  9. I’m Melting Melting…

  10. acelightning says:

    “I don’t care how much you argue, you’re going to wash that tiny spiny hiney, or you can’t go to the Christmas party!”

  11. Hey-ulp! Get me outta heah!! And stop laffing at my tiny feets & peenk panties! A little privacy, huh? Sheesh!

  12. I (heart) this little hedgehog and it’s little feet and hands

  13. Yitzysmommie says:

    Props to:
    Trisha – Hedge-a-loons!
    Acelightning – Tiny Spiny Hiney!!
    Musicchick2 – Peenk Panties!!!
    Ya’ll are wunnerful, just wunnerful. As is this peekchere of the best lookin’ ‘tocks for 2007.
    HMMMMM, (shifty eyes) – a new calendaire idea…..TOCKS of CO calender! I would So buy eet.

  14. Tiny spiny hiney! Bwahahahahahaha!

  15. Momof2kitties says:

    So, if I petted heem, would he be soft or are those prickles?
    I feel the need to reach through my monitor and stroke him gently!

  16. Awww!

  17. Ack! i can’t handle hedgie tockage this early in the morning!!! too cute!!!

  18. Pink ‘tocks!!

  19. circuscake says:

    yeah- when my pup needs a butt wipe that is just what he does too, it’s only a stub but he can tuck it in so tight!

    poor abigal- really, it’s for your own good…

  20. Who gave Hedgie the Brazilian?

  21. Love. Want to dry off and snorgle and give him mealies!

  22. Teeny tiny hedgie tootsies! Nom, nom, nom….DEELISH!

  23. Momof2kitties – petting a relaxed hedgie is like stroking rice. Kind of a crunchy feel. After so many years of handling hedgies, I’m so used to the sharp quills, fur feels too soft. However, holding a hedgie on his belly is a weird feeling of rather coarse fur and sharp, hard quills. I love holding my hedgie! Bathtime is alway an affair to deal with and I try to do it quickly so that my hedgie doesn’t have to stay in water long. She generally poops in her bathwater to express her displeasure. I tend to end up using a sprayer to hose her down, get her feet clean and get her all rinsed off. After that, generally 3-4 towels are used to dry off long-suffering ( as her face shows) clean Pumpkin. Hedgies are notorious for getting poop all over themselves – I think they do that to annoy us. Gotta love those quilly babies.

  24. Sharon Wilson says:

    So Slow Solid Tortoise said to Stickly-Prickly, “If you teach me how to curl up, I will teach you how to swim.” And Stickly-Prickly said, “No way!”

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