Don’t cry, little Kitteh…

…2007 wasn’t that bad, was it?

OK, you’re right [joins in]


What sucked for you in 2007, Dan F.? What about the rest of ya’ll?



  1. (the original) Mel says:

    Kitteh is saying kitteh prayers. Not crying!

  2. I agreez kitteh. 2007 was the suck!

    I lost my best friend to cancer – much sadness.

  3. tracyflick says:

    I think it is just very, very shy.

    Like this boy I liked this year.

    Maybe I will get up the courage to talk to him in 2008?

    🙂 Chin up, kitts

  4. peek-a-boo

  5. Momof2kitties says:

    I can’t even see you, cute widdle kitteh! Where are you?

  6. I agreez, kitteh is playing peek-a-boo. How could kitteh be said when he has such marvelous big black ears?

  7. Oh where to start:
    1) broke up with fiance
    2) moved from place I loved (Montana) to place I hate (Dallas)
    3) three car accidents–two of which were my fault, and one of which totalled my car

    I feel your pain, kitteh.

  8. I agreez, kitteh is playing peek-a-boo. How could kitteh be said when he has such marvelous big black ears?

  9. I agreez, kitteh is playing peek-a-boo. How could kitteh be said when he has such marvelous big black ears?

  10. cheer up charlie

    things will be okay

    let me give you a hug, you lil cutiepie!! you’ll feel better if you let me put your little pawsies in my mouf.

  11. The writer’s strike! No Jon Stewart! No Stephen Colbert! Waah!!

  12. Should this be in the “Cute or Sad?” category? (Which really ought to be renamed, since they’re always both.)

  13. Boo hoo!!

    Well, maybe he thinks he’s hiding. Where are you? Where’s the kitteh? Hmmm? I don’t SEE you!

  14. Silent Meow says:

    I agree, Deckard Canine. How about naming it Cute And Sad?

  15. heartrbreaker187 says:

    I feel that myself sometimes.

  16. Yitzysmommie says:

    I’d cry if I was in that blankie, too, bebeh kitteh! YM grabs kitten freeing him from horrible plaid, & snorgles kitten very much.
    What sucks this year: my friend’s Dad developing brain cancer, from which he is dying too slowly. Awful.
    What DIDN’T suck this year: most of life.Yitzy doesn’t suck. Cute Overload definitely didn’t suck. The 12 inches and still snowing of fresh powder snow last night doesn’t suck. Our new trailer, aka “The Mobile Love Shack” doesn’t suck. I could go on & on.

  17. Yeah 2007 = teh suckz.

    My nephew was born premature and died after 5 days of life.

    So yeah. Sukz. Here’s hoping 2008 is 1 meellion times better.

  18. berthaslave says:

    1) Car accident – minivan totalled.
    2) Didn’t finish dissertation.
    3) Failed to secure date with Natalie Portman (or any other reasonably suitable female).
    4) Didn’t get twelve new kittehs as pets (though there are still a few days left, HINT HINT Santa).

    BUT — I discovered Cute Overload, which makes up for almost all of the above. Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

  19. I feel for you little baby kitty…

    Mom diagnosed with cancer…troubles at work…life…

  20. Bunny died.


  21. I think it’s time for some pre-emptive hugs for everyone.

    Let’s make 2008 a better, happier year for ourselves and our loved ones.

  22. And btw, I want to cuddle that kitteh and promise next year will be filled with catnip and warm laps.

  23. i’m thinking world’s longest game of hide-and-seek, as the cat tries to remember what comes before “three”

  24. martha in mobile says:

    2008 is gonna be great! I will reach my 5 year w/o cancer date (on my birfday, no less!).

  25. ughh i’m joining the sad kitteh club.
    – shitty, abusive relationship
    – ‘broke up’ with a good friend
    – had major bouts of depression
    – bad grades this semester 😦

  26. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    My mother died, an uncle and an aunt died, and my kitty of 19 years died. 2007 was definitely a sad one for me.

  27. Catman Dude – kate, catman dude and katerpie – hugs to you!

  28. 2007 was mostly good, except for the 3 miscarriages. In a row. With no other children, and no discernible cause.

    My 2nd due date (longest pregnancy) is in 2 weeks.

  29. – Quarter-life crisis
    – Not finding a job
    – Getting over a love
    – Broke it off with my best friend

    Move over there kitty, I’m joining you!

  30. not going to dwell on what happened on 2007.
    2008 is going to be BETTER!
    I’m really looking forward to the new year!

  31. Ashley – from one mother to another, good luck to you. I hope the new year is rung in with newborn cries (in a good way!)!

  32. oh noes! i’m sorry so many people had crappy 2007! hugs and snorgles to all!

  33. {to y’all with bad 2007}

    I had a great one, though, (ignoring that one problem) feel good and am psyched for Christmas with my family.

  34. yankeebird says:

    Wow, I’m sorry for everything that everyone here has gone through. 😦

    In ’07, I followed the man of my dreams, the love of my life, from a place I loved to a place I hate, only to have him tell me three weeks later that he was leaving me for a marriage his parents arranged. Oh, and that the leaving would take place in 36 hours and the wedding would take place in 5 days. He’s now married to a girl he doesn’t love and I’m alone and isolated from my friends and family in a city I hate.

    Here’s to a better ’08 for everyone!

  35. This year actually wasn’t nearly as bad as the last couple. Still no house and not the job I want, but still, not bad!

    Oh and that’s not sad face – that’s “sleepy eyes”

  36. Oh, and my dog died.

  37. Willendorf Venus says:

    I finally get to complain about my crappy year!

    My Aunt was diagnosed with inoperable cancer, & suffered horribly for months before passing away in June. The day before she died, I quit my job in a “quit-or-be-fired” scenario. (Good part – I got a job a month later with a much shorter commute & a nicer boss)

    I turned 40, decided to diet and exercise (that’s good, right?), but when I discussed my plans with my husband, he told me he was thinking about separating (mostly because I am too fat). Now he is trying to pretend we never had that discussion and I am not sure how I feel about that.

    In November, I found out I have diabetes and also, I may end up having to undergo punishing treatment for hepatitis C AGAIN.

    Seems like a lot to go through in 6 months, though I know others have it worse. Also, am surrounded by cuteness. My son, dog, cat, and hamster love me despite my fattitude.

  38. ah Jen.
    you’re killin me. );

  39. To those of you cute lovers with a bad, sad 2007, I’m sorry, and I’m sending you good and happy thoughts and wishes.

  40. My sweet little black kitty died way too young.

  41. Momof2kitties says:


    I totally feel your pain. I was in your shoes in 1997. After being told that I would never have ANY children, I now have three. Apparently doctors don’t know EVERYTHING. I know it’s hard, believe me I spent my fair share of days crying, swearing, lying in bed and generally avoiding life, but hang in there. You never know what’s around the corner for you.


    George and Mia send kitteh hugs, too!

  42. Oh no, this is sad overload! Hugs to everyone who had a crappy 2007, I know I sure did, but don’t worry, I PROMISE that 2008 will be better (honestly, how can it not be?). *luvs to my cute-loving posse*

  43. PS, this is what really makes this site incredible…yeah, we come here to look at cute baby animals and discuss them with relish, but it’s also a place where we can share a little bit about ourselves, and receive a little sympathy for our pains…I think that loving qte really does make you a better person. *more luvs to all*

  44. I’ve had an interesting year – beginning of 2nd year being married to a total control/neat freak – not so good. Got custody of his 15 year old son – good thing mostly. Quit bad job, got good job – good job not so good – confusing and scary – bad supervisor – moved – our bank went bankrupt locking us out of our money for over 3 weeks – still dealing with nasty CC companies etc. – found out i have incurable blood disorder and bone marrow problems – but explains a lot – diabetes gets worse – weight goes up, goes down, up down up down insanely – no pets – friends 100’s of miles away – CO only outlet of fun and games and happiness for me most days.

  45. I lost my mom to congestive heart failure. 2007 sucked.

  46. HelenWheels says:

    I got a new job with a 50% increase in pay. I got a new car. I quit smoking. I lost 20 lbs. The only thing that sucked about 2007 is that EVERYone didn’t have as good a year as I had. I wish you all much happiness in the coming new year!

  47. [beeps all Cuteologists on noses] Love to you all, friends, and yes, I think 2007 really blew chunks for a lot of people. I wish for love to you all, to ease your sorrows and make you laugh again.

    A special message to Willendorf, from one Venus to another: if you’re anything like me you may feel inclined to think your husband has a point and that you are indeed to blame for his declining affection. THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH. The truth is that you are who you are, you look how you look and he either loves you, body and soul, or he doesn’t deserve you. You are beautiful. Believe it.

  48. Glitter sprinklins and hugs comin your way peeps!!! I’m so sorries your ’07’s sucked but at least we have eachother and Meg And Theo! And the qte for when our days aren’t so good…..

    Life will be great in 2008!!!

    BTW, Berthaslave, Natalie Portman called. She says she sent you a message….you know the one….and you stood her up. She is now adding herself to the ’07 misery list due to her missing out on a wonderful guy.

    {{{hugs}}} Natalie 🙂

  49. bookmonstercats says:

    Oh noes, for all the CO peeps with the bad experiences. I worked too hard, as usual, didn’t spend enough time with my family, as usual, and am now going insane trying to finish work and pack for a holiday I don’t actually want to go on. That’s all. Poor me!! I wish you and your loved ones all the best year ever for 2008 and lots of hugs and kisses from everybody you want hugs and kisses from.

  50. Went on a beautiful snowboarding vacation in January to Whistler, Big White and Silver Star, then lost my job in January, upgraded some biology in the spring, got accepted into a nursing program in the summer, am currently in said program, getting fabulous grades and loving it, my hedgehog died in november.. sad, i loved him and his little nose.. doggie may be put down soon due to chronic ear infection (its getting to her balance), and my boyfriends family is getting together with my family for Christmas. Life has its ups and downs. Oh, and my niece was born 5 weeks premature (on dec 6th) and is already home! She’s beautiful. Overall, I am happy, despite the sad things that happen.

  51. Listing of 2007 Suckage:1)My Dad had a massive stroke exactly 404 days after my Mom dying of cancer and is now in a nursinghome.2)I discovered that my older brother has always hated my guts.3)My artistic mojo is still in non-operational status…Listing of 2007 Non-Suckage:I do & will always have a sense of humor, so nanny-nanny boo-boo world–I aint beatdown yet–y’all keep on giggling too-2008 has to be better!

  52. Alex the famous African Grey and smartest bird in the world, whom I used to work with(for), died of unknown causes 😦

  53. Here’s to a new, wonderful year with promise. I lost my beloved kitty to tumors this past year, which was VERY sad for me; we now have adopted two NEW baby kittehs tho, and they’re crazy enough to give us a really fun time! =)

  54. Only one real thing to complain about for ’07, putting my beloved Handsome, a.k.a. Bubsy to sleep.

    This kitten looks a lot like him and that warms my heart instead of making me sad. I know he will be giving someone as much joy as my Bubsy gave me.

  55. My most beloved, irreplaceable uncle died of cancer. My cousin broke all his limbs in a small plane crash and sustained what may be permanent nerve damage in his arms. I had a miscarriage. 2007 sucks. I’m hoping 2008 is going to be a great year. I’m sooo ready for it.

  56. My Grandma died. ; (
    Nothing will ever be the same again.

  57. Well, I guess too many people were killed in Iraq, Africa etc. this year again. Anyone know how many species got extinct this year? 1000? 10000?

  58. Ok, it sounds like we need to send out the port-a-snorg squads STAT! There are a lot of folks out there who’ve had sad years, and need some snorgling to cheer them up! Quick, team: grab the cute little fuzzy kittehs, buns, puppersons, and other bits of anerableness and hit the roads! Go forth and snorgle!

  59. Yitzysmommie says:

    Many snorgles and nosicle beeps to all our sad Cuteologists. May 2008 definitely be better for ya’ll. Oh, and Yitzy sends head butts and purrs to all.

  60. I lost my beautiful dog, Henry, after 12 wonderful years. Just been told that I have a cystic lesion in my abdomen AND I have Lupus. My wonderful family makes up for all this. My thoughts are for each and every one of you. May all your sorrows disappear with the coming of a fresh new year. Peace and love to all.

  61. Sad kitteh, I’m a sad kitteh too.
    I had a miscarriage
    My grandpa died
    My best friend died
    His dad was diagnosed with inoperable cancer
    My car died

  62. Tapioca pudding anyone?
    Guaranteed to make you feel better.

  63. Ashley, I’m so sorry for your miscarriages. Unfortunately I have to join you on this 😦

  64. Pearl Ostroff says:

    To all who have had lose and disappointment a much better 2008.

    To Willendorf, one way of losing a lot of weight easily–get rid of the husband. But, of course, only if you want too.

    I am okay, Not a super great year, but not a bad one either. Two and a bit years till I’m 65 and I get my government pension. Hope my p/t job lasts until then. Otherwise I will have to try for disability. But I have a nice, warm apartment and enough food, good friends, my cat Riley and CO. I’m content.

  65. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Heck. Should proofread. Loss not lose.

  66. Yes furbabies, I agree, I’ll make some chocolate puddin’ too!

  67. kitteh’s all verklempt.

    talk amongst yourselves.

  68. Metsakins, don’t forget the whipped cream. And, of course, the cherry on top!

  69. my 2007 sucks because my friend is missing in an avalanche…….

    please pray for him…….tks.

  70. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    The divorce was finalized.
    My company was sold to another company who reduced our benefits and tripled my work load. They eliminated my position two weeks ago.
    I was just about to talk to a broker to buy a townhome, but I’ll be living in Mom’s basement for another year or so.
    On the plus side, there’s CO, my kitteh Mistletoe, Netflix and maple sugar candy.

  71. CheshireCat says:

    Cathy, I lost a beautiful black kitteh this year too, she got outside and some stoopid speeding teenager hit her. Hugs to everyone who has survived the lachrymosity of 07.

  72. Oh my gosh, Jennifer! Prayers on the way. Don’t lose hope.

  73. RofCyberia…what is kitteh mistletoe? is it something i MUST have?

  74. Comments of doom… geez.

    That kitteh’s not crying… he’s protecting his eyes in a boxing match ’cause mama said knock you out.

  75. Awww, what a little cutie-pie – I wuv his little white sox. He’s playing peek-a-boo!

  76. Yep. 2007 started off with my doggie dying of his heart condition. I still miss you Santo :[

  77. I got laid off from my job of six years, little kitteh! Actually, that was kind of a good thing…

  78. HelenWheels, congratulations on the new job, car, and everything else! I’m glad the year went so well for you.

    What sucked for me this year was all the ’nuffs everywhere I went online. This seemed to be the year that people felt entitled to whine about everything and anything, and to be extra trollish.

    The other thing that sucked is that my stepfather had a heart attack at the beginning of December, but he seems to be recovering now.

    Most of the year was pretty good though.

    Thank you, Meg, for giving us the opportunity to tell people what sucked this year.

    And definitely, thank you for CuteOverload!!!

  79. okay, i’ve been reading through all these and it’s really quite depressing. (of course, i also added my dash of depression as well) cute overload is supposed to be a happy place.


    i graduated from a University! i’m the first one in my fam to do this in america…….

  80. there is one thing-
    i dont know where luvins went. and i miss our fun on the COL. );

  81. Ahwww, I think he’s just very shy…

  82. Awww geesh, a lot of people have had bad 2007s. I’m not sure CO could even remedy those real-life problems…if I were fabulously and preposterously rich, I’d set up a fund to help out people who just have had crap years. Oprah kind of does it already though, so maybe I’ll only help out CO lovers 😛

    Chin up, guys, things will get better. I bet the next photo is of Mr. Stealthy McHiderson removing his paws from his face and chasing after catnip.

  83. wow, after reading all of these, i don’t think i have nearly as much to complain about. thanks guys and puddin for all of you!

  84. Umm, got disinherited, and the mortgage industry tanked, but I found the Qte! So that made it all better! Thank you everyone for all the hysterical comments and cute pix! This really brightens my day!

  85. liz–ditto, been looking for luvinanimals so mush.

    Yankeebird–come home!

    and a final thought to yall cyooters…it will get better.

  86. Oh man — for everyone that had a bad 2007 lots of hugs and snorgles all around.

    Nothing explosively bad happened in 2007 for me, which is a welcome break, because the last couple years have been awful…

    Good things though — I’ve made my boyfriend love cute overload and thus he gets lots of ‘snorgles’ and ‘nosicle kisses’.


  87. I hope all of you with sad stories have a much better 2008! Thanks for sharing and God Bless!

  88. Cheer up little guy… for most of us, even the really bad stuff seems to be balancing out if we think about it hard enough. Well, maybe except for the really big bad stuff. (Sorry to hear about illnesses, family losses, etc.)
    Things to be grateful for: CO tops the list, and all the little guys and gals who we love and snorgle.

    I’ve had a rough few years, (illness, deaths in the family, moving ) and look at 08 approaching with hope.

    I think I’ll go with “kitty prayers” too. Kitty prayers for all of us, everywhere, for a happy, healthy, prosperous (or at least not growing the debt) year.

  89. Oh man — for everyone that had a bad 2007 lots of hugs and snorgles all around.

    Nothing explosively bad happened in 2007 for me, which is a welcome break, because the last couple years have been awful…

    Good things though — I’ve made my boyfriend love cute overload and thus he gets lots of ‘snorgles’ and ‘nosicle kisses’.


  90. Natalie G. says:

    I’ll tell you what sucks. Buying a house with my sexy boyfriend who is allergic to cats. The sexiness is great, lemme tell ya, but having to go cat-less for the rest of my life??? Not even one snuggleball kitteh to warm me feets at the end of the bed at night?? Ever?? Not even once….?? That sucks.

  91. “The lachrymosity of 07″…love that! That was my year (had a miscarriage at 18 weeks) but during my days at home recovering, CO was usually my only source of smiles. Here’s to a better ’08 with lots of snorgling to be had.

  92. Oh my Lord, I wish I could tell each person on this list who suffered heartache this year, that we are with you!

    2007 on balance has been up and down! In Feb. my father had to have a triple by-pass, but is doing well. A week later his and my beloved family boxer passed away in his sleep after a long battle with Liver failure.

    In April I almost got fired for an unclear personnel policy, but several people spoke up for me and I did not lose my job. However, I am sure that is why I did not get my 2nd year pastoral residency. The residency ended and no chaplain’s jobs on the horizon. So, I took a job that has been really good for me with nice people. Then, being offered a chaplain’s job which may not happen depending on if I can be ordained in time.

    In Sept. I had sinus surgery and was sick for 2 months after that. Culminating in me being incorrectly being diagnosed with a presenting condition for MS (optical neuritis). Only to be correctly diagnosed that I do not have either optical neuritis or MS. So, I am feeling pretty okay right now.

    So, it has been a year of ups and downs. My husband always says the odd years are hard. Let’s hope for a nice even, even numbered year.

    P.S. Ms. Venus of Willendorf, I am a plus-sized woman and loved because of it. If you are a curvaceous Goddess, and your husband can’t see that — that’s on him not you.

  93. Thank you Meg for bringing me the bright spot in all my 2007 days!

  94. kiragirl-
    keep in touch maybe we will run into each other on another blog or somethin, and can catch back up.

    happy holidays!
    merry Christmas! 🙂

  95. love to all who had a difficult year. please have faith 2008 will be better!
    a daily dose of CO does wonders, trust me…

  96. i haz three katz says:

    1. Breast cancer right after my COBRA insurance ran out.

    2. Just found out that next Friday is my last day at work.

    It’s okay, tho. Gots three kittehs.

    Happy Holidays!

  97. Where did kitteh go? Kitteh…where are you?
    Leetle kitteh…are you hiding kitteh?

  98. Is there anything more hopeful than the site of babies? Fur or otherwise? Personally I wouldn’t mind a baby animal for the new year, not that blond friend of Rudolphs. I’m so sorry for all that we have lost this year and for the bad decisions, both personal and corporate.

    I hope that people can take comfort in the fact that they are not alone.We’re more than a couple of grown-ups turn kids over a couple of pic’s. We’ve become a community.

    Another round of hugs and hopes for the new year.

  99. [high fives popessa] Quite right, darlin’.

    Hey, peeps, keep sharing. Where’s a better place to commune our sorrows and hope for better days than CuteOverload? We’re together for a reason, after all. This isn’t depressing, it’s uplifting, IMO. Share! Share! Share!

  100. Mom-in-law had stroke in May at all too young age of 69. Still cannot walk. Short-term memory is gone. Cannot carry on conversation. Hubby is heartbroken.

  101. Since this post has turned into an opportunity to vent, here goes:
    1. My sweet doggy, Elvis, died two days before Thanksgiving. Words can’t describe the heartache.
    2. My best friend died after a 9-year battle with breast cancer. RIP, Steph.
    3. I had to move from Huntsville, Alabama to Athens, Illinois. Nuff said.

    However, I have my health, my hubby, and a fabulous rescue dachsie named Charlie. Check him out!

    I can’t begin to tell you all how this little guy has healed my heart.

    Finally, I’m thankful for C.O. Even with the nuffers and the commentroversies, I eagerly await each new post. Meg and Theo, thank you for all the joy you bring to us every day!

  102. three relationships ruined ^.^

    but this kitteh makes it allll better.

  103. My cat Tessa died yesterday from pancreatic cancer and I miss her loads. She’s wrapped up in a towel in my lounge right now and looks like she’s sleeping. I’m sad she had to die on an operating table rather than at home, but the vet didn’t know what was wrong and I thought there was a chance to save her. Tomorrow will be even sadder when I have to bury her in the garden and say goodbye. She was my closest companion for nearly 20 years.

  104. ** stepping out of thread, shaking my head & thinking to myself “i thought co was a happy place …” ** this is the most depressing thread i’ve ever read. too bad the anerable kitteh will forever be linked to sadness in the blogosphere. 😦 i will pray that we all have a better 2008.

  105. tried to kill myself in february and then found out my brain tumor was back again a couple of months ago… not sure i want to see 08…
    CO has staved off the dreadfuls so many times! Thank you!

  106. For those that lost your beloved pets, I lost mine last year, which was crushing. But what I tried to think about was that her beautiful, kind, and fun soul will come back down into another fuzzer for some young child to enjoy and grow up with for many years.

  107. I’m sorry for everybody that had a sad 2007 … Hugs to all!!

    this kitten has sleepy eyes and that makes me happy! Here’s to 2008! 🙂

  108. Also had quit-or-be-fired situation and went unemployed. Went through dark period after so many jobs / moves / losses that my health broke down finally and I barely left the house for months. Almost none of the so-called friends I had were any help. Not sure what the future is bringing but I’m also putting my hopes on 2008. I hope all of you out there have things improve too. I don’t know if I feel better or worse to know that so many of us have had troubles. Y’all hang in there.

  109. homer mariner says:

    Wow. So my year went like this:

    1. Boyfriend’s younger brother died at age 20. Attended funeral to start off the year. Two days later, found out my best friend since 5th grade’s grandma died.

    2. Grandma had a stroke and now has colon cancer.

    3. Boyfriend’s dad diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer.

    4. Great friend of mine has a large brain tumor that was removed and came back.

    5. Found my half sister through myspace (it can be used for good!) and saw the first picture of my father I’d seen in years (I don’t really know him). I have a nephew! He’s adorable!

    And, as I write this, my fuzzy black kitty is laying on my computer to help. She purrs a lot, and it makes things better. And I have a large stuffed totoro in the cat bed that looks like my cat that she doesn’t like… He’s wearing a Santa hat. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  110. AThings wont be better till bush leaves office.

  111. Well I could list all the bad things from the year there were plenty but I want to take a moment to list the good things..
    My oldest Daughter Graduates from College this month, My youngest daughter became an assistant Manager of a department store, My mother in law(whom I love.. ) who has been battling a horrible life threatening virus finally recovered.. one niece had a new baby, and another is about to have a new baby. My husband and I have found a new closness we have never had before.. My mother passed over the rainbow bridge to a warm and painfree place for her.. Her two kitties came to live with us.. I have a warm house I have plenty of food in the cupboard. I had my work hours reduced which gives us less money per month but affords me the oppertunity to go to college and get my AA and maybe my BA.. For all of those going thru tough times this year
    {{{Hugs}}} I hope it is a better year in 2008

  112. Momof2kitties says:

    On the plus side:

    Discovered CO. Woot!

    No car accidents.

    Kids are healthy.

    Daughter’s hearing impairment is stable, for the moment.

    Hubby did not lose job.

    Brought George home to live with us, the sweetest,
    funniest kitten I have ever had the privilege of being owned by.

    But…good friend was thrown from her horse last night, is in the hospital with punctured lung and broken ribs. And a big headache too, I’ll bet. I’m off to bake loads of casseroles and such to fill her freezer with. We’re so thankful it was not worse!

    *is cautiously optimistic for 2008*

  113. mischa, I’m so sorry for your pain. I know what it’s like to want very much to die. I hope you have support.

  114. Man, I’m so sorry for everyone who’s had such crappy things happen to them this year. I feel silly to list any of my “bad” things that happened because many of you have had it much worse. My bad year was October 2006-October 2007. Here’s hoping everyone has a better 2008!

  115. I meant to say October 2005-October 2006…

  116. Okay I’ll list a really good thing that happened in 2007. I found CO and met some peeps who have the same sick sense of humor as me! I also got to meet some of them in person!

  117. Hey, 2007 was a good year in the end for me!! I graduated College and got away from the horrible state of AZ! I got married! I got my first real job and first real home with my husband and we saved two darling little kittens who are the sweetest cats I’ve ever had.

    Well, my Mom’s Champion stud dog did die, along with her sweet cat, and my Great Grandmother died..but…

    My life is still getting better. 🙂

  118. ohhh 2007. kitteh, i feel your pain. two car accidents, lost my job after four years, broke up with my boyfriend, and my baby sister/best friend moved from Buffalo to Charlotte. I hope 2008 is better for all of us.

  119. so sorry to hear that so many had a baaad year:S hugs n snorgles to ya all:)
    and may the next year bring you all happiness that you deserve:)

    my 2007 has over all been pretty good..bought an appartment with my BF:) finished my BA and gratuated. and got a job related to my studys..wich is not that easy where i live;)
    and I also got a darling lil hammie:)

    i just hope 2008 will be as good 🙂

  120. Linda you rock!

  121. circuscake says:

    thanks, little kitty, for giving the peeps a place to pour their hearts out.

    God bless us, everyone!

  122. How about this kitty as “Can I see my present yet?!”

    or even “Peek a boo?”


  123. thanks, cdd – i’m sorry you know what it’s like… glad you found CO too

  124. 2007 was cute, but hopefully 2008 will be better.

  125. Sammys Mom >^..^ says:

    To all who are going through so much but are still staying pawsitive! When the kitteh opens his eyes he’ll see it’s all better. Check out this link which made me feel better; my fave is the picture of the mom and daughter feeding the bear and the family petting the lion. Gr8-er hopes, purrs, snorgles and love for 2008!!!

  126. Mostly, 2007 was a good year for me. But there were low points, too. My dear brother passed away 2 weeks ago after liver transplant surgery. For some unknown reason, the new liver wouldn’t function. But family and friends were allowed to be by his side in the SICU and we prayed and sang to him as he crossed over. It was a peaceful passing. I was supremely comforted by a Bible verse read at his “celebration of life” (we didn’t have a traditional funeral). The verse is Isaiah 57:1&2…”The righteous man perishes, and no one lays it to heart; devout men are taken away, while no one understands. For the righteous man is taken away from calamity, he enters into peace; they rest in their beds who walk in their uprightness.” Those verses speak to my heart and tell me why my brother was taken so soon.

    I don’t comment often, but read CO everyday. I hope 2008 brings everyone here peace within themselves, comfort and joy from sharing the Qte, and a nice balance between the good and bad.

    Even when bad things happen, it helps to find a nugget of good. Look for them…look hard if you have to. And thank you, for CO. This website is definitely a nugget.

  127. berthaslave says:

    Much love to everyone who has suffered…I have to say that although my ’07 was not great my 2006 was MUCH MUCH worse, so things are getting better.

    To those of you facing illness and depression….hang in there. The world needs you!

  128. Sammys Mom >^..^ says:

    Dejamew – my condolences and love for you and your family. Here are some comforting texts if you’d like to read them.

    PS…I agree! it’s great to be part of such a golden nugget-filled website that understands how each other feels and that mutually love animals so much that ‘Squeeeeeeee’ comes out of our mouths w/out even trying, hehehe! >^..^<

  129. RofCyberia…i didn’t think i’d get to see what kitteh misteltoe is….now i know! i thought it was something i can hang up and have my kittehs kiss me.

  130. It’s too bad so many people here had a bad year!

    Personally, I had a good year and anything bad has faded into dim memory. I found a larger house (I live in teeny townhouse) in a better area for $20,000 below market value. I’ve gotten great prices on many items I need to fix up the new place at the local Habitat Restores. Hubby of 28 years and I are still deeply in love. Ten year old kitteh is healthy. Life is good!

  131. Thank you, Sammys Mom. I’m finding much comfort in my 2 lil doggies kisses and my 2 lil kitties mreows, as well.

  132. kitteh: “…TWO! yeah, that’s it! TWO … three! Ready or not, here I commmmmme!”

    (scampers behind sofa)

    (scampers on top of teevee)

    (scampers into bathroom)

    “i think i gave ’em too moishe time…”

    (scampers to spot under stairs)

  133. My husband didn’t get his Christmas bonus! NOT a good way to end the year – we are so depressed!

  134. Lots and lots of happy wishes and {{{HUGS}}} to you all!!! Espesh to you who’ve had sad times….wish you could all come over for snorgles with my “family” (1 doggie, 6 kittehs)!

    As for me–little superstitious about rating 2007 yet (shifty eyes). Don’t want the universe to get any ideas! 🙂

    BTW, Mischa, I’ve been there too. Just know that you’re not alone. Better times are ahead.

    Ho-ho and Merry-merry to all of you so inclined!

  135. Had a pretty good, disaster-free 2007 (knock wood–there’re still 10 days left). My crazed feral kitty lets me pick him up and snorgle (albeit briefly) now–only took three and half years.
    Wish I could send an emergency kitten to all who need teh loves and/or the lulz 🙂
    Kitten in pic looks warm and comfy on his ugly blankie, cuddled gently by those lovely hands.

  136. coughingpuppy says:

    I’m with you, kitty. Fiancee broke up with me two weeks after I graduated college and we moved, after I funded his move. I had a terrible time finding a job and as a result had some financial trouble. Fiancee started dating my best friend who lives two doors down two months after we broke up. I had a mental breakdown and tried to commit suicide (I’m better now.) Good riddance 2007, worst year of my life. Here’s hoping 2008 will be better!

  137. …i see you..

    This kitty looks exactly like my little baby that passed away earlier this year, so I kind of happy and sad looking at him.

  138. Very lonely… thought about suicide every day. Never in a serious way, but it’s always been on my mind.

    Next year is going to be awesome, though!

  139. martinifontaine says:

    Every year with G-dub in office sucks. For everyone.

  140. my best friend got shipped out to afghanistan and had to leave her 3 kids with rellies

  141. 2007…not the best year, but not the worst either (hello 2004 O_O)

    The good:
    -getting a job
    -making new friends

    The bad:
    -quitting said job, finding out I’m not qualified for anything else, going back to job, quitting again after a month, and here I am unemployed

    The ugly:
    -having my boyfriend of almost a year and a half (also known as my first love) become increasingly distant until we had a messy breakup just last week. He now wants nothing to do with me.
    -being depressed enough to want to die

    Hugs and Christmas cookies to everyone here. Roll on, 2008; it can only get better from here. 🙂

  142. okay…f’reals…

    invisible binoculars!

    (but no, f’reals, the thing about my best friend and afghanistan is true…we spend far too much other than money pretending we value freedom…)

  143. acelightning says:

    2007 wasn’t *too* horrible for me – some money/job troubles (well, a lot of money/job troubles) and disappointments of various kinds. one of my internet friends has been “missing” for over a year and all attempts to track her down have failed; because of the kind of life she liked to lead, we fear the worst. But on the positive side, I’ve got my husband of 35 years, and our big old orange stripey cat Loki, who doesn’t look or act as if he’s nearly 16; we have a roof over our heads and enough to eat; and our son got married right after Thanksgiving, to the wonderful young woman he’s been going out with for nearly ten years. My main hope for 2008 is to see the USA have a sensible government once again… and my other main hope is LOTS MORE CUTENESS!

  144. I had a couple of bad events in 2007 which would have set me back in the past, but which I have been able to deal with well enough at present. 2007 was a growing/learning year, and that makes me quite hopeful for the future.

    Super wishes in 2008, peeps! (And kittehs, and puppehs, and hedgies…)

    (Also pandas.)

  145. Aww. Hugs to all those who had a crappy 2007, and just waiting for 2008.

  146. And big hugs to Meg and Teho for giving us Teh Qte!!!

  147. everything was great (well, relatively great, for me that is) until last sunday when i cracked and tried to die and now it’s all doctors and counsellors and stuff ahgain

  148. Shalom to all who suffer. “shalom” is a kind of peace in the heart and peace in your comings and goings all the time. Mischa, ccd, Janeyferr, and all who are thinking along the lines of ending your life- I wish you a boat-load of curiosity to help get you around the next corner- find someone for whom you can do a good thing- they are all over the place- pick a cause, even CO is a cause, and add you strength to it. It worked for me. Love, Snorgles, snurffles and all good fuzzy, comforting things to you as you all discover your better futures. Please live.

  149. To all who struggle as Mischa, ccd and Janeyferr do, please live. I wish you boat-loads of curiosity to help you look around the next corner, and I wish the the peace of ‘shalom’- an inner peace and an outer peace in your comings and goings. Find a cause outside yourself and help someone else in need, it worked for me. This is the second time I have had to write this, so it if shows up a bit differently, it is all heartfelt.

  150. The bad:
    *my beloved grandfather died
    *got fired, then “not-fired” from my job because my boss was incompetent
    *began to hate said job because of my incompetent boss, and ended up quitting
    *the hubby said we can’t get another dog until next year
    *one of my pet toads died

    the good:
    *had some awesome vacations (Maine, Germany)
    *bought a house
    *learned to drive (at 27!) and bought a car
    *got an amazing new job
    *found another toad 2 weeks after the other died, and he’s very friendly

    ((hugs)) to everyone who’s had a difficult year, and high-fives to those who had an awesome one.

  151. Crappy things–BIL killed in a horrible car accident in March. Family’s still recovering~~moved from mountain town I loved to city I don’t simply because we could afford to live there anymore~~Still working a crappy job since I can’t find a decent one.

    Good stuff–closer to DH’s remaining family~~3 wonderful kittyies still healthy and happily survived the move~~good benefit at said crappy job~~losing weight without trying because of said crappy job.

    I look forward to 2008!!

    Martha-glad you’re 5 years cancer-free-wishing you another 50 or so.

    Scoobie—awwwwww. I had my kitten wrapped in a blankie too after he died in the middle of the night. I kept wanting him to wake up….Rest in Peace little one.

  152. One of my dogs died while I was on vacation.

    Diagnosed with breast cancer in late November. The good news — caught extremely early thanks to regular checkups and a biopsy. GET THOSE MAMMOGRAMS, ladies! My boobs are so lumpy I never would have felt anything on my own. Prognosis is excellent, although I’m not looking forward to weeks of radiation treatment that start just after Christmas.

    Good news: My surviving dog is just ecstatic to be an only dog. All the attention! All the food! We’ve become closer than ever, and her old-ladyhood will be the best I can give her. I wuvs her.

    Other good news: I’m on offical medical orders to NOT lose weight. They’ve put marks on me to align the radiation beams, and if I lose weight, they’ll go out of alignment.

    And other good news: A site called I can’t praise it enough. It provides free, easy-to-use blogs for people undergoing medical problems. You can tell people your site name (they’re private and don’t show up on search engines), and then you just have to write things once, instead of dealing with the emotional strain of having to tell people over and over what’s going on.

  153. I’m right there with you, kitteh.
    -Mother-in-Law (a wonderful lady) died after months of pain.
    -My Boss (Great guy, I wish him the best) is leaving and selling the business.
    -My kitty got hit by a car (fine now, thank goodness).
    -My Mom suffered from depression, including a suicide attempt.
    -Terry Pratchett diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
    -There’s more, but I’m done now.

    2007 is the suck. Can’t wait for it to go away.

  154. And Jen, I live in Dallas. There is fun to be had here. Contact me at sudanim, provider I might not have much energy in the next few weeks, but always nice to meet someone new.

  155. Whoops. suda dot nim…and no, I haven’t had coffee yet today.

  156. Good and bad things abound every year, yes?

    My kitty ran away and never came back.

    My boyfriend broke up with me.

    I broke up with my (abusive and hateful) mother.

    But I got to go to Japan, which was wonderful.

    And the boyfriend followed me there, to tell me that he was stupid, he couldn’t live without me. So that was nice, and I still have a wonderful boyfriend.

    Here’s to the good and the bad from ’07. If life was perfect… well we wouldn’t be living. Much love to everyone out there, and support to get you through the new year. Enjoy every moment of happiness, it will get you through this mess we call life!

  157. Hugs and pudding to everyone. I’m sorry you had such a bad 2007.
    It’s a yucky, odd number- 2008 is so much nicer!
    I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend/best friend/love of my life over the summer and we haven’t spoken since then. I’m still crushed and can’t stop sleeping. BUT two days ago I got a bunny that I can transfer my love/need to snorgle on to and he proves that some males are actually sweet! Also I discovered CO, and only you guys understand how life-changing that is!

  158. Moved away from the home I loved, found out my Spouse has cancer, my Mom & my Sis both were hospitalized with MRSA, Mom nearly died……2007 has been a very sucky year. CO is my haven!! Thank you!

  159. yet another michelle says:

    I thought I had some tough times this year and I was already arranging the prose in my head…but then I started reading everyone elses’ posts and realized I have a lot to be thankful for, and my ’07 wasn’t all that bad. We had some financial difficulties, but are recovering, and are all happy, healthy, and lovin’ each other.

    So thank you CO, for setting me straight.

    And lots of extra hugs, snorgling, glitter and nose beeps to all, even if you didn’t have a bad year. Put ’em in the bank for the next time you need some extra warm fuzzies 🙂 .

  160. hate christmas, snow, and most people. my life stinks.

  161. stephie – go and check out the extreme poverty in this world, the abandoned children, the war etc. when you’re done, sit down and say thanks for what you have: christmas, snow and most people around you.

  162. Dad dies in my arms in march.
    Busniess gets robbed in April.
    LAPD called to do a robbery report end up robbing us instead (no joke) and tearing down a jewish holy icon in our store (no joke)
    We raised a big stink and have a lawsuit out against said LAPD.
    In May, mom sent me money to recover from the robberies (about 3.000)
    The police then steal said money (out of anger for the lawsuit, I assume) and try to claim it as drug money, and under current civil asset forfiture laws, they can steal something and then I have to prove it is not drug money. (it’s not. My mom wired it straight from her account, and she’s a teacher). –(still don’t have the money back yet) (oh and my busniess partner had 20,000 stolen from his account from his dad)
    August. Busniess closes as it is not able to deal with the financial burden.
    House forclosing because I had no job…

    So yeah.
    f. 2007. f. it in the a.

    but things are better now, and for warm fuzzies….Cute Overload at some points in this year was the only thing that could make me feel even a little better. So years to you guys, happy holidays.

  163. Yitzysmommie says:

    To our Qte friends who are suicidal: I have been there and know how you feel. Through the grace of God, good medicine, good (yucky, hated it but it helped) therapy and 4 stays in the funny farm, I am no longer suicidal. I have learned how to recognize the downward spiral early, and get help.
    My mother suicided from untreated depression 14 years ago. May I just share that all the pain you are feeling now transfers to those who love you when you kill yourself. That’s just a fact.
    Those harsh words aside, I am sending each and everyone of you a hug and a hand to hold. Keep reaching out. Keep looking at the Qte. Keep hanging in there. As one who has been teetering on the brink AND suffered the aftermath of a loved one’s suicide, I know. IT DOES GET BETTER.
    YItzy sends you all purrs while he lies all 15 pounds of his big bad self on your laps.

  164. I got a job at a pet store only to find out the evils of the pet trade.
    Don’t buy at places like Petsmart, Petco, or Petland people. They care more about money the animals.
    Also, don’t buy anything from IAMS.

  165. My 11 year old puppy passed away just a few days ago. 😦

    Wasn’t he beautiful?

  166. Oh, you guys. I’m just weeping upon reading about all your trials and troubles. 2004, 05, and 06 were very dark for me, with suicidal obsessions, depression, despair about the world and this country, the end of my marriage, facing barrenness. But 2007 has been decent, considering the previous years. Mainly, I credit time. If you can survive, it really does heal wounds. I found Cute Overload at a time of emotional crisis and I know the endorphins which are triggered from gazing at adorable animals helped me get through (along with other things). And I shouldn’t forget my adorable, fluffy dog, who I never tire of worshiping and am so grateful for. Right now, he’s circling me like a shark. He wants to steal the pile of snotty tissues I’ve built up while crying for all of you. (he may be cute, but he’s not very empathetic when there are kleenex involved) I wish you all the best and hope you find comforts for your sorrows.

  167. Mom died.


  168. Kristi, he IS beautiful! I’m so sorry! He looks just like my Leo.

  169. I’m so sorry, Aesthetica!

  170. wow… some of you guys really had a tough year. but don’t worry! look to a great next year!

  171. Thanks Marie 🙂

    Mom always loved anything cute, and she always loved animals, so when I introduced her to CO shortly before she died she had a wonderful time looking at “teh cute”. She especially loved the photos of the puppers (I have kittehs myself).

    The fuzzibles on CO brought joy to her life, and has given me much needed smiles since her passing. Thanks, Meg.

    Now excuse me while I go snorgle my kittehs…

  172. 2007 is an interesting year for me as well. I lost 2 of my hedgehogs ( brother and sister hedgies), who died of the same disease, and lost my sweet fuzzy dwarf hamster. However, business is better, flooding in basement is finally fixed, horrible driveway finally paved, new website up and running. now, if my elbow can heal so I can work and have a more productive and healthier 2008. CO is my way of getting my Cuteness dose of the day. My students, my mom and I all oogle the cuties on CO. Keep up the work, keep those pictures coming in and we’ll all be on a CO high 🙂

  173. Anonymous Friend says:

    My rattie died, but the year was pretty good for me. But, I think dwelling on it is bad bad bad. Get it out, feel better, and move on. Things will turn out better. Lets mesure our year in the daylights, sunsets, midnights, and cups of coffee instead of the strife. And the love. Measure in love. Things will get better.
    Hope I helped.

  174. willendorf – I feel your pain. I hope for better things this year for all of us.
    2007 – my 10th year bringing up my kids on my own. My Dad has dementia, my Mum is depressed (don’t blame her), my 17 year old son will be a father in 6 weeks (and I love babies but didn’t I explain 100 times + how to treat girls respectfully and I believe I mentioned contraception even though I rather hoped he’d exercise some self-control). And work is so hard and people can be very hurtful and ungrateful and I am tired of holding the world together. Ho hum…. hamster is cute….kitteh is insane but definately cute. Christmas tree looks fab….children are looking good – 2 doing fine at uni and school, 1 facing up to his responsibilities. Could be worse.
    Happy New Year guys X.

  175. Let’s see here:
    1.I’m STILL uglier than anyone on the planet scoliosis got worse
    3.I got rejected AGAIN
    4. We’re in an UBER drought
    5.lost my best friend
    But 2004 was way wirse

  176. Oh, man. A mental snorgling to all y’all. And yet I am oddly comforted. My 2007 list of woes, abridged: Husband’s grandmother dies shortly before his 30th birthday which creates a perfect storm of depression such that he breaks down over birthday dinner and confesses to intense suicidal fantasies. (Meds + therapy = doing better now, thank the gods.) Two days later I realize I mailed my application to take the bar exam a day after the deadline, resulting in another 6-9 month delay in my professional/financial growth, not to mention a lot of painful forehead-slapping. Meanwhile, my boss starts to go sideways by occasionally screaming at me and generally losing it. That happens for the last time in November, when I discover that standing up for myself enrages him more than not and I walk, actually mere hours after I splurge on a $60 pheremone diffuser for my anxious cat. (She seems better, too.) I count my blessings since my two closest girlfriends lost two grandparents apiece this year…and after reading about other people’s losses here. Thanks to CO for getting us through some dark-assed times. May 2008 brings us many hugs and puppies.

  177. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOO, Jude, we have an OOOOPS grandson due 1/26. His Mom, my stepdaughter, is 20 and we have concerns that this will be too much of a stress for her. But, a baby….**sigh** a brand new baby! I have already offered (many times) babysitting & general cuddling and have been accepted so I’m looking forward to not only Yitzy the cat snorgles but BABY SNORGLES TOO!

  178. My 14 year old cat just past away last week from a lung tumor. Jasmine Lee. We found her when she was only 5 weeks old and she was the best cat anyone could have. You know it’s true when my DAD even cried- he doesn’t cry for anything (seriously).
    I miss her dearly. My life will always feel like it’s missing a little something. :*(

  179. To be honest, I’m pleasantly surprised that this entry doesn’t seem to have any people nuffing about how the cat’s owner must be abusive and how forcibly holding the cat’s paws in front of its face is as cruel as killing babies, or whatever.

  180. My year was mostly wonderful until about 2 weeks ago.

    My husband deployed.

    I will miss you, my love. Please come home to me safely.

  181. Jen-who-moved-to-Dallas, for what it’s worth I live about a half hour north of Dallas (I assume you mean Texas). So yeah, it’s not great here, but there’s another COer in the vicinity!

    Yes, 2007 did suck muchly. I lost my grandmother after she suffered a seven-year decline with Alzheimer’s. I moved from a job I hated to a job where the jury is still out (and which recently tweaked its Internet filtering software so that I can read CO at work, but not comment).

    On the other hand, I have two new grand-nephews, and I got Philo kitteh in my life. So, not all bad.

  182. Forgot to add: whether this year was good or bad for you, virtual hugs to all my CO friends.

  183. Sudanim and Jen: if you want, you can drop me a line at g n o e l l e @ c h a r t e r . n e t. I have a friend shortage in my life–another reason 2007 wasn’t great–and would love to meet other COers.

  184. mervtheflamingo says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all, ‘specially those of you who had very rough years. I’m not a pollyanna, but I’m going to share my GOOD 2007 highlights (maybe it will bring hope?).
    1. I graduated law school
    2. I married my best friend.
    3. I passed the bar.
    4. I got a wonderful puppy (who is a brat, but wonderful)
    5. I got a great new job helping the poor in rural communities!

    Woo hoo!

  185. love and hugs to all of you.

    to those who suffered in 2007, i hope 2008 will bring a reprieve.

    thanks Meg and Theo for bringing us the Qte to help us celebrate good times and be cheered a little through hard times.

  186. Galt sighting says:

    Life IS Grand!

  187. Molly's mom says:

    Oh dear. I am so sorry that I am not the only one to have had a terrible 2007 (my dad was diagnosed and died of lung/brain cancer). My heart aches for each of you. May us all have a much more healthier, happier, BETTER 2008! Calico Molly sends purry kitteh snorgles to all, especially to Meg and Theo for keeping the Qte coming.

  188. luckycliff says:

    it’s been two days without the cute update!!! I want more cuteness!!! WWAAAAHHHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHHHHH *niff niff*

  189. Lets see… 2007…

    well, it started in 2006 when i was raped,

    then i had a nice monogamous relationship and moved in with him in the summer of this year, and then i moved out because i needed space, and then his roommate jumped in and took advantage of my lousy position and swept me off my feet, and then i found out that the man who raped me had HPV and now i have it and now the two guys i’ve been involved with have it too, and i’m in the precancerous stage of cervical cancer…

    and that doesn’t begin to cover it!

    OMG KITTEH!!! Cheer us up! at least i have my little bunneh to keep me happy and warm. *pets bunneh*

  190. A Wow site, plenty of activity and I’m impressed.

    Regarding the photo, on a really boring note (and this is probably obvious), the cat’s paws are covering the eyes because the “human” has put them there. Nice photo though – I’m just too serious.

    I’ve got a blog site too and wonder whether you’d exchange links;

    Happy Christmas


  191. Malleycat, I’m so sorry. I hope things get better for you. I can truly understand what you’re going through. You’re in my thoughts (sends hugs and love).

  192. My parentays got divorced after 37 years. Yeah, that sucked.

  193. lost my six figure job. after 6 months and over 80 resumes, only got 3 interviews that didn’t go well. ended up doing hard labor for a temp agency for minimum wage.

  194. Two really bad breakups, had to move four times, had to take crap job to pay bills. But there’s good stuff too, you know.

  195. – Had surgery to remove a cyst, ovary, and fallopian tube. Worst pain of my life. =/

    – Fiance’s mother going off the deep end, trying to move, not moving, then returning to normal. (Affects us because we live with her.)

    – Almost getting to move out on our own … and then the surgery messing all that up.

    Here’s hoping for a good new year for all of us, filled with much cute.

  196. LisaHoneychan says:

    It’s sad to hear that so many had a craptastic 2007. My heart hurts for all of you who had to deal with pain and loss.

    2008 sad to say….Dosen’t look all that great for me, at this point. (I pray i’m proven wrong) I despise my job, but more than anything, my beloved Grandmother is going thru demetia, and it hurts watching her slowly die. I expect it to happen this year, and I dread it for my whole family. They will all fall apart. My brother is married to an evil, lying woman who is trying to tear the immediate family apart with lies, and generally using my poor mother. I am allways angry, and am probably a bit more unbalanced than I should be.

    Good things: My husband, and 2 wonderful dogs. I would be lost without them!

    Here’s hoping and praying that 2008 dosen’t suck as much as i’m thinking.

  197. I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking 2007 was just M-A-J-O-R suckage! Oh, well at least 2008 is on the way! YAY!

  198. Sammys Mom >^..^ says:

    Malleycat – It must be so hard to share your story, but you obviously are very strong. Please hang in there and know that it was NOT your fault. I’m glad you have a precious bunny for those unconditional love moments! If you need some extra comfort, please check out this link; I find it very comforting and helpful…

    Sending hugs and luv,
    Sammy’s Mom >^..^<

  199. I thought my year sucked . . . and it did, but in reading everyone else’s comments, I could have had it a lot worse!
    so EVERYONE, here’s to a great 2008!

  200. Gosh, I don’t know what to say at this point. My year was okay, actually pretty good. But I’ve had years that weren’t, when I wanted to die, when I took antidepressants and drank, and cried until I drove my family away. Somehow, by the grace of God, I found some strength and peace and joy that I didn’t believe I could. I started going to church, and found that I am not alone. It’s never easy, and yet you get up, make yourself shower and fix your face, and you go out of the house and do something, help someone, pray for strength, find ways to show love and hug whomever needs a hug. Smile at those you meet and say things that you’d like to hear, like, “Merry Christmas”, or “Good to see you”, or “your puppy is adorable”, and look up at the stars, the moon, and the sunlight. I still have hard days, my boss hates me, I need to loose weight, my daughter is going through relationship problems. But there are great times…sometimes just a song can make my heart lift… I hurt and feel for all of you that hurt… and know that you are loved. Find joy where you can, snorgle and hold your kittehs, puppers, friends, babies, old folks, spouses. Love and prayers for a better, stronger, warmer and fuzzier 2008.



  201. Shrimp-Popsicle says:

    I destroyed my marriage this year. My car was stolen. And I hope for a better 2008

  202. Mallycat: I’ve been through both rape and the hpv/precancerous cell stuff. The rape was a long time ago, the surgery was last August. I feel for you and send warm thoughts your way. How terrible to deal with both of those things at the same time! I’m so sorry.
    Shrimp-popsicle: I, too, destroyed my marriage in 2004. What a traumatic, confusing, crisis-laden time that was. My heart goes out to you. I hope you’re ok and that you find your footing in 2008.
    LunaKitten: what excellent advice! I completely agree. Thank you!