THIS JUST IN: Bodyless pup discovered

Perfect for those times when you just want to cradle a pup’s face, and don’t need that annoying body and paws to get in the way.


Anerable muzzlepowshe, Jourdan S. 😀



  1. *noms puppy head*

  2. heartrbreaker187 says:

    geez dont squish him.

  3. I gotta get me one of deez!!

    It’s just too qte!!!!

    Shall we order and dozen and split the bill?

  4. Awww but the tummy is the tail waggin’ engine! 🙂 I like all pup parts 🙂
    Still soo cute tiny kissy face *smooch*


  6. OMG!!!1!! How is that puppy gonna piddle without a body? I think this totally belongs in the ”sad or cute?” category ‘cuz I think it’s just so sad!!! Oh you people are awful for not seeing how that puppy is going to be plagued by his terrible deformity through life! How can people breed such cruelty!!1!!

    ; ) Thought I’d get the nuffs in now : )

  7. shandrewsca says:

    You have found the perfect stocking stuffer!

  8. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Marishka, sweetie!! Calm down!! LOL!!! That was great!!! I’m surprised you could breathe after typing all that!! (Yeah, I know yer jokin’!)

    Cute pic, by the way!!!

  9. Ooooh, he has eyebrows! I lurve little eyebrows on a pup. Too bad he has no body!

  10. bookmonstercats says:

    I can’t have me a dog because everybody in our house works/goes to uni/college, so this newfangled bodyless pup would be ideal for me to put in my pocket and take to work to cuddle and talk to.

  11. I really hope there is a body attached to that head. I mean, teh pup’s cute and all, but without a body it’s just a leeeetle on the creepy side.

  12. cutest lil chow-wow-wow puppeh face eva.

  13. Puppy’s all like: Ummm.. what r u doingks?

  14. wiggly eyebrows, almost better than wiggly tails… but I guess on a bodiless pupperoni – that’s all it’d have to wiggle.

  15. Yitzysmommie says:

    Teh perfect pet for work: Pocket Puppy

  16. For 19.95, you too can have all teh essentials of a perfect cute meal. Nom™ the ear, kiss the nose and other fabulous features. Waggly tail™, tiny feet™ and puppy belly™ sold separately.

  17. mikemil828 says:

    For those that can’t tell the pup is in a bag with his/her head out of it, that’s why it looks like he’s bodyless when he really isn’t

  18. wo needs a body? super, mega, super, mega cute.
    and it is much easier to cary!

  19. opps! i mean who needs a body. and carry. sorry!

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    If I had a puppeh face cupped in my hands like that, you would not be able to get a photo cuz my head would be in the way keeeesing his little muzzlepuffs, eyebrows, etc. SWEEEEET!

  21. I would end up getting one of those and putting it on my lapel for all to see. (It’s all about convenience for me, really…when things get tough at work I can just look at my puppy-head and get/give all the puppy kisses I want or need.)

    I wonder if they come in different scents like: puppy bref, unscented…etc.

  22. Amazinks! Does it come with padded stand too?

  23. Momof2kitties says:

    Want! I can has? I been really good this year!

  24. berthaslave says:

    So tiny! And the eye roll, peeps! This doggeh’s got a Princess Di thing goin’ on!

  25. Clearly the pup had a body but was so cute that it was weared away by the snorgling and the noming of paws, I far the ears will shortly follow (noms ear)being so cute

  26. Um, guys… look a bit closer into the background of the pic. I see feet! Nice try tho. lol!

  27. That is the picture right before the swoop and kiss…. cause who could resist that little sweet face.

  28. CheshireCat says:

    Cute…or creepy? O_o

  29. That looks like a little Chahuahua head. It looks like my sweet little Shiva baby.

  30. I love that the hands and the puppeh are practically “life sized” in the photo.
    So I could gently poke the puppeh nose and pretend that it were my very own puppeh.

  31. The caption is so…grotesque =(

  32. I’m wanting to kiss his little nose and his little forehead and his little cheeks and his little eyelids and his little whiskers and his little ears and his little lips!!

    Oh my gosh, this melts me. It just makes me melt! 😀

  33. That is so fake
    the body is under the covers

  34. mmmm. delectable morsel. :∂


  36. Wowdragons says:

    Its cute! Squeeing here…”splode”

  37. – Tay!- Brilliant observation!

    I would love to see a ‘FULL FRONTAL’ or ‘full sidal’ photo of this puppsh.
    anyone know a link or somethin?

  38. i’ll take three, please. do they come in different sizes? colors?

  39. *keeses puppy head*

  40. Hey Turkeylips! Of course the doggie is zipped into a snorgly plaid bag! Of course he really has a bod-dee. That is not the point. The point is, doggie is so anerable I want to put heem on a tray of hors d’oeuvres. And then pick heem up and eat heem, because he is too anerable for my guests.

  41. I ‘elfyourself’-ed your pup! (and a couple other pics on here too 🙂

    Check it out quick! The site is only up till Jan 2nd.

  42. Makes me think about when my baby Prescott was so small. Not any more he is an Irish Wolf Hound…

    Kirk Hanna


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