I disapprove of this elevator

I am reporting this elevator to the Elevator Hall of Shame. Where is it even taken me? There’s no penthouse suite up here.


He should at least be happy that his paws are in a dangling position, Sarah K.



  1. LOL I don’t think he could even look any more disgruntled if he tried. : )

  2. awww poor mister grumbleshanks

  3. He’s so Serious!
    He’s got a Grumpy Old Man face on a puppeh’s bodee!

  4. oh come on mister grumpypants! lol

  5. ThreeCatNight says:

    Puppeh: “Hey, mister. Your hands are cold! And whoa – hey – where have you got your palm there?! Don’t know you THAT well!”

  6. fish eye no miko says:

    LOL! Oh, god, he looks so grumpy!

    BTW, am I the only one who thinks that this looks like the guy’s doing arm curls using McGrumpypants as a barbell?

  7. I have never seen such disapproval from a puppeh! Those are some serious eyebrows.

  8. Maybe the poor little guy has to pass wind and there’s an arm blockage?

  9. Definitely a grumblepup!

    I’d like to know what he’s looking at – that may be what he’s disapproving.

  10. Pup: Ern… where’d the ground go?

  11. I didn’t know a puppeh could look so angry. Still cute though!

  12. Love Mr. Grumpersons! I have gotten that look before. It is usually followed by some of my shoes being stolen.

  13. I have guessed your name, little fellow, and it is Grumplestiltskin!

  14. pollardito says:

    Announcer1: “he’s lined up to try to complete the spare…”

    Announcer2: “this will be a tough one since he left the two outside pins standing. hopefully he can get enough velocity on it to take out both pins with a rebound”

  15. Nice to see you, Mr. McGrumperson.

  16. just like a guy.
    showin off the musk-les
    doing curls with a puppeh.
    the puppeh is all “whoa! I am so impressed! you can curl 8 whole pounds!”
    dude, one day pay back will be a you-know-what.

  17. Grumplestilken is NOT amused! He’s sooo cute though.

  18. Dangle paws,
    Dangle paws,
    dangle all the way,
    oh what fun it is to pee
    on my master’s hubby’s kneeee!

  19. Clearly the look on his face indicates how miserable he is in captivity. JUST KIDDING! Just a little joke after the great beluga controversy of 2007.

    I love pups! They make me giggle! Especially pouting ones!

  20. Did anyone else find the Elevator Hall of Shame completely fascinating? I don’t know about you, but I’m taking the stairs from now on!

  21. Those are like the equivalent of puppy-Cro-Magnon eyebrows…

  22. Valliegirl says:

    Maybe the elevator floor is filthy and Mister McPuppersons didn’t want to get his lil white feets dirty. Either that or someone floated an air biscuit in there and the smell is just hitting him. I’d be disgusted by that too puppeh.

  23. awww! thats a sad puppy face!

  24. berthaslave says:

    I have never heard of the Elevator Hall of Shame. But I have seen that disapproving look from a puppeh before, and the result wasn’t pretty.

  25. First dissaproving rabbits and now this…

  26. Yitzysmommie says:

    Holy Cow, this Mr McGrumpypants beats out all the bunnies for disapproval!

  27. lol kiragirl!

  28. AuntieMame says:

    Grumpus McCrabbycakes is in another bad mood, I see…

  29. yankeebird says:

    I’m just wondering if you already knew there was an Elevator Hall of Shame, or if you thought of the idea and then looked it up to see if it existed.

  30. bookmonstercats says:

    LOL pollardito. I know I shouldn’t… but I laughed at Dave Allen’s (an Irish comedian)sketch about the Pope being pitched out of his chair and I’m a catholic.

  31. Oh man… is it bad that he totally reminds me of my sister??

    In any case, he’s been hanging out with the bunnies too much. We need to introduce him to some part-eh loving otters…

  32. CheshireCat says:

    *curls up in fetal posishe* the disapproval…the disapproval…

  33. Puggle? They are my new favoritist doggie-pants!

  34. Puggle? They are my new favoritist doggie-pants!

  35. LOL, what a grump!

  36. Did they just wake him from a nap or something? He looks totally pissed off!