Az ecsetfarkú pele és egy kis tudomány

Dewds, there’s a Hungarian Cute Overload. Check it!


NIce find, Derisive 13 (Sorry, don’t know how to say ‘thank you’ in Hungarian yet…



  1. Holy mother, I thought the world had gone russian for a second there…
    And, um, bleen? 🙂

  2. ha! how cool. wish i could read it. but there’s only one meg frost, and we have her!

  3. And may I say, their abstract plant motif page background cannot hold a candle to the flying hamsters. Long live CO!!!

  4. They say, Cuteoverload is their ideal… 🙂
    The site is really cool, that’s the first I check on the morning (and CU is the 2-nd)

  5. Took a look at the site…was that an HUNGARIAN OTTER I saw???

    I’ll have to rest on that. G’night, peeps.

  6. luckycliff says:

    what is this rodent with the hairy tailio?

  7. D_mnit, that tail just killed me. Or maybe it was those satellite dish ears. Could’ve been the BEF. Might’ve been that beepable nose. Refuse to believe it was those curled paws.

  8. OMG. Nevermind that I can’t speak or read Hungarian; this site is going straight into my bookmarks.

    It’s somehow made even more cute by the fact that it’s in an Eastern European language. Meg, you have truly made my insomniac night. Thank you.

  9. ‘thank you’ in Hungarian = köszönöm ^_^

  10. just say “Köszönöm”. 🙂

  11. Awwww! *voice becomes inaudibly squeaky*
    Look at this little guy! I want to hold it in my hands and watch it’s head pop up and it’s little beady eyes will look at me and it’ll let out a stream of Hungarian…wait, what?

  12. Ok this is cute but Hungarian ? It really is getting to be a small world. Which is just fine by me. and thank you or should I say Koszonom, Peeps

  13. oh by the way peeps what is that critter ???

  14. Hey Cute Overload, I’m one of the editors of Cukisag (=Cuteness) which is the only hungarian cute blog. The meaning of the title is “Dormouse and a little science”. Come and see our site, you will see the ideal and subject of our adoration is Cute Overload! Thanks for posting. Ciao, Vera, Hungary

  15. Yeah and it’s a lot better too.

  16. So, Vera, what’s Hungarian for ‘beady’?

  17. It’s a Woodland Dormouse (Graphiurus murinus), a lil african cutie.

  18. beady in hungarian? -> gombszemű (button-eyed)

  19. bookmonstercats says:

    Bookmarked. Double dose of cuteness daily now, but unless I learn Hungarian, I will never know whether their posts are as witty as “ours” (CO is, after all, universal, and I await CO from Mars very shortly).

  20. aw, sorry, i am not Vera, just a lazy coeditor of 🙂

    anyway greetings to everyone especially to Meg

    and a big Köszönöm to CO!

  21. bookmonstercats: first of all it’s perfectly enough if you know the word: “cukisag” that means cuteness. or “cuki” that means cutie.

  22. Or like the kids in Hungary say, “Kosi”.

    much more cute overload, but it’s slang so I think you would not want to say that to your Hungarian auntie if you have one.

  23. oooh!! double the cuteness. lalala, i’m in heaven 🙂

  24. LOL I’m hungarian, and a big fan of CO. I open it just now, and suddenly, I’m extremely confused… did we take over the internets while I wasn’t looking?
    hamsters in background-check
    post in my mother language- WTF??!!!
    And no, I don’t think the comments there are as witty as yours…but hey, they are still young:)

  25. Didja see the groundhog? Methinks “nagyon” could be Hungarian for “nom” or “nawm.”

  26. Self-reference!!! Just now, the first item on Cukisag is a picture of the page on CO, which is a picture of the page on Cukisag …. the possibilities are endless aaaarrrggghhh

  27. SQUEEEEEEE!!! The BEF!!!

  28. Hungarian “Thank you” is “Köszönöm” :- )

  29. What’s that scaly looking thing in the background O_o

  30. bookmonstercats says:

    Köszönöm for the cukisag, munk vera. I promise not to say “Kosi” to my Hungarian auntie if I ever find out I have one.

  31. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    Wow, THAT is a cute website! Are we sure it’s not run by (shifts eyes) the Japanese! Seriously, nice work, and it’s great to see cuteness appreciated around the world. Maybe this is the beginning of a “Cute UN”.

  32. Neat! I always wanted to know how to say Old Man McPuggersons in Hungarian.

    Does this mean I can have twice my daily dose of cute? i don’t know if I’m ready.

  33. Pheasance: “nagyon” means “very”.

  34. Awesome little critter, and I learn a new word!

    I remember having to learn Ascii codes for all sorts of diacriticals, including Hungarian umlauts. Of course, I can’t remember the codes themselves.

  35. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Ohmigosh! Amurkin & Hungarian, my two heritages (well, two of ’em, anyway, there’s also some Austrian in the mix), both rockin’ the cute! Hi Vera!

    We had a sweet lil’ Hungarian kitteh visit us before, a little bit befuddled after its first taste of some deeleeshus sour cream. Gotta find that link.
    Viszontlátás, Vera! ( = see you soon!, 4 our ‘murkin friends)


  37. I want one. @_@

  38. Oh wow, that site really IS good, even though I can’t understand Hungarian!

    Great, now I have a new addiction …

  39. gossip: LOL

  40. Holy crap… I knew that was Hungarian the second I saw it. My inlaws are all from Hungary…

    Funny thing is, I never knew that it was köszönöm. They always taught me kosi.

    Best post ever!

  41. My Mom is Hungarian, and we were just wondering how to say “cute.” The blog confirmed my favorite Hungarian word: mokus (squirrel).

  42. Oh this is soooooo, soooo awesome . . .. Cuteoverloads for every country !!!!! And world peace not far behind. Right????

  43. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh Meg Frosttal, you are fame-oose in Hungary now.
    I love the Hungarian site, and I too am delighted by the double dose of the QTE!
    Wonder how you say SNORGLE in Hungarian???

  44. Wow! I’d show my Nagymama if I could get her to a computer! Nagyon cukisag indeed! Szervusz!

  45. I love that the Hungarian word for pony is “poni.”

  46. Eep! I want him! What a cutie! I wanna keep him in my pocket and feed him seeds and nuts. Darling!!

  47. 1) those hungarian squirrels look cuter than our squirrels
    2) we need a little cute-graphic to put in a corner of photos like they do!

  48. berthaslave says:

    Bertha woke me up an hour earlier this morning, I was all, “what’s wrong,” and she was like “JUST WAKE UP,” so I did, and I think this is why. I believe she once had an affair with a Hungarian Russian Blue.

    Check out the aminals on that site, peeps….tiger in a bowl! Leopard family!

    You know what this means, don’t you….

    WE HAVE AN AXIS OF QTE! Japan, C.O., and Hungary!!!!

    WE WILL CUTIFY THE WORLD! Thank you, Meg Frosttal!

  49. the language of cute is internashonals

  50. its like they speak a TOTALLY different language or somethin… ggaahhh.


    i’m puttin that right there in my fav’s.

  51. Is it just me, or does the dormouse look a lot like a baby chinchilla?

  52. nak, I LOVE the translation of “beady” as button-eyed! Gombszemű is now my new favorite word!

  53. Just as a side note — that’s not a squirrel, but a dormouse.

    Still awfully cute, though.

  54. That person knows her cute, too!

  55. Isn’t that a Sugar Glider, way cool.

  56. I don’t know what they’re saying, but I know I love them. Love. Them. Button-eyed. Hee!

  57. Hi cute fans!!! Here’s my little blood-chipmunk in the Cukisag:

    😀 Look at this website, and find another pictures and videos about my chipmunk and cats! 😉

  58. yet another country handin our asses to us in the ‘cute’ dept.
    those Japanese better skootch ova and make room.

  59. Wow… Cute *IS* the international language!

  60. I can’t read any of the text, but it’s a nice site! there should be more cuteness blogs out there, but productivity would come to a screeching halt because we’d be checking them all hourly. Oh well. Good to know cute is an international language!!

  61. Köszönömnömnömnöm…

  62. Szívesenenenen… :)))
    (szívesen = not at all!)

  63. szív = heart
    word for word szívesen = with heart
    (if he interests somebody) ^_^

  64. Ahh!! Look at that tail! Teeny tiny body with teensy fluff too.

  65. OMG. Tiny niblet ears. Beadiest of eyes. Fluffiest of tails — and grasping something…..squeee!

  66. Juniper Jupiter says:

    EQUALLY AWESOME WEBSITE!!! Meg!! THERIOUTHLY!! You need to put on the Mean Kitty Song this website highlighted!!!! I’ve listened to it forEVER!!!!
    You won’t regret it!!!

  67. Juniper Jupiter says:

    WHOOPS!!! I meant THIS one…

    …I just think Dethklok rules too…sorry!!!

  68. Köszönjük is “thank you” in Hungarian.

  69. “with meg frost” in hungarian is “meg frosttal” ok? 🙂

    the mean kitty song IS totally made of awesome!!! (btw it was ME ME ME who recommended the song to the site back then, omg, now i feel so special heehee)

  70. That just went into my bookmarks as well. No mind I don’t read Hungarian, pictures are universal.

    And man, that is just TOO COOL.

  71. I look at the CUKISÁG page almost every day, the pics are incredibly cute (especially the cats). Oh, I wish that about the world piece would come true! Cutifiers, unite! 😀

  72. awwwwww! da wittle mowsie has a fuzzy wuzzie woo woo tail!

  73. I’m 1/4 Hungarian but was raised totally Hungarian (szelena rocks!). I’m actually gypsie from the trans-Carpathian mountain region of Transylvania which is now part of Romania. (Never stole anything in my life, BTW. 🙂

    Anyway, did anyone check out Anita’s site? That video of the chipmunk chasing the cat had me laughing until I cried.

  74. Yeah, but did you click on the link on the last line of the screenshot of CO on the Hungarian site? It takes you to what appears to be a Webby interview with Meg in HUNGARIAN!

    OMG, Meg! Don’t be so humble – you really DO speak Hungarian! 🙂

  75. CheshireCat says:

    OMG, it’s the dormouse from Alice in Wonderland!

  76. Cuteporters without Borders!

  77. Yay for worldwide cuteness!

  78. Oh dear. My quest to learn Hungarian has been revived. This is amazing. <3

    Maybe if there’s a cute-site for every country, the world will achieve peace! *hopeful*

  79. Geez! Have none of you noticed! The Hungarian-ness of the creature is but a ploy to distract you! Thees small animale of beady-eyednesse is conducting preparations prior to taking over the world with his powers of cuteness.

    Duck and cover!

  80. vote for the best christmas-cutie at Cukisag:

    i love CO and Cukisag!!

  81. Daphne Moss says:

    CO just gave me the BEST Christmas present ever! Not only did I see the most adorable baby rodent with tail but in my mother tongue…
    To all my Magyar friends:
    Boldo Karaczon (which is as close as my bad Hungarian comes to Happy Christmas. 😉

  82. For all of you, who would like to say Merry Xmas in Hungarian:

    Boldog karácsonyt! 🙂

  83. batwhisperer says:

    what is that? a doormouse? I want one!

  84. ::as Mr.Garrison from “south park”:: holy poop on a stick!
    ::regular voice:: that is one of THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE cutest rodentias i’ve ever saw posted here, OMG’D it’s anerables

  85. Mice = cute
    Long fluffy tails = cute

    Mice + long fluffy tails = unbearably cute

  86. Would it be possible to add this site to the “More! More! More!” section?

  87. Can someone who speaks Hungarian help me order one of their shirts? They look awesome!

  88. Kimberly! Write me and i can help you! 😉 anita.toth(@)

  89. yaaaaaaay! i’m so proud! and happy to see so many hungarian commenters, too! this is a great thing, really. i was browsing the pictures too, used to english titles and comments and then suddenly a hungarian title… i was like what the..?! it was really surprising. i had to read the title again and again. 🙂

    Köszönöm Meg and i wish you a Happy New Year (= Boldog Új Évet!)