No, Nibbles, Stop!!!

NIBBLES! Do NOT sniff that McSnakersons!

He’s nothing but TRUBZ!


Or… IS HE!? [I see the smallest of smiles here…]


Jessica V., I hope you appreciated Nibbles early XMas present…



  1. If by “trubs” you mean “commentroversy.” I’ll be very interested to see how many replies develop on this one.

  2. Space Cowgirl says:

    This opinion may be unpopular, but I’d say McSnakersons is actually cuter. Talk about BEF! The kitteh is beautiful, though.

  3. Snake: uuuuh that’s warm! :]

  4. Yes, yes, I do see the smile!!
    I think this fits well into the interspecies snorgling category…

  5. I think snakes are totally adorables! And he does look like he is smiling! Cute!

  6. (I’m not spam!)
    Snake sez: uh that’s warm! :]

  7. It went through! yeah! woohoo!

  8. Yitzysmommie says:

    Hee Hee hee! Jessica V, is Mr McSnakersons really your Christmas present from Nibbles? If so, he seems happy to be.
    I am in awe of the sender inner who was brave enough to take an excellent picture of Mr Snake Hips here with a lovely kitty. I do like his snakey smile. I’d LOVE to hear the rest of the story on this one!

  9. Yitzysmommie says:

    and Oh Yeah, Inter spesche snorgling for sure!

  10. That snake really *does* look like he’s smiling. Awww… Love the photo! (Oh, and does anyone know what kind of snake it is?)

  11. Looks like a garter snake to me. Hope he survived this encounter – garter snakes are good to have around.

  12. Squee! McSnakersons is soooooooo cute! I wants one! 😀

  13. I’ll be the first to say it: Snakes are not cute. Not at that size. Ickle snakes that can hide in your shoes are NOT cute.

  14. Is that a baby snake, or is the species that tiny in adulthood? Whichever, I want to hold it.

  15. Not being a snake person my vote is this:

    Kitteh = Cute!

    Snake = not so much

  16. The snakey by hissownself may not be cute per se, but wif the adorabuhls kitteh, he is. It is synchronicity or somethinks. More than the sum of its parts. Way to be deep there Meg!

  17. Is there a “cute or weird” category?

  18. I’d say Ribbon Snake and I’d also say CUTE!!!!

  19. How could anyone not find Mr Mini-McSnakersons cute?

    (I just hope the next picture wasn’t captioned “nom nom nom”)

  20. I think the snake is totally adorable too. He’s even smirking, and looks like he wants to give kitty a kiss.

  21. the cat is GORGEOUS! can we have the sender-inner send us more kitteh pictures?? puh-lease … 🙂

    the snake — ge-ross!! eww!! even with the gorgeous kitteh, he’s still gross. :/

  22. Not cute! Snakes are hideous! I hope that cat chomped that snake. Yucky yucky yucky!

    More cats, less snakes!

  23. omg, cats are so nasty, omg, it’s gonna eat the snake, omg.

    really, people, LIGHTEN UP. i think it’s adorable. 🙂


  24. Yeah, lol – that was my thought, kitty is giving the snake that ginger sniffing they do to tasty treats right before they nom, nom, nom. I don’t think Nibbles is the one who has to worry about trouble here…

  25. Catsquatch says:

    What a PERFECT picture for my birthday!
    My favorite animals TOGETHER!
    Cats and herps!
    Gotta love it 😀

  26. RumTumTigger says:

    waiting for the rest of the story. what kind of snake is it? is it a pet? does it belong to the cat or the cats’ owner??? yeh. and people. lighten up.

  27. RumTumTigger says:

    waiting for the rest of the story. what kind of snake is it? is it a pet? does it belong to the cat or the cats’ owner??? yeh. and people. lighten up.

  28. Cuteth snaketh EVAR

    Rum Rum Tigger – *adjusts glasses8 I believe this is your garden variety garter snake. I used to play with them all the time when i was a kid.

  29. I’m more scared for the snake…

  30. I shall abide by my mother’s instructions that if I can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all.

    Except I sort of said something…oh, well. At least I didn’t nuff.

  31. commentroversially speaking – a LOT of the CO submissions have been comin’ from ICHC these days.


  32. Carrie – I noticed that too!

  33. That is cute…and rediculous. :>

  34. I guess the photo came from a part of the country that’s warm still? Garter snakes are sleeping underground here in the West, due to all that pesky winter snow.

    So, is it a garter snake? I found a baby one last summer that was as tiny as an earthworm!

  35. I do say, those markings make him darn near the cutest snake I’ve ever seen. Just look how that dark stripe on his face goes right through his eye, making his white cheek space look all pudgey. That’s a smile for sure. If he could blink, he’d be giving that kitty the ol’ ‘am-friend-do-not-eat’ winkey wink.


  36. Katy, that little snakey is adorable!

  37. I am torn.

    On the one hand, kitteh. Proof of God’s existence.

    On the other hand, legless reptile whose common name I dare not speak. The familiar of Lord You-know-who. The source of the fall from Eden (he was smiling there, too). Source of my only serious phobia. Yet, in a managable, I-can-squeesh-him-if-he-stars-talking-in-a-scary-voice-or-try-to-poison -me size.

    Dare I say, ALMOST cute.

    Yes, I am a legless reptile ’nuff. I confess. If you don’t like it, go read my chickie-bird singing “My Fair Lady” post from yesterday.

    Now that I think about it, the only cute “Baby Snakes” is a Frank Zappa song and movie. Thus, this pic has officially tipped over into the “kind of cute” category because in my head I am naming the snakey Zappa.

    Sorry for the therapy sesh. Good day to you all.

  38. Nathan Vaughn says:

    This is mine and Jessica V’s kitty.

    He brought it inside after we let him in the back yard yesterday.

    The snake was relatively unharmed and released back into the back yard.

    Kitty and snake are both just fine.

  39. Nathan Vaughn says:

    Nibbles found the snake at 6pm in Dallas yesterday where it reached about 70 degrees.

    There was frost on the ground the day before though.

    It’s definitely *not* snake weather right now. I thought it was pretty weird, too.

  40. Nathan – glad nobody got hurt! cute cat. 🙂

  41. I’d like to see a snake-stocking.

  42. Yay for updates – I love hearing from the picture takers.

    They are both adorable. I would love a snake – but, really, you DO need limits, lol. A cat, dog, snake, rat, and goats just would NOT fit in a apartment.

  43. beautiful picture! i am kind of scared of snakes but still think they are awfully pretty somehow. and this little guy is really cute!

  44. Detroit Snapdragon says:

    Very cute snakie and handsome cat! I love the delicate whiskerage around Nibbles’ nosie. So Nathan, you confirm that there was no nomming?

  45. Yitzysmommie says:

    Nathan, I’m dying to know: Was there any screamage on Jessica’s part? There sure would have been on mine….

  46. Actually, I think little snakes make great cat-toys! I somehow suspect the snake may not see it that way, but it is an excellent entertainment.

  47. skerrington says:

    Oh, I hope the little garter snake’s OK… 😦

  48. skerrington says:

    Oh, I hope the little garter snake’s OK… 😦

  49. darkshines says:

    Smiley snake 🙂

  50. toborzgrrl says:

    This reminds me of my childhood in Texas when Jezebel “The Mighty Huntress” Momcat would leave a variety of semi-dead reptiles outside the back door in her tireless efforts to teach us to hunt properly. It was many years after we moved before I left the house without checking the top step first.

  51. I’ve never seen an orangey with blue eyes, much less a blue-eyed orangey so close to such a happy looking little snake. Adorabuhlz!

  52. no-to-snakes! says:

    I protest. As someone who is terrified at the sight of snakes, I do not EVAH want to see them on this site.

    They has destroyed my hoard of cute that has been building up for the past several months, and now I am left sobbing in a corner, alone in the dark, and its nearly christmas time! Oh noes!

    Please, no more snake-ys. No matter how cute.

  53. Nathan Vaughn says:

    Jessica is scared of bugs, not snakes.

    Having grown up in a very rural area, I was able to identify it as a non-poisonous snake.

    The snake did have a couple minor injuries. Nibbles had carried it in and smacked it around some, after all.

    I’m quite sure it’ll be just fine. As I said, very minor.

    The snake was moving very very slowly at first. I wasn’t sure if it was dead or seriously injured. The longer he was inside, the more he started moving around. I imagine he was simply cold and was warming up. By the time we’d finished taking photos of it, it seemed no worse for wear.

  54. Nathan Vaughn says:

    Fegti: Nibbles is mostly white with some orange only on his face, paws, tail, and very very light on his sides.

    He looks a little Siamese.

  55. Aww, Nibbles and Zappa (hee) are darling! And this reminds me of one summer when I was quite wee and the dear departed Miss Mittens decided to bring a very much alive little green snake onto our screened porch as a gift. My mother screamed, shooed all the kids outside, and called our neighbor (my dad was not home) to come remove said snake. It was really a disproportionately large fuss for such a small reptile. 🙂

  56. Mary (the first) says:

    Kitteh sounds and looks like a siamese.. “flame point” I think it’s called. Lovely photo of both “Nibbles” and McSnakersons.
    I once had a cat (a seal siamese now that I think about it) who brought a little garter snake into the house once. She was very proud of herself to bring her family a nice meal. (My husb. and I being the family.) Needless to say we put the snake back outside. It was fine. So was cat. So were we.

  57. Aww, baby garter snakes are so cute. I am glad the kitty didn’t eat him!

  58. Snakes, for Nibbles, are self-animated strings. Glad he had fun and glad the snake got away in the end.

    An orange marked siamese? Sounds like my ultimate cat.

    Out of curiousity–the snake appears to be trying to rattle its tail in the picture. Was it trying to look ferocious in the face of this massive predator?

  59. AliceTanzer says:

    Ahn! babeh snakey! So cute! *makes wanty grabby hands*

  60. awww, snakies is so cute! So’s the kitteh… look at that soft little nosicle. 🙂

    I think this fits Rule 14, too– though in this case, TEH KITTEN ITSELF is the “everyday small object” which makes the SNAKE look tiny. Whooooa.

  61. When living in Texas (as well) our kitty used to bring us a veritable cornucopia of slithering things. They were like live toys to him and he would bring them to us as gifts (much to my Mom’s horror). This kitty and snake are both *cute* and it is good to know that the story had a happy ending. Go Go Nibbles!

  62. w00t! Flame-point siameses are the bestest! My Mercutio is a flame-point and he’s got the best personality traits from the marmalades and the siamese…loveable, friendly and smart as a tack!

  63. Nathan Vaughn says:

    Oh neat, thanks. I didn’t know it was called “flame point Siamese”. I looked it up on the web and sure enough that’s our Nibbles!

    He came from a mixed litter. The father was a stray and the mother a calico I believe.

    The Punnett square was working overtime on that litter.

  64. CheshireCat says:

    Oooh, I want a leetle snakelet like dat! I’d wear him round my finger just like a ring, I can just imagine my friends’ reaction when they see my snake-ring. *laughs evilishly*

  65. Awww, snakey is so cute! <3 They're such misunderstood creatures that deserve our respect.

    Thanks so much for the pic. 🙂

  66. Momof2kitties says:

    Not being a snake person myself, I am a little hesitant. But…Mr. McSnakersons sure is a cutie. I just don’ wanna hafta pick him up. GACK!

  67. I, too, have snakeyphobia, though intellectually, I can see the cuteness of this leetle snakey. However, some years ago, I came home to find a snakey who looked like he’d been separated at birth from Zappa. Our dog, who was a pup at the time, was just sitting and looking at him. My husband refused to come home from work in the middle of his shift to deal with the problem, so my dad had to come over and carry snakey out side for me.

    I wanted to call the realator the next day.

  68. If the snake blinked, he’d then be a legless lizard. =)P

  69. McSnakersons is really cute but, seriously, Nibbles is the
    Thank you Nathan for the updates! I do hope McSnakersons did recover… Wounds can be small but if he gets infected… Or else intoxicated, they’re very sensitive to toxic substances, snakeys.

  70. AGH



    LOLbaby Mama is skeered of snakes, no matter how eensy. Ew, ew, ew, a thousand times ew.

  71. Jupiter Star says:

    YAY! Snakes! I’ve always loved snakes and thought they were absolutely redonk (as long as I’m not watching them eat something bigger than a bug, that is!), even since I was a baby. And I have a soft spot for teeny leetle garter snakes…at my childhood home we had a plumbing problem that was so bad it meant someone had to come and tear up a section of the yard to get at the pipes and there were so many garter snakes that they had to shut down the street because all of the yards and the street were full of them and the plumbers refused to come back until most of them had slithered away somewhere else. My mom says I went right out and started playing with the snakes and she has all these pictures of little baby me covered in baby garter snakes and laughing; one stayed behind to live in our yard and we named him Fred. He even popped out of the bushes the day we moved away like he was saying goodbye…*sniffle*

    So yeah, as far as I’m concerned, garter snakes are the absolute cuuuutest of the cute!

  72. i’m gonna hafta say, i think that snake is totally snorgleable- which is what nibbles there has in mind- he is *so* going in towards the axis…

  73. fish eye no miko says:

    Awww.. Snakey! I’m glad the story had a happy ending.

  74. Actually what I really love about this, and all the posts following, is that if this had happened in Australia, the owners of the kit would be standing on chairs screaming and calling the Local Wildlife Service and imploring the kit to slash its throat or bite it in half or just get it somehow the hell out of the house.

    Snakes are cute if they can’t kill you in 2.5 sec after injecting venom. :0)

  75. oh em gee.

    i would totally not have time to take a picture of a snake and a kitty! i mean…i’d be afraid snakey would bite kitteh and kitteh would eat snakey.

    although, snakey wouldn’t accidently wind up in my bed, if kitteh ate him first.

    snakey looks like he’s got something up his snakey scales.

  76. Best. Picture. EVER! 😀

  77. Awww, a beautiful kitten and a beautiful snake! Me likes dem vewy moishe.

  78. I like the snake. I love the kitty too

  79. acelightning says:

    Lovely little kitty. Debonair little snakelet. I’m glad they both survived the encounter unharmed, although I have no illusions that the cat wouldn’t still attempt to eat if they ever met again.

  80. Animallover says:

    Yeeksss be careful kitty cat!!!!!11

  81. I {heart} this pic! And Nibbles is sooo anerable — he looks a lot like my Nimo, who is a flame-point Siamese.

  82. aw, Jupiter Star, that’s a really cute story!

  83. aw a door a bell

  84. Yay!! Way more snakes and reptiles please! Can’t stop posting things that some people are afraid of, or dogs would be off the list too 😛 Go reptiles!! 🙂 🙂

  85. snoopysnake says:

    Snakies are the best! I love all CO animals but obviously from my name, am most fond of snakes. Everybody who sees our pet corn snakes says they’re cute, even people who are afraid of snakes say so.

  86. Ah! The wee-est snaka ever! That’s way totally cute. Kitty makes it better. Yay interspecies near-snorgling!