Nigel, thank Aunt Ethel for your new sweater.

Nigel? Nigel Honey, look at me.

The sweater looks great on you!



Oh Melissa M.! Someone’s gonna git kilt in their sleeeeeeeep! [singsong]



  1. 🙂

  2. OMG Nigel is maaaaad.

    Psst, bleen

  3. (the original) Mel says:

    Nigel wants to keel you. KEEL. He ees angry about all the plans you made for heem. You weel suffer…

  4. MichaelTLH says:


  5. charliewabba says:

    oh, man, this present is sooo lame.

  6. Oh dear.

    You might want to lock your bedroom door tonight.

    Just sayin’.

  7. OMG, the name just totally fits this poor disapproving Persian. 😉

  8. I think this reaches whole new levels of pissed-off cat. He’s planning a hairball that COULD DESTROY THE ENTIRE PLANET! Mwahahahahahahahaha! *cough* *cough*

  9. Nice sweater, Nigel.


    No really, it looks great on you!


    Homemade presents are the best.

    *hysterical laughter. fall on floor. spasm and jerk erratically while laughing loudly*

    Wish someone loved me enough to give me a sweater just like that!

    *loud snort laugh*

  10. Nigel’s dream:
    It was in the middle of the night, I woke up from a warm and fuzzy sleep with…mysteriously…a huge sharp knife in my paw. I crept into Melissa’s room, steathly lept onto the bed, and before I knew what had taken over my being, began sawing off her beautiful long hair.

    She awoke screaming “Who is this beast with the knife in my bed?”

    It’s just the ghost of the present from Aunt Ethel.

  11. See that is a picture that should be sent to My cat hates you–if it were still around which apparently it isn’t.

  12. :: guffaw ::

    poor baby! you know *something* got pooped on shortly after this photo was taken…

  13. be afraid

    be v e r y afraid!

  14. Almost as good as Ralphie’s pink bunny pajamas, all we need is ears and feet

  15. Boy. that sure is a “I weel keel you” moment…

    Who’s a grumpus? That would be you, Graygrump McCurmudgeon-Drawers.

  16. Wait! ….There ARE ears and feet!11!1

  17. Oh, my. Someone is NOT amused. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a LONG time!

  18. Graygrump McCurmudgeon-Drawers


  19. T is terriable
    O is on
    R is ready
    K is kill
    E is everyone
    D is dead
    terriable torked off kitteh has killed everyone he can get his paws on cause he gonna kill you for LOL at him

  20. Nigel needs to look on the bright side – at least there aren’t reindeer, snowflakes, and/or santa claus figures on his sweater.

  21. berthaslave says:

    I can’t imagine Nigel looking thrilled about much of anything, so this is really rubbing his face in it, isn’t it? A bit of “gelding the lily,” like giving the Osmonds toothpaste for Xmas.


  22. aw Nige!

    You look asnorable!!


  23. Yep, he’s peeved. I will wager Mister Nigel poops in someone’s kitchen sink!!

  24. omg that is hilarious!!!!!

    “nigel”??? what a great name. he sooo looks like a nigel.

    “i can’t put my arms down, wah!!”

  25. wow. thats disturbing.

  26. Perfect timing! We had our annual viewing of A Christmas Story last night.

    Okay, you only have to wear it when Aunt Ethel visits, Nigel.

  27. Grrrrr! this is so not my color or size and it is sooo NOT COOOL. how could you make me wear this thing.

    ohhh Sorry I was remembering all those years with teenagers. : )

    Come on home with me Nigel well get rid of the sweater and you can go chase mice in the barn

  28. Someone’s going to find a great stinking hairball in her most expensive shoes New Year’s Eve!

  29. I dunno, Annie, Nigel doesn’t look like the type to chase mice in the barn…he looks more like he eats out of a crystal bowl…and he probably gets food stuck on his flat little nose…. Oh the indignity!

  30. Actually, the best part is that it *is* a really nice sweater 😀

    you guys made my finals week!

  31. KittyBabyMama says:

    All I’m hoping for is that there isn’t too much static build up when removing the awful killer sweater from the sweet fluffball. The kersploshun could kill us all !!!

  32. KittyBabyMama says:

    All I can hope for is that there isn’t too much static build up upon removal from the poor kitteh. Resulting kersploshun could kill us all…

  33. What’s next? A little Santa suit?! Or stupid reindeer antlers?! Or a jingle bell collar?!

    Wait, what’s that behind your back?! Elf ears! It’s little elf ears! No, stay away from me! Stay back! I mean it…..Aaaaaargggghhhh!

  34. chets momma says:

    kilts are fun! wait, oh no, that’s not what he means *runs off, terrified of nigel*

  35. Wow, look at that expression. Very cute. 🙂

  36. Momof2kitties says:

    Disapproving kitteh, for sure.

    I would be afraid to go to sleep!

  37. I laughed so hard when I saw this picture! It’s amazing! It reminds me of the bunny suit in a Christmas Story. You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!

  38. I think my boyfriend has this sweater. He looks about as good in it as Nigel does. 😉

    ps–this should be in Cute or Sad? too!

  39. What a Christmas CATastrophe!!!!!

  40. What a Christmas CATastrophe!!!!!

  41. wow.
    first you name him “nigel” then you have the GAUL to put his fuzzy butt in an ugly sweater.
    pooo kitteh.
    tonight , he will be standing on your chest stealing your breff, and pokin at your lips with his nasty lil claws.
    Big mistake Melissa m., big mistake. tisk, tisk

  42. [randy lay there like a slug. it was his only defense.]

  43. OMG that is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. The captions MAKE EET. I had to cover my mouth to keep from *guffaw*-ing.

  44. Winnie what’s the matter? 😉

    I’m so picturing a long fluffy “Harumph”…whiskers floofing out. And Randy’s petulant whining from A Christmas Story…

  45. I want to know what happened to the skin on Melissa’s arms when she had to take the sweater off of Nigel!! OUCH!! Perfect name for this little guy! Poor baby!

  46. Perfect indignant cat face, Nigel. The only thing better would be Winston, but I think that’s taken.

  47. garlicknots says:

    animal cruelty

  48. Amanda, LOL They may look pretty but believe me they all like to Chase mice in the barn. ; )

  49. “POOR kitty” pretty much sums it up.

  50. I gave my kitty a sweater once, too. She wouldn’t look at me for a week.

  51. grapecranberry says:

    That’s an ugly, ugly cat, and the sweater isn’t helping. That face could turn a train up a dirt road.

  52. grapecranberry – nice that your name basically = sour grapes. Nigel is more attractive than your attitude.

    Seriously though, someone is going to die…and when the cops bust in, Nigel will be sitting there, looking innocent…cleaning his little paws.

  53. Nigel is an awesome name for a Persian! That’s what I named one that came in as a stray at work. All Persians should have a stuffy, British-sounding name. (^_^)

  54. This settles it. Next cat I’m getting is going to be a Persian or an exotic short-hair. I just love that angry, smooshed face!

    But I have to ask, are they really as angry as they look?

  55. If my cat, Cleopatra, ever gave me that evil of a look I would lock myself in my room away from her. Revenge WILL be delivered swiftly Melissa! Cat have mercy on you.

  56. That is one pissed off cat. Oh, yes fegli, I thought of Winston as soon as I saw Nigel! The two of them have great faces. More Winnie! More Nigel!

  57. My human dressed me in a sweater once. ONCE.

    (‘Johnny Dangerously,’ anyone?)

  58. OH MY GOD that looks so much like my cat, my boyfriend thought I had dressed him up and taken a picture of him. I wonder if it’s the same breeder..? Either way that could be his twin brother.

    Diana, Persians are some of the sweetest cats I have ever owned … I have two of them and LOVE them! Both are absolute cuddle bugs … Although if you’re not up to a whole lot of grooming, I’d recommend an Exotic over a Persian! 😉

  59. OH MY GOD that looks so much like my cat, my boyfriend thought I had dressed him up and taken a picture of him. I wonder if it’s the same breeder..? Either way that could be his twin brother.

    Diana, Persians are some of the sweetest cats I have ever owned … I have two of them and LOVE them! Both are absolute cuddle bugs … Although if you’re not up to a whole lot of grooming, I’d recommend an Exotic over a Persian! 😉

  60. “Diana, Persians are some of the sweetest cats I have ever owned … I have two of them and LOVE them! Both are absolute cuddle bugs … Although if you’re not up to a whole lot of grooming, I’d recommend an Exotic over a Persian! ;)”

    Thanks! That’s nice to know. I think I would prefer a short hair, since I’ve only had short-haired cats. Do they have nasal problems because their nose is like that?

  61. Best. Post. Evar.

    For stheriouth.

  62. Lots of knits on teh CO lately. Love it, love it, love it.

  63. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh Melissa – you’re rubbing salt in his wounds. First you inflict the sweataire on poor long suffering Nigel, then you take of picture of him in it and THEN you post it on the Innerwebs for us all to guffaw!
    I hope you & Aunt Ethel are watchin’ each other’s backs.

  64. You have Got to be kidding.
    If anyone tries this again….

  65. I know that look. My cats get that look when I’m putting Advantage on their fuzzy necks.

  66. Silent Meow says:

    Gryph, that’s right.

    Nobody EVER suspects that the cat did it.


  67. HAHA i love it…
    this could be the story of my life

    this makes me scared for all the sweaters i am gonna get

  68. Oh, dear! My advice to Aunt Ethel: Never, EVER go visit Nigel, if you value your life.

  69. CheshireCat says:

    Im in teh sweater you put on meh…plotting meh revenge.

  70. Does Nigel know Winston? They seem to have a lot in common.

  71. Nigel’s ears have swiveled to the “this is serious” position.

    He’s doomed to be 30 years old, still living with his mom and going to his therapist for sweaterphobia issues.

  72. Andrea|Nash says:

    Yes… all good points, um but, I’m stuck back at, um berthaslave … just how does one “geld” a lily?

  73. dharlan1too says:

    If my cat gave me that look I would lock myself away in my room from her! Revenge will be swift and painful Melissa. Cat help you.

  74. dharlan1too says:

    Andrea Nash, I bet bethaslave meant “gild” as in:
    gild the lily : to add unnecessary ornamentation to something beautiful in its own right. Geld would mean something weird that I’m not sure that you can do to a Lily;)

  75. LOL! Is he angry or sleepy?!

  76. berthaslave says:

    Ummmm….yeah. Sorry. Gilding. Not Gelding. It was a typo.

    Ralph Wiggum voice:

    That kittie’s got a flat face.

  77. Oh come on! It doesn’t even have any cutesy animals on it or fanciful glitter.

    It could’ve been much worse Nigel.

    And for the love of Pete,


  78. Um, I believe that this is the precursor to THIS post:

    Am I afraid Melissa needs to sleep with a helmet on for a while.

    Nigel, I think you look wunnerfuls! *snorgums*

  79. bookmonstercats says:

    That IS a nice sweater, I would wear it, although it doesn’t look handmade. If it is, can the peep who knitted it give me lessons in regular tension? You can ALWAYS tell something I knitted. Nigel clearly, doesn’t want knitting lessons and will not need lessons in revenge. He’s the EXPERT.

  80. acelightning says:

    That sweater would look a lot better if Nigel were wearing it right-side-out. But he’d still disapprove.

  81. SOOOO needs to be in the calendar!

  82. THE EYES, people! THE EYES! He has those weird stunning dark-orange-brown eyes! What a beautiful kitty.

    I’ve known a few exotics and Persians, and most of them are actually very sweet and friendly, despite their perpetually disapproving expressions. But Nigel here has the dreaded “airplane ears”, so he’s probably feeling, um, a bit disenfranchised.

    All things considered, Nigel seems to be handling this fairly gracefully – none of my cats would let me get NEAR them if I tried to put clothes on them. 🙂

  83. acelightning, not inside out, garter stitch. See the seams?

  84. I recommend one of each.

    A persian AND an exotic. They are the sweetest, nicest cats – even though they do have permanent grumpy face.


    IMO, we need an “Disapproving Animals” category.

  86. Hello. I am new to posting here, but I have loved Cute Overload for a long time. I have a persian himalayan cat (flame point) that I named Mr. Pibb. He’s seven years old, and he is the most loveable guy ever. I highly recommend anyone needing some kitty lovin’ to get one of these guys. My prescription for bad day-itis: one dose of sweet persian. They are some work, but they are worth it. The grumpy face is one of their charms. Sometimes I call him “Mean Faced Kitty.” I once put a santa hat on him, and I didn’t put any more clothes on him after that. I could sort of feel his disapproval killing me softly…Happy Holidays, everyone!

  87. bunnyburrito says:

    Isn’t that the default facial expression of all Persians, sweater or no?

  88. I dunno, my mom had a persian who was often just as annoyed as he looked. He adored my mother, but anyone else was worthy of scorn at best and fearsome persian wrath at best. Unfortunately it’s hard to take something that fuzzy seriously, so he had to get creative. Lots of pooping for emphasis. Maybe he was more cranky than is normal though.

  89. i keep hearing calendar.
    is there truely going to be a calendar.
    and how can i get one?

  90. annonimooses says:

    that Hungarian site has a picture a lot like this! but with a puppy!

  91. A whole GALLERY! of knitted sweaters for kitties. (and a couple of their friends.)

  92. aww! da poor kitty has a good reason to be cross! that is so not his color!

  93. I’m a long time smoosh-faced persian owner. Dont’ let the face fool you. The boys, especially the reds are incredibly sweet natured. Just not very photegenic and those beautiful round copper eyes are sensitive to light hence the squinty frown.

  94. “turn a train up a dirt road”


    thank you.

  95. Aunt Ethel should be very happy that Nigel does not have a cousin named Achmed.
    (Jeff Dunham has freind named Acmed, type Jeff Dunham in on YouTube) and you laugh yourself silly.

  96. HAHAHAHA!! Oh Meg, your witty caption makes it even funnier!!!! Well posted!

  97. yankeebird says:

    Oh, how I hope this cat’s name is really Nigel. I don’t think there could ever be an animal more appropriately named than for this disapproving guy to be a Nigel.

  98. Please stop dressing pets up! Do you think they knitted outfits for themselves thousands of years ago? NO!!!