You cannot come up with a funnier name for this post. Admit it. Look at that cat.


Fabulous, Larry R.—you may have stopped the Internets with your kitteh Sleed here.



  1. Too freakin’ funny….

  2. funny indeed

  3. …and way cuter than Conan O’Brian’s bear.

  4. HelenWheels says:

    I feel like a voyeur. *shuts eyes*

  5. ROFL! Oh no you didn’t!!! HAHAHA!

  6. MEG! Oh noes!! My virgin EYES!


  7. Bird of Paradise says:

    Lyin’ on the couch, belleh protrudin’, scratchin’ his ‘nads. All he needs is a beer and a remote and he’ll be the picture of decadence.

  8. HelenWheels says:

    I feel like a v0yeur. *shuts eyes*
    (type pad won’t let me use the real word)

  9. TamaraRose says:

    I just hope the poor little critter is declawed!

  10. Modesty paw?

    Wonder what he’s watching on TV there …

  11. You just had to go there! ROFL! HA HA HA!

  12. How ’bout lamenting what’s missing… “Cats-tration”?

    … or “Cat-astrophy”?

  13. How ’bout lamenting what’s missing… Cats-tration?

  14. Meh- who cares about the dirty cat, The sofa/pillow combo: WANT.

  15. LOL! My cats end up in this position every once in a blue moon and the same thought runs through my head. *blushes*

  16. The hovertext makes it. Take out the stylish couch and this picture is me six years ago.

  17. Seven Paws says:

    Oh my.


    I think I just snorted milk out of my nose.


  19. The Cindastardly says:

    This totally looks like a picture from a misguided design magazine.

  20. “Oh noes… sexual immorality! My oath!”

  21. The Cindastardly says:

    This totally looks like a picture from a misguided design magazine.

  22. I’m thinkin’

    Modesty cat is modest myself.

    Shame on all of you.

    (tee hee)

  23. Hahaha, you dirtbags! 😛

  24. naughty pussy!! [*giggles*]

  25. Haha, dirtbags…;-)

  26. My Ajax sits just like this, and I laugh every time!

  27. That’s simply placement of a modesty paw.

  28. This cat made my morning ! Made me laughed till I cried !

    Then I laughed again …

  29. Kitteh is obviously a fan of Al Bundy.

    Okay, okay, and a really dirty joke I have to make, because I’m a guy and I think this way.

    “Finally, a p***y that knows how to stroke itself.”

  30. how am i going to explain the headline on this post to my school-age daughter?

  31. charliewabba says:

    Oh, yes – I agree with the Hon Glad here – ’tis the modesty paw, in the tradition of centuries of paintings of nude ladies with the oh-so-discretely hidden private parts, head turned to one side, sly little smile with the “naked? moi?” look in the eyes.

  32. wow … talk about ”Cat Scratch Fever”!

  33. I’m on ur couch,
    playin’ wif my harbls

  34. g r e e n i g h s says:

    I’m on ur couch,
    playin’ wif my harbls

  35. ThreeCatNight says:

    Meg, my comments aren’t spam, and I don’t know why TypePad’s filter has designated it as such. Correct the error.

  36. Aww…definitely modesty paw! My kittehs sit like this all the time when they get distracted mid-tummy washing. What a pretty tabby 🙂

  37. g r e e n i g h s says:

    ThreeCat, I’m having the same trouble, that’s why my name has all the spaces. It’s the only way I got a post through. 😦

  38. Gasp! Won’t someone please think of the kittens?

  39. hahaha! The expression on Sleed’s face is priceless.

    My mom said my little niece was watching cute animal YouTubes when she looked away for a moment. When she looked back, there was catsturbation video playing. “What’s he doing?” heehee

  40. Waiting for the wilting lillies to chime in about how “inappropriate” the subject line is. Sigh…..

  41. Maybe the spam error has something to do with the “common cold” virus that they’ve been dealing with. I’m sure they’ll fix it soon…
    …and teh naughty kitty is funny. And intense (“He’s tryin to watch scramble-vision. Hee!)

  42. Why does everyone automatically assume this cat’s a he? Women have been known to do it too, ya know…

  43. a few years ago, boston’s Weekly Dig ran a bunch of hilarious faux ads based on the idea that stuff some people consider immoral results in Bad Things (i think it was on the heels of the “smoking pot supports terrorists” tv ads). one of them was “Masturbation Kills Kittens”. this cat is taking it to a whole new level…

  44. There is a ton of that kind of thing, there. Cat Macros. Also, you have no IDEA how much this site feeds that one.

  45. he’s just being like “ahem, i’m covering up until you put the camera down.”

    what a cute kitteh.

    nice couch too – and pillow.

  46. Yitzysmommie says:

    My harbls- I haz dem.

  47. The funniest thing about this for me is that the kitty doesn’t even have parts! S/he’s scratching nothing!

  48. And the ”unsafe for young eyes” nuffers begin 3….2….1….now.

    Pfft. Kitty is adorable no matter what (s)he’s doing!

  49. tracyFlick says:


  50. My male cat sits like that, as he’s cleaning his chest so his paw actually moves…in an odd way that makes me giggle everytime….poor cat lol

  51. Our Henry sits like that a lot. We always refer to it as “kitty porn.”

  52. I have video of my cat doing this. NO I didn’t take it on purpose – I just didn’t catch on to what he was actually doing until I was already filming.

  53. The shelter I volunteer at has a cat that, um, has his way with himself on a regular basis. Some people get upset, consider it a moral (or immoral) issue, and make him stop. Most of us, though, don’t because we understand animals don’t have a concept of morality. All he knows is it feels good, so, what the heck, let him have a good time!

  54. I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there.

    I’ve only caught one of my cats on camera like this. Alas the photo has gone missing. 😦

  55. This is not cute. I’m sorry for your display of poor taste.

  56. lol yitzysmommie!

  57. Hmmph. I’m sorry EJane doesn’t have a sense of humor.

  58. I thought it might be a peptobismol ad. That or gas-x.

  59. Oh no! I did a presentation for my high school students, and I always close with a picture from your site and the address as something amusing. They always love it.

    I’m afraid I’m going to lose my job when their parents see this! 😮

  60. Will somebody please think of the kittens?

  61. T h r e e C a tN i g h t says:

    Well, these are the paws that refreshes!

  62. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    OMG! a cat with it’s paw on it’s unmentionables!! I’m callin the cops!! :O

  63. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    Excuse me “its” and “its”.

  64. Lisa – nice of E. Jane to apologize on meg’s behalf though. i’m sure it’s much appreciated! 😉

  65. Lam … High school kids parents have seen lots worse.. I doubt you will lose your job over this.

    Mine are grown and one is about to graduate from college.

  66. My original post disappeared, apparently censored. 😦

    At any rate, what I said was:

    Our cat Henry sits like that a lot. We refer to it as “kitty pourn.” (Remove the u from the last word and it’ll make sense.)

  67. advice for “mom” above:

    how to explain this headline to your daughter? honestly, that’s how. there’s no reason why you can’t talk to your kids about masturbation. It’s completely normal, natural, and healthy, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

  68. Momof2kitties says:

    ACK!!!!! My eyz is burning! Make it stop!

    Move that paw over a bit and you got yourself one heck of a belleh snorgle spot.

  69. This is cute. How could it not be? Kitteh sitting like a hooman with Buddha belleh! Must rub belleh! Oh, and love the couch and pillow! Can I have?

  70. My friend’s cat had no tail and sat like this all the time. We used to set things next to her.. tv remotes.. stuffed animals.. She was hilarious. Aww.. memories of Millie.

  71. For folks who find masturbation “in bad taste,” you’re not doing it right o_0

    (or you’re a lot more limber than most of us.)

  72. Kitteh, watch out — you will get hairy palms. Ack, too late!

  73. LOLOLOL Redzilla! <3

    “Ur doin it wrong!”

  74. i think this kitteh is just totally “down with the homeys” [grabs crotchal-area in a gangsta kinda way]
    he just a totally happ’nin kinda dude.

  75. too cute! I find tv commercials more offensive (upgrade, anyone???), this cat is hilarious!

  76. berthaslave and redzilla, you are my idols.

    this is a place where i can ask….what the hell are HARBLs, anyway??? i’ve been wondering about that one for months.

    (i mean, i know what they are, but i don’t know what the kittin pidgin word is supposed to mean…get me?)

  77. LOL Redzilla and liz!!

  78. This is sooo funny! And these comments are hilarious. (I think my fave is from Redzilla- about catsturbation being in poor taste…
    And the modesty paw comments too- HA! Everyone is on their game today!

  79. **snort**

    “(or you’re a lot more limber than most of us”

    Just read Redzilla’s comment. I’ll get over it and then start giggling all over again.

  80. CB:

    thanks! After I hit post, i realized she would probably be able to explain it to me…

  81. Sigh. Getting tired of having to prove I’m not a robot.

    Having said that, I’d like it noted that I have not gloated about my bleen. 😉

  82. Sigh. Getting tired of having to prove I’m not a robot.

    Having said that, I’d like it noted that I have not gloated about my bleen. 😉

  83. Definitely looking for this on in a few days.

  84. “Masturbation Kills Kittens”

    Heh~was an actual ad campaign for Triple-X Church(a Christian group for people addiction to porn). It always makes me laugh.

    This cat is too cute~my Charlie does that, only she doesn’t have the big ole belleh to top it all off!

  85. Eunice and Ivy says:

    It should be named Conctapation

  86. I hate to be the one that kills it, but I did notice that when I looked at this post it had 69 comments.

    Sometimes, I have such a dirty mind.

  87. Redzilla, you win one (1) caternets.

  88. Oh! This is lovingly referred to in my house as “the bubbah”…My Ella does this all the time!! 🙂

  89. This looks like it should be an Ikea ad. Those Swedes are always a bit on the risqué side 😉

    case in point:

    (possibly NSFW?)

  90. Hey, cats are allowed to go around without clothes. Of course they masturbate. Honestly, I’ve never seen anyone (human or otherwise) who didn’t masturbate unless there were weird emotional issues.

    Cats + masturbation = comedy gold. Lots of “taboos,” when cats are added in, are even funnier than they were before. Imagine a stereotypically gay male cat. I know *I’m* laughing.

  91. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Thanks for the laughs. I actually laughed out loud at the comments. Needed that.

    The cat is adorable. I’ve seen cats do this. Heck, I’ve had two cats try to mate on my feet, under the kitchen table. The male was too young, though willing, and didn’t know quite what to do and the whole thing failed. I was quite young at the time and didn’t know that neutering was important.


  92. so, if God kills a kitten every time we masturbate, does that mean He kills a human baby every time a cat does it?

    really- how does that work?

  93. Interesting question circuscake. Maybe he kills a puppy when a cat does it.

  94. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    I used to work for a Master Bates….he was a spoiled brat I tell you! :O

  95. It’s going to be the goddamn bathroom thread all over again.

  96. Silent Meow says:

    Sleed kitteh is probably imitating what he/she is watching on TV.

    What IS that cat watching?! Kitty porn? LOL!

  97. CheshireCat says:

    Kitteh + toilet paper= cute
    kitteh + pasta pot= cute
    Kitteh + masturbation= cute
    Kitteh + anything= CUTE!
    I wish I was a kitteh.

  98. hee-larious. my college roommate’s cat [TMI warning for the squeamish among us] used to have a favorite blanket that he like to, uh….hump Yup. He would go weeks without doing it, and then have periodic OCD-like phases where he had to do it many, many times each day. Most disturbingly, if you walked in on him, which was often since the living room was his preferred setting, he would keep at his business while staring at you in a most matter-of-fact manner. So disturbing, yet so, so entertaining.

  99. Too, too cute. Loving the comments.

  100. I love the hover text.

  101. Am I the only one who thinks this kitty seems to have a longer face than most cats? A different kind of kitteh? Or is it the camera angle? Maybe the owner will clear it up.

    [puts on cat-geek glasses]

  102. Look moms & teachers, your perfect segue into one way to avoid teen pregnancy, courtesy of

  103. acelightning says:


  104. Kitteh, watch out — that can give you hairy palms.

    Ack, too late!

  105. Animallover says:

    That is too cute:)

  106. The comments on this pic have made my day.

    I am always astonished at how many people in this day and age are disturbed by the idea of masturbation. I actually know several people who proudly claim they’ve never even tried it.

    mmhm. wink. nudge.

  107. Yitzysmommie says:

    Dear DLT:
    Go to icanhascheezburger & search harbls. Or Google harbls for many minutes of laughs….

  108. Well, see, it’s stuff like this and “cats & racks” that keep me from e-mailing everyone I know the link to cuteoverload. Looooove 95% of the site. The other 5% ick & not cute.

  109. Another stupid title which should be kept from anything relating to cute. The idea is just revolting.

  110. E-beth v2.0 (upgrade) says:

    I couldn’t let the last comments on this page be such jerky ones. Meg’s a genius, and has outdone herself in the hilarity department this time! I wonder what the people posting mean comments hope to accomplish…

    CuteOverload for president!!!

  111. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    The mean people = “straw people”.

    You know…the kind you could stick a straw in their ear, blow…and the air would just woosh right out the other side! 😀

  112. Rdhwyalane says:

    It would have been even funnier if someone had slipped a cat calender or magazine under his paw before they snapped the pic.

  113. This post is one of the worst on the website.

  114. Yitzysmommie says:

    Ya know, grouches, mebbe if you performed a little of the same act as Sleed here you’d be less grouchy.
    jest a thot, yaknow?

  115. Quite right, Yitzysmommie. [stage whisper] In case you didn’t get it, she thinks you should stroke your kitty more. Or spank your monkey. Choke your chicken. Et cetera.

  116. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    Oh Bob! don’t be silly…your post isn’t the worst on the site! 😀

  117. ok, kids hear worse at school. And if they ask questions, answer them!

    Oh and as for the cats n racks…babies see NAKED (*gasp* oh noes!) breasts all the time and we don’t seem to think it immoral.

    CnR are CLOTHED ones.

    And Catsturbation is hilarious! (most kids would probably just think it was a cute made up word…seriously. Making a big deal out of it makes it more important than it really is)

  118. This is hilarious.

    Also, after you clean up whatever just came out your nose, do notice that kitteh is very beautiful, with such a nice soft tummy and very pretty markingks.

  119. You all need to figure out what is bad taste and what is not. It is not just me. Sometimes Cute Overload delivers and sometimes it delivers crap.

  120. i agree with the “grumpy” person because i want to be able to let my children see this site and the “adult” humor is just not appropriate…and i really don’t think its funny. i usually LOVE the ingeniusness, (did i spell that right?), of this site!….so there!

  121. Not appropriate for what, Thomas? This site doesn’t advertise itself as a children’s site, nor was it designed to be one, so you really don’t have cause for complaint.

    And if your child has never seen anyone put their hand on their crotch for any reason, and if you never teach them about masturbation, maybe YOU’RE the one who’s doing it wrong?

    That said. Hilarious post. It’s good to see something funny and a little bit adult around here sometimes. Makes my day to have a giggle at work 🙂

  122. Cats actually do masturbate. Do a search on YouTube and you’ll find an astonishing variety of proof. I never believed it myself until I saw it.

  123. yankeebird says:

    Bob, I don’t think we were aware you were in charge of the Department Of Determining What Is In Bad Taste And What As Not. Our apologies for thinking we could decide for ourselves.

  124. Personally, I don’t have a problem with even kids seeing posts like this — it doesn’t really show anything “indecent” and neither to “Cats & Racks”. Honestly people — the Europeans are laughing their butts off at us American Puritans.

    That being said, maybe there is an opportunity for Meg to cater (and monetize) to the squeamish by having a pre-filtered that is basically the same stuff but with any controversial posts left out, and no link to the comments (which are hard to control)? It might be easy to do with a simple label/filter and redirect.

  125. Who made the rule that everything has to be “kid friendly”? I was laughing at the caption for good five minutes… 🙂

    If you think it delivers crap, easy answer – don’t visit anymore! I myself love this place.

  126. Meg, you’re right, there IS no better title for that picture.

    You win~!

  127. You heard it here first, folks. Sometimes Cute Overload delivers crap! [gapes in horror]

    I wonder, since I’m newish…has anyone sent Meg-moos any pictures of animals defecating? We could call it Cats ‘n Crap. Sound good?

    Bob, Thomas: penis! vaGIna! breast! bong! assault rifle!

  128. eep! such a silly kitty…

    this brings up the question….does every time you casturbate does god kill a human?

    egags! we need tiny kitten priests to stop this maaaadness!

  129. berthaslave says:

    Jiminy. People.

    If your child asks “What’s ‘catsturbation’ mean?” and you don’t want to explain, just say it’s a funny word meaning scratching an itch. Kitteh is just scratching himself.

    This message is not approved by Bob, the man who knows what is bad taste and what is not and then lords it over the rest of us because clearly we don’t see it the way he does and he knows what is worthwhile and what is crap because he ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil like the serpent told him to because he wants to be like God.

  130. Amazing.

    Rule 34 finally catches up with cute overload!

  131. The Best!!

  132. Hahahahahaha….after having died from laughter all I have to say is

    Should we REALLY be seeing this private moment?