Bird-sized stockingk

Well, would you look at dees. A bird-sized stocking.

Looks like the hamsters are finally including me this year.


[Looks up and sees candy cane] "Oh, thank you so moche!"


No, thank YOU so moche, Monica A. and Steve the bird.



  1. Hey, Steve!


  2. that is absolutely precious. the look on that sweet birdie’s face just melts my heart.

  3. mm… feels like more in da bottom of dis stocking. wonder if i can get it down without anyone knowing?

  4. these wee birdies are so lovely – they are real characters.


    OMG THAT IS SOOOO CUTE…that makes me wanna get a birdie

  6. cute!!

    and the lil birdie is blushing! awww

  7. I just LUV how they have little colored cheeks!
    So cuuuuuuuuuute!

  8. i love the name “steve” for a bird. how funny. and the little smile! i am ded from teh cute!

  9. purplepeepz says:

    he’s smiling 🙂

    this was a good way to start a day after 3 hours of sleep, and before I go in for a final exam

  10. Nicolletta says:

    Aaaawwww….who knew birdies could be so gosh-darn cute?

  11. Sweet Lady says:

    Awwwwwwies! I wants to kees ze proshie pink birdie cheeks! Merry Christmas, tweetheart!

  12. Steve….hahahaha

    He has the seetest little smile…

  13. AWWW! “Sing to the candy cane, sweetie!” I have 3 ‘tiels, and they are wonderful birds.

  14. He’s glowing! He lurves his new stocking.

  15. awww, what a happy looking dude!!

  16. Awww, look at his widdle stocking! He likes it! Look, he’s smiling! Bleen!

  17. awww, what a happy looking dude!!

    EDIT: Oh noes, I’m being flagged as a spammer now?? :(((

    “We’re sorry, your comment has not been published because TypePad’s antispam filter has flagged it as potential comment spam.”

  18. Yitzysmommie says:

    JT, I think our Beloved Leader has had to extra protect our CO from nasty virooses – see below. I am having to authenticate every entry. Small price to pay for the QTE.
    Which is what Mr Steve McBirdiepants is – QTE!

  19. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    OMG!this is SO wrong!!

    Putting makeup on a bird could make them sick!! I’m calling the bird police!


  20. SOCK LOVE!

    I want a teeny stocking to give my tiely boy.

  21. the birdie is so happy! so full of smiles and Christmas spirit!

  22. Oh noes! I forgot to get a stocking for my cockatiel! Thank you for reminding me! Here’s hoping Chuey will look as completely blissful when he gets his.

  23. adorabulz

  24. Can he wait till Christmas, without opening it?

  25. This warms my heart. I love people who love their pets so much. All pets should be so lucky!

  26. why do birds hang out in such seedy places? tee hee

    what a loverly birdie. he looks so happy and content. is he head-butting the stocking? awwwww

  27. Oh no – what a dilemma – should the birdie replace my “kitten kneading fairy lights” screensaver? I love that look on his face. He can’t wait for Christmas morning, he knows what’s coming.

  28. That is a killer smile!

    And “seedy place” jen? LOL!

  29. As a knitter, I definitely admire the bird (he is adorable!), but also feel a pressing need to know if Steve’s mom made the stocking!

  30. Oh noes, I am luncheon meat!

  31. berthaslave says:

    That stocking is way too big for that birdeh’s foot.

    Here’s another one: My rabbit has a keychain with a human foot on it. The weird part is, I don’t know what the keys are for.

    Thank kew.

  32. charliewabba says:

    A ‘tielee size stocking. My little ones will be so jealous if they see this.
    If mamma knit that, she has some teeenincey little needles.

  33. I don’t know much about birds, but he looks so happy!!!

  34. What a sweet, happy smile! Awwwwww!

  35. darkshines says:

    This is such a beautiful picture for me. My bird Charlie died this summer, and ths will be my first Christmas for 11 years without him 😦

    I’m crying happy tears, its my new desktop…..

  36. How precious! My ‘teil would run away from the stocking for at least a day before inspecting it, I fear.

    This is definitely my new desktop!

  37. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    The paint on this bird could be toxic!! 😦 I’m calling the Polly Police!!

  38. CheshireCat says:

    Lolz! Mcpantiesinabunchnuff, your comments made me laugh in the beluga whale post too, but I was too skeered of the nuffs to say anything 😦

  39. That is an adorable stocking. Maybe I should have knit some for my critters this year. Oh well, maybe next year.

    Question: Is the candy cane just for show, or will the bird get to keep it?

    And how does a bird on a sugar high behave?

  40. So cute!
    High on the BEF too!
    sweet sweet sweet!

  41. So cute!
    High on the BEF too!
    sweet sweet sweet!

  42. Hee – I decorated my rabbit’s “condo” with tinsel and wooden (nom-safe) ornaments.

    I am quite sure she disapproves though.

  43. With those rosy birdy cheeks, this feller could be a cartoon… or a Who from Whoville. Yes, yes, this i definitely Whoterritory. I hope he gets to keep that candy cane, or at least gets a facsimile dipped in sunflower seeds. Nom nom nom ho ho ho!

  44. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    CC: aw! don’t let the nuffs scare ya! 😦

    The PoopforBrains unit only allows them so much computer time each… they have to try to get their point across before it’s time for their daily meds. 🙂

  45. OMG – ded from cuteness – this warms me to the bottom of my birdie-loving heart – all pets should be lovvvved this moiche!

  46. Awwwww, what a cute birdy with those blushing cheeks!!! And he’s smilingks!!!


  47. acelightning says:

    Hasn’t anybody noticed that the stocking is knitted in colors that match the birdie’s plumage?

  48. This is SO cute! And if Steve is anything like my cockatiel Judah, he’s butting his head against the stocking in that first shot in an effort to get it to give him scritches!