Secret beluga behavior revealed!

Amazing photo—these belugas were so comfortable in captivity, they started celebrating Christmas just as if they were out in the sea. Amazingks.


Lauren P., this has the Japanese written ALL OVER IT!



  1. Animalphiles Annie says:

    Mr and Mrs Splashy von Beluga Whalehauser wish you a happy holiday.

  2. garlicknots says:


  3. Bam! My Xmas card for next year, people.

    Thanks Meg! Happy Holidays to all teh Qte!!

  4. garlicknots says:

    woohoo! oh man these belugas look fake almost! I want one of those hats 🙂

  5. sorry, i have to nuff!
    captive belugas, trained to amuse passerby humans, = sad not cute.

  6. are belugas ever comfortable in captivity? just a thought.

  7. guys stop putting the photo down!! this is CUTEoverload not IS-THIS-INHUMANE?overload.

  8. The baby beluga at the Shedd in Chicago is the happiest guy you’ve ever seen. He likes to scratch himself on the faux icebergs (growing skin, I’m told). The environment is very big, clean and free of predators. Please don’t underestimate the magnificent job the caretakers do! 🙂

  9. Cetacean Celebration

  10. You posted this under ‘FISHES’?! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

  11. Aubrey, you’ve got a little Ceacean Celebration tune runnin’ through my head! I just KNOW it’s a song!

  12. Oh, poop, I lost a “t” in there. I shoulda “previewed” first!

  13. they don’t look like they’re celebrating — look at the face of the one on the left!
    that’s the face i’d be making in that situation too… 😦

  14. white sea angels with wings!

  15. Question of the day: Are belugas Christian? And do they believe in Santa? Would their Santa be a jolly Beluga with a sled pulled by dolphins? Discuss.

  16. just if they were out in the sea they wouldn’t have much of a Christmas with all the whale hunting boats out there in Japanese waters. very cute (cynical)

  17. @Amanda – I believe these belugas are Shinto, but they do celebrate a secular Xmas with buckets of KFC.

    Will they have to swim all day with their heads up to prevent their Santa hats from getting wet?

  18. Hey Lauri:

    “Have a Cetatean Celebration;
    It’s the best time of the year
    Did you know Belugas show
    Their Celebration cheer?
    Have a Cetatean Celebration;
    And when you walk down the street
    Say Hello to whales you know;
    All cetateans that you meet.

    So cute, their hats do suit
    Worn for all to see;
    Belugas wait for you;
    Snorgle them for me.
    Have a Cetatean Celebration,
    And in case you didn’t hear,
    Oh tarnation, have a Cetatean Celebration this year.”

  19. Maybe we should change the category to “Under the Waves” rather than Fishes. That would include turtles, cetateans, swimming kitties, etc.

  20. Belugas + Santa Hats + Cetatean Celebration song = dead! *dies and is ded*

  21. is it just me or do people not comment as much as before? it seems like the comments aren’t as many as they used to be per post. or am i going crazy?

  22. Perhaps it’s the Muffy McNuffinghams that cause people to not post?

  23. Having a whale of a christmas.

    Fish you were here.


  24. what a wonderful picture and please they are an endangered species. There are fewer and fewer with each year.
    The global warming situation is only going to get worse. These babies are going to be well taken care of and enjoy a wonderful life.

  25. “Mr and Mrs Splashy von Beluga Whalehauser wish you a happy holiday.”


    Also: “FISH YOU WERE HERE” is pretty faaaantastic!

    *does a seal clap in appreciation*

  26. Everyone: Please keep in mind that SO many of these places use captive breeding as a means to SAVE the species. Not only that, but until you read each and every animal’s situation, you have no way of knowing if they were injured, or orphaned, or ill, or affected in some other way that prevents them from living in the wild.

    PS: If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut the hell up!

  27. Animalphiles Annie says:

    Thanks, Sarah K. I’m glad it wasn’t lost in all the nuffingness.

  28. ahhhhehnnnn! I love these guys! belugaclausish

  29. ahhhhehnnnn! I love these guys! belugaclausish

  30. This photo makes me so sad I want to cry. There is nothing “cute” about those 2 beluga trapped in that blue, square, chlorinated tank. Japan – free for all killers of whales and dolphins. I won’t be coming back to this site nor telling any of my friends anything good about it any more.

  31. Yay! If Catsbow leaves and takes her friends with her there will be no more nuffs! It’s like a Chrismahannakwanzakah present for everyone on CO!

  32. Bye Catsbow! *waves* As my grandpa always said “Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya”. Buh bye now!

    Hehehe, silly belugas in santa hats. I wish all of my presents were delivered by beluga-elves.

    And Aubrey, you’re a genius, you’re in league with the otters, aren’t you? Plotting to take over the world, one ear worm at a time. I’m on to you! 😀

  33. Maybe it’s not a chlorinated tank? Maybe it’s saltwater?
    Trying to be optimistic for you guys!

    Do we have belugas in captivity in the US? The nearest aquarium to me is in Canada. (And it has belugas too.)

  34. SeaWorld in San Diego has belugas. 🙂

  35. buh bye Catsbow

  36. Of course it’s not a chlorinated tank, why would it be?

  37. Cute, but they don’t look very happy.

  38. There’s a nuff post that says it’s a chlorinated tank…
    (Sorry if I sounded ignorant, I’ve never been to a beluga tank/exhibit…)

  39. Beluga would DIE in clorinated water. If we can’t stop the whale “harvest” at lest we can save a few for future generations when the “harvest” is finally outlawed. At least these cuties will have a good Christmas.

  40. whatcouldpossiblehgowrong? says:

    people dress these poor little guys up for the hal-i-but! Something fishy is going on…!! (grooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!)

  41. Sarah K. After reading your comment I laughed like a seal

    Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go make music with bicycle horns and my noshle.

  42. IT is a salt water tank.

    Not chlorinated water.

    And how can you tell if they are happy or sad unless you are a beluga whale yourself.

    why oh why do folks comment with out thinking oh yeah to get other people upset.

    I love how they are all cutely standing at the side of the tank with their christmas hat toys.

    Aubrey. Clapity Clap Clap clap.. I love your song.

  43. Very cute! There are belugas in the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut, for those who are interested.

    ALL YOU NUFFERS: Nowadays, zoos and aquariums exist both to educate human beings about animals and the environment, and to ensure the survival of many species which are endangered in the wild. And although it may look like their habitats are less than ideal, be assured that zoos and aquariums do their best to create habitats that are as close to the animals’ natural habitats as possible. That means the water in these whales’ tank is NOT chlorinated, but rather salt water, free of harmful chemicals (because aquarium officials are NOT stupid). While you may think it would be preferable to release all these animals into the wild, it would in fact spell their doom, for two reasons – 1) danger comes not only from natural sources, but also from human beings, who pollute, poach, and “reclaim” lands for their own use; 2) most, if not all, of the animals in zoos and aquariums are captive bred and have no idea how to survive in the wild.

    So, if you want to help animals, do it by protesting poaching practices and human encroachment, not by criticizing the beneficial efforts of zoos and aquariums.

    Huh. I didn’t know I could be that long-winded…

  44. The nuffs are being so selfish! Are they not equally concerned about that poor Asian man being forced to wear that silly outfit and smile?! I can tell that he is thoroughly unhappy, and he was stolen his parents and put in the suit! All for our pleasure! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  45. I’m pretty sure this qualifies for ‘cute or sad.’

    Uh…mainly sad, I think.

  46. I have just read two of the most fantastic things on this site…

    Annimalphiles Annie’s “Mr and Mrs Splashy von Beluga Whalehauser wish you a happy holiday.” and nowhining’s “Chrismahannakwanzakah”.

    I applaud you both!

  47. berthaslave says:

    Thank you, Marie. So often people project this human idea of “prison” onto zoos, and it’s not at all accurate. Zoos are places where animal issues are studied closely and people are educated as to the amazing complexity of the natural world. Plus, these animals are loved and admired and VERY well taken care of their entire life. They never want for food, never have to fend off predators, and are given great medical care (of course, if the zoo facility is run properly).

    Viva Beluga!

  48. belugas make me happy. look at their bellies pressed on the tank!

    all i know is that aquariums and zoos do their best to provide a happy environment for their animals, these days even moreso than before. in an ideal world, everything and everyone could mind its own business and be safe in its own environment. seeing that we humans have messed that up pretty badly, i think we need to be grateful for what we do save and what we can do to help.

    [off of soapbox]


  49. fish eye no miko says:

    I loved the song, Aubrey!

  50. Ignorance is bliss for most of you who obviously think animals are here for your enjoyment and no matter to their horrendous treatment. We don’t need zoos and aquariums if we let animals stay in their own environment. We put them in zoos for OUR entertainment and education. Oh joy to the animal.

  51. violetgreen says:

    It’s a snow-sculpture waiting to happen: beluga whales in your front yard, complete with the hats!

  52. >O }o Best fishes for the holidays! o{ O<

  53. spongebrooke says:


    And to anyone who wants to dump all the captive borns into the ocean- You wouldn’t be saying that if you actually did some research.

  54. Aqua –

    You’re right. Ideally, human beings would let all the other animals be. The world would be a happy, jolly place full of sunshine and puppies. But you know what? The world is not perfect, and neither is it black and white. Zoos are a partial solution to the problem of animal endangerment and human ignorance. They are not a cure-all for all the world’s ills, nor are they evil organizations bent on destroying the world. They do what they can to help correct the mistakes our species has made. No, animals were not created specifically for entertaining humans, but consider this: people who enjoy animals want to learn more about them; in doing this, they learn more about ecology and the environment; they come away from this education wanting to help animals and conserve nature. You need to look at the world as it is, not how you think it should be; only then will you be able to help make the world a better place.

  55. lurkingsmirk says:

    Awwww I think they like their little hats, otherwise they wouldn’t be wearing them. Nothing is keeping them on!

    On the second day of cutemas, my true love gave to me…two beluga whales…

  56. Nope, it’s under ‘cute or sad’ for me too. Sorry, peeps. Sure, zoos and aquariums do research, but this doesn’t look like research to me. Also, Japanese fleets do indeed hunt endangered whales in marine reserves (for ‘research’ they say.) We have a very good zoo where I live and none of the animals ever have on hats.

  57. I hope they’re happy anyway. It seems sad and hypocritical that this pic is in Japan; they hunt and kill whales. It almost seems humiliating. They’re all “hey, we saved these two to look silly for you!”

  58. Read about “Marine Mammal Parks: Chlorinated Prisons” and you’d probably change your mind about how “cute” this is.

  59. (the original) Mel says:

    They look like they disapprove. I like Aubrey’s song a lot. I’m going to sing that version instead from now on.

  60. wait a second, wait a second.

    i thought belugas were jewish.

  61. Jewish belugas would explain the look of disapproval. They’re all “Eh! These are not yarmulkes!”

  62. juliagoolia says:

    Okay, so the idea of putting wild animals in captivity isn’t the most splendiferous idea, but lamenting over the idea that these likely bred-in-captivity bebes are swimming in chlorine-infested water? Let’s be honest here, it’s not like the japanese were like “oh, lets go find us some wild belugees and stuff these blobbular beasties in a swimming pool!” These marine experts generally know what they’re doing, and these are controlled habitats!!
    Besides, if posting this picture is the equivalent to promoting capturing wild animals, then you could argue that cuteoverload is dedicated to the over-snorgling and CRONCHING of fluffy kittehs and puppehs… which all the anti-cute fanatics could call torture. And we all know that’s just a bunch of DOODY!

  63. Anyone who ever uses PETA as a source of animal rescue information goes on my mental /ignore list.

    Why does this continually need to be said? This is a cute picture on a cute site. There are activist pages all over the ‘net (not run by sensationalist hypocrites like PETA)–we don’t need to turn a site dedicated to enjoying animals for animals’ sake into another soapbox.

    You’ll do MORE good focusing your efforts and ire on sites that help you direct your energy toward a good cause by not wasting time whining in COMMENTS ON UNRELATED BLOGS–not essentially flaming others you don’t feel are passionate enough.

  64. I don’t think the belugas would be willing to entertain anyone if they weren’t happy with their home. Seeing as they aren’t chained or leashed in any way to be in that position, I don’t see how this is sad and inhumane. Just because part of the Japanese population is pro-whale-hunting doesn’t mean the rest of the Japanese are out to humiliate whales. If this is sad, then you, or anyone, who teaches your pet dog to beg for treats is also inhumane. What is the difference of you keeping a dog? Aren’t the whale and the dog both animals? Is this such a big deal just because there aren’t as many whales as there are dogs in this world? Then I guess, since there are so many more humans than whales, it’s okay to humiliate humans. You better let your babies and children go fend for themselves in the wild and stop trying to potty train them.

    I applaud all the posters here who see the bigger picture: i.e. marie, nowhining, and Aqua.

    Stop trying to be such an uptight, anal activist people. You’re undoing the overload of cuteness.

  65. Khonsu and anyone who says that the issue of animal cruelty is off-topic for cuteoverload:

    Discussion of animal exploitation IS relevant — it is relevant any time the topic of discussion is an image or endorsement of animal exploitation, as in this case.

  66. ughhh I wish the nuffs would nuff off. The internet is not forcing you to look at this page. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else!

  67. lol let’s face it, if these guys didn’t WANT to do tricks, there’s probably nothing we could do to make them, them being an endangered species and utterly impervious and all. and besides, let’s face it – they probably get treated like kings.

    p.s. everyone missed Amanda’s hi-larious post about Jewish belugas. nice going, Amanda

  68. Given their location, they’re lucky that these folks have put them on display rather than eating them.

  69. wow! they look fake.. I really thought they were when I first examined this picture ::adjusts spectacles:: hmm..indeed! they are in fact alive! I want to squeeze their little whale cheekies!

    And nuffers.. you deserve a bowl of puddin’ dumped on your heads! Whenever anyone complains they really seem to think this site is for dissecting photos of cute adorable things to make them ugly and wrong! Well I for one am here for the cute!

  70. Belugas are NOT endangered as a species. They are endangered in one particular region of Canada because of pollution and hunting, but not in other regions. Rising them in tanks does nothing to help the problem.

    Google for “belugas endangered” for more information.

    This aquarium has beluga whales for entertainment value (as suggested by these hats) and to bring in revenue, not for legitimate captive breeding purposes.

    These are intelligent mammals. They live their entire lives in the marine equivalent of a prison cell. Not cute.

  71. “I don’t think the belugas would be willing to entertain anyone if they weren’t happy with their home.”

    Your evidence is… what exactly? Your gut feeling?

    They are raised since children to perform on command for food rewards. It is unlikely that they are consciously “entertaining,” any more than a dog that begs for a treat is entertaining. They do what they have been trained to do.

    I have no idea whether they are happy. If I were in their position, I doubt that I would be. If there is any question, we should err on the side of not causing them suffering. They do not exist to entertain us.

  72. lurkingsmirk says:

    I don’t want to argue over cuteoverload, but can people PLEASE stop with the “Japanese government does _____ so therefore everyone in Japan does ________ and the picture is _______.” It’s so incredibly stupid, how horrified would you be if people in other countries related everything the US government did to what the rest of us are like?

  73. Very sad.

    To those who think these aquariums are educating the public, one learns more from seeing animals in their natural environment. That is what we should be moving towards these days, we’ve realised that circus’s are cruel, so too are these enclosures.

    You may be also interesed to know the “demand” to house dolphins in Marineland enclosures, results in hundreds of dolphins being rounded up in coves, they become disorientated and distressed. Some dolphins are uplifted for shipping to zoos in other countries, whilst those left behind are left to die.

    Until the demand to be entertained and “educated” is no more, the ugliness that goes on behind the scenes will continue.

  74. Whats truely sad is that we can’t simply enjoy a picture and some funny comments without all the preaching. *shakes her head*

  75. Christine H says:

    Hey, this isn’t about this picture, but Meg and Theo, could you guys please try to deal with whatever issue is making the C.O load time on Safari incredibly slow? I don’t know what’s going on, but I think it’s been like this for a couple of weeks, and I miss being able to get here easily.

  76. Needs a different category than ‘Fishes’

  77. This needs a different category than ‘Fishes’.

  78. Marie, I agree. Animals are at risk due to human destruction and greed. Yes, there “good” zoos and there are “bad” zoos. Good zoos educate people and future generations to protect the world we live in and all species. Humans act like we own the world…we forget that it is God’s creation and all beings that live on it have the same rights as we do to survive, procreate and be happy. Since we are more advanced then other species, you would think that we would be merciful and protect our world. Instead we rape and pillage it for the mighty dollar (which is just a piece of paper/linen), slaughter animals to rip off their fur to stick on clothing as decoration, think that grinding up tiger bones will make us “virual”…Uh…HELLO people. Sheez. Many zoos successfully breed animals to help re-populate the wild. China is doing a great job with Pandas, Jacksonville Florida does a good job with big cats. Imagine the day that all Bengal tigers are gone…polar bears… all due to poaching, slaughtering and polluting. Humans…sound like the most distructive thing on this Earth. So raise your glasses and toast all of God’s creature…fur and whiskers…feathers and beaks…I respect and celebrate you!

  79. Captive whales are not cute or funny. This is sad.

  80. Jayell,

    Your comment is so ignorant. You want to “simply enjoy” something that is abusive to other beings – the whales. Thank god there are people that get riled up at a photo of such abuse. You really think people that actually care about animals – ALL animals, not just cats and dogs – is what is “truely sad”? Yes, it is so sad that people care about animals. ???

    Oh, and “truely” is spelled truly. More ignorance.

  81. Oh man, happy freakin holidays everyone.

  82. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    Everybody can calm down.

    The whales are in no distress or harm.

    They were euthanized and stuffed for the display.


  83. My gosh, all the people crying about ‘captive whales’ must bawl whenever they go to the zoos. It’s not like they are swimming in a pool, peeps! The whales have enrichment toys, and plenty of interactivity with their trainers to keep them from getting bored. Most beluga in aquariums also have several sections that can be divided off for privacy, birthing, sick bays, or to open all the doors to give them larger swimming areas. The one thing they lack in captivity is belugas travel massive distances in the wild.

    So sheez, stop complaining!

  84. Eh? Are they balancing the hats?

  85. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    No, they use staples 🙂

  86. kestrien – you know nothing, obviuosly

    everybody: no zoo breeds whales to ensure the survival of their species – not a single one. they simply dont do well enough in aquariums.

  87. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff – hahahaha…sarcasm, how I love thee.

    Meh, say whatever you want, believe whatever you want. It won’t change much because there’s too much apathy in the world combined with selfish world leaders. The running joke I have with my professors is that in your undergraduate degree you learn all the things wrong with the world. In your graduate degree you learn how impossible it is to fix everything. You also learn to look at all sides:

    The picture is cute, but captivity is ugly.

    Zoos allow well-intending humans to make up for the greedy douche bags killing these creatures, but we wouldn’t need zoos if we hadn’t messed up the environment in the first place.

    True PETA is extreme, but their extremism balances the other extreme ugly side of animal abuse and neglect.

    Do we really understand what animal abuse is? Do we really understand what zoos have on mandate? What have you done lately to conserve the environment and care for the animal life around you?

    More thinking, less preaching. More action, less accusation.

  88. Meh, say whatever you want, believe whatever you want. It won’t change much because there’s too much apathy in the world combined with selfish world leaders. The running joke I have with my professors is that in your undergraduate degree you learn all the things wrong with the world. In your graduate degree you learn how impossible it is to fix everything. You also learn to look at all sides:

    The picture is cute, but captivity is ugly.

    Zoos allow well-intending humans to make up for the greedy douche bags killing these creatures, but we wouldn’t need zoos if we hadn’t messed up the environment in the first place.

    True PETA is extreme, but their extremism balances the other extreme ugly side of animal abuse and neglect.

    Do we really understand what animal abuse is? Do we really understand what zoos have on mandate? What have you done lately to conserve the environment and care for the animal life around you?

    More thinking, less preaching. More action, less accusation.

  89. zosterops:

    At least I know how to spell “obviously.”

  90. kestrien: Congratulations on winning the spelling bee.

    It’s unfortunate that you don’t understand what’s being discussed. These whales are not being raised for “captive breeding” as an “endangered species.” Your assertion was simply wrong.

  91. Carmini:
    I need to address you personally because I find your ignorance staggering.
    You say:
    “Seeing as they aren’t chained or leashed in any way to be in that position, I don’t see how this is sad and inhumane”


    Not chained or leashed.

    Just kept in a tank?

    And to think that:
    ” In the western Arctic, belugas can range 800 kilometres from the Mackenzie Estuary during the summer while, in Hudson Bay, belugas seldom range more than 100 or 200 kilometres from the estuaries of the Churchill and Nastapoka Rivers.”

    But hey – just keep them in a tank and they’re “Happy”.

    Numerous animal protection agencies (including The Vancouver Humane Society, The Humane Society of the United States, The Vancouver SPCA) all agree that whales physically suffer the limited movement allowed in small artificial pools, suffer social deprivation when removed from their families in the wild, and suffer much shorter life spans than their counterparts in the wild.

    Yeah – they’re “cute”. I admit it. And I love them and I love looking at pictures of them. But that’s because I respect them. And I want them to survive in their natural environment. They are amazing creatures.

    But can you realize that they are just a little different than a kitten or a puppy?

  92. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    OOOOoooo!! scary spelling ninja!! :O

  93. CheshireCat says:

    *Comes out from under desk* have teh nuffs gone yet? *looks around anxiously*

  94. juliagoolia says:

    Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff is now my new hero, LOL

  95. CheshireCat says:

    *Comes out from under desk*
    have the nuffs gone yet?

  96. MaliceAlice says:

    God, this is insufferable. Someone up there commented that there seems to be less comments, possibly because of the nuffs. I know it’s true because that’s why I so rarely comment. P.S. Will everyone PLEASE stop trying to put human expressions on animal faces! Are you really trying to equate happiness with the facial features of a beluga? It’s really starting to cheese me off. THEY ARE NOT PEOPLE.

  97. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    Here! here!! now lets all have a beluga burger and call the whole thing off! 😀

  98. i don’t think putting a santa hat on a whale is the worst thing in the world. it’s not stapled to their heads. And we put silly accessories on our own dogs and cats all the time. but juxtaposed against the japanese government’s position on whaling, it does come across as cynical and ugly.

    If anthropomorphizing two beluga whales in a zooby putting hats on them helps turn japanese public opinion against the killing of these creatures in the wild, i’m for it.

  99. I’ll take my beluga burger with blue whale cheese and a side of ostrich wings, thanks!

    Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff, me thinks you should host the next CO BBQ.

  100. concrete_d says:

    All this controversy over performing animals and captivity makes me think of the book “The Tribe of Tiger” by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. She makes a pretty strong and surprising defense for circus environments, at least for big cats, and a similarly surprising critique of zoos. Most of the nuffs on here won’t listen to anything but their own personal conviction, and will only listen to research that agrees with their preconceived opinions, but anyone who’s actually interested in learning more about that can read the book.

    As for the hard-line nuffs, you’re welcome to go change things. Engaging in shouting matches on the internet won’t get anything solved.

    On second thought, don’t. The semi-religious and self-righteous conviction about what’s right for animals being bandied around here is more liable to make things worse than better.

  101. To those who are against the captivity of these animals, I commend you. You understand that it’s note cute, it’s inhumane. To those who think it’s a means to preserve the population think of it like this: would you rather die in a 5X5 cell after years of your life wasted away, or out in the world?

  102. one of the erins says:

    Where are the nuffs when people post pictures of a hamster in a cage?

    Did you know the average size of a hedgehog’s territory is 30 acres? And we keep them in cages.

    We keep our dogs on leashes, within fences, tied to trees, on dog runs.

    I realize the idea of a pet whale is out there, but that’s basically what this amounts to. Pets are highly capable of being happy even though their surroundings are drastically modified from their original natural one.

  103. if you’re going to object to whales in captivity, you should logically be against ANY animal in captivity, right?

    so in addition to protesting farms and zoos, to avoid being a total hypocrite you must also be against humans having pets. because technically, most cats and dogs are being held in captivity, far away from the “freedom” of their natural environments. we humans keep pets purely for our own enjoyment.

    so i guess we’re all sinners, just like those evil, cute-loving japanese.

    think it through, people. your outrage makes no sense without logic and consistency.

  104. Juliagoolia says:

    Look at those sweet holiday-celebratin’ mcBelugersons… don’t you just wanna give them a big huge and squeeze their blubberiness?
    I do.

  105. Animallover says:

    I think that this picture is the most cutest thing in the world!!!

    I have loved pets all my life it is good to have other people who feel the same to talk to!!

  106. Cathryn Bauer says:

    In a world where animals had never been domesticated and used and mistreated and overbred, I could agree with the premise, ashagato. However, it did happen, and we have a mess. All of our animals are always rescues, refugees, if you will, from that mess. Just like zoos — I don’t support the wild animal industry, but I do support efforts to care for its innocent victims as opposed to never having a thing to do with a zoo. I’ve sponsored zoo animals before for just that reason, the desire to help care for them and make their lives better even as I’m against them being where they are. So I think I’m consistent when I both maintain two happy, healthy cats who were adopted from rescue services and say that unless these belugas have some medical condition that means they can’t survive on their own in the wild, they shouldn’t be there.

  107. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    Ostrich wings comin right up!

    THIS JUST IN: The Nuffs have offered a solution to the ongoing war. Only pictures of animals …TAKEN by other animals shall be allowed. So start teaching those kitties and hammies how to balance a tripod! 😀

  108. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    Ostrich wings comin right up!

    THIS JUST IN: The Nuffs have offered a solution to the ongoing war. Only pictures of animals …TAKEN by other animals shall be allowed. So start teaching those kitties and hammies how to balance a tripod! 😀

  109. nuffs need love in their life says:

    Nuffs are a species fighting for their existence. They are losing to natural selection and won’t go down without a fight.

    Half of the nuffs on cuteoverload probably could give a poo about animals. I am truly convinced of this now.

  110. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    They don’t give a poo about animals. They only care about harassing humans.

    They prefer to sit on their butts and bitch …rather than go out and really make a difference in the world.

    After some study, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

    1) most Nuffs have really huge butts.

    2) most Nuffs have had at least 5 pets run away.

    3) most Nuffs smell like Doritos.

    4) most Nuffs wear granny panties….both the male and the female.


  111. Yeah! And PETA approves of this pic anyway!

  112. Ms.McPantiesInABunchnuff: Way to go! Give ’em hell. Would you like a chocolate pudding?

  113. My first thought: What are those hats made out of?
    Second: That’s the aquarium from the White Day stuff!
    Third: Those beluga’s have met Miyavi!

    I am a sad, sad fangirl.

  114. Fascinating. Everything I’ve read about Belugas in the wild suggest that they adore having toys to balance on their heads, and have often been sighted balancing things on their heads in the wild. Now of course I can’t find the names of the books I read about this in– it may have been The Lives of Whales and Dolphins: From the American Museum of Natural History– , but apparently in the wild belugas have been spotting playing games of catch with each other.

    I did see belugas once in person, and watched them doing something that appeared to be carefully observing a young girl leaning over the top of their pool, waiting until she was in the right position, and sneakily splashing her face– then wheeling around to watch her. These weren’t trained for entertainment ones.
    I don’t know for sure if they enjoyed it– but I figure I’m about as likely to be right that they enjoyed it as the PETA people are to be right that they are miserable.

  115. Another Angela says:

    Cute! Let’s put the hats on detainees in Guantanamo too!

  116. For those just tuning in, non-nuffy comment highlights:

    Cetacean Celebration (soon to be a Broadway musical)

    disapproving Jewish belugas

  117. Charlie (I am not a boy!) says:

    even with the santa hats?!?!?!?!?!?!? awwwwwwwwwwwwwww i love it!

  118. Everyone celebrates Christmas even fish 🙂

    Love the photo cute.


    Jamie Boyle