High School Fluffsical

This fluffy circle is about to break into song;


The Zac Efron gosling is all "Time for my solo, Dudes!"


PLEASE get a load of this belleh/winglette/tongue combo, Kass M.!



  1. Bleen
    Fluffy babies!

  2. Wow!!! My first “first post” evar!

  3. *squeebles* How cute!

  4. I am actually all about his fuzzy thighs!

  5. Shaped like me, right down to the skinny legs!

  6. and singing with such sincerity…

  7. LA LA LA LA Teee heeee Heeee. okay and I have nothing clever to say at this juncture : )

  8. Waaaaay cuter than Zac Efron could ever be. <3

  9. So adorable!

  10. “Hark the herald angelgeese sing, glory to the new born kink!”

  11. *sniffle* my duckie days are over – my last two duckies are gone *sniffle*

    these are just a sweet reminder of them as babies

  12. Anyone else see Scuttle as a baby? You know, from the Little Mermaid. Wah wah wah WAH!!!!!!

  13. cuuuutest thing eva.
    lovin the duckies!

  14. I rarely get the urge to actually snorgle my screen. But this lil’ guy is ridiculously cute. Anyone remember Babe?

    “La la LA!”

  15. fish eye no miko says:

    C D ED BD ducks?

  16. Zac Efron just WISHES he could be that cute!

  17. Ah. A sole duckette steps forward to sing “We Three (Pairs Of) Wings”.

  18. Annie, you said “juncture”. That was pretty cute! 😉

  19. Oh, man, I want my own little fluffy chorus of ducklettes to spontaneously burst into song!! That would make my life complete.

  20. What fluffitude! Am I the only one who gets the urge to reach out and spread out those mini-winglets every time?

  21. I dunno. by the glare on the middle one I’m thinking more along the lines of “When you’re a Jet!”

  22. I actually see the Second pictured duckling singing this…

    “I diidddd ittttt mmmmyyyyyy waaaayyyyyy”

  23. belleh/winglette/tongue AND Eye Capsule combo!

  24. “… to dream … the imposssssssibuhl DREEEEEEEEEAM!”



    You’re right, Kar. Tewtal ducklette gang. Tsk.

  27. agouti_kappa says:

    Broadway Duck Sings:

    “I Has A Rythmn,
    I Has A Rythmn…”

  28. berthaslave says:

    I have often walked, near this pond before,
    But my web-bed toes have never felt this fond before,
    All at once can I
    Almost bleening fly
    Knowing I’m near the tree, where you live.

    And oh!
    That anerable feeling
    Just that oh!
    Your proshness is near.
    The oh-ver powering feeling
    That any second you might squee and shed a tear

    McPluckersons stop and stare,
    They don’t bother me,
    ‘Cause they know no one else can bring teh qte like me,
    Let the ’nuffs go by….
    I don’t care if I….
    Can be here, near the tree where you leeeeeeeeeeve!

  29. Thank you Berthaslave.
    I always knew that Freddie had a duck like quality, but I couldn’t articulate it so clearly.

    And I played freddie’s mum in my high school musical!

  30. Mary (the first) says:

    Love the singing! “Duck the halls with boughs of holllleeeee”

  31. zach fluffron

  32. People!

    Clearly Duckie McFluffersons is no garden-variety pop singer. Look at the stance, the poise, the deep chest… He is a tenor, a Divo – a Luciano Duckarotti, Placido Duckindo or Andrea Duckelli! My guess is he’s singing a stirring aria: Nessum Duckie, maybe? Or Celeste Aiduck?

  33. Duck tongues!!

  34. aaaaa~!! too cute!!!!

  35. bananasforbunnies says:

    Fluffy Leiderhosen!

  36. This is all I can think when looking at the second picture:

    I’ve got Homestar on the brain.

  37. acelightning says:

    Am I the only one that thinks the soloist ducklette looks like Paul Potts?

  38. TamaraRose says:

    Oh crap….I was going to serve roast duck for Christmas dinner…now I have to revise my menu…


  40. Second pic: “I feel pretty, oh so pretty. Oh so pretty and witty…”

  41. The tongue, peoples! The TONGUE! Squee!

    I can just imagine a huge bass voice coming deep from the lil ducky and his little throat wobbling while he sings like in cartoons!

  42. The tongue, peoples! The TONGUE! Squee!

    I can just imagine a huge bass voice coming deep from the lil ducky and his little throat wobbling while he sings like in cartoons!

  43. This is so cute!

  44. CheshireCat says:

    The smug little faces of the goslings in the “gossip circle” just kills me.

  45. Momof2kitties says:

    Paul Potts! Yes!!! I see it!

  46. Peep, peep, peeeep!!!

  47. For the duckie on the bottom..