The otters get ready for another Christmas party

Wife Otter: "Hon, did you order that sea urchin, crab, clam, mussel, and octopus gift basket for your mother? The one that comes with a rock?"
Husband Otter: "Yes."
Wife Otter: "Did you get Tommy the ‘Making Evil Otter Plans Handbook’?
Husband Otter: "Yessss"
Wife Otter: "—the Kelp Hammock Pro for Emma?"
Husband Otter: "Yessssss Hon!"


Good work, Kathryn P.



  1. Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters Otters!!!!!1 😀

    I swear they remind me of my parents :))

  2. Oh, and hon? You’ve got a little schmutz there – here let me get it.

    Ooph! Am I okay now?

    Yes, darlink. Love you, kisses…

  3. ‘Now let’s get our Jug Band Christmas ready for action! Take it away, Emmet!’

  4. OTTER TONGUE!!!! C-U-T-E!!!

  5. otters is the cutestest!

  6. If we can find out where he got the handbook, we’ll be able to combat them….

  7. Nosicle! gahh!

  8. the ears! the tiny little ears! and the sliver of tongue!

  9. awww, otters are not evil. people just don’t understand their twisted sense of humor.



    (slight bow)

  11. Otter on left: “Hon, I loooove you – hey. I smell another otter!!! Where have you been?”

    Otter on right: “Ruh roh.”

  12. It’s definitely Jug Band time! Now where’s that washtub?

  13. where did the first proof of otter evilness come into being?

    Gotta love the otter tongue there

  14. I love this pic. Ive had it as my desktop pic for a while now. Otters make me happy :]

  15. Did anyone else out there see ‘An otter in the family’ on BBC2 yesterday evening and think ‘Me wants one’? I also may have squee-d a bit while watching it.

  16. Two words: Otter Tongue.

  17. this is otter nonsense.

    it’s either one or the otter.

    you otter be in pictures.

    k that’s all i can think of.

  18. That nose looks like a big, juicy black olive. Yum!

  19. I love the nose. OMG.
    And the sliver of tongue!

  20. they’re otterly redonkulous

  21. Kathryn P! says:

    Woooot! My picture made it!! Though I wholeheartedly disagree with CO’s position that otters are evil. They are simply adorable.

  22. Oh my goodness. LOVE.

  23. one of the erins says:

    Maybe this is the otter version of how, before most major family holiday parties, about a half hour before we need to leave the house, my dad wanders up to my mom with scissors and a tissue and says “got time to trim my mustache?”

    That’s what *I* thought of, anyway.

  24. one of the erins says:

    P.S. that’s about the face he makes, too

  25. Come on. They are SOOOO not evil.
    Small ear to head ratio / Have tiny ears / Disproportionate ratio between relative ear to head size
    Sliver of tongue.
    Eye Capsules.
    “Juicy” eyes and noses
    Look helpless.

  26. Metsakins friend, there is no combatting them- do you read the comments from these poor souls who are completely besotted? There is no hope.

  27. I just had a thought- Maybe we could call out the zombies?

    If anyone can save us, the zombies can.

  28. Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Mussels Mussels!

    Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Otters! Mussels! Mussels!

    SEAL! A SEAL! Oooooh it’s a SEAL! It’s a…


  29. “My assignment? Yes, Mr. Ot-tare, I have my assignment.”

  30. Otters can has qtness. Any time. N. E. Time.

  31. She Otter is giving He otter the evil stare.. Tee hee. HE is in BIG trouble now.

  32. Hee, thanks Shadyman, now not only do I have Badger, Badger, and Potter Potter on the brain now its Otter Otter…

    Otter snorglins, what could be sweeter?

  33. berthaslave says:

    All I know about otters is that I liked Otter Pops as a kid. They weren’t evil, except for that blue one.

    He and I had issues.

  34. Otters are not eevillll….

    The otters I know are very sweet, like kitties. ^_^ But then again, I’ve known kitties with evil streaks before….

  35. Looks at the teeny little tongue-ness!!!! Squee!!

  36. How can anyone concentrate with that otter tongue. It’s hypnotizing.

  37. Hypnotizing? Like the Otter Shimmy®?

  38. Eau De fishe Cologne’

  39. Jerseystitch says:

    They should buy the new Harry P. Otter book.