Nod from National Geographic, heard of them?

How tewtelly sweet that National Geographic has a quote from CuteOverload on their site. The quote is in reference to this guy below. Apparently, they liked what we called him… 🙂 See for yourself.


Thanks to all of you who sent this one in. And a special thanks to you, Eddie McBlobbules [head tilt]



  1. So blobbulicious!!! ^__^

  2. maybe i’m remembering wrong… but wasn’t this posted not too long ago? o.O

  3. Ah, how cool — the cute is overtaking the world! Nice to see you again, Eddie.

  4. bookmonstercats says:

    No need to look so sad now, Eddie – can somebody please photoshop him to give him a smile…? *ducks*

  5. What a wonderful creature to see on my birthday. He’s my favorite of the new found creatures this year. His eyes make him look so goofy but the fact that he’s inside out just blows my mind! I love him!

  6. !!!OMG SEAPONIES!!!111

  7. Aw, now see?
    Even Nerds like teh cute!

  8. Bookmonstercats, here you go. New and improved! Smile and increased BEF:

  9. Yes….he has been here before!

  10. @happypiano

    maybe read the post next time?

  11. Happy Birthday, Des!

    What if Eddie’s built correctly, and WE’re inside out!? Think of that next time you touch someone’s skin.

    Well done, Patty P. Made my morning smile just a touch goofier. 8^>

  12. Oh. Forgot.
    Congrats, Meg!!

  13. wait, National Geographic, THE National Geographic, is now quoting Cute Overlord????

    White has become black, up has become down, left is now right, asparagus is now tasty, everything is messed up!!!

  14. What?! This thing is real?! For some reason I hadn’t read the captions first time around and thought it was a kids’ pool plastic floaty toy.

    Doesn’t it look fake? 🙂

  15. OMG NATGEO!!!!!11!!!!!

  16. Snorgle Pup says:

    OMG! Check out the other freaks on the site: Like the monkey-face-invisible-shrimp-alien!

  17. Wasn’t this posted before?

  18. bookmonstercats says:

    Yaaay. Thanks, Patty P.

  19. way to go, eddie!

  20. My friend who works for Nat Geo turned me on to Cute Overload!

  21. *Stands up and starts slow

  22. Score for Cute Overload and for nerdy deep-sea creatures everywhere!! Nice work National Geographic!

  23. Respected NatGeo,

    In recognition of your team which has been brilliantly capturing cute creatures for decades, we squee it fit to humbly welcome you to the Brotherhood of the Priory of Lion, finders and keepers of the Holy Whale.

    On behalf of the Priory of Lion

  24. National Geographic! Awesome!

  25. Way to go, Eddie! Hey, Meg, for this honor I think Eddie deserves more than a head tilt – how ’bout a big ol’ kees on the… um… leeps?

  26. hahahahaahahah, omg i remember this lil guy, and his GIANT googly eyeballs!!!!!!!!

    congrats on the NG mention, that’s GREAT!

  27. Googly eyeballs and polka dots!!!! I can’t believe this is a real creature! Where can I get one? Does it bite?

  28. Awesome! Congrats!

  29. That is serious big time! NG quoting CO!? HOLY COW! 🙂

  30. Famous women in National Geographic:
    Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, Rachel Carson, Meg Frost.
    Yay! Woot!

  31. yet another michelle says:

    Welcome to the next generation of cute, it’s all grown up now.

    Qte: It’s genius.

    Now if we could just get Scientific American to quote CO, it would be so irrefutibly(sp?) legit that Meg would have to assume a public office created especially for her. Commander in Chief, Qte Division.

  32. Congratulations, Meg!

  33. I just love this web site. It makes me laugh everytime I visit.

  34. OOOH yes, long-deserved and finally achieved. (Isn’t it nice to know that even the science-geek types look in on us here at CO?) Meg, you ROCK! PS – I admit to being one o’ them science-geek types)

  35. w00t! CO gots NG cred!

  36. I love his googily eyes. Eddie McBlobbules, you are our hero.

  37. I knew I liked NG for a reason.

  38. Yet another Michele- If a dept. is started, teh so called Qte Division, Meg will need a lot of back up. Like office workers. We could have the CO dream office at last. Only I think there should be no office chairs, cubicles or desks, only big squashy beds, like this one:
    This chickie is so gonna be my personal assistant! Naptime!

  39. one of the erins says:

    Way to go Meg! Rock on with your hilarious writing powers!

  40. Hail the Blobbule!

  41. Cartoon eyeballs FTW.

  42. Geo! Wow!

    ” What if Eddie’s built correctly, and WE’re inside out!? Think of that next time you touch someone’s skin.

    Well done, Patty P. Made my morning smile just a touch goofier. 8^> “

    =’) And what Brian said. =’)

  43. Bravo, C.O. You are famous throughout the Whole World!!

  44. Should this also be ‘we get your letters’ ?

  45. This story makes me so happy. Let’s hear it for QTEness. As someone else said, qteness uber alles!!!

  46. CheshireCat says:

    Even though all the other sea horses made fun of him and gave him derogatory nicknames, here he is now, a star, and an inspiration for all of us. Congratulations on your success Mr. McBlobbules *clap clap clap*

  47. Sweet! This is by far the coolest mention yet (maybe just because I’m a total nerd…)

  48. berthaslave says:

    Tell the world, National Geographic, tell them all about the fun we’re having. And maybe, JUST MAYBE, y’all can pull some strings for that Beluga whale naming contest so the Cuteologists can have their way?

  49. Squeeee. Shakes Head.. I cannot believe I just did that. but HEy all in teh interest of the CUTE and Congrats Meg cuteoverload is becoming a houshold word.

  50. Yitzysmommie says:

    Mr E McBlobbules Esq, congratualtion on your debut on both CuteOverload and National Geographic.

  51. Hey, did anyone else notice that this dude’s scientific name is Teuthowenia Megalops? Meg-alops!
    Although Eddie McBlobbules is a great name, I’m going to call him Tewtel-weenie Megalops from now on.

  52. I’m falling in love with Eddie McBlobbules all over again.

  53. That is beyond awesome. I hope you’re as proud of what you’re doing here as you should be. Seriously, you really make most of my days. I’ve been stuck at home recovering from a car accident for THREE MONTHS. And every day I look forward to reading Cute Overload. You rock!!

  54. Wow, that’s so cool!

  55. Natty G employee says:

    Oh yeah. We’re huge fans over here. My department keeps *trying* to get more pictures of kittens and puppies into the magazine….

  56. This guy’s eyes make him look like he’s straight out of a VeggieTales movie.

  57. Yitzysmommie says:

    You go, Natty G employee! Spread the QTE to teh world!

  58. Yeah, I think this was posted a while ago. Something about God having a sense of humor.

  59. Wheee!!!! National Geographic!!!! That’s awesome!!! Not to mention a FABULOUS nod to the wittiest of captioners, Meg!

    Isn’t it time for a “Nat’l Geo Explorer” all about CO??? The dangerous, exhilaring search for the QTE?

    Happy Holidays to Meg, Theo and all you cuteologists (including the 4-legged family members) from me and my 7 “kids”!!!

  60. Wait…National Geographic quoting CO?! The sun started revolving around the earth, which is now flat, gravity has ceased to exist, and Donald Trump’s hair is attractive! Then I read the quote, and holy freikin’ crap, that is the BEST description anyone could come up with!!! GOOD JOB, MEG! =D =D =D =D

  61. Christiane says:

    (At the webby awards next year)
    And… the winner is…
    Created by Meg Frost..!!!!

    (Yayyy!Yay! =D

    I think weez cood ALL see dat happeninks.

  62. Ashleigh Gunty says:

    I must say, that’s awesome to have been propped by National Geographic. I just forwarded it to my aunt who’s an amateur photographer. should like it and visit your site too.

  63. he’s got eyebrows!