I hate it when I sleep on my ear wrong

I wake up and can’t—wait—WHAT?


Those are some limp little limbs (and fabulous upholstery!) Emily C.



  1. Cara Marie says:

    i want one 🙂

  2. I had a bedspread like that when I was young. It was so fabulous!

  3. I find myself sometimes bored with the sleeping cat photos. This one is totally snuggleliscious, though. ;D

  4. Oh honey, you are such a fuzzy-lumpkins!

    -snorgles fur smooth-

  5. bookmonstercats says:

    At last, someone who understands what it’s like to look and feel like me in the morning.

  6. Ears? What ears? I don’ see no stinkin’ ears!

  7. I love the contrast between black kitteh and groovy fabric, the contrast between the straight limbs of the kitteh and the curves on the groovy fabric!

  8. this chair is so bright, I can only look with one eye this morning. Where’s the coffee? (Double cream)

  9. get that kitteh some caffiene Stat!

  10. no wonder kitteh’s all confused – waking up that close to that upholstery! (enter acid-trip wah-wah guitar lick here)

  11. Jen – Right on!

  12. Hey man quit with that flash thing, I was sleeping.

  13. goldie hawn just called and she wants her dress back…

  14. have you noticed how goldie hawn’s last name has an “anh” in it? and her first name’s “goldie”?

  15. Say what?
    Oi….I never should’ve drunken those last cosmos… The world’s gone all pink and flashy!
    Mommy, make it go away!

  16. It’s Monday, we all feel that way.

  17. violetgreen says:

    Awww! Looks like poor kitty’s having a bad ear day after a lost weekend!

  18. I bet he’s/she’s all warm and toasty and snuggly too. When you pick him/her up, he/she will yawn really big in your face and give you some cat morning bref.

  19. Purr-fect Monday photo.

  20. Mm, sleepy cowlick kitten. Nom nom nom.

  21. Bless him/her! Such an old well-loved kitteh 🙂

  22. the flash is NOT helping anything either!
    (and i love that bedspread too!)

  23. enh, I shouldn’t have had all that catnip at the xmas party last night.

  24. lol! I wants to nawm those poor little earses back straight again.

  25. Must… pick… up… tiny… kitteh… *pounce!*

  26. Loves me the fabric- WANT!
    The kitteh obviously has some issues to be dealt with.

  27. Ugh. I gotz teh bedhed.

  28. CheshireCat says:

    Kitteh: i nots be a morning purrson, k peeps?

  29. Shhhhh that camera click is too loud… you know I did have a rather late night last night and one too many clawsmopolitans.

  30. berthaslave says:


    Well, it’s not, but it looks like her.

    And her ear gets foldeded over wrong all the time, too.

  31. Awww …. so cute. This made me laugh this morning — with the one eye open. So prosh!

  32. outtake from the all-cat version of “Valley of the Dolls”?

  33. Yitzysmommie says:

    I love this not quite awake yet pic – purrfect for Monday.

  34. Huh ?!?

    I can’t ear you …

  35. I just keep coming back to this picture of this super scrumptiosly sleepy kitteh. Man, I want to scoop her up and snorgle the puddin’ out of her.

    I just *know* that she’s just warm and toasty and feelin’ all snuggly-wuggly.

    Berthaslave – have you ever posted pics of your Bertha?

  36. the look on the little kittys face says if you bug me i will kill you while your sleeping! i ant kidding ! don’t touch me!

  37. Haha, I think the colors from that fabulous couch woke teh kitteh up!