I left a hairball in the Ethernet port.

Just a small one. Shouldn’t affect the Internets too moishe.


What IS IT with people letting their kittehs run rampant over open keybo’s, Farren F.?!?



  1. Like iz possible to keep kitteh OFF the keyboard.

    Not in mah house. Though I do try.

  2. bananasforbunnies says:


  3. bananasforbunnies says:

    ok, almost bleen.

  4. Iz not ur laptop. Iz mah happy place.

    If you listen reeeeeeeeal close, the whirrrrr of the fans in my laptop sound like a purring kitteh.

    Iz not though. 😦

  5. ka9q's wife says:

    Why not it’s warm there.

    I have to say it…Catlike typing detected.

  6. OMG!! I’m in love! What kind of a cat is that b/c I soooo want one!!

  7. marissposa says:

    kitties like the gentle massage of the keys on their paws. it’s feline reflexology. who could deny them that?

  8. Looks like a bobble-headed kitty to me.

  9. Keyboard? I don’t see any keyboard, all I see is the prettiest little kitty face ever!

    Really, who’d want to use a computer after looking into that sweet face anyway?

    Kitty’s also very well cared for, do you see how well groomed she is?

  10. Oh, what beautiful eyes! So big and bright!

  11. acelightning says:

    That fluffalicious little kitty *IS* a small hairball, except cute instead of wet and yucky…

  12. LunaKitteh says:

    Little munchkin face angel, you can leave hairballs on my puter any time ya want! Splort!! Your cuteness has done me in!

  13. Oh my husband HAS a kitten if he sees the cat (they do NOT get along) anywhere near the computer. I don’t care, but boy, he sure does….

  14. yes, with kittehs, it’s not that we’re letting them on the keyboard, it’s that sometimes they let us use it instead.

    this floofkins is redonkulously anerable!

  15. lurkingsmirk says:

    The fur is saying “i’m a ferosh lion” and the face is saying “i’m a prosh kitty” squeeeee!

  16. Laptop takes Lap, so Kitty takes over Lap(top) … my cat will squeeze in between me and my laptop and lean into it until I give her my undivided attention. they’re rivals. 🙂

  17. She is a Silver Chinchilla Persian…

    Her name is Ame (Ah-may)

    Every time she lays down on my keyboard, I don’t have the heart to push her off…she’s just too cute!

  18. Omigawsh, look at those ridiculous ear fluffs! Irresistible.

  19. Those eyes are clearly saying:

    “I OWN your soul. Now pull up the http://www.KittensOnCatnip.com site.”

  20. That precious kitten definetely owns my soul. Seriously, I think this is my favorite post of the month…well this and the naughty kitten batting at the poor dog.

  21. Fer dis kitteh, I could forgive a tiny hairball.

  22. Ageen, I totawy fordive dis kitteh’s furball. If only mine would ask the same when dey hock up a cat-loogie.

  23. That kitten is so awesomely adorable, she looks like a perfect little stuffed animal! It’s like it’s not possible to be that cute and be real!

  24. i WANT one! I’m snowed into my apartment for the day and I WISH i had a little flurfball like that to keep me company!!!!

  25. snoopysnake says:

    It’s the new Toshiba de-stresser laptop accessory! Just gaze into the kitteh’s eyes for 30 seconds and be calmed and ready to resume computing.

  26. EEEEEK!!! The eyes!!!


  27. lol- my cat does this all the time!

  28. btw- this is a maincoone coon– ear tuffs, and furry paw paws.

  29. fourlegsgood is right – is not possible to stop kittehs.

  30. cats are sorta like ferrets,almost impossible to keep off the laptop.

  31. tracyflick says:

    It looks like it could be a stand-in for the lion from Chronicles of Narnia.

    A very small stand in.

  32. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize there was actually choice involved here. What is the alternative?

  33. Kitteh sees wigglin’ fingers
    Kitteh remembers that wigglin’ fingers give good tickles
    Kitteh remembers that good tickles are diviiiine
    Kitteh places self under wigglin’ fingers
    Owner swears at kitteh who just jumped up and sat on the keyboard.

    TRY keeping a cat off the keyboard – they are such attention whores 😛

  34. My cats love crawling over my laptop and PC keyboard, especially when I’m on a conference call at home.

    This one looks like he’s thinking “What are you doing geeking over the internet rather than playing with ME?!”

  35. must.steal.kitten. Farren, look away!

  36. gorgeous little kitty! I’m so jealous =(

  37. Silver…Chinchilla..Persian.. (taking notes with tounge sticking out of mouth)
    Got it, Farren! I hope they’re not absurdly expensive?

  38. HA this is what cats really think about computers and why they sit on your key board.

    And for a different cats take on computers
    go here

  39. Nicolletta says:

    Too…much…floofyness! *splodes*

  40. looks like someone else has to vacuum out their keyboard too

  41. Meep! The eyes! The fluff! Eyes…fluff…WANT KITTY!

  42. Magnificent ear floof FTW!!! I demand video’s of this little beauty!

  43. OMG, the ridiculously cute eyelash wings off the corner of her eyes are killing me.

  44. Silent Meow says:

    OMG what a ridiculously CUTE kitteh!

    Wanna hug kitteh! Wanna pet kitteh! Wanna bury my face in her fur!


    SPLOT! dead from overdose of cute

  45. Positively modelesque!! This kitteh should be crowned America’s Next Top Kitteh!! She’s so beautiful–reminiscent of a 1960’s Twiggy! Pose: Fierce, Eyes: piercing; I can almost hear the theme song (“Wanna be on TOP?”) “Beautiful photograph. One flaw though, the neck is almost nonexistent. You must watch out for that in future kitteh Ame. Since you’re shorter than the other models, you must always remember your neck. Congratulations, you’re still in the running to being America’s Next Top Kitteh.”

  46. GORRRRRRRGEOUSSSSSSS!!!!!! oh lordie. i’m having pawpitations. i’m smitten by her beauty, and i’m not even, like, a guy.

  47. I will stare into ze eyes of the cute little abominable snow kitteh, and be forever in nirvana.
    Seriously thats some cute floof!

  48. I didn’t know maine coons came in silver like this – what a BEYOOTIFUL little kitty this is! What a fancy pants!! Reminds me of a friend’s persian, the kind without the smooshed in face – Sammy looked a lot like this gorgy thing.

    I want to snorgle those ear tufts and those fuzzy paws.

  49. Kaya, by the time I got her into the United States, I probably spent 1,200 dollars on her…honestly though, the money means nothing anymore. She has become my furry little accomplice, she follows me everywhere, and no matter what I’m doing, I just can’t say no to her face! She can peer into my soul!

  50. Are there any more pictures of her you can post on Flikr or something?

  51. No its more like, “OK work is done, and if it isnt done this is mandatory break to love on me!”

  52. Philbert Austin Selda says:

    Awwwwwwww!!! What a little cutie~ She’s beautiful! I SOOOOO want one! Gimme! Gimme! Waaaaaaaah!! O_O

  53. oh my…

    what a face!

  54. Farren, congratulations on having the prettiest little kitten ever. I’m not even a cat person, and this one has stolen my soul. What a beautiful, intense stare she has!

  55. Ha ha, she sure is poofy! I just noticed the way the sides of her head are engulfed in fluff, so that you don’t even see them, it just looks like her face is emerging from a cloud of kitty floof.

  56. JinxtheCat says:

    She is toooooooooo beautifuls. Wonderful ear fluffs.
    Worth every penny to immigrate eh Farren?

  57. this kitty looks like the fairy puff ball thing in the background.

  58. that is such an intense stare!

  59. …. oh god, I think my brain just stopped working for a full minute. *cannot stop staring*

    *which is bad, since she’s at work*

  60. I. Want. Teh. Floof.


    dee eyes…

  61. So, I don’t know what an ethernet port is and kitter does. OK. …..OK.

  62. OH! Was it Meg’s hairball?!
    No…….no. No.

  63. Great picture! Don’t know what an ethernetport is either, but I just looooove the kitten…

  64. Awesome Ninja cat flipping out

  65. This might actually be the cutest cat I’ve ever seen. Like, EVER!!! Look at those Cleopatra eyes! It reminds me of the cartoon evil kitten from The Emperor’s New Groove.

  66. Little sweetie-pie like this,can go anywhere he pleases.

  67. oh my god the weirdest thing just happened! i’m reading the comments and my cat climbed on to my laptop, and when she jumped off, my return key flew off! i just looked for like 5 minutes and i can’t find it. it’s disappeared…

  68. anomalous4 says:

    ethr netz? we no needz no steenkin ethr netz, mon! we can has wifi!

    so mai b is not using ethr netz portz newai, den iz ok kitteh puts harbl in dere 4 nao………..

    p.s. mai human slaev sez: “None of my feline masters have ever sat on my keyboards. The first one didn’t seem to be aware of the computer at all (he was usually asleep somewhere else), the second staked out the space on my desk in front of the monitor (she was a big girl with thick plushy fur that sometimes hid the bottom of the screen, but I didn’t mind at all as long as she kept me company!), and the third wasn’t interested in either the laptop or the big computer. She’d sit in one of our laps whil we were working, but that was about it.”

  69. I try to keep my cat, Stewart, off my computer. But he just LOVES to curl up in front of me while I’m typing and rest on my keyboard. Of course, then he starts to press buttons. So when I’m talking to people online, it’ll be all
    “hi how are you, what ups gfjdhgjdghjdghdjgh”. To which all my friends are like Exsqueeze me??

  70. Oh BTW!!! She’s a pretty kitten Farren! Makes me wanna use the axis of snorgling!

  71. What a beautiful little Sugar Plum Fairy.

  72. I’m hypnotized. Such a beautiful kitty face!

  73. i agree with jess e — this has got to be the most adorable kitten in the whole entire world! i swear i’ve never seen such a purrfect creature. she’s absolutely stunning.

  74. Kitteh says, “I DARE YOU to take me off the keyboard. C’mon BRING IT!”

  75. My kitty never walked on the keyboard…but used to sleep on top of our old (huge) monitor. When we replaced it with a flatscreen, she was so disappointed!! Kept looking longingly at the top of the screen for days….I almost wanted to put the old one back, it was so sad. Now she sleeps on a box by the printer. Still no keyboard, though….

  76. http://picasaweb.google.com/farrbear/?pli=1

    More pictures of AME up above…

    Also, a link from my brothers album:


  77. mouse!

    you said there’d be mouse!

  78. Thanks for the links Farren. She is, in fact, perfect. I take it from the pics that she is imported from Japan? I also noted that you have another, older cat. How did s/he handle Ame coming into your home.

    I just have this mental image, definitely burned in from childhood Looney Tunes, of Ame looking all doe-eyed, blinkey, and innocent when you’re around, then turning into a she-devil when you turn your back.

  79. At first my older cat Diesel would have nothing to do with her…but now he lets her chew on his tail and pounce on him once in a while. It’s taken them quite a long time to get used to eachother, but I think they are good buddies now!

  80. Cutest. Kitteh. Ever. Farren, you are so lucky to have such a sweet companion! Thanks for the links too. Just one pic was not enough of Ame’s sweet face! : )

  81. Yanno, my dad has long hairs coming out his ears too, but he’s not nearly this cute.

  82. ThreeCatNight says:

    Again, I’m being killed by a kitten with a face that’s so beautiful (especially those eyes) it’s unreal. What a little doll!

  83. Our cats LOVE laptops. I think it’s becase they are warm and seem to purr. One time hubby left the lid of his laptop up and we heard the most awful “SCIT! POP! SCREET! POP!” Kitty had used the keyboard as a scratching pad. Keys were removed. He had to buy a new keyboard for his laptop. I have pix (click on name). 🙂

  84. She looks like an ewok!

  85. Emma (Maine Coon) sit under the desk on the shelf with the scanner. She reaches her paw up between the crack (to feel around on top of the desk)). If she finds something like a pen, *poof* it’s gone down the crack…then back up the paw comes in search of other treasure!

  86. is that kitteh wearing makeup?

  87. CheshireCat says:

    Those sparkling blue eyes, so hypnotic….

  88. Ohh! What a sweet little expression! The eyes! So intense and sincere!

    Her expression reminds me of a kitty I had before he passed away (Romeo)…always with the sincere expression, wanting to tell you something so badly!

  89. Ame is absolutely gorgeous. What a face.

  90. Now THAT is a floofy kitteh.

  91. Farren has a talent for choosing beautiful cats. Check out “Diesel” in the sink!

  92. dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  93. that is quite possibly the cutest cat i have ever freaking seen. way to go.

  94. Ame looks like the kitten in the Warner Bros. cartoon, where she befriends a huge soppy bulldog.

  95. I believe this is the prettiest cat I have ever seen.

  96. ivivivivi says:

    if there’s not much love in this world anymore, at least, there’s still as much cuteness to save us and our days!

  97. ivivivivi says:

    if there’s not much love in this world anymore, at least, there’s still as much cuteness to save us and our days!

  98. Not to be a spoilsport or something but our cat damaged my husband’s laptop by sleeping on the keyboard of it. We are not sure how, but the repair guy confirmed that it could happen. Either she helped it overheat, or hairs got in and did some damage… anyway… watch out, people. Those cats on keyboards can be dangerous to your computer.