Caturday: Paws up fur collar?

This kitteh’s paws up are making a built-in fur collar, which he should prolly wear with his built-in cataloons.


Kate L. submitted this lil’ guy, the latest in carefully chosen 2009 Calendar submishes!



  1. squeeeeeeeeeeessshhhh!

  2. aw, cute 🙂 I should hope the calendar photos are being chosen carefully. I expect nothing but the ultimate in cute! 🙂

  3. Nicolletta says:

    Go to sleep…go to sleep…go to sleep, leetle kittie…

  4. ka9q's wife says:

    OMG That cat is so ca-yoote.
    I are ded after I aploded.

  5. ka9q's wife says:

    err that should be asploded.

  6. CheshireCat says:

    Looking at this kitteh in his warm fur, and his furry built-in collar nestled cozily in the arms of a kind be-sweatered hooman is making me a little less chilly on such a cold winter’s night. *contented sigh*

  7. ahhhh he looks so cozy. I’m off to bed myself and now I am sad cuz I know my bed isn’t nearly that comfy and/or cozy….

  8. i petted his nose with my cursor.

  9. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only oen who did some cursor-nose-petting…

  10. I petted his/her cute little feets.

  11. I love the smug little smile.

  12. Sleepity happity kitty. Awww.

  13. anyone else notice the cute little “snotsicles”? I didn’t pet with my cursor … I wanted to grab a Kleenex for it and then poke the perfect white belly

  14. charliewabba says:

    He says see how perfickly my pawses are matchink my cheen.

  15. what a cute tie!Oh wait it is a kitty!!!!!!

  16. that would be the definition of a “cuddle-time-kitty”

  17. yankeebird says:

    If that cat had one fang sticking out, I’d swear it was Bucky come to life.

  18. Aww he even matches the sweater. I can hear the purr all the way through my monitor.

  19. berthaslave says:

    Yah, I wanted to wipe the kitteh’s nose before I petted it. What a sweetie pie.

  20. This cat was genetically engineered to be cute, right?

  21. …zzzzzzz….

  22. Close your eyes, relax, and picture yourself in your happy place.


  23. Ooh, that’s one happy kitty!

  24. Now that’s what I like to see: fur collars on animals, not humans! You wear yours well, gorgeous kitty.

  25. Precious…can I cuddle with you?

  26. schrafinator says:


    I now have a new desktop image!

  27. All he needs now is a kissy from ME!

  28. Cute, but kitteh has boogerz!

  29. Can anyone shop the boogers out? I keep on reaching for a hanky so I can get them for him.

  30. Kitty boogars are so cute! When my kitties were sick, I would try to wipe their little noses – some of them kind of liked it I think, but most of them just ummmmm mmmm **too gross to post**

    I have some happy news! I think we may be getting a ratty for Xmas at our house – totally off the chart weirdness from my hubby.

  31. Are you kidding me?! This is sooo cute, Kate!

  32. aww those paws are so cushie looking. what a cute kitteh. so snorgly!