4 minutes and 23 seconds of baby pandas wrestling

This vid puts the overload in Overload. It goes on and on and on with these twin, lumbering panda toddlers, wrestling with each other. There’s a giggling Japanese audience in the background. Do we love it? HEI!

I coulda taken 30 seconds, but this is The Overload, so there you go.



  1. ~Roly poly Roly poly fluffitude!~ *dies*

  2. So, that was so adorable that my heart just peed. Yeah, I’m serious. I’m almost comatose from the overdose of cuteness.

  3. I’m so sleepy right now, and this is so cute, am I dreaming? I can barely tell. I hope these guys end up in my dreams once I drift off. Ultimate de-stresser, that was.

  4. Barely bearable… soooo cute!!!!

  5. I think the thing that makes pandas so cute is their butt. They’re very “un-butt-like.” They’re just so damned round and soft-looking, like a stuffed animal’s butt.

    I must have a panda bear for Christmas.

  6. The attempted pounces were really funny. They looked like two giant teddy bears trying to wrestle. I felt bad for the one that seemed to inexplicably end up on his head a few times.

  7. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww now thats just so darn cute. They couldn’t even get in good hits. They just kept falling back or tumbling forward. 🙂

  8. CheshireCat says:

    Pudgy pandas play as pleased peeps praise their precious patooties, Ahn!

  9. that looks like the cuddliest wrestling match ever, i just want to run in there and hug them
    and SO MANY somersaults!

  10. I can’t decide if they look like a new weight class of sumo wrestlers or really drunk boxers.

    Or maybe just a pair of Weeble Wables. They will fall over but they won’t fall down.

  11. OMG… Baby Panda Wrestling FTW!!

    pounce pounce pounce!

  12. Too bad the beginning of the tape was missing. You know, the part where they stomp their feet, fling handfuls of salt to the ground …

  13. There are no pandas in Japan. The audience is almost certainly Chinese.

  14. Andy – pandas live in zoos all over the world. Also, the audience is speaking Japanese. Also, if you follow the link to youtube, it says right there that these pandas are in Japan.

    But about the cute: omg. I watched all four minutes (chin in hands, elbows on desk) and could have watched 10 or 15 more. LOVE.

  15. This first rule of Panda Club: there is no Panda Club.

    Two pandas enter, one panda leaves!

  16. highlights:

    :20 – somersault!

    :36 – paws up!

    1:01 – braces himself!

    1:19 – THWAP

    2:09 – raspberry on the belly!

    2:26 – headbutting step by mistake!

    2:43 – so excited, he flings himself backward!

    3:30 – belly flop!

    3:36 – almost standing – OOPS

    3:45 – yep, that ear kronsche is there in all its glory.

    4:03 – HEADSTAND ehn ehn

    4:16 – oh STOP, he says

  17. The cute! The cute! Eeeet eees tooo moishe.

    For those who’d like a daily dose of teh panna qte, Zhen-Zhen, the cubbie at the San Diego zoo stars daily on their panda cam. She’s just barely started to toddle and her antics with mom are almost more unbearably cute than should be legal! http://www.sandiegozoo.org/zoo/ex_panda_station.html

  18. This is a little scary but the look on the panda’s face at the end made me laugh like crrrazy…

  19. circuscake says:

    sooo adorable! what a perfect way to start my Sunday.

    (ummm….i think you meant ‘Hai!’, yes?)

  20. OMG could that have been cuter and funnier!?!?! No. It could not. LOVE the uncoordinated wrestling match.
    And does anyone else think that pandas are related to Popples? They clearly have no bones.

  21. girlnextdoortn says:

    Sooo slow-motion! They’re like puppies- they want to fight, but they don’t have much control over, well, anything of their bodies!!

  22. 4 mins? I can watch these roly-poly babies do this for 4 hours! *sigh* Is there anything on this Earth cuter than baby pandas?

  23. Persephone says:

    For your consideration:

    I think we should have a special category for cuteness from Japan. Maybe it should be called “Kawaii”?

  24. berthaslave says:

    The somersaults did me in. Rolllll over….rolllll over….

  25. that one was all….eh eh when it felld over on its widdle head. Wanna snuggle wid the cudlys.

  26. the terror! the carnage! the brutality of vicious pandas!!!!


    barfing up rainbows over heah.

  27. People, I think we have discovered the ORIGIN OF SUMO WRESTLING!!!1! Call the press!

    Also, I second the addition of a “Kawaii” category. Considering how many of Meg’s posts start off with “The Japanese are handing our asses to us AGAIN…” 😀

  28. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of activity for pandas. Usually they are all like, can’t be bothered to get off de coushe. “Hey, could you hand me that remote? Oh, and pass me some of those bamboo stalks while you’re at it? *nam nam nam* Oh, and could you get the light switch when you leave. Thanks!”

  29. ohhh… PWEASE can I get in there and ressle with them? PWEEEEEASE??? I promise to look out for their clawsies.

  30. Could anything make that better? I think not… oh wait… if the Rocky theme song was playing in the background. Such an overload of cute. Ehn!

  31. sisterisablob says:

    Santa is bringing me one of these for christmas. Or two of these.

  32. The human version.

  33. SQUEEEEEEEE!!! Roly poly bebeh pandas!!!

    I think they look even cuter because their white bottoms look like diapers!


  34. When scientists figure out how to keep pandas babies forevarz, I want one.

    This was DEF. overload. 😀

  35. i think it’s already been pointed out, but i think it’s supposed to be “hai” if its romanized Japanese.

  36. Heh, looks like their biggest challenge is working with that enormous noggin.

    Meanwhile, if this were an Olympic sport, I would totally start watching the Olympics again.

  37. Thirty seconds? At the fifteen second mark my teeth started to ache from all the sweet cuteness and I had to hit the stop button. 🙂


  38. Pandas are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

    This video is proof that cute is universal and everyone laughs in the same language!

  39. kawaiiiiiiiiiii!!!

  40. *adjusts glasses* “Yes” is “Hai”…and a “so desu yo” would be a good addition to that.

  41. WWE, WWF, Whateve.

  42. No, I wahnt more more more! 4 min 23 sec NOT ENUFF! More clumsy panda puffage, please!

  43. luvinmalssomuch says:

    My absolute favorite animal. Thanks for the pandas CO.

  44. hai!