That toilet seat is so distracting

Never mind what those crazeh kittehs are doing—WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT MAGNIFICENT TOILET SEAT!?

It’s a dream captured in lucite.  Wrapped in an enigma.


Rosie A., these kittehs are obviously taking out their décor frustrations on the toilet paper.



  1. Fabulous seat! And kitties! I want both!

  2. girlnextdoortn says:

    OMG. The toilet seat. The toilet seat!!!! I could get rid of my real fish and put that on my wall instead!!

  3. Holy cow! I’d be afraid to sit on it!
    The kittehs are sure having fun – I especially like the crazy one hanging off the t.p.

  4. Forget the toilet seat, did you see that honker of a flusher-handle thingy? Or is that to lift and lower the lid? KEWL~~

  5. tracyflick says:

    Those cats are nuts!

  6. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    Those are some elegantly long, svelt kitties! Fashion model kits, to go with the designer toilet ensemble??
    Pray tell, what breed of cats is that? Or do they just keep their figures doing toilet roll aerobics?
    Dreamspinner Cheryl

  7. Look at them scrawny little kittehs. Eat a cheesebuger! You can has one!

  8. oh yeah, I’ve seen that before…
    actually not in process…
    but that is exactly why I have to keep my t.p. in the cupboard.

    and I do love the seat!

  9. crazy yoots

  10. Great toilet seat, but I had to shield my kitten from the view of toilet roll carnage — she doesn’t need any ideas.

  11. Michelle — I’ve seen seats like that at Home Depot and Target too.

  12. Wow, that IS a lovely toilet seat! But I’d be too afraid to use it!

  13. stealingsand says:

    My Siamese kitten Pixel looks all slim and svelte like that and he eats. all. day. He’d LOVE to hang out with these guys, trade a few signature moves.

  14. I love that picture! Boy, someone is in trouble!

    Can you email me and let me know where you got your toilet seat? Thank you!

  15. the bathroom is a busy-box for your cat

    if yours had a phone and your cats could call out for whiskas, they’d never leave it

  16. bad bad kitties – no no bad!

  17. This is exactly why I don’t keep my toilet paper on a roller.

  18. Best thing: they’re either totally unaware that someone is standing right there with a camera, or they just. Don’t. Care.

    I want to see the next shot, where they’re all looking round with that “Uh-oh–busted!” expression.

  19. Kitten on crazy toilet set: “You don’t have a square to spare because you shredded it!”

  20. this is perhaps the only bad thing my kitties don’t do….

    one of them has now taken to peeing down the drain of the bathtub…good thing or bad? you tell me…

  21. Redzilla – good 1

  22. I’ve got a huge meeting with lots of higher-ups in 45 minutes. I will now be able to smile and be cool. LOVE this pic! 🙂

  23. The hover text keels me! Sums it all up quite nicely.

  24. They look like Burmese kittehs…we had 2 Burmese cats when I was growing up, and they LOVED to shred the tp!!!

  25. those are some seriously angular kittehs.

    even the toilet knob is themed. wow.

  26. This is one CA-RAY-ZEE kitty party!

  27. I love that seat! I’ve been trying to tell my husband for two years that we NEED that seat, but he’s not convinced.

    Naughty kitties! But so dang cute. 🙂

  28. Ahhhh…watch as I sweeeeng from zeee toilette paper trapeeeeez.

    Nevaire mind zee crazeeeee toilette seat…I am supere kitteh! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeng zis way and zat way…up we gooooo and now zeee down sweeeeng!

    For my finale, I weeel shred zee remains of zee papere and toss eet into zee aire! Voila!

  29. Ahhhh…watch as I sweeeeng from zeee toilette paper trapeeeeez.

    Nevaire mind zee crazeeeee toilette seat…I am supere kitteh! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeng zis way and zat way…up we gooooo and now zeee down sweeeeng!

    For my finale, I weeel shred zee remains of zee papere and toss eet into zee aire! Voila!

  30. OMG! Kitten party in the bathroom! Love the lil guy hanging off the roll.

    I’d love to see the next shot. Faces all innocent. What? We didn’t do this!

  31. the person who has to pooh there has a problem…:-)

  32. That IS an awesome toilet seat:

    Alas, I’m still looking for a NYC Transit-themed seat, to go with the rest of my bathroom decor…

  33. Mom will love this snow effect we’ve made, won’t she?

  34. Yay! I <3 them. We had this pic up on CuteBabyFix a couple of days ago, and CuteBabyDaddy decided that they can has a conspiracy. Check it out:
    They weel dominate the toilet seat, suckas!

  35. The toilet seat handle! The toilet seat handle!

  36. I don’t think the lookout on the toilet seat is doing a very good job of keeping watch. They’ve been caught – on camera! 🙂

  37. oh-em-gee! the owners should be more careful! that kitteh could fall in that toilet!

    No way! Kitties + bathroom carnage = adorable all the time. Especially when the decor is so… glorious?

  38. I love those little skinny weinery kittens!!!!

  39. Nananananananana


  40. Ash,
    I wonder if the “honker” of a flush handle/seat lowerer will motivate the guys to lower the seat ???? haha

  41. ka9q's wife says:

    I would rather have piles of tp or have to hide the stuff in the cupboard than declaw my cats. I support Soft Claws in fact my dog wears them.

  42. Metsakins, my youngest boy also pees in the tub but only when there’s a human using the toilet. We think it’s his way of sharing, and it’s much better than his old habit of peeing on the floor.

  43. Neighborhood Kitty Haven says:

    harlemgrrl: The what? The two yoots! Love the My Cousin Vinnie reference.

  44. one of the erins says:

    OK, two miscellaneous thoughts.

    1: I know cats are flexible, but the one hanging on to the TP looks like its head is just about growing out of its back! Though I suppose they ARE black.

    2: I love the toilet seat/handle, but if your toilet ever broke (or those in the country on a well, if your power goes out) and you can’t flush it, you cant just close the lid until it gets fixed.
    That’s the only downside I see, anyway

  45. I think my new kitty does this just about every day, if not multiple times a day 😦

  46. OMG, that black kittie hanging off the toilet paper is in some kind of extacy. 😀

    I’d be in some kind of extacy if I had a toilet seat like that. With the handle and all!

  47. I love the toilet seat,
    want one.
    i love the kittehs at play tearin up the paper.
    i wouldn’t even be able to be mad at them.

  48. Brandi Lee says:

    ahhh I see that they have taken care of the evil toilet paper monster…….

  49. shandrewsca says:

    Do these cats remind anyone else of the hoodlum cats from Gay Purr-eee? It was an old cartoon movie from the 60s, and the hoodlum cats were all black and skinny.

  50. ThreeCatNight says:

    Those cats almost look like they were painted on there. Yes, I have fallen victim to the great toiletpaper shredding plague now and then, but no one’s ‘fessed up as yet.

  51. I think these three are Devon Rexes, just like mine… and mine would do that in a heartbeat!

  52. Spectacular! I have wanted one of those insane toilet seats forever, but sharing a home with someone who doesn’t appreciate :teh groovy: means my decor has tamed over the years. :\

    Those kittens are hilarious!

  53. I’m very impressed with that plexiglass themed toilet and yes, hanging from the roll like Shaq at the basket is remarkable.

    However, did you notice that wire toilet roll holder in the corner and the two empty tubes on the floor? I’m really impressed that they hiked those puppies up off the holder and then proceeded to shred the living daylights out of them. Now maybe the tubes are from the trashcan, but my imagination of three cats stacked on top of each other lifting those rolls is better.

  54. That toilet seat is FANTASTIC! It’d be a little much early in the morning though. You roll out of bed, still half asleep, stumble slowly to the bathroom, then SHA-BANG! TOILET SEAT!

  55. I love the positions the kitties are in. They all fit the destroying the world stereotype! There’s the mastermind gleefully forseeing the destruction, the silly one chasing empty rolls on the floor, and the thug doing all the dirty work. Fantastic!

  56. Gah! I just had a flashback to this morning’s pile-o-tp, courtesy of one very bored kitty. It’s only recently that she’s decided this is fun, but what a mess!

  57. berthaslave says:

    No one’s mentioned it yet, so I’ll just say I lurv the kitteh who has grown bored with the t.p. and has moved onto the stray scrunchie.

  58. Willow — so, basically, Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed? 😀

  59. CheshireCat says:

    When teh hoomans are away teh kittehs shall play.

  60. I NEED that seat and handle!!

    “Dear Santa…..

  61. Berthaslave, you know he’s giving that scrunchie the suspicious look and tapping it to see if it’s going to attack him back. “I so didn’t notice that evil little black thing on the floor until now.”

    Have you evah innocently made some sudden noize while they are tapping at some imagined danger? Floor to mis-air fright leap, then embarrassed look! Tee hee!

  62. mid air not mis-air. Sheesh. I am typo queen…

  63. {adjusting cuteologist glasses} rule #32, no?

  64. Adorable kitties!! The one on the toilet looks like its tail is close to getting wet.

    The people we got our kitty from had him de-clawed. No cute TP disaster pics for us. So I will just have to enjoy everyone else’s.


    Why did the business decide to escape from the toilet?!

    Yes, I’m saying the kittens are s**ts! 😀

  66. berthaslave-
    where is Luvins???

  67. soso-
    so where’d ya get it???

  68. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Love love LOVE tha naughty kittehs!!! I want them all!!! I guess this disproves my theory that if you have kittens, you should put the tissue roll on with the paper facing away…loox like in this case it didn’t matter, LOL!!!

    Oh, and the toilet seat’s cute, too!!!

  69. Those look like some looooverly Oriental Shorthair kitties. They’re smart, vocal little jerks, just like Siamese.

  70. acelightning says:

    Based on the l-o-o-o-ng legs on those black mischief-makers, I think they’re Rexes. My son’s Rex is always getting into things she shouldn’t, too. Meanwhile, the aquatic-themed toilet seat and matching handle are giving me a flashback to 1963…

  71. oh that seat!! dah dunh dah dunh dunh dunh dunh dunh (Jaws theme) just when u thought it was safe to take a whizzzOWWW!

    Oh yeah, cute kittehs too! My daughters cat does this with ANY paper – towels napkins etc. She has to keep it all away from him LOL!

  72. Oriental Shorthairs for the win! I’d recognize those long, thin bodies anywhere. I had two of these beauties (one has died of natural causes) and they are the most active, energetic and SMART kitties I’ve ever known.

    PS – yes her sister now has more company, I wouldn’t keep just one in isolation.

  73. those kittehs are very slender, and that toilet seat is fantastique!

  74. TwoShedsJackson says:

    Just for the record I (read my bloke) bought one of those seats and it wasn’t very good quality at all. The plastic was very thin and the metal bits were badly chromed so didn’t stay shiny all that long. I had to replace it within a few years. Sorry to be a party-pooper! The cats look like keepers though!

  75. They are *definitely* oriental shorthairs: gorgeous, bendy, lithe and scary smart!

  76. allergictohumans says:

    heeeeeeeey! that’s just like my toilet seat. 😀

  77. Wow that look like home!! I hate to pick up the mess but it is soooooo funny!!

  78. the handle is awesome too, my spidey senses tell me this is taken in england

  79. At least their owner caught them in the act. Mine acted all innocent when I caught them… “We didn’t do it, we just found it like this!”

  80. Yikes !!!
    I hope they have a spare roll someplace for the “humans” of the house to use !!!

  81. omg! I cannot stop laughing! :o)

    The spare rolls *used* to be on that holder thingy in the corner.
    Needz mor! Wheeeee! :o)

  82. that is the most awesome toilet seat ever. my cat does that

  83. it looks like even the toilet handle matches! wow!

  84. Yup. Thems typical Oriental Shorthair kittehs. Kitteh stretch/racing models, built for stealth, speed, vertical challenges and general mayhem.

  85. Holy cow, those are some naughty kittens..

    And where on earth can I get that toilet seat and handle!? Seriously, those are awesome. I NEEDSES THEM.

    (So like, if anyone has a link? I’d appreciate some direction!)