Doo tah doo, feenishing touches

Doo tah doo doo doo [places wooden train ornament]

bah rum pumpum pummm [places cat ornament]

[Strings red beads] Voilà!


Good job, Moses! (and you too, Hannah W.)



  1. So bleening cute!

  2. I has a Christmas tree!

    Now the ornaments go here… and here. Yeees…

  3. Does Moses realize he’s right next to a CAT ORNAMENT? Run, Moses, run like hell!

  4. Animalphiles Annie says:

    Moses must have had his fear gene removed by mad Japanese scientists!

  5. Well, since it is a cat shaped cookie ornament, perhaps instead of being frightened, Moses has been genetically altered to find it DELICIOUS LOOKING.

  6. Momof2kitties says:

    Great. Thanks ever so much for giving my cats one more reason to climb in the tree. Thanks. 🙂

  7. ::looks up at half decorated tree::
    ::looks back at moses::

    moses hunny, how many snorgles would it cost to have you feenish my tree?

  8. How is he staying in that tree…?

    Merry Xmas, Moses!

  9. fish eye no miko says:

    Christmas mousie! Awwwwwwwwww…

  10. But.. but.. where’s Cheeps? Is he waiting further up the tree for his bud?

  11. Awww, that hamster ornament looks soooo lifelike!

    (kidding y’alls)

  12. Where’s Cheeps? Cheeps? Cheeps? CHEEEEEEEEEEEPS? Where RU?!???

  13. ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… except for the hamster who was putting the finishing touches on the tree!

  14. YaY Moses !!!

    He’s on my desktop in a field of flowers looking anerable at me everyday!

  15. berthaslave says:

    cutie mccutersons.

    noel style.

  16. aww, who’s little?

  17. My puppy tried to do this, too.

    I think hamsters fit better. lol

  18. Hannah and Moses –

    You guys rock my world!

  19. OK, even though it’s a kitteh, the cat ornament reminds me of the gleeful CO background pantsikin fairies. Hammie = Snorg-ament!

  20. lurkingsmirk says:

    Helpful hammie!

  21. O tan-ham-baum,
    O tan-ham-baum!
    With BEF observant!
    O tan-ham-baum,
    O tan-ham-baum!
    With BEF observant!
    O’er ornaments you quickly climb,
    With proshness small and so sublime
    O tan-ham-baum,
    O tan-ham-baum!
    With BEF observant!

    O tan-ham-baum,
    O tan-ham-baum!
    Much pleasure doth thou bring me!
    O tan-ham-baum,
    O tan-ham-baum!
    Much pleasure doth thou bring me!
    This time of year the Cute we need,
    We did not think to search a tree
    O tan-ham-baum,
    O tan-ham-baum!
    Much pleasure doth thou bring me!

    O tan-ham-baum,
    O tan-ham-baum!
    Your black eyes shine out brightly!
    O tan-ham-baum,
    O tan-ham-baum!
    Your black eyes shine out brightly!
    On a bough you chose to alight,
    That makes each peeps’ face sparkle bright.
    O tan-ham-baum,
    O tan-ham-baum!
    Your black eyes shine out brightly!

  22. Hamster Christmas

    I’m a hamster at Christmas, merry ho ho
    I’m sliding down a snowman’s nose
    Landing softly in the snow
    Making snow angels
    And snowballs to throw.

    I’m a hamster at Christmas, joy to you
    I’m decorating my igloo
    Tiny lights red and blue
    Trimmed with icicles
    And red berries too.

    I’m a hamster at Christmas, happy noel
    I’m sledding in a walnut shell
    Or snowtubing in a doughnut
    Suits me sweet and swell
    While I sing jingle bells

    I’m a hamster at Christmas, glory be
    I’m climbing up a Christmas tree
    My most favorite sight to see
    So Merry Christmas to you
    Have as much fun as me.

  23. Aubrey! Oh tan-ham-baum! I like eet! Now I want to put a wee tam-o’shanter on Moses’ head…?

  24. MEG! where’s the wintry background?

  25. (mine’s a repeat, oh well!)

  26. I’d love to know where Moses got that uber-prosh Appaloosa ornament at 6 o’clock there!

  27. Is that his lettle tail? How adorable! Like he could possibly be cuter.

  28. Pyrit – don’t you mean HAM-o’shanter?

    I don’t know how I would have gotten through finals week without CO!

  29. SixFootJen says:

    It’s Moses! It’s Moses! Merry Christmas, Moses! I bet Cheeps is perched on the very top, taking the place of the angel and feeling quite smug about it. Happy Merry Jolly Hamsters, everyone!

  30. Awwwww, he’s so qweet.

  31. Have yourself a merry Hampster Christmas.

  32. (raises flute of cHAMpaign, “clink-clink”, and wink-wink, “To you.”, Hon Glad)

  33. oops, spelled it like the place. I meant teh bubbleh.

  34. OMG….HOLY CUTE!! :O

  35. Yitzysmommie says:

    Thank you Moses, Aubrey and Pyrit. If I had a christmas tree I’d want it to look like thees one!

  36. Deck the halls with boughs of hammies-fa la la la la, la la la la!

  37. Aw. Hamsters always look a bit anxious to me, but in this case of course it’s perfectly appropriate. HE ONLY HAS 11 DAYS TO FINISH HIS DECORATING/SHOPPING, PEOPLE.

  38. Rob Coover says:

    I must know more about Moses–is he still friends with Cheeps, did he bring down the Ten Hamster Commandments? Does he have his own website yet?

  39. tracyflick says:

    It takes the toy train to get to the other side of the tree?

  40. D’awww, he looks like he got caught doing something naughty! Moses, were you shaking the prezzies?

  41. Hamster Claus is coming to tooooooooooooooown!

  42. what a handsome hammie, and tewtelly into the holiday spirit!

  43. sniffle. this reminds me of my dear departed louisa-rattie who loved to explore in the xmas tree. here’s a pic (just ignore those cagemate-induced bald spots…)

  44. Awwww! This reminds me of a book I read when I was little – “A Very Special Christmas Tree”? I don’t remember the title for sure! But all the forest animals wanted Santa to find them, so they decorated one of the trees … Anyone??

  45. The only “Very Special Christmas Tree” book I’ve found so far is from 1993 and is by Stephanie Ryder. Oh, and the hamster is cute. 😉

  46. Aubrey, way to go.

    The First Noel

    The first noel the Ham did see
    was the first ornament on his own Christmas tree.
    Moses climbed that very tree
    and hanging tinsel,
    sung “A very Happy Christmas to all and be well.” squeek

  47. Oh, God, this makes me miss my hamster… D:

    He spent one of my loneliest Christmases with me and looked just like this little guy.

    He’s so adorable (and slightly frightened looking) XD!

  48. Cheeps probably took the top half of the tree while Moses did the bottom half.

  49. Yay! Moses! I love Moses and Cheeps.

    Only now I’m going to be checking the tree for hamsters every day 😛

    As for animals in trees stories, so far I’ve witnessed squirrels (that was bizarre), mice, cats, and about a billion ladybugs (it was a warm winter that year…). SO’s family used to have an iguana that would stay in the tree and loved it so much they’d have to lave the tree up for a few months at a time.

  50. CheshireCat says:

    Oh, his bright little eyes are just glowing with jolly christmas spirit. *sigh* this is what the holidays are all about.

  51. Um….I’ve gots a message…
    (I’m the one who took the picture)
    Cheeps isn’t on the tree…
    he passed away.
    sorry everybody….

  52. purplepeepz says:

    Cheeps… passed… away?! 😦 Oh how sad!

    Well I’m happy to see Moses. How is Moses doing, without Cheeps? And if it’s any consolation to you and Moses, Hannah, this pic is starting off my Xmas pets screensaver. Thanks for the qte Christmas!

  53. aww, poor Cheeps.
    *bows head in silence*
    Rest in peace little guy.
    I hope Moses and the humans are doing okay

  54. Oh, dear Cheeps. RIP.

  55. Moses was really sad for awhile..
    but he’s better now.
    I’m spoiling him more so he won’t be so despressed.
    It’s so nice that all of you care so much!
    I’ll give the m-man sum luf from you guys

  56. CheshireCat says:

    Poor little Cheeps, I’m so sorry. I’m sending lots of cyber-snuggles to Moses, I hope he’ll be ok without his friend.

  57. ka9q's wife says:

    I am so sorry about Cheeps. Cyber hugs to you and Moses.

  58. Another Angela says:

    Another Moses and Cheeps fan saddened by Cheeps’ passage to the Rainbow Bridge ;(

    But Moses remains one of the Kings of Cute and one of my favorites on CO!

  59. Another sympathy note for Hannah. Cheeps was very special and much loved by this board.