Peacock vs. Pug

How did a peacock come to terrorize this pug IN HIS OWN HOME? [shaking head]

Jorden C., I’m buyin’ what you’re sellin’!



  1. It’s like a teen pug horror film and I’m in the front row screaming, “NOOOO! Don’t leave the house!!”

  2. I love how he actually closes the blinds in an attempt to ignore the bird!
    “I’m scared of you, but I want to if I can’t see you you’re not here!”

  3. To Mr. Pug: Do NOT look over your shoulder!

    Love the music in this… Wonderfully done!

  4. Great editing, great music. Nicely done!

  5. That is so adorable yet sad.. and a tiny bit scary! Awww.

  6. Hee — Amazingly well done!

    Pug closing the blinds and then peeking through them was precious.

    Peacock is terrifying. Reminds me of scary mean Emu from Untalkative Bunny. I shall be double-checking the locks on my doors tonight.

  7. It’s a peahen. Pedantic I know; shoot me now. 🙂

    The music is fab, I agree. And I love the mad tail chasing, nails skittering on the floor…

  8. OK – closing the shades was brilliant!!

    I love how the pug thinks his own butt is after him at one point.

    Is that an odd type of Peacock – or a Peahen?

  9. hilarious, love the little puggly door.

    If a pug married a peacock, would their offspring be called Pugpeas or Peapugs?

  10. ShelleyTambo says:

    Yes, is peahen. I learned more than I ever wanted to know about them by reading Flannery O’Connor’s letters.

  11. hahaha i absolutely love that. its so well put together. what a funny thing to watch. im sure mine would react about the same way to such a strange bird. he got so frustrated he chased his tail!

  12. LOL! The “Le Sigh” at the very end is the best part…

  13. Yes, as Desi pointed out, that thar birdie is a peahen. And lemme tell you, peahens are probably the most annoying birds on Earth. Their call sounds like a woman in the deepest throes of passion, and is especially annoying at three of the clock. In the morning. BEFORE THE SUN IS UP. *eye twitch*

    That poor pug – I’d be pretty perturbed, as well.

  14. Brilliant! 2 thumbs up!

  15. snoopysnake says:

    Is this one of the new NBC programs they’re using to fill in airtime during the writers’ strike?

  16. Yes, as Desi pointed out, that thar birdie is a peahen. And lemme tell you, peahens are probably the most annoying birds on Earth. Their call sounds like a woman in the deepest throes of passion, and is especially annoying at three of the clock. In the morning. BEFORE THE SUN IS UP. *eye twitch*

    That poor pug – I’d be pretty perturbed, as well.

  17. OMG best video EVER. I love all the close-up face shots of the peacock/peahen.

  18. Love the editing and close up of the eyes for effect…sort or a Pug Cape Fear!

  19. I’m having visions of “Home Alone,” with the pug putting a hot iron above the dog door, jacks on the steps, etc., to scare off the pea hen.

  20. At the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, there are peafowl (the all-inclusive term for peahens and cocks)that wander freely throughout the park. They all tend to gravitate toward the food concessions and harass you while you are trying to eat. They are aggressive beggars.

  21. The Pug’s pead off.

  22. Great music! Love the video.

  23. “I am so frustrated with this bird, I must chase my tail!!”

  24. Actually, that is a peaHEN (the boys are peaCOCKS). My neighbor has peafowl that visit our yard, too, but our cat seems uninterested (she is an inside cat)

  25. LMAO! That was hilarious. I love the music. Great editing!

  26. The look on the pug’s face at the end saysm “you can stop this, you have the power! Put he camera down and chase the monster away!”

  27. Fabulous! Love how he stops to chase his own butt when he gets confused.

  28. I wonder what the bird thought of the pug he was obviously teasing the odg. :>

  29. okay. Who are you and how did you steal my dog? Seriously, that puggie looks exactally like mine…even the defeated and uncurled puggie tail at the end. So cute!!

  30. hahahahahahah i lovvve how he chases his tail and then close the blinds!

  31. giggle….Must…thank…snork….Meg!…guffaw…
    (that one really made me laugh)

  32. LOL tjotally delightful.. Poor pug it is so hard to be ineffective.

  33. THAT. was. AWESOME.

  34. NO, he did not just CLOSE THE BLINDS????

  35. Catsquatch says:

    Peacock won.
    I KNEW it!

    Them is some hard core birds mang….

  36. poor thing is being followed by both the bird AND a mysterious curly tail. he doesn’t know which one to attack!

  37. that is absolutely undoubtedly THE most ridiculous video i have ever seen….. SO FUNNY!!!

    but i must ask, who the **** has an effing peacock in their yahd???

  38. that is absolutely brilliant.

    my favourite part is when the cute little thing pulls the blinds to shut out the evil villain…..but then has to stick his head through just to check 😉

    great job!!

  39. I’m so happy you posted this! I saw it on Youtube last night and thought it was hilarious (and scary!) I love Jordan’s profile looking out the doggie door, the slow motion rush up the stairs, the the very cute TAIL on the pug (do they always have tails?) Whoever made this did a great job!

  40. We had a peachick named PJ for a while when I was a kid, till the neighbors’ chihuahua killed him. They SCREAM! Not nice birds at all.

  41. Allegra asks:

    “but i must ask, who the **** has an effing peacock in their yahd???”

    My in-laws have a peacock in their neighborhood (outside of Dallas). His name is Bill and he goes from house to house, politely pecking at each door. People come out and give him food and he moves on to the next house. There’s a big long story about where he came from and how he ended up in the neighborhood but I can’t remember it now. While not going from door to door, he hangs out on the roof of one particular house. He doesn’t go in my in-laws’ yard because one of their dogs does NOT appreciate the prescence of any other living creature in the yard, but I’m sure Bill stops in other people’s yards. I’ll have to ask them about Bill’s history and update everybody.

  42. Heeheeheeheehee! Oh, poor puggie, I do laff at your misfortune.

    “I’ll get you! I’ll get you! Attack! Oh, erm, run away! Run away!”

  43. ShelleyTambo says:

    The Milwaukee County Zoo has wandering peafowl, too, as does the Philly zoo. I asked one of their docents about why they’re allowed to do that. She just shrugged and said that they stay as long as there’s food, so the zoo peeps don’t worry about escapees.

  44. Love, love the end. The music matches the bird’s movement hahahaha

  45. Momof2kitties says:

    The Detroit Zoo has many wandering peafowl, too. They ARE annoying when you’re trying to cool your heels with a slushie on a hot summer day. My (then) 4 year old almost throttled one one day trying to “catch” it.

    I loved this vid. I laughed, I cried, I give it two thumbs up. I ask you, how did today’s Golden Globe noms miss this little gem? Awesome!!

  46. why has noone identified that as the Jaws theme?

  47. Awww, haha, adorable and very entertaining ^^ Well edited *thumbs up!*

    However, some people seem to be taking it the wrong way: it’s edited to look more coherent than the event was, I’m sure 🙂 I’m not calling it a lie or anything! Just like the plug closing the blinds, that seems a mix of different clips. And when it alternates between the peahen’s pov and the pug at the bottom of the steps: obviously the peahen didn’t actually have a cam, so it was the owner filming bits of it and the Pug reacting to him/her.

    Still awesome ^^

  48. Best video ever. I loved it. The music was perfect, and the staging of each shot was amazing. The dog was just asking for it, IMO. *snickers*

  49. Whew, I worried there for a minute.

    The music and the editing really make this one. Way too cute! Love the pug lowering the blinds. I have to show this to my Mom…I want to get a pug but she doesn’t. I think they are soooo cute!

  50. Peacocks are amazing but mean animals if cornered. We had some in Fl who wandered the neighborhood and terrorized local animals.

    We even had a male who fell in love with a blue Buick. Funniest thing in the world to see it parade in front of it and rub against it. It even pined for it when they moved. Of course since only the males are blue, you have to wonder.

    Anyway, they’re fun birds with amazing cries.

  51. Kar! :-O

    That is a RIOT!

    L to to O to the L.

  52. Luv EEEt! When the puggeh chases his butt, I tink he’s sayin’: My tail is JUST as cool as YOURS! nyah nyah.

  53. the tailchasing is the best part… Great video.

  54. Hahaha! My pug looks just like that one and she was a Peacock for Halloween!! Too funny. I wonder how I can teach her to pull the blinds down?

  55. Only the male peacocks are that blue/green, and they do lose their tail feathers certain times of the year (shedding?).
    Peahens are usually a dull brown, less colourful, like most birds species.

    Loved when the pug finally mustered the courage to go up the stairs, then ran back down when the peacock lifted his tail. ^_^

  56. awww she/he looks just like my little girl Lexi!!! Pugs are the cutest creatures on earth 🙂

  57. O.M.G. Best. Movie. Evar.
    The soundtrack and camera work — amazingks. Tail chasage? Fabulous. Pug burbles? Classic.

  58. i have laughed my ass completely off right here at work.
    i’m sure if they didnt before my co workers think i am insane.
    the music, the villan peacock, the ‘defender’ pug!
    the closing of the blinds! priceless!
    the spinning trying to bite its butt!
    and i bought peed my pants too.

  59. This is THE FUNNIEST CO post ever! Wow, I wonder what the Peahen did to the Pug to elicit such terror.

  60. The closing the blinds it talented. I am wondering in his attempt at intimidating the bird what the chasing the tail was about? Did it distract him? Or was he using it as a demonstration of his fearceness?

  61. That totally changes what you holler from “Don’t go down to the cellar!” to “Don’t go out the doggie door!!!!”

  62. hee!! absolute genius!! brilliant bit of filmmaking! that pug could teach the emoting prairie dog a thing or two about acting! two opposable thumbs up, way up! woof!

  63. I cringe when I see peafowl. For some unfathomable reason, they’re popular pets at ranchos in the southwest. My neighbors had them. I can still hear that shrill, pre-dawn cacophony raining down from the treetops.

    Needless to say, I was cheering for the pug. I couldn’t take my eyes off his lil cinnamon-bun tail though. Sigh.

  64. Har har har! I know just how poor Jordan feels! Where I used to work, we were terrorized by a male house finch. He used to fight with his own image in the side view mirrors of cars parked near his nest, strafing the driver’s side door with droppings in the process. And if you were foolish enough to leave your windows down, he’d fly inside your car, attack the rear-view mirror, and leave poop everywhere. I wish I’d gotten it on video….

  65. Excellent! I squeal with delight!

  66. tulasi-priya says:

    Carrie: No one has identified this as the Jaws theme because I suspect they’re too young to know it (or too old and their memories have gone. lol)

    Riddle: What do you call baby peafowl?


  67. The tail-chasing is the best part. I am home sick today and this definitely gave me a boost. 🙂

  68. Momof2kitties says:

    I knew (along with many others, I’m sure) that it was the Jaws theme. I guess mentioning it seemed both self-evident and irrelevant.

    *prepares umbrella for incoming pudding attack*

  69. to whoever asked the question- “who keeps peacocks in their yard?”
    Hugh freekin Heffener that’s who!
    [wanders away kicking at dirt , mumbling and flinging arms about wildly]

  70. This is Oscar worthy

  71. I like that by the end, when he’s lying down behind the closed blinds, his tail has been SCARED STRAIGHT!

  72. That peacock scared ME!

  73. Allegra, the Malfoys also keep peafowl–albino ones, of course. They also circle the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC, lurking in trees and howling to scare the crap out of people. They terrified my brother one day. I still laugh about it.

  74. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    That’s HILARIOUS! We have some friends who tried to raise peacocks. They got a bunch of pea chicks and raised them. When the pea chicks grew up, they would roam the yard in gangs. Sometimes they got up on the porch and climbed in the porch swing and watched out friends through the window. Back and forth, back and forth, just staring at them with that fixed gaze. Eventually the peacocks found other homes…

  75. I would keep peafowl if I could. I like them very moishe. I grew up with peafowl living behind me at an apartment complex on a hill, and they would wander down to beg dog food off of us. Their cry is beautiful! It’s one of my favorite sounds. I am surprised how many people don’t like it. Yay for the peafowl!

  76. AWESME! DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN—-DUN!!!!!!!!! FABULOUS! The peacock acually was a tiny bit scary. The blinds really completed it! 🙂 LOL! I luv seeing him peeking through them! 🙂

  77. ILuvCuteOverload says:

    Milo and Otis is what comes to mind for me. Theres the cute little pug in that movie and he battles all sorts of evils to rescue his marmalade kitty friend.
    Now, in the sequel, Otis is battling the vicious non-native peacock to rescue Milo his kitten buddy! 😉

  78. The best action movie/thriller I’ve seen in years!

  79. Apparently wandering peafowl are a popular zoo attraction. I’ve also seen them at the L.A. Zoo and the Louisville Zoo. In L.A. I managed to get pics of a peahen and her babies. And in Louisville there was a peacock who thanked me for some popcorn by fanning out his tail. Quite spectacular!

  80. herzliebster says:

    To whoever said that the bird in the video has too much bluegreen on its neck to be a female, check out this photo ( and you’ll see the male has much MORE blue, and the female looks just like the bird in the video.

  81. Wow! How epic!

  82. To all involved in the making of this movie:

    You are soooooooo awesome.

    Thank you,


  83. ShinyHappyGoth says:

    Actually, folks, I checked the comments on the video, and according to the person who made it, it’s simply quite a YOUNG peacock, whose showy tailfeathers haven’t yet grown in.

  84. wow… this video is awesome. very well done.

  85. The bird appears to have spurs, which I believe are only present on males.

  86. Oh, also, w00t for having a pheasant on CO!

  87. Uh, Pheas… Pheasant? What u been smokin’ dude?

  88. LOL, nicely done!

    We have loads of peacocks where I live, especially on my college campus. The one in the video is a girl. The boys are the loveliest iridescent blue! And yes, they’re noisy and quite silly, but they’re so pretty. 🙂


  90. aww what a beautiful peaHEN

  91. I like the bit where he just gets distracted and start chasing his own tail instead!! 😀 (or lack of tail anyway).

    And to those who believe this is a peahen, it isn’t. Peahen’s are brown and rather drab in colour. They have no blue on their bodies anwhere and don’t show any plumage. This is most certainly a Peacock,although most likely a young one who hasn’t yet grown into his full, irridescent beauty…

  92. Nicely done!

    Love the dramatic close-up shots and music accompaniment.

    cute AND funny. the best!

    “the villain: the peacock”. LOL!

  93. FAB-U-LUSS! What a great job of capturing the moment and editing. And the music was so perfect. Woohoo!

  94. spacebunny says:

    What a great production!

  95. Ann M. — peafowl are members of the pheasant family, at least in US taxonomy. Chickens are pheasants, too!

    Not smoking anything, let alone anything good, alas. And not a dude, a lass. 🙂

  96. Tyler Durden says:

    I’m that much closer to buying a pug now :o)

  97. Some Peahen says:

    Love the closeup on the Peahen’s eye. “Mess with me and you will enter the magical rainbow of PAIN!”

    (Is it me or, as good as the “Jaws” music is here, wouldn’t the “Jurassic Park” music be more appropriate?)

  98. Clever girl.

  99. I had non clueage of Pheas being a girly girl.

  100. It is most certainly a peahen. Females necks are greener, and males necks are more blue. Even young juveniles who don’t have pretty display feathers yet. I work around peafowl everyday in a zoo.

  101. Um, Craws?
    Heeheeheehee sweet!

  102. girlnextdoortn says:

    Best. Movie. EVAR!!

  103. Attack peacock…chase tail…snort…wait, what was I doing? LOL!!

  104. Smell your butt and chase your tail in a circle… what kind of attack strategy is that? A losing kind, that’s what!

  105. Wow… I love the strike/I hate the strike/I love the strike/I hate the strike/I love the strike/I hate the strike/I love the strike/I hate the strike/I love the strike/I hate the strike/

    DANG! That’s AWESOME.

  106. I think that the telenovela groundhog and the peacock should have a face-off. The eye action is too moishe.

  107. Love pugs. Hate peafowl. Oh, they’re pretty, but they act like they own the world!

    …Which is fine when cats do it. >_>

  108. don’t you mean how could, the peacock terrorize the poor dog? poor,cute little doggie!

  109. I love eeeet!! The editing, the score, the cinematography! I could really feel the pugs ire, his frustration and then his slow slide into despair as he realizes that he can never best the peacock. It reminds me of Poe’s The Raven, but with a peacock and a pug. Excellent film. Oscar worthy, really.

  110. That bird is EEEEVIIIILLL

  111. Brava!!! hehehe this makes me laugh. nice little pick me up