THIS JUST IN: The most optimistic face evar

Look at this face. This pup is ready to take on anyhing—root canals, idiots with ion headlights, botched whale naming contests, you name it, Titou will solve iiiiiiit


See Titou as a side kick in Sender-Inner Paul W.’s MySpace rant!



  1. aaaaaawwwwww

  2. Lookit that round haid! What a dollbaby!

  3. Oh, Titou, will you give me the cheer and goodwill to plow through another day at my spirit-crushing office job?

  4. LMAO

  5. meg (a different one) says:

    Oh my god. I’ve met Titou in person. Funnily enough, Paul used to drop in to my old (more or less spirit-crushing job) every so often with puppy in tow. I got in trouble more than once cause a line was building up at the register and I was busy holding his teeny tiny little butt in the palm of my hand. While he balanced on it, like he’s doing in the video.

    Titou, how I loved you.

  6. I’ve met Titou too! He and his owner were both extras on the Sex & the City movie the same day I was. Such a cute little doggie – all the other extras were falling all over themselves to play with & pet him! And he was so well behaved during the 16 hour day – such a pro! 🙂

  7. hahaha aww… his head looks like a baloon. So cute!! 😀

    I’m with Erin, the pup should make a stop at my office today!

  8. lurkingsmirk says:

    For some reason he looks like he should be wearing a little baseball cap!

  9. SQUEEE!!! *Poof ball* SQUEEE!!!

  10. My first thought was that, with a leetle pair of John Denver-ish glasses, he’d look just like that kid from Jerry McGuire: “did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds?”

  11. LOL One-Eyed!! Or maybe Ralphie, if Ralphie had spiky hair…”I want an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle! Oooooohhh…”

  12. circuscake says:

    OMG! i am sooo in love. i totally mean it this time…i really need to wake up to that face every morning…

  13. Optimistic? To, me, it looks like it’s frozen in terror.

  14. I live in NYC and have a spirit-crushing office job… Titou! Titou! Rescue me, please, with your furry optimism!

  15. He reminds me of Mr. Winkle! Remember him?

  16. ThreeCatNight says:

    My God! He looks like a little stuffed doll! What a face! Titou, I must have you! (but don’t let the cats know you’re coming by)

  17. Peg of Tilling says:

    O Titou! you make my life better just by knowing you’re there. If you’re looking for things to fix, I have a list to fax…

  18. What kind of dog is it?

  19. Anne Boleyn says:

    Tomorrow I’m having surgery on tibial tendons and associated bones. Titou is just what I need to channel, [or maybe I need some Chanel )( ] because my doggies are looking as worried as I feel, but I think they look that way because they are going to sleepaway camp for a couple of nights. Anyway, I’m puttin my worries on Titou’s doorstep. And counting the hours till beer:30 since today will be the last of that for a while.

  20. jessi-
    i believe thats a pomeranian.

  21. Titou is an 8 1/2 lb male Pomeranian. By the way, Martin, Titou has never been terrified of anyone or anything, as those who know him will tell you. That’s why he’s never mean. That’s why they’re considering hiring him as Official Greeter at Barney’s NYC (and why he works in hospice, too).

  22. Aww, how cute! Am I the only one who thinks the face looks really disproportionate to the body? It’s like when high school mascots put on the huge animal heads. Go team go!

  23. Of course he is a pomeranian… The happiest dogs on Earth.

    And They are fearless too.

    Anne Boleyn: Fingers Crossed and prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery

  24. LOL! Poofy hayd!

  25. CheshireCat says:

    Dat puppeh has a fro! Lolz!

  26. OMG, I have ion headlights but they came with the damn car!! What am I supposed to do, pay thousands of $$ to get them replaced? If only I had known…

  27. Can you change just the bulb or do you have to replace the whole system?

  28. Noelle — unauthorized replacement will void your warranty. [OMINOUS MUSIC]

  29. Talk about bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

    Noelle: I hope you can just replace the blubs…I hate ion lights! They blind me!

  30. “Botched whale-naming contests” — oh, snark!

    Are ion headlights those super-bright, bluish ones that blind you when they come around the bend? I could hold Titou up to block the glare!

  31. LOL Teho is that like when you remove the tag from pillows and the pillow police come and arrest you (you do know they are in the same department as the PHONE Police)… Listens as Ominous music plays in teh back ground

  32. Re: Pillow Police

    When I was about five years old, I read the pillow tag that said “not to be removed except by consumer.” I showed my mother and asked her what “consumer” meant. She said it meant “mommies and daddies”!

  33. Mary (the first) says:

    Was his body shaved or something?

  34. berthaslave says:

    The poofiness and teh red-eye make this fella look a little robotic and slightly creepy (the weird glow in the background doesn’t help), like he walked out of a late 60s Japanese monster movie.

    I’m not saying he’s not cute in person, just saying that the pic is a tad disturbing.

  35. I think this guy needs his own anime series. He could cute, magic powers and some daffy sidekicks.

  36. I think this guy needs his own anime series. He could have some very cute magic powers and some daffy sidekicks and go on adventures. I would totally watch that.

  37. Theo, thank you for the information about my car lights. I hate them too but I’m stuck so I’m officially NOT an idiot. Today at least. Yoy! 🙂

  38. yeah Titou didn’t even seem phased when Paul w. was ranting in the vid on myspace. chillest dog ever.

  39. OHMYGORSH! He looks like he should be a Sanrio character!

  40. Rich Fader says:


    [u can has teh hedsmaks – Ed.]

  41. OMGPONIES!!!11!!
    The dissaproving rabbit has finally met his match!

  42. LOLOLOL @ ‘u can has teh hedsmaks – Ed’ …

    and ‘botched whale naming contests’ … poor Meggie –

    no Baroo for Titou

  43. I like how he keeps holding the dog up in the movie.


  44. I never saw a dog like Titou before…what a wonder! I am now longing for a little fluffball companion of peace and charm just like him. Thanks for sharing!

    BTW, I agree with Paul’s rant: those new glaring headlights are murder on the eyes!

  45. OMG, two anime looking critters in one day..first the jerboa and now this guy…! Most cheerful, unpomeranian looking pom I have ever seen!

  46. Thx for your nice comments — hope the eds. will post more Titou as we’re very proud of him. In the video, I’m not actually “holding him up”. If the cameraman had framed a little lower, you’d see that, just as he has insisted on doing since he was a 2 months old puppeh and had to be carried on “socializing walks” before getting his shots, Titou is actually standing erect on my outstretched palm, and just leans his back against my other hand for balance.
    Helps him survey his domain, as you see him doing in the video. He’ll stay like that for good, given the chance. His new “trick” we’re learning is to walk down the street with me hand-in-hand. Favorite reward is dried apricots.

  47. This looks like a lead-in to a Disney musical numbah.

  48. And here I thought NYC was a Big Cold City, but everyone knows one LBD… thank you Titou, for helping me learn to Lighten Up amid the holiday hoo-hah!!!

  49. luv the tongue! 🙂

  50. He has a 5-head 🙂

  51. I hate those ion headlights…

    Titou you’re very inspiring. 🙂

  52. Shouldn’t there be a Rule about roundness? I can’t think of any creatures who look like circles and are not cute as hell.

  53. Awesome! He looks like a blow pop! So cute!

  54. Okokok im cute……you know that……..throw the bal throw the ball throw the ball……i’m not going to hold this pose forever………throw the ball………..get rid of the picture making thingy……..throw the ball throw the ball!!!!