This is soooo Daily Puppy of us

It’s sooooooooo Daily Puppy to post big, big shots, a bunch of them, of one puppeh. And then marvel in that one puppeh’s greatness.

Behold Molly, Sender-Inner Stephanie J’s sister’s puppeh. First, we have the harness-nommitude topped with ear flop:


Then we have the "Halp!" "ehn ehn ehn" [all paws waving] shot:


Look at this tubbular, stubbular bod, with mini air conditioning tongue.


And, saving the bestest, tiniest of tockages for last, not to mention haunch coordinayshe:





  1. Okay, you got me. So damn cute I could just plain DIE…

  2. I just haad to comment because I’ve never been first at anything. Erm, my firstness is probably because I’m up at 3:30 am writing a paper due today, and instead I’m checking CO. 😛

  3. Aww damn, Jbo you got me! oh well… 😛

  4. EeK! You just made a confirmed cat lover fall in love with a puppeh!

  5. esther sassaman says:

    paws up!

  6. A plush toy come to life! There is no better image to see right before going to bed: may all the peeps dream of flailing pawlettes and puppeh tockages!

  7. i just…>DIED

  8. I could just nibble on those ears. 🙂

  9. ooooooh! what breed is she?

  10. this is just what wednesday needs, molly shots :0) good morning!

  11. i think things always look cuter when accompanied by denim.

    (love the pink harness!)

  12. omg what kind of dog is that?? i want him!

  13. A combination of my two favorite sites – today is going to be a great day – well at least the start is!!

  14. belleh floof. need i say more?

  15. Oh stop! I haven’t had breakfast, now I wanna eet TEH PUPPEH!!!

  16. Ack! Must kiss all the little pink toesies.

  17. A.ner.a.BLE!!!!

  18. Snorgle Pup says:

    The second pose is just crying out for a belly snorgle!Mmmm the smell of warm puppy in the morning. Life is good…

  19. awww, she’s not much taller than the grass!!!
    11 biscuits to you Molly!!

  20. I bet Molly doesn’t walk – I bet she goes Sproing, Sproing, Sproing

  21. oh my gawd. ack!! too cute!

  22. What the heck kinda dog is that? Surely this level of cuteness should just not be allowed?!?

  23. the third picture is deadly and should probably be illegal.

    the tongue. OMGPONIES!!!!1!!!!

  24. Dear gawd, the pink paddypaws, the wee triangle ears… I can’t take the cuteness!!!!!

  25. Cute wiggly puppeh! Want to rub belly and soft kronshe on ears!!!!!

  26. teeniest of tockage? haunch coordinayshe?

    ROFLM– Bleen!!!

  27. ThreeCatNight says:

    Meg, you are KILLING me today with these chubbeh little doll-pups. All so adorable that I can’t choose! Oh, the torture!
    Love that belleh!

  28. OMG…. tooo cute!! I want one! I want one!! 🙂

  29. Ahhh The best part of waking up is Puppy with your Cup a Joe.

  30. katie & cammie,
    I’m not sure but the curly tail, floppy ears, and masked face reminds me of an Akita.

  31. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! What a perfect little puppeh!!!


  32. Oh, oh, thank you for this pup! I needed some cute joy this morning after totalling my car on the way to work. This baby makes me feel soooooo much better! The world is not total poo poo!!

  33. CheshireCat says:

    Look at those dainty leetle pink paw pads, the panda-like face markings, and those eyes, brimming with puppeh innocence! It is too moishe!

  34. She’s a mutt, but we think she’s a Jack Russel 😀

    (for those questions; and the people whom may re-read the comments)

  35. Gah! The little bandit mask and teeny tongue are KEELING me!!

  36. I soooooo want it

  37. That is one loved puppy! I can tell he’s going to have a fantastic life. Thanks for sharing the romps in the grass.

  38. This dog is pretty cute, and I don’t generally find dogs cute – it’s much more difficult for a dog to be cute than a cat

  39. I am not a dog person either, but this little guy makes me want one just like him!! He looks so snuggly! Maybe my cats would like him…he is too cute!

  40. berthaslave says:


    :: thunk ::


  41. That puppeh is too fluffy to be a dog. I think it’s some sort of alien stuffed toy.

  42. O hai, I’m Stephanie J’s sister. I have videos of Molly, too. ;D

  43. What a tiny puppeh! Just the puppeh-to-foot ratio is redonkulous!

  44. little pink tootsies!!!

  45. They have the Daily Kitteh as well. 😀

  46. Bald eagle says:

    Like a plush dog! Very cute…

  47. Meg……you have the most wonderful collection of animal piccys!!