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Everyone and their brother has sent in this Daily Mail article of this new species of rodent called a "Jerboa". People, this animal is not cute. [looking over glasses in lab coat] Let me tell you why. Rule #17, paragraph 14, item 7 SPECIFICALLY STATES that ‘tiny ears’ are cute. Rule #15 talks about a small ear to head ratio.

Why? Tiny ears are nibble-able! No one would even NOTICE if you chomped a hamster ear off would they!? No! They are small and fit in your mouf. This guy is like, part moth, and his ears would gak all the way down. Do you want that? Do you? Come on, People.


You got me on the beadiness of the eyes. At LEAST he’s got that going for him.



  1. circuscake says:

    whadya say?

  2. what about a new rule, one that states that a small head to ear ration is cute? I think it’s cute.

  3. Despite the large ears and wrong ratio, I think this guy is pretty cute!!! High BEF 🙂

  4. TheBigSleep says:

    posting in defense of this cute creature

  5. TrinketsMom says:

    I like moths. Gak me.

  6. I think we may need to *gasp* REVISE A RULE! Perhaps it should change to “extreme ear-to-head ratio.” After all bunbun ears are sthuper nibblable, and they are not small. Ephelant ears look nibblable, and they’re not small.

    *nods vigorously and adjusts lab coat* Clearly. *pushes up nerd glasses*

  7. But Meg! Bunnies are cute and they have long ears! Puppies and kittens also have visible ears…Though ham ears are also cute.
    I think these little guys are anerable~!

  8. Two of the cutest animals in the world – the Siamese cat and the basset hound – have enormous ears. I rest my case.

  9. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    His (or her) ears are practically bigger than his (or her) entire body!! C’mon, Meg, that is SUPER cute!! 😀

    p.s. TrinketsMom… Gak me! lol all over the place!

  10. awww! he’s super cute! I’m all in favor of Lizzys rule revision to “extreme ear to head ratio”!

  11. Clearly, Mr. Jerboa-pants is the proverbial “exception” to the rule. His outstanding BEF and quivering nosicle trump his non-compliance with rules 15 and 17. Thank you. (Adjusts glasses and sits to thunderous applause coming from the auditorium audience of Cuteologists.)

  12. Not cute?? Well if that’s not cute then frankly you need to rewrite the cute rules, cuz that lil fellow is aderrrable. There needs to be a “large ear exception” added, to take into account situations where the ears are more than 200% larger than the head, which goes so far towards not cute that it wraps around to cute again.

  13. AW! But the small ear-to-head ratio rule has been broken many times before! He is adorable!!

  14. I have to agree with the bun lovers on this one.

  15. In addition, while they are pointed in a downward fashion in the photography, when considered relative to his body position, this wee guy is clearly demonstrating classic “paws up.”

  16. I have to disagree with you Megs. I recall seeing a Fennec Fox on this website, and that’s the biggest ear to head ration I’ve ever seen. And they’re anerable. Just like these guys.

  17. garlicknots says:

    Wow! He’s hilarious! Even cuter when you know that they hop around like miniature kanga-rooroos! I must have one, and i’ll chomp his ginormous ears all day!

  18. and teenie tiniest lilest of fingers and a great manicure dont count for nothin?? come on now peoples.

  19. Heather Borean says:


    This little guy is the very definition of cuteness, he defies rule 15, and remains cute. Trust me (and many other people on this one) this guy is cute.

  20. what does Theo say?? He’s cute!!

  21. JERBOAS are SUPER CUTE. i sent meg a video of one scampering around the kitchen floor, they hop like kangaroos! but shes clearly got some bias against jerboas. this tiny ear rule is ridiculous, what about rabbits? dont rabbits have huge ears? are rabbits not cute?

    check out this video, guys! its cute jerboa jumping action.

  22. I love him!! Id love to have him hopping all over my apartment!

  23. Diane Fligiel says:

    As the owner(mom) of three (3) jerboas, I can attest to their absolute cuteness. They are wonderful and full of lots of bouncy goodness.

  24. His ear to head ratio may not be great, but his tail to body length ratio is off the charts.

  25. The Prussian says:

    OH NO!!! Oh Great Cute Leader! This critter IS IS IS ADORABLE! I want one!

  26. Poor little Jerboa is entirely cute. Video evidence:

    They don’t look real!

  27. Agree with commenters above: Rule needs modification to extreme ear-to-head ratio. Bloodhound puppies tripping on their own ears? Cute to the max. Lop bunnies? Super cute. Fox kits? Cute. Jerboas? Definitely cute.

  28. Well – if I might cite some evidence in FAVOR of the cuteness… Charlie the coyote, posted on this very site about a week or so ago, as a “cute” example, has a very large ear to head ratio. His ears are as large as his whole head, and yet HE is cute.

  29. I Heart Charlie says:

    Jill said it. If Charlie’s enourmous ears don’t disqualify him, then this little guy definitely falls on the cute side of the fence. Charlie’s ears are freakin’ huge man!


  30. The Prussian says:

    OH NO!!! Oh Great Cute Leader! This critter IS IS IS ADORABLE! I want one!

  31. Arachnophile_grrl says:

    Well we’ve all *squeed* over swift foxes and baby donkeys and part of their uber-cutness is the big ears.

    I just think that the ear to head ratio has it’s exceptions. Sometimes big ear ARE what makes a critter cute. 🙂 My dog is in that catagory, so I’m biased.

  32. Meg, if you don’t want him, can I have him? Pleez? Pleez?

  33. There are also jerboas that do not break the ear to head ratio. See picture of my jerboas here.


  34. He’s totally cute! He looks like Plusle and Minun! (Google them if you’re not familiar, and prepare to be gobsmacked by the cuteness. Stheriously.)

  35. Following up on this, aren’t Basset Hounds cute — why? Big ears to smaller head ratio. We do need a new rule!


  36. Yeah, I’m going to have to say that giant ears are way cute – in my opinion, cuter than tiny ears. But lets just say that a disproportionate ear size, in either direction, is whats cute! We can’t leave this little guy out in the cold.

  37. Sure they lure you in with their darling ears, the BEF, the darling mode of ambulation, and the tail, omg the tail! But then they nail you wif the claws of def! People do not be fooled! The claws of def are a serious threat! (Adjusts nerd glasses and lab coat and takes seat with dignity to cavernous silence in National Symposium of Cuteologists)

  38. aaaw this guy IS cute! large ears ARE cute. example=FENNEC FOXES (sooooooo sooo adorable)

  39. thequeenmum says:

    Jerboas definitely have the potential to be cute, as clearly demonstrated in the video johnny linked, but I would say that this particular picture of this particular jerboa is not all that cute. This little guy just looks kind of scruffy and evil.

  40. honey, i shrunk the chihuahua ;0) come on man, chihuahuas have big ears and i see a fair number of them on here! usually rodents don’t appeal to me but this little guy’s special!

  41. I would take exception to this comment, my jerboa is neither scruffy, nor evil. Perhaps the picture does not do him proper justice. I guess cuteness is in the eye of the beholder.

  42. But the dainty paws! the DAINTY PAWS!!

  43. I was a sender inner who pointed out that the ears were the perfect handle to gently pull up while snorgeling!

  44. Had enough of cute and fluffy for one day? Check out “grey matters” at http://ramblingsessaysandcollectedmusings.blogspot.com for a little intellectual discussion.

  45. Enough people thought he was cute enough to bring to the attention of the C.O. Democracy at work, peeps! Come on, the Cowardly Lion-like tail alone is worth something! 🙂

  46. hahahah. i love how the people are standing up.

    i think that it’s a eccentric looking mouse.
    and eccentric can be cute.
    lets open cuteoverload’s horizons…

  47. Doctor of Cutology, UCLA says:

    I concur with Meg’s assertion that tiny ears and small ear-to-head ratio are the stricter definitions of cute. HOWEVER, there really ought to be a rule for “absurdly disproportionate body parts” of any sort. Yay giant ears!!! And, really, who can possibly say that Dumbo wasn’t farkin’ adorable?!?

  48. Small BODY to EAR ratio? New cute rule?

  49. and, the jerboa buns, clearly visible in the hole-digging-clip, are uncontestably cute!

  50. Jumpin’ jerboas, johnny!

  51. Burn me at the stake if you must (medium rare, please), but I have always firmly believed that Rule 17 ought to include an interpretation to address animals with extreme ear-to-head ratios. Let the fennec foxes stand as my witnesses.

  52. Ears like a fennec, with a long tufty tail, and it bounces. How in the hell can it not be cute? Meg’s just trying to up the comment count.

  53. thequeenmum says:

    Nothing personal, Diane. I’m not saying he *is* scruffy and evil. He just appears that way to me in this particular picture, as I said before. I’m sure he can be and is extremely cute. 🙂

  54. ShelleyTambo says:

    Peeps, Meg has already admitted that rules 15 and 17 have some exceptions. As the first Fennc fox link that Theo posted says, “Um. We’re not quite sure what to think. We have the OPPOSITE of “small ear to head ratio” going on here, and yet it’s still cute.” Mr. Jerboa is clearly cute.

  55. Dewd, check out the Tiny Claws of Doom ™! Those are decidedly uncute. (Jury’s out on the neck-up…but it’s 7-5 cute right now.)

  56. ShelleyTambo says:

    I dunno, Doctor of Cute (UCLA), “absurdly disproportionate body parts” is just asking for some… um… juvenile interpretations. Lemur dude ( http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/07/rule_of_cutenes.html ) comes to mind, and not for the eyes.

  57. What a thoroughly redonk critter.
    1. Yes, it is cute.
    2. Yes, there needs to be a rule clarification/exception.
    3. Yes, God has a sense of humor. You can’t make this aminal up. The tail, people. The tail. Seriously. Who thinks of these things?

    Also, I want one. But I think my cat would be a little too excited about that.

  58. Brammimonde says:

    New Rule: Large disparity between head and ear size, as compared to average human ratios.


    I got you all covered.

    And that tail! Sqeeeee!

  59. I disagree, this guy is totally adorable. I like animals with big ears, like bunnies and fennec foxes. Enormous ears are just as cute as tiny ears.

  60. Seven Paws says:

    Nahhhhh, not cute. (paws down)The claws alone are reason enough! But I do confess that when I heard about the jerboa on the radio news yesterday, my first thought was, “Gee, I hope there’s a picture of it on CO so I can see what it looks like!”

  61. The HoverFox is deemed cute so by the power invested in me by the Shtate of Mutts, I declaire the Jerboa to be officialllllllllly Ca-uuuuuuuuuuute!


  62. Here is another animal that defies the ear to head cuteness ratio. This is a Springhaas. 🙂 He is following the folded paws cuteness rule.


  63. Okay evehbody,
    It’s time to start the chant. Ready?

  64. ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT BASSET HOUNDS AREN’T CUTE??!?!? how dare you. Big ears are cute. Really really big ears are really really cute. Get over it.

  65. I have to say that the video with the jerboa bouncing around the kitchen kinda creeped me out. It’s like a furry bird whose wings have migrated to its cranium. The pom on the end of its tail is cute. The rest of it? Not so sure. But yes, buns=cute; fennec foxes=cute, and basset hounds=cute.

  66. Easy solution. Create a new cute large ear catagory for this little guy!!!! Or a hopping catagory for him and roos.

  67. How can this not be one of the cutest things ever?! Definitely need a revision of the ear rules – super big ears on very small animals = definitely cute 🙂

  68. I don’t care what anyone says, me thinks it’s kawaii!

  69. I say “aye” to all those who propose an amendment to the rule such that redonkulously large ears be recognized as cute, as well as redonkulously small ones.

    3 examples: 1–Jerboa. 2–Coyote pup. 3–Do a Google Images search for lab puppies. If you dare. This third example, I think, is particularly important. It is arguable that the jerboa and coyote pup are cute IN SPITE of their ears, but it really seems that lab pups are cute, at least in part, BECAUSE of them.

    This is why peer review is important, peeps. And props to Meg for having the intellectual honesty to draw our attention to a counterexample.

  70. Ugh.

    Daily Mail defo Ain’t Cute.

    this story was all over… can the Mail enthusiasm be curbed perchance?

    and anyway

    this animal is only cute cus it’s a freaky amalgamation.

    i think it is “spethul”

  71. Is so cute! *stomps foot*

  72. I agree with Lizzy! “Extreme ear to head ratio”. Do be a playa hater Meg!!!

  73. We need a NEW Teh Qute rule, OPPOSITE of rule 17!


  74. shadowsong says:

    Yeah, I really think the rule should be that the farther away from 1:1 the ear:head ratio is, the cuter it is, regardless of which direction away from 1 that ratio goes. Big ears are cute, especially in baby animals – it looks like they haven’t grown into them yet.

  75. Maybe they should be the GUIDELINES of Qte!!

    After all, cuteness is like porn– you know it when you see it!!

  76. marissposa says:

    I think the extreme opposite of any rule slams it back into the cute catagory. Like beady eyes opposite, HUGE eyes. That is sooooo cute.

  77. No no no — this *IS* so definitely cute! Look at how silly his ears are… !

  78. What big ears you have, chomp chomp.

  79. Lalalalaaaaaaaaaa says:

    I thought this little guy was cute….UNTIL I watched the youtube video at which point I became terrified.

  80. I don’t need add to the above comments to let you know you are OVERRULED. Hello, how many fennec fox pictures have you posted on this website? And their ears are even larger, in comparison, than this rodent’s. He is so ridonk cute, and the huge ears only add to it!

  81. Hoverfox! Hoverfox! GO GO GO!

  82. ready for takeoff!

  83. I’m with everybody else here – the Jeroba IS cute!! The simple fact that the ears are so much bigger then the head makes it so.

    I mean, Dumbo had ears that were waaaaay too big, and he was adorable, so why can’t the Jeroba be recognized the same? {Pets little critter} Cuteness!! 🙂

  84. I love it’s whiskers.

  85. Bunnies have large ear to head ratios. Are they not cute? And Fennec foxes? And fruit bats? And bebe elephants? And puppies? Etcetemera.

  86. This little critter is both adorable and a treasure. The Kiabab Squirrel (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaibab_Squirrel), which lives in the forest surrounding the north rim of the Grand Canyon, also has largish ears for its size. Rodents are wonderfully varied. I’m glad this critter is alive and I wish his and his kind much success.

  87. If that little Jerboa understood the ear controversy he might droop them in shame, thus looking like a belgian lop and therefore having a cute factor,which would negate the small ear cuteness-is-only ear-cuteness factor.

    Cute ears are cute ears, be they big ones or small ones, short ones or tall ones!
    The fact that this Jerboa is a new discovered species and *hops* everywhere also could be considered cute:).

  88. hmmm… looking at the rules again, and at the argumentation made here, it seems that the issue might not be a so-egregious-it’s-cute violation of rules #15/17, but, rather, an extension of Rule #10: “If you haven’t grown into your feet yet, it’s cute.”

    Shadowsong noted above that baby animals’ ears are cute because they’re not yet grown-into. It seems that Jerboas LOOK like they’ve not yet grown into their ears. But, furthermore, there are animals (lemurs and tarsiers leap to mind) that are cute because they appear not to have grown into their eyes… and let’s not forget the second clause of Rule #16 (about having a head that’s as big as your body).

    So… how about something like “if you haven’t grown into all of your parts yet — or look like you haven’t — you’re cute.” Hmm… perhaps the parts need to be specified, though.

  89. Jerboa’s are cute. They hop around on the spot for no reason…..nuff said!

  90. I’m sorry – a Jerboa is a new species? I thought they’d been around for a long time.

    Now if you think about the Laotian Rock Rat— that’s a new/old species and might have a tiny potensh for cuteness – but not much.

    Look at Gundi instead.

  91. little gator says:

    Baby hounds. Especially Coonhounds, Bloodhounds, and Bassets.

  92. I have large ears, and according to my sweetie, I’m CUTE.

    So I may be just a wee bit biased when I say this critter is definitely CUTE!

  93. Not a new species…Jerboas have been on the planet since the late Pleistocene age found in Russia, the Ukraine and as far east as China.

  94. I definitely agree with those who say big ears can be cute. I mean, really, look at the evidence: fennec foxes, basset hounds, lop-eared bunnies, Christopher Eccleston . . .

  95. He’s CUTE! I would adopt him immediately. Big ears, no problem. Cute face, check. Cute body, check, cute tail, check. He hits all the “cuteness” ratios. Reminds me of a drawf hamster that magically grew ears, feet and tail. Of course, since my hamster died a few days ago, I’m really missing having a small pet around.

  96. Oh nononono…you don’t *nibble* the ears on a jerboa.

    You *dip* the ears, using them to scoop up as much guacamole as possiblem and then you *eat* the guacamole, carefully *nomming* the ears as you do so.

    Tssk. Honestly!

  97. Mary (the first) says:

    One vote here in favor of revising ear to head ratio rule to be any extreme (small or large) is cute. This guy certainly is!!

  98. I wonder if he can fly…

  99. The public has spoken! **A FORMAL RETRACTION AND APOLOGY IS IN ORDER**. This crime against the helpless Jerboa will not stand. Big-eared Animal Lovers of the World, UNITE!!

  100. Uhhhhh why wasn’t THIS the highlighted picture??

    and then – the RIDICULOUS video on the website!?

  101. That nose is strangely distracting me.

    A snout on a mouse? Are you sure this isn’t Despardeux?

  102. berthaslave says:

    It’s all been said above….I vote cute and an amendment or corollary to the ratio rules.

  103. garlicknots says:

    AND AND AND! what makes them EVEN cuter is that they’re known as the “Mickey Mouse of the Desert” come on, you cant argue with that!! CAN YOU ?? CAN YOU ?? I thought not. pbbbb!

  104. Objection! (Stands, smooths lab coat, pushes glasses up with finger, consults clip board and clears throat.)
    Fennec foxes are not applicable to the ear exemption because those aren’t ears. (Holds up wriggling Fennec fox by its arm pits.) Those are clearly not ears. They are wings.
    (Sits down, releases fox, fox starts grooming itself indignantly.)

  105. I defend the big-eared! What about Corgis? So much cute!

  106. Oops, my mistake! 🙂 The segment I saw last night related to the Jerboa as an endangered species, not the Jerboa as a new species. Somehow I got the idea that what I was looking at was a new variant of Jerboa.

  107. Jerboas are established critters, kind of the Old World version of our kangaroo rats. This might be a new species of jerboa, but as a group, they’ve been hopping a long time.

  108. I think you need to shut up about how big ears aren’t cute. Did you see those desert foxes? Could you just take a break from your rules and let us enjoy the picture instead of you complaining about these kinds of things. Jeez, give it a rest.

  109. stop linking to the daily mail, it makes my piggles cry 😦 http://janeyferr.co.uk/lilyfightsatissue.jpg

  110. garlicknots says:


    “I think you need to shut up about how big ears aren’t cute. Did you see those desert foxes? Could you just take a break from your rules and let us enjoy the picture instead of you complaining about these kinds of things. Jeez, give it a rest.”


  111. Not cute? This little nibble tops a my cocker spaniel on nibble-bility. and surpasses calicos and aderrable.

  112. What’s going on? I saw this critter like 7yrs ago and even then it was called Jerboa. This isn’t new….

  113. Cute! Cute!A thousand times cute. “Come on people” is right.

  114. Clearly, cute cannot not defined by just one set of rules…this little guy shows us that by being “not cute” and yet so many think he is! The proof is in the webpage!

  115. hmmmph [clears throat] [adjusts nerd glasses] Good afternoon. Our topic this afternoon is the difference between necessary and sufficient conditions. “A” is a sufficient condition for “B” if the truth of A implies the truth of B. For example, “if you tilt your head to the side, it’s cute” (Rule 37).

    On the other paw, “A” is a necessary condition for “B” if the truth of B implies the truth of A. That is, it is impossible to have B unless A is true.

    Homework: decide if Rule 17 (“Have tiny ears”) is a necessary or a sufficient condition for teh cute. Be sure to take the fennec fox into account in your answer.

    Class dismissed. [shuffling of papers. no applause]

  116. Article 1: “Eat your peas Kid” post. Hellllloooo! Big ears to head ratio!!!!!!

    Don’t be dissin’ the big ear to head ratio!!!!

    Jerobas are CUTE!!!!

    Rule #whatever
    Don’t tell cute-o-holics what cute!!!

  117. TexIrishRose says:

    wOOt!!! Wut an aDORablez prayshuz thang that iz?!?!? I wud nibblez n nibblez some morez. I tink dat kreacher is da bomb!

    Oh Kay, Meg…maybe we needs to redefines the Rulez of Kewtness??? 😉

  118. please-“rules of cuteness” don’t need to become dogma

  119. he the perfectly manicured fingernailz are cute 🙂

  120. Come on Meg! Don’t discriminate! Big ears are cute too!!!

    I think the Jerboa deserves an apology.

  121. new category!!!!!!

    “Ears Bigger Than Most of Body = Adorable.” What about that little fox with the gigantor ears?! He’s precious! It’s okay Jeroba, we love you anyway.

  122. I think so too, apologize Meg! Plus I’m pretty sure he heard u even though u were whispering. hi hi

  123. I like him! And I like moths!

  124. The WHOLE THING’s nibble-able. It’s smaller than a regular mouse! [starts snacking on tail] “nom nom nom nom”

    (Also, as a couple of people have already said, it’s all over Rule #10).

  125. Rule #305: If a critter gets 126+ comments in his defense, he’s CUTE!!!

    You go little Jerboa — we’re behind you and your larger than life ears!!!!

    Go Jerboa, Go Jerboa…!!!

  126. Jerboa flies like a hummingird with those ears, hovering around fruiting shrubberies, sampling the tasty berries. It’s a fact.

  127. huge foot to body ratio! huge foot to body ratio! tiny hand-like feet are cute!!!

  128. Anonymously Exposed says:

    OMG, A PIKACHU!! POKEMANZ ARE FORREALS!! Lol, it looks like a mutated gerbil, with rabbit ears, and a mouse tail. Amateur scientists should never go near the animal cages D: I think it’s kind of cute, but the parts don’t seem to go with the animal. It’s like someone doctored this photo, though I know this picture wasn’t photoshopped. The only thing I see that’s cute about this animal is it’s total akward appearence XDD Usually I’d have to agree that huge ears are adorible, but as long as they aren’t erect such as on this creature…

  129. I think Meg is just teasing us! I’m sure she thinks this little critter is positively adorable. Right, Meg?

  130. fish eye no miko says:

    “this new species of rodent called a ‘Jerboa’.”

    New? Really? I’m sure I’ve heard about them for years…

  131. He looks just like the background image for this site. Cute. Looks like he could fly.

  132. This picture does not serve the animal any justice, that video is unbeliefable. It looks like a bird and a bunneh took a liking to one another. It’s all together redonk! And I don’t even understand the tiny ear rule, who would want to munch on tiny ears anyway? Big ears? Oh yes, all the better to munch on. You can fit more in your mouf.

  133. Aheem…As has been pointed out by my esteemed collegue, Ms. Frost, the jerboa is in violation of rule 15. However, may I point out that when the rules were created, there was no knowledge of the jerboa’s existence. Thus he exists outside of the strict parameters that have been laid out by Ms. Frost. I think all who see this creature will agree with me on the point that he is, to put it in the strictest of academic terms, absolutely anerable.

  134. Arachnophile_grrl says:

    ceecee – you are sounding so academic right now. 😉

    Perhaps we could do a sub-rule named after Dumbo? I mean Dumbo was very cute and, most of these animals like Fennecs, look like they are about to drift away in a strong breeze. 😉

  135. I was a sender-inner. 😀 Yay! And I, like the eleventy one squillion people above me, do declare that Big Ears Are Cute. Dumbo, bassett hounds, FENNEC FOXES and now this – Meg, how can you possibly deny the anerableness of ears so big the animal could get the tip of ITS OWN EAR in its mouf?!

  136. If you seed the video of dis critter, the wind-up toylike motion, you would say “oh, is cutes…” My hubby & I laughed at the locomtion of the wee beasty.

  137. If you seed the video of dis critter, the wind-up toylike motion, you would say “oh, is cutes…” My hubby & I laughed at the locomtion of the wee beasty.

  138. FENNECS!
    Fennecs, people! Fennecs! The rule should be “disproportionate ear and head size.” After all:
    Lop rabbits.
    Behbeh elephants.
    And fennecs.
    All of these have BIG ears, but are very cute!

  139. Ooh, earsitude-commentroversy!

  140. Click on the link and look at the second picture! Is that not a five-head?

  141. i think over sized ears are much cuter than small ears.

  142. Who made Meg the queen of cute, anyway?

    Oh right…we did.


  143. [hrrrumph – clears throat] Esteemed colleagues from the Royal Society, honoured guests, my lords, ladies, and gentlemen. Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, I am of course enormously honoured to be invited here this evening to give this year’s annual Meg Frost Foundation lecture. There has been much discussion in recent days of the “discovery” of a new mammal, the jerboa. However, while I applaud the willingness with which the scientific community and the world at large has embraced this “new” animal, I regret to inform you that this is not, in fact, a jerboa at all. Indeed, it is not even a new animal to science.
    What we have here, and taxonomy will bear me out if we could only catch the little blighter, is a Manx Mouse.
    For those unfamiliar with this animal, I would commend to you Paul Gallico’s landmark work on the subject, entitled simply “Manxmouse”. Within the pages of this tome you can found out everything you might ever want to know about the Manx Mouse, and his only known predators in the wild, the Clutterbumph and, or course, Manx Cat. More information can be obtained here:

    Thank you for attending – coffee and biscuits will be served shortly in the refectory.

  144. Cait: “It’s like a furry bird whose wings have migrated to its cranium.”

    YES!! That describes it EXACTLY!! Thank you for putting into words what I could not properly describe.

    But the tail totally atones for any awkward the rest of it may suffer from. It was like, pin the Eeyore tail on the bird/mousy thing.

  145. In the end, I think this can be settled with one simple question:

    “If the Jerboa did not exist, would the Japanese invent it?”

    The answer, imho is a resounding YES.

    Ergo, Jerboa=cute.

  146. awww.. I think he’s pretty cute, and I am compleeeeetly enamored of the bigger ear than body ratios.. we’ll all have beeg ears someday, they never stop growing, you know. My gramma had verry beeg ears by the time she was 92.. and she was cute..

  147. Wow Tony James That is down right interesting.

  148. Meg, I’m shocked at you. You’re so caught up in your cuteologist dogma that you don’t recognize cuteness that doesn’t conform to your arbitrary rules.

    Jerboas are people too, you know! …Wait, no they’re not. You know what I mean.

  149. Another Angela says:

    Those confused about jerboas need to know that this is only one of many species of jerboa. Use the Googles.

  150. Big ears and a little fuzzy body … totally cute! 🙂

  151. CheshireCat says:

    *Gasp* I love Paul Gallico’s books! I’ve read “Jenny”, “The Snow Goose”, and a couple others, but not “Manxmouse”. I shall ask for it as a Christmouse present.

  152. Um, Diane Fligiel, please tell me where you got one of these guys!?!? I dont think I will be able to live another second without one in my life!!! OMG!!!

  153. Even if you discount the ears as a violation of rules 15 and 17, this little guy has the daintiest of paws. The weensy little furry walnut of a body, anerable beady eyes, bouncy long tail, big feets, and dainty paws. He has all that going for him, and shouldn’t be discounted because of his ears… which are cute, too. ^_^

  154. FifthSonata says:

    I’ll take this Jerboa with a side of potatoes and some ketchup to go please. No silverware, I shall kronshe him whole. Those ears, they tempt me.

    God, he’s so cute I just want to squeeze him like toothpaste until he’s nothing but minty-freshness.

    What…too much? *sigh*

  155. FifthSonata says:

    This just in…

    he HOPS like a bunny!


  156. It’s a little scary looking, but still kinda cute. Except for the ginormous fingernails/claws! eep!
    And what about Corgis? they have gigantic ears, but are still cute. And Bassett Hounds! Huge ears.

  157. He is sooooooooooooooooooo

    New Rule shall apply immediately!

  158. I think he emanates cute.

    He’s got bendy legs like this guy…

  159. Waitwaitwait. People actually have them as pets?

    I can has jerboa?

    *bursts with delight*

  160. You just said it was not cute to get a rise. Notice, will you people, that there are nearly THREE TIMES the average comments here? Truly, the community has spoken. Ears bigger than your body ARE CUTE. See Disney’s “DUMBO.”

  161. Long-Eared Jerboas are very very cute, but they make me sad. their population has just been decimated 😦

    the footage is new, but these little guys were discovered by humans a long time ago… and now because of our mining and release of cats, we may only have pictures in the future.

  162. Eater of Shades says:

    Large head/body : ear = cute


    Large ear : head/body = cute

    I seems the jury has spoken

    cute cute cute CUUUTTTEEEE!!!

  163. I’m totally with Theo and Krys O. The Hover Fox alone rebuts Meg.

  164. There appears to be two problems regarding this animal – 1. they are endangered, and 2. everyone here wants one.

    I believe the solution is obvious – breed them, sell them as pets, use proceeds to breed more and conserve habitat, release into wild.

  165. I propose a new rule for you consideration ( modest, humble head bow): Bone-y feet are NOT cute ( see back talons). I see the wisness of the small ear rule, now. I resisted at first, but I now I understand, oh Master of Cute.

  166. bananasforbunnies says:

    Dont’ forget the huge whiskers….

  167. Rodents are lovely too says:

    Anything that looks like a Super Creature of itself… is freakin cute! For examples, this cute little rodent looks like Super Auditory Dipodidae ~ “Saving its colony from one Fennec Fox at a time!”

  168. There is also Problem #3. they do not breed well in captivity, even under the best of circumstances.

    Sorry to say, I think it is best to leave the jerboas to the wild and do what we can to protect them in the future.

    But they are cute!

  169. thatgirlshines says:

    as one of the masses in the “everyone and their brother” pool, i am happy to see so many other people think that lil’ dood is cute. those ears? those teeny nails? the lil’ beady eyes and pink nose? the AWESOME whiskers?!!! how can you *say* something like that, oh moderator of cute?

  170. Andrea|Nash says:

    Honestly? I think it’s awful cute, too; but who, on God’s sweet earth, thinks Meg, who scours the internet on our behalf, needs our help to find this? Children, get over your vicarious ownership of this great site. Get out there and create your own … you can do it.

  171. DevonRex Fan says:

    Devon Rexes always had the huge-ear-tiny-head cuteness factor hands down. Let’s create another rule!

  172. all little critters are
    de facto cute.

    in fact, the littler the cuter.

  173. Yubi Shines says:

    Actually, I have the best solution to this problem. Create a new category for Flagrant Breakers of the Rules, where the usual cuteness rules are broken, but there are still cute elements. There surely have been more than three such posts!

  174. It’s CUTE!!! CUTE, I say!!! If you can call fennecs cute, why not jerboas, huh? Huh? [tugging on Meg’s sleeve] The rule sez EXTREME head-to-ear ratios, not necessarily bighead-smallears! Is cute! CUTE!

    *throws tantrum*

  175. I loiks heem very moishe, particularly the fact that he bounces. Ergo = cute.

  176. while small ears are cute, the rule does NOT say that big ears are not cute. In fact rules 17 and 15 do not say anything about its converse, and interpreting it in such a way would be a logical fallacy.

    For example if you take the statement “If X is a cat, it is an animal,” and try to apply it to its converse, you would get: “if X is an animal, it is a cat.” which would not necessarily be true. It COULD be a cat, but it may or may not be.

    Therefore, this animal may or may not be cute. Which, btw, it is.

  177. Pennysquisher says:

    I think someone put the bunnies and the gerbils together to make this animal.

  178. I say CUTE, both for the humongo “picking up satellite tv ears” and humongo hind legs.

    Gerbils rock too.

  179. Mothra mates with Gerbra. Japanese black and white sci fi movie produces cutest rodent on the planet.

  180. AuntieMame says:

    I was a little nervous about reading this thread, but thankfully 99.99999% of the people posting got it that Meg was pulling our legs when she said the jerboa’s big ears weren’t cute.

    And his whiskers are about three times the length of his body, too.

  181. Claire wrote:
    “I have to disagree with you Megs. I recall seeing a Fennec Fox on this website, and that’s the biggest ear to head ration I’ve ever seen. And they’re anerable. Just like these guys.”

    What Claire said. Double ratio exception call.

  182. BEGovernment says:

    Prevent fascism:

    Learn now…

    Speak now…

    Do NOT let the bush fascists take away *OUR RIGHTS* !!!

  183. Helen-Anne Mertsching says:

    Oh Mom! (I mean, Meg.) Didn’t you see those teensy hands?

    Any way, preposterously large ears should trump all rules about tiny ones. After all, the monstrosity of these puts them in a category that’s all their own.

  184. OK. I have never before commented on CO, but I HAD to weigh in on this one because my voice has been raised by at least two octaves since yesterday on account of seeing a video of this critter on a news site last night. It is literally making me go “eeee!” and hop around the room intermittently. This creature is CUTE on a STICK! Or perhaps just a paintbrush-like tail. But there’s no justice in the world if this little guy gets excluded from Cutedom on account of his ear/head ratio. I think the Fennec argument pretty much clinches this one.

  185. Meg was just tongue in cheeckin’, right? When she split the left with her diatribe about such&such cute, and on the right, not being cute or being not cute… or (not) cute all along… kinda.

    Of course Meg knows cute when she comes upon it.

    She just don’t support any animal rights movements, not really.

  186. rubber duck says:

    We have said this HUNDREDS of times: BIG ears are cute! BIG EARS! This picture just once more proves it! Why can’t you believe it! CHANGE THAT RULE NOW! Just think koalas, bunnies, um, um, elephants, DUMBO, um, ANYTHING…Why do we have to keep saying this! It’s BIG EARS that are cute!

  187. Ex-Network Geek says:

    Ok, we’ve had the logicians, so I guess I should chime in for law students. It’s clear that the proper interpretation of the Rules is that they are not exclusive. In other words, the Rules could be preceded by something like: “Cuteness may be found whenever any of certain traits are present, including but not limited to…”

    I mean, it’s obvious, because some of the rules contradict each other. E.g. #10 (haven’t grown into your feet) and #19 (dainty paws) are basically incompatible. I don’t see how disproportionately large (not-grown-into) feet could possibly also be “dainty.” Thus if either rule was exclusive, the other would be invalid (if it is also exclusive) or useless (if it is not exclusive).

    Any time you have competing interpretations of a rule (or set of rules) where one interpretation would make part of the rule invalid and the other would make all of it valid, you should go for the all-valid interpretation. And you should not choose interpretations that make part of the rule pointless, either.

    Similarly, rule #1 (paws up!), #22 (curl up paw), and #25 (dangly paw) would be hard to find together, thought perhaps not as completely incompatible as #10 and #19. I mean, I can imagine a cat on a sofa back dangling a back leg while lying with a front paw curled and the other one up. But that would be rare, and it’s clearly not intended that all three must be present for cuteness to occur. Thus they are not exclusive rules.

    I rest my case.

    (Don’t even get me started on jurisprudential theory about formalism and realism and hard cases and judicial discretion. No, really, don’t.)

  188. MiniKristin says:

    “this new species of rodent called a ‘Jerboa’.”

    New? Really? I’m sure I’ve heard about them for years…

    But the LONG-EARED Jerboa (as featured in this CO post) has never been caught on film before. That’s the new thing about it.

    Nice irony in the “is not cute” statements, by the way. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. *snort*

  189. LORD, how redonk. All I know is, I’m a rodent girl through and through. Regardless of what anyone else says, I think it’s adorable.


  190. Rocky Jerboa!

  191. “I mean, I can imagine a cat on a sofa back dangling a back leg while lying with a front paw curled and the other one up. But that would be rare.”
    That is NOT rare! Hee.

  192. AHAHA, as someone commented on the first video of the jerboa hopping around, “It looks like a Pokemon!” I think I’m in love… MEG! REVISE THE RULES!

  193. how can you say this guy is not cute, he’s ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

  194. Am I the only one who agrees that this animal is not at all cute? Sure, it has beady eyes, but it also looks like it might fly up and ear/wing-slap me in the face.

    Just because some creatures with big ears are cute, doesn’t mean all creatures with big ears are. We should not forget that bunnies and basset hounds are cute not just because of the ears, but also because they are vulnerable, or have bunaloons.

  195. Pikachu I choose you!

  196. Perhaps they should just be considered the GUIDELINES of cute.

    To get the full effect of this critter, you HAFTA see that YouTube video. It is the very ESSENCE of REDONK.

  197. July 13th 2007. Foxes demanded an AMENDMENT to the rule!! 🙂

  198. robert killick says:

    aww this guy is so adorable and i should know hehe i myself have a somewhat large or at least equal ear to head ratio =p

  199. Proposed rules…

    If it looks like it just stepped out of a Pokeball,(or f.i.t.b. with your favorite Japanise anime) it’s cute. (this could be called the Pikachu, I choose you rule..and the Pika could fall under this rule as well…)

    If its ears are larger than the rest of him AND can fall under one of the other rules o cuteness (see BEF), it’s cute.

  200. Nay, fumious Peeps, of differing rules,
    Singular laws of Cute is folly for fools,
    Teh burbling Jerboa ees brillig
    It gimbles with slithy toves,
    All mimsy in the borogoves.
    And whiffling too, a bit.
    Look how it baffles us
    Confuzzles and waffles us
    It is teh Jerboa and it is it.

  201. 200th!

  202. Me, and several others have been getting viruses or virus warnings from this page in the last few days. Better fix that asap guys.

  203. What is missing here is video footage. I saw video of this little guy on the news the other night and it has, without a doubt, the most adorable lil’ hop.

    If you were to see this hop in action, there would be no question about the cuteness of this lil guy.

  204. I saw it at tkistitch.livejournal.com and you missed the most important thing, you MUST put a video of this creature in action, it boings and boings endlessly, now that’s cute.

    P.S. I want one

  205. Yesterday I was getting virus warnings from this page too.

    And rules are meant to be broken, apparently, cuz this little fella is c-u-t-e cute!

    I mean, look at those little front pawsie clawsies!!

  206. I’m not saying its not cute or that it is but i swear i saw you put up a pic that had little white foxes with super giant sized bat ears… didn’t you consider them cute? Cuz if you did, you broke your own rules. =P

  207. 1 word: Adorable.

  208. BIG EARS.

    My friends. Is not a Dobie cuter with un-reduced ears, so that they flomp so softly, like a velvet dark chocolate triangle pancake inviting the nibbling? Honestly, isn’t the small ears that the twisted breeders force on these lovely dogs the antithesis of cute?

    Contrast and compare:
    Cute: http://www.geocities.com/threeddoggal/mvc-004s2.jpg
    Not cute: http://www.puppysites.com/deluxe/dutchmeer.jpg

    Big ears.


    that is all

  209. The highest form of anything is that which breaks the rules. Besides, the tiny paw action overrides the ear ratio problem.

  210. Teeny paws–perky whiskers–BEF–and Dumbo ears–adds up to cute for me!

  211. WHAT?!
    This animal is soooooo cute!
    how can anyone say that it isnt?!

  212. WHAT?!
    This animal is soooooo cute!
    how can anyone say that it isnt?!

  213. The fennic fox had big ears, he was cute. This mouserat is ucky. It’s his hoppy body position, those nail extensions and those dirty looking back feet that are uncute.

  214. Yitzysmommie says:

    I was reserving my opinion until i could see the first referenced video. Have jusat watched it and the Jerboa is indeed REDONKULOUS!
    My opinion, should you choose to accept it: Any critter that looks like it was put together by a committe is cute.

  215. I’ve always disagreed with Rule #15…huge ears melt me!

  216. guttersnipe says:

    I propose the SARSAC and ISAToRRF:

    Species Against Rule Seventeen Action Committee

    Inter-Species Association To Revise Rule Fifteen

    The raptor stance on this fella enhances cute: how many grams of fierceness is THAT?

  217. Technically, “jerboa” isn’t a species; it’s most of the family Dipodidae. This guy, however, is a new species, Euchoreutes naso.


  218. Listen people, Meg put on a LAB COAT. Who are we to argue with someone wearing a lab coat? We are clearly outmatched.

  219. To Tony James,
    thx for the manx clarification.

    to Pyrit,
    clap clap clap.

    to Luvinanimals,
    where are you?

  220. Rebuttle to the Logicians and Law Students:

    While it is true that the existence of a cute, large-eared animal is not INHERENTLY a contradiction or violation of Rules #15 & 17, the rules do not account for the existence of animals who are cute because of their large ears.

    I think of the cuteness as a set of scientific laws posited to explain teh qte. If this is, in fact their purpose, then it seems that they (collectively, not individually) should lay out all of the sufficient conditions for cuteness. One of these conditions, I submit, is having disproportionately large ears. Evidence can be found in Dumbo, big-eared puppies, and the long-eared jerboa, all of whom are empirically cuter than their medium-eared counterparts.

  221. Theresa, we could call it “The Cuteness Code(crossed out) GUIDELINES.”

  222. And then we can put a pirate hat on the fennecs. That’s cute.

  223. Erm… “rebuttle?” Did I really spell it that way? Holy frig, I must be losing my mind. Uh, I mean, I spelled it that way ‘cos it’s cute. Really.

    *hangs head in shame*

  224. Actually, Professors of catistics Humongo Floppy Ears and Dinky Noearsatall and their indentured graduate students have verified that the cuteness of the ear to head ratio is best described by a curvilinear, or U-shaped function.
    As values, either negative or positive, approach infinity, the cuteness value increases accordingly.
    Results of several Monte Carlo studies verifying this effect are to be published in the journal Science, as part of an upcoming special volume on cuteness.

  225. So by your definition, Chihuahuas are not cute.

  226. Catsquatch says:

    “This guy is like, part moth,”


  227. Catablob, I was going to suggest a periodic function, as I imagine at some point extremely huge ears may cease to be cute.

    “Indentured graduate students”–so true, so funny!

  228. Seriously need a new rule covering the ears-way-too-big-for-the-head form of cuteness.

  229. I have to disagree. Fennec foxes happen to be the most amazingly cute animals…and they have HUGE ears

  230. Catablob and Madeleine: You’re definitely on the right track, I think. Madeleine’s point is important at both ends of the function. Not only would infinitely-large ears be TERRIFYING, tiny ears (otters, Scottish fold kitties) are much cuter than no ears at all (snakes and birds).

  231. I have always had a bone to pick with the “small ear to head ratio” rule, and heartily support any movements toward changing it to a “disproportionate ear to head” ratio.

    Big ears on an amimal are super cute, and generally when I see a pic with a cute, small-eared animal, I think, “yes, but it would be cuter with bigger ears!!!!”

  232. If you could trip over your own ears, you are probably cute.

  233. .




    Ear debate aside, I think this guy is downright creepy. I’m a fan of other rodents, but yikes–he looks like he’s going to eat my soul.





  234. @cath

    You sayin birds aren’t cute? Huh huh? You’re just jealous cause they don’t have to fork over and wait in humiliating security checks to fly!

    Snakes (and women) have gotten a bum rap ever since THAT book was widely distributed.

    I personally love all creatures. Even “ugly” animals are cute – it all depends on how you approach life.

  235. skerrington says:

    The ears I can dig, but the hind legs…take some getting used to. They look grafted on. Otherwise it’s pretty cute.

  236. Holy ****! 235 comments! Is this a record?

    [Nopes… – Ed.]

  237. Chocolate. Bunnies. Proof that large ears are *very* nibbleable. Who doesn’t want a chocolate rabbit that’s all ears? nomnomnom

  238. Ok, I just read the entire thread. It took forevar! I have to agree that the little guy is cute but the video of him hopping around creeped me out a little bit. I do LOVE the tail though!

  239. NO! I have seen one of these creatures in the flesh and it is not cute, it is terrifying. I have had nightmares about these things for years. There is something unnatural about it.

  240. Catty,

    Oh, please don’t misunderstand me! I love snakes and birds. I’m saddened that my comments suggested otherwise.

    I think snakes and birds are beautiful, elegant, sexy… but in general, not the quintessence of “cute.”

    Of course, there are lots of cute snakes and cute birds, many of them featured here. But these are cute because of BEF, cute behaviours, widdle moufs… etc — i.e., in spite of their earlessness, not because of it. Otters and Scottish fold kitties are cute, in part, because of their little ears.

    In conclusion: Big ears and little ears can add cuteness (and thus should be included in the rules of cuteness). Earlessness, infinitely large ears, and medium-sized ears are not prohibitive to cuteness but are not the cause of it.

  241. Correction: Infinitely large ears may be prohibitive to cuteness. As yet, I have found no empirical data to support or falsify this hypothesis. Maybe the universe is an infinitely large ear of an infinitely large creature. Maybe I should go do some work.

  242. so…are bunnies also not cute then?

  243. Wolfwhocriedboy says:

    I’ve been an advocate of Big-Eared cuteness from the START! It is time for us to rise up on behalf of Fennecs, donkeys, Chihuahuas, and all those other cute critters out there that deserve a place in the RULES!

    Big Ears Are Cute Coalition! Uhm… BEACC… doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but who cares. 😉

    I have to put a Cudos out there to the person who posted the Dobi ear-docking example. WELL SAID!

  244. Arachnophile says:

    Oh hey, and with all the Pikachu talk. You all really have to see a Springhaas:


    This guy IS Pikachu in the flesh! And they are like – 8 pounds!

  245. ******************
    I think the editors think we’re kidding, when we call for a Rules change to include the Disproportionate Ear-to-Head Theorem™. But I’m serious!! Who else is with Me?

  246. I am WITH YOU, Matteo. I was one of the everyone (not one of the brothers) who sent this in for consideration, and I think this guy is pretty damn cute. I think opponents have to concede more than just the beadiness of his eye. What about the pawsitude? Don’t those little hands merit a C.O.X.C.???

  247. Professors Humongo Floppy
    Ears and Dinky Noearsatall acknowledge the possibility, in theory, that an animal with an average ear to head ratio, such as the dreaded chihuahua, may be cute.

    They also concede that as the function approaches infinity in either direction, uncuteness, or even repulsiveness may result, and that as Professor Mad “myearsarenotbiggerthanahouse!” Eline suggested, a periodic function may be more appropriate. However, they are searching for empirical data to test this hypothesis. (Actually they are making their grad students search for the data.)

  248. @Faye

    Mothra mates with Gerbra…cutest rodent on the planet….Hmmm.


    Your YTube post does not have sound. My link reveals the full horror.

    you MUST put a
    a video of this creature in action

    P.S. I want one.

    Are you sure now that you have seen this monster rampaging across the desert?


    You are so right. It has come for your soul. Num. Num. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  249. little gator says:

    I’ve had hounds who could nibble their own ears.

  250. He is so not cute. He is scary. Especially his teeth. Teeth that would put the rabbit in Holy Grail to shame.

  251. Are you CRAZY?! He is ridonkilously cute! Oh and Amy FYI, those aren’t his teeth! Its his paw, durrrrrrr.

  252. Momof2kitties says:

    Oryx: Thank you for returning me to the horror that was Philosophy 101. Yipe!

    Ex-Network Geek: I consider myself to be relatively articulate, but you floored me. Ummm…what?

    Pyrit: Clap. Clap. Clap. Very nice!

    Has no one commented on the evil paw tenting yet?
    Ergo: Cute


  253. *Professor Frink*

    Ghhwell, guh, ghactually, a ghay Hausdorff dimension on the order of the Mandelbrot or Julia set fractals is typically associated with the nice and the bunnies and the cute or the Koch Curve with the pretty like snowflake! mayvehoyven…rather than the rougher values associated with the Sierpinkski gasket – goyven things that are scary! with the poking and the biting and the pointy.

    Thus, a rudimentary examination of the animal reveals that, on a purely mathematical basis, the little mouse is cute,,,guhayven.

  254. I think we’ve been “had”… Meg knew ya’ll so well, she knew you’d all be like… “Oh, no, he’s anerable, we wuv da leetle creeter…” Which is good, shows we all are just big softies for any leetle bit of fuzzy sweetness.

  255. I agree–new rule. Extreme ear to head ratio, either direction. These little things are a whole new kind of cute!

    As far as clawsies, has anyone seen a panda’s claws? Especially a baby’s? They suck you in with the round fuzzy sweetness and happy smiles, and then blammo, you realize you’re dealing with Wolverine!

    By the way, I’m surprised nobody else has made a Pikachu comparison!

  256. Ex-Networking Geek, I know a fellow not-studying-for-finals law student using CO as an excuse when I see one… You’ll rock that statutory interp exam! Good luck.

  257. doooh! He is too too cute with his redonkously ginormous ears! Do not go making me startz zee “campaign for real Ceauty” because he do not fit the societal norms for accepted “cuteness”!

  258. Wow, a very un-veiled threat, I’d sure think twice before I’d cross hers… :O)

  259. oh noes! D: He is teh cute..he’s got BEF…and cute lil pawzlings! And I wanna nom nom on its ears. (I bet he could fly with those!)

  260. I say, most astoundingly best thread in a long time.
    Who are all you magnificent peeps here?
    It is imperative that you never leave.

  261. pookiepuff says:

    I think he’s totally cute! I love his big ears! I think the rule should be “extreme head to ear ratio.” Cause bunnies have big ears and they are one of the cutest creatures around!

  262. Only thing cuter would be two of them… holding hands… or touching ears… or holding each others ears.

    Exception or amendment call is reiterated. Who stands with me?

  263. Oh contrare…I feel that these ears are quite nibble-able! They even provide easy access by being so large! Cheek poufs are also a cute and adorable, waiting to be snorggled from his semi-Princess Di Pose!

  264. LunaKitteh says:

    waaaal…I’m beyond standing.. after reading all this thread, I’m flat out poooped… here, here!
    A toast with de finest egg nog and ginger ale cocktail! “Hrumph, hrumph…clearing throat…Here’s to the Jerboa, the Prince of Cutitude, the Gracefulness of Hoppitude, the Epitome of Mothearatude!! Hail to the Quintessential King of Miniscule Pawsatude… Take a bow, Mr. J!”

    Clap, Clap, Clap!

  265. Oh, come ON! I’m a long-time cuteologist and I know cute when I see it. Jerboas are cute. That’s all there is to it!

  266. New rule!

    I’m for any animal with exaggerated features. 🙂

    Hence my love of the tarsier.

  267. Cute vs. Not-cute I will leave up to the experts. But I do have a problem with calling the jerboa NEW?!?

    They’ve been around for AGES.

    [Not *this* type of jerboa, though… – Ed.]

  268. You need a new rule: “The People Have Spoken”. It states that if you get so many emails saying something is cute, then it is cute. This rule supercedes all over rules.

  269. But…. But he is adorabuls!

  270. It’s not a new species, but it is adorable.

  271. actually -ed, this type has been around in zoos etc. this is just the first time they have been _filmed_ in their natural habitat.

  272. Fuzz — (I’m “-Ed.” by the way, which is short for “editor”) —

    I didn’t get that from either the Daily Mail article or the entry at the EDGE’s blog. Here’s a couple links…

    “The EDGE of Existence” is a London Zoo program, but it looks like it’s all field research. I think these little jerboa guys are new (to us). EDGE calls them a unique species not closely related to any other mammals.

  273. Oh, and here’s another pic. Check out the snout on this guy!

  274. I love this lil guy, he’s got ears enough to gum and a furry lil body to hold 😛

  275. Squee! He is SO cute! I suggest we all VOTE (like a baby stoat!) on the cuteness of the Jerboa! May I request a poll on the subject?

  276. Aww… no way this guy is totally cute. NEW RULE!!!

  277. Some rules were made to be broken…I think this is one of them.

  278. there is nothing cute about this fugly creation. it’s so gross i was compelled to sign up and say so. it’s creepy. very, very creepy. and the fact that it hops makes it creepier.

  279. OK, it’s a tiny pygmy jerboa, but the whole damned tribe are so utterly utterly qt it’s untrue.

    Giant ears for teh qt win!

  280. Bigearlover says:

    I have never approved of Rule 14 or 17. Big ears are cuter than small ears. Fennic foxes, bunnies, floppy eared puppies and kittens with ears too big for the faces are all super cute. Elephants’ ears are uber cute!

    Big ears rule!

  281. Pam from JAX says:

    These guys look like they’re made up from the spare parts bins. We need a new Rule: If any of your parts don’t match the rest of you, you’re Cute!

  282. When I was in Kazakhstan’s steppe and in the desert I watched a lot of rodents like this, biggers and with smaller ears 😉

  283. I think this animal and the Fennec Fox are exceptions to rules 15 and 17

  284. Honestly, I never really believed in the “small ear” rule :/ Big ears are so cute! ^-^

  285. the long-eared jerboa (euchoreutes naso) was first taxonofied in 1891 with a subspecies identified in 1928. they are restricted to some areas of mongolia and china. the pictures in question pertain to the first film footage taken of this highly endangered species.

    i find major faults with the hardline ‘rules’ of cute to begin with, and think you folks are insane for arguing in baby-talk on the finer points of what is in essence a completely subjective titling, instead of wondering what one can do to help the plight of this and other not-necessarily orthodox cute species.

    in summation: jerboas are cute, but so are snakes. and kittens. and bats.

  286. I defense of adorable large ears, i call in the fennic Fox and a cuddly Lop Ear rabbit.

  287. oohlookasquirrel says:

    One of the rules is that small ears are cute, but that can’t mean that big ears are not cute. By that logic, any animal that is the opposite of any of the rules can’t be cute, and there are plenty of cute animals who aren’t accompanied by a smaller or larger version of themselves, or cannot use their food as furniture, or don’t have tiny tails, eye capsules, or suction cups.

  288. It’s the head to ear ratio: large ears and tiny head = cute.

    The rules should be revised. This animal definitely qualifies as cute according to everyone and their brother.

  289. “Let me tell you why. Rule #17, paragraph 14, item 7 SPECIFICALLY STATES that ‘tiny ears’ are cute. Rule #15 talks about a small ear to head ratio.”

    This is ridiculous. You have Fennec foxes, rabbits, elephants….big ears are adorable.

  290. Christiane says:

    It’s a kanga raton!!!!!!!
    AY YI YI!

  291. Wheeee! Commentroversy! *dances*

  292. I’ve always thought small ears were kind of boring. Big-eared animals always seem much cuter to me. Take the African serval, for instance….

  293. I WANT ONE!!!!!!