‘Hide and Seek’ ruined AGAIN

3…2…1! Ready or not, here I come!

OMG, Snickers? We’ve been through this.


Jilda S., you really need to teach Snickers how to play.



  1. tracyFlick says:

    Hate to say it kitteh, but your hiding place sucks!

  2. Yubi Shines says:

    He is the sneakiest ninja.

  3. They all think they’re smaller than they are! Reminds me of the time my kitty stuffed his big body into the arm of a jacket and then couldn’t get out:


    Pic is toward the bottom of the page. He’s such a doof.

  4. Ohlookachicken says:

    Heeheehee, ninja. *snort*

    What a cute fluffball.

  5. the kitters is just the right size…clearly some evil biped is replacing the regular plantstand with a smaller one. bipeds can be so evil!

  6. That is one fluffy tail! Don’t worry kitty.. when I play hide and seek i’m too big too 😦 5’10 = disadvantage compared to the wee ones.

    Katfighter, sport is sooo adorable! I love black and white cats <3 your other animals are cute too :)
    I have a catster and dogster for my animals too… http://www.dogster.com/dogs/555118
    is my beagle’s page, he’s trying to hide his fat butt under a blanket in the bottom pic!

  7. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Attack of the Tripod Plant People”
    – Kitteh seems to be trapped as the evil Tripod Plant vehicle bears down on him.
    – Will he escape unharmed? Will he destroy this evil invader? Does he really think that he’s invisible there?

  8. What? I don’t see him. 🙂


  10. You really need to vacuum more. Look at the size of the dust kitty under the plant stand!

    (What a sweetie, though. That looks like such a huffable little fuzzball.)

  11. FLOOF. Reminds me of the time my kitty hid behind her potted cat grass. It was way smaller than her, but she thought it was a good hiding place. How can you argue with a kitteh?

  12. paulajeanne says:

    One wriggle and that big evil plant stand will fall! Would love to see the after picture!

  13. “mmrow, I shall hide under this giant sequoia and no one will see me”

  14. aww, so cute 🙂 my kitty does the same thing, and always manages to squeeze out and not knock it over when the dog is coming 🙂

    ps. AAH OCD ATTACK that plant is SO not in the middle of that stand– not even CLOSE!!!

  15. What cat? I don’t see a cat…

  16. Hee hee. My cat (a Rubenesque tabby) thinks no one can see her if her face is covered. She’ll “hide” behind a chair leg, all of her showing except part of her face, and she’ll think she’s completely hidden. Also, her extra long tail constantly gives her away. They’re such goofy little critters!

  17. OCD Attack II: and the fan cord is all loose and stuff!

    But the cat is Teh Qte and the carpet is clean. Whew.

  18. Someone needs to put that poor, suffering spathiphyllum out of its misery!

    cute cat, though.

  19. “i am so totally stealthily hidden, i will attack viciously the first bare ankle that walks by! imagine their suprise!”

  20. Allegra – that’s bothering me too!! Ahh!!! *opens up Photoshop to fix it*

    Kitteh? I see no kitteh. Clearly he is hide and seek MASTER.


  21. lol, chacha, YES TEH FAN CORD! why is it not plugged in and coiled at the outlet just behind teh plant??

  22. circuscake says:

    well, at first all i could see was an adorable, sneaky little fluff ball.

    and now? all i can do is obssess on that precariously placed plant pot and carelessly strewn fan cord!!!

    thanks a lot.

  23. lol, Lizzie, it’s times like these when my friends go, ‘only YOU would notice something like that [plant stand]!’ but clearly i am not alone!!

  24. Allegra and Lizzie — your OCD attacks have no effect on FENG SHUI KITTEH! Hahaa!!!

  25. Fear not, fellow OCDers. For I have repaired the offending image!


    No more OCD meow!

  26. My cat is white on one side and thinks if she lays on anything white, she’s automatically invisible. This beige-y kitteh is on beige-y carpet so of course she’s invisible to the eyes of her human captors.

  27. (It’s a solar-powered fan. That way it’s only on during hot days, and has no offending pluggage.)

  28. Lizzy — you photoscooted the WHOLE PLANT over?? How long did it take you to mask that??

    (oh wait, duh. OCD.)

  29. Lizzy rules!

  30. Magnetic Lasso tool 😀 It probably took 10 minutes total. … Of course, I have lotsa practice.

  31. Remins me of my long-gone kitteh Mr. Harry. For a while we had a small green bucket lying on its side in the back yard. He’d run up to it and stick his head in it and hunker down. He thought he has fully hidden. He weighed 20 lbs.

  32. lol, i was just going to say that Sender-Inner must fix teh problayms, but lizzie has done that for us! excellent photoshopping 🙂 and excellent invention, on the side, too, lol. a heat-powered fan would be the most practical and energy-efficient fan ever! (the opposite of, say, a wind-powered fan, lol, unless it’s on a wind farm)

    ohh the ranting mind of an industrial designer!

  33. Hey Kat, thanks! Your guys are cute too, and have some pal requests…

    It’s so comforting to know there are so many fellow OCDers out there. I have to make sure the flag on my mailbox is straight up and down when I mail something. I have been known to turn around and go back down the block to fix it because the thought of leaving it crooked bugs the crapola out of me.

  34. I didn’t even look at the plant…too busy looking at the kitteh…otherwise I’d join the OCD club (well, I’m already in that club, according my psychologist). But now that it’s mentioned…and I can’t see lizzy’s photo (it won’t load)…so it’s buggin’ me!

    Cute kitteh, though.

  35. Okay for the OCD’s here is my own fix I did from the original, taking out the cord, healing the plant, and correcting the line in the carpet where it suddenly changed to a bit slightly darker. Yes, I could have made the leaves look more different, not clones but I didn’t want to spend more than 10 minutes on it.


  36. It figures. Marmalade/tabbeh Persians ALWAYS charm their way into hiding well/playing games.

  37. lol – looks like the plant stand squished kitty.

  38. LOL you guys are funny. OCD fixes.. SHakes head
    and smiles at extra special Ninja kitty who also has a degree in Feng Shui XD

  39. ya’ll are freaks = seriously. FREAKS.

  40. Patty P — I want you to ‘Shop my house! Please?

  41. i cant see Lizzy’s image, but if its anything like PattyP’s its great!
    (wish i was that computer literate)

  42. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=351121&id=615232045

    Sport looks like Pippin’s sexy/rogueish uncle

  43. Wow, I never knew OCD could apply to virtual images. Good for you guys. Please don’t visit my room, you would have a conniption.

    I think we’ve got it wrong, peeps…the kitteh knows it is too big to hide under the plant table thing….but it’s CAMOUFLAGED, so you can’t see it!!!

  44. Carrie, I never claimed to be normal!

    Pheas, if only it was that easy! I just bought a “new” house, a fixer-upper. If only I could ‘Shop the “before” pictures and have it be so!

    Liz, Thanks! I can’t get Lizzy’s page to load now either. I saw it earlier. I am fairly computer literate, but I learned to PhotoShop in a Yahoo group. There is excellent friendly help available.

    Back to subject. I forgot to say I made the basket wider to look like it was in the middle of the stand too.

    *under-stand kitteh remains oblivious*

  45. lol, ruh roh, lookie what i started!! berthaslave, ocd applies to anything and everything! it’s not the neatness (for me, anyway) its the symetrical-ness, (or lack thereof, before the photoshops) 🙂

  46. Aahhn. He really does look like he’s hiding… and failing miserably! So cute!

  47. Mary (the first) says:

    re: solar powered fans, I did see on Antiques Roadshow a very old fan that was powered by a flame (can’t remember if a candle or some kind of little lantern) that made the blades turn. Needless to say the appraiser guy said they were very rare.. did not “catch on” with the public. Nice try though.

  48. “You can’t see me. You can’t see me. You can’t see me.”

  49. CheshireCat says:

    Patty P, you are a hero to me, and many other Obsessive-Compulsives, however my psychiatrist would call you an enabler. 😛

  50. Momof2kitties says:

    Cat? What cat? I don’t see it.

    All I see is a nice, neat, symmetrical, tidy still life of a plant on a stand, with a fan. Just as it should be. What’s all this talk about a cat?

    If my gigantic persian can fit in a child’s size shoe box then surely this kitteh can fit completely under a plant stand. Puh-leeze…

  51. Andrea|Nash says:

    perfectly cute (cause it’s ridiculous, too) … thanks Meg…

  52. Fellow OCDoid here – The cord is loose, and not only is the plant not in the middle, even the *kitten’s* body is not exactly in the middle!!! I can see more of his back than his front!

    Cute kitteh, though.

  53. CheshireCat, personally I think psychiatrists are the crazy ones! Don’t get me started…

    My online friends make comments about various pics we share all the time. From time to time I PhotoShop the pics humorously to entertain. At Halloween, a friend sent a pic of a nude man from the back with a pumpkin painted on the globes of his rear. She made an offhand comment to our group that she wished she could see his butt flex. I animated and sent it back. She laughed and said it looked like he was farting. I added smoke blowing out his ass and sent it back again. I was greetd by group jhowls of online laughter.

    Some people take life entirely too seriously. Spirit of play – that’s the answer. It’s all just a bit of fun!

  54. My Emma (Maine Coon) will hide her big self behind a tiny box. If I act like I found her, she will wiggle to the other side of the box and “hide” there. Bless their simple selves. However, she provides hours of entertainment and is as sweet as she could be. Massively loved by mama (that’s me!).

  55. Wow! The OCD Club is an impressive group! And that cat is, like, invisible.

  56. my rabbit will hide behind one of his ears. he just moves the ear so it covers the one eye he is looking at us with. silly bunz

  57. Yitzysmommie says:

    Hee hee hee! The OCD’rs are as hilarious as the totally hidden persian kitter that I can’t see. Nosiree Bob, I don’t see any cat in any picture!

  58. OCD’s not as much fun as you’d think. Being a freak can be fun though.

  59. Being a freak IS fun.. but going back 8 times to make sure you turned off the stove (and then missing the bus and getting yelled at for being late to work)… not so much. I’m lucky, my compulsions are pretty minor and usually only come up when I have another source of stress, so now I can use them as a warning system…

  60. shanaelyse says:

    Ah, yes. *glasses on edge of nose* I believe vee need to review zee laws of cat physics, non? Zee rule of cat invisibility applies in zeees case.


  61. Meg. not THE Meg says:

    are we sure Snickers is playing “hide and seek” and not that other favorite cat game “knock over the house plant” ? It looks she is getting leverage to tip the whole thing over…Look out rug!!!