Typical. [eye roll]

I love it. Jump over to HallPass.com for thees one.

Bat bat bat. [pause]

Bat bat bat. [pause]



Amanda R., great find…



  1. Oh

  2. omgosh, too adorable! hehe they’re speaking Chinese too 😀

  3. Hee! A fairly patient pup, too.

  4. berthaslave says:

    Someday, I would love to see “cat poke” as a cat-egory. I love the cat-poke. The supreme test of patience for any creature.

  5. “Mom? What’s this creature in *my* lap spot? It’s hairy with big eyeballs and smells all wrong.”


  6. Hey dog thing get out of MY place.

  7. My cat’s version, dealing with another of my cats, is:
    I shall clean you – Leeck.
    I shall clean you some more – LeeckLeeeeckLeeeeeck.
    PSYCHE – Claws to your face!!

  8. That cat could of scratched the pup’s eyes out. D=
    I didn’t find that cute at all.

  9. i love how the cat totally knows what he’s doing – you see him prepare to back away just before he delivers the final blow!

  10. lmao, that cat is all “OH MY GOD IT’S AMAZING.”

  11. I love the cat’s expression “EWW, what’s that, disgusting, I can’t stop touching it” and then “OMG it moves”…
    Cute cat.

  12. This made me think of that Peanuts cartoon where Linus likes a girl so much that he announces — with a big grin — that he “hit her.”

    Sometimes, cartoon children and real-life kitty cats are flummoxed by their overwhelming desire to connect with the object of their affection.

    When that happens, how do they break the tension? They go in for the smack.

  13. LOL!

    No response.
    “Hey, hey.”
    No response.
    “Um … excuuuuse me?!”
    [long pause]
    “Why, you-“

  14. moondee, have you NEVER seen a cat and dog play?

    this cat’s just like my brat…he’ll look at me while he’s doing something bad to see if i’ll react, then it’s splitsville the second i stand up. little brats!! haha.

  15. That cat was clearly not aware of that dog’s right to not be scratched. I find this video is EXTREMELY offensive and I think the cat needs to be put to sleep IMMEDIATLY.

  16. ROFLMAO! That is FUNNY!!

  17. Hm, basically my sister and I during long car trips growing up

    however these guys are much cuter than we were.

  18. What’d the 5 paw pads say to the dog’s face?


  19. I had a little tuxedo tyrant who would poke *me*, and a lot harder than that! That’s a scream.

  20. Haha! This totally made my morning!

  21. BWAH! I love how the dog looks at the cat like: “I…have had….ENOUGH!!!!!”

  22. Hehee! All those little “love pokes” were, of course, leading up to the inevitable clobber.


  23. go cat go!

    get the lap!

    it is rightfully yours!

  24. That video and a bunch more are on this one site. this is my favorite though 😀


  25. cat: “Please play with me”
    dog: “Go away and leave me alone”

  26. I love how, in the middle, the cat looks up over at the people like, “What the hell is this thing? And why is it in my lap?”

  27. Awwww … the pooch looks just like my late, very beloved Maltese, Macy. Looks like something she’d do, too 🙂

  28. That look the dog gave the cat before the slap was too funny… “alright… ENOUGH… or ELSE!”

  29. Momof2kitties says:

    In my house we’d call them The Bickersons!

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    Cat: “Hey, dog, why don’t you just go, leave, NOW!”
    Dog:”Go ahead,cat, make my day! But in the end I WIN!”
    (and he did!)

  31. *waves to trolls*

    I think the cat is looking at the human to make sure she doesn’t notice the poking.

    This was an awesome video!

  32. Katzndogz – I agree with you – the cat was totally watching to make sure it wasn’t being caught.

    Poke – poke – peek – poke poke

  33. I LOVE the way cats always s-l-o-w-l-y alternate paws when they do that, lol!

  34. ALRIGHT. My seasonal office depression has been cured! Can I have an Amen??

  35. Didn’t we see this one before? Or did I see it somewhere? I think I’m losing my mind…

    Nonetheless, a very good thing to lose my mind about! 🙂

  36. LOLOL. this is hilarious! i love how the kitten looks up at his mom to see if she is watching! LOL!

  37. not all the videos at that site are humane videos – so don’t go clicking crazily… 😦

    did I just nuff?

  38. Cat: Dang…that’s one heck of a hairball!

  39. LOL! I like the pup’s irritated stare at the cat, after the 2nd poke.

    My old kitty used to cat-poke me right in the underarm, whenever I was on the PC. >_>

  40. No, Carrie, and thanks for the warning!!

  41. I am watching the live version of this as we speak. I have two cats and a chihuahua and both cats do this to the dog, of course the dog will try to sneak up on the cats too!

    In my house we have “lap waiting” as soon as one gets off my lap another one jumps up!

  42. I love the look the dog gives the camera after the second poke … “You see what I have to put up with here?”

  43. tracyFlick says:

    The staredown part between the two is GENIUS.

    so. intense.

  44. Seven Paws says:

    Reminds me of an old line from Mystery Science Theater…
    Cat: “Does this bug you? I’m not touching you”

  45. ROFL… how hilarious is that. I love the look the pup gives the cat.
    “Don’t do it… don’t do it”
    *jumps at the cat and then climbs back into lap…*
    “Told you not to do it!”

  46. HEHEHE Loved it.

  47. go, puppeh, go git em

  48. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Hee hee! Seven Paws called it. I was gonna say that, but another MST fan beat me to it!

    Whaddya think, sirs? 🙂

  49. I was all like, well the cat’s not hurting the dog. He’s just trying to get his attention. Oh. Never Mind.

    My boy does this. I wonder if they ALL do. It’s apparently and international phenomenon.

  50. Yitzysmommie says:

    Hee hee hee! Love the kitters persistence at poking – Poor puppers couldn’t administer a well deserved kitter return poke.

  51. CheshireCat says:

    My kitteh Elijah Featherbone does exactly the same thing with our chihuahua! Sometime he’ll hide around a corner and just as the puppeh is rounding the corner, Elijah will stick out his paw and administer a suprise poke to the schnozzle.

  52. That was cute but it was only a matter of time before fido there snapped.

  53. poke…poke, poke…poke, poke…POKE!, RUN!, RUN!, RUN!

    ah, yes, that MY cat’s favorite playtime as well.

  54. JNO, thanks for the ferret vs. cat link–it’s amazing. Go see it, peeps.

  55. This kitteh is sooo bad and sneaky. Puppers just had enough. Love it.

  56. And so is the fox on trampoline action–thanks, Carrie. Sorry, did I just make a Rick Santorum reference?

  57. moar like, poke..poke..poke..poke…SLASH!
    Am I rite? LOL

  58. OMG!!! That cat is so naughty! …and cute. He totally knows he’s being a pest.

  59. doesn’t anyone marvel at how this is the INVERSE of the puppy love video? 😀

  60. Hey – I’m gettin an Active X thing on the front page – never had that before

    any ideas?

  61. carrie i just got that active x thing message too. weird.

  62. That kitten eerily reminds me of my younger sibling.

  63. hey Carrie that fox is real cute!!

  64. Haha, very naughty indeed!

  65. “Hey!”
    “Want a ‘Hertz Donut’?”
    “Hurts, don’t it?”

  66. Mo-ooooooom! He’s TOUCHING me!

  67. LOL!! what a little s*** disturber!

  68. Johnny Sane says:

    Terribly cute!

    Reminds me of my own little fuzz-monsters.

    *poke* “What is this?”
    *poke* “Seriously, what are you?”
    *looks up* “Um, ‘scuse me. WTF is this thing?”

  69. no new posts :(:(:(:(:(


    Too funny. Here it’s the opposite. My dog’s always annoying the poor cat.

  71. Holy flippin’ heck, this video is priceless! A part of me died inside. Cause of death: cute/hilarity overdose!

  72. You can view this on youtube at

  73. lol the girls are gossiping in chinese!
    the cat and puppy [named Mei Li = beautiful] are so cuteee

  74. Awww- the kitty was jealous!

  75. Does this bug you? (poke)
    Does this bug you? (poke)
    Does this bug you? (poke)
    Does this bug you? (poke)
    Does this bug you? (poke)
    Does this bug you? (poke) etc.

  76. “OK, let’s see here…the right paw-prod? No, nothing doing. That white thing is oblivious. How about the left paw-prod? Nope, nada. But mom isn’t stopping me, so it’s ok. Let’s try the right one again…ah, that’s better – it moved! Ref! It was eyeballing me! I HAD to smack it!”

  77. I particularly like how, even after the dog has noticed and is staring him down, the cat has to try it one more time…

  78. I love how the kitty get a little braver each time and prods just a little harder then finally he’s like, “What the heck – *SMACK*”

    And the puppy giving that stare like you give someone who won’t stop clicking their pen or something.


  79. i seriously watched this video 5 times today! hilarious!!

  80. I love this vid. It’s just so…so…CAT.

    Signed: Confirmed Dog Lover

  81. Correct me if I am wrong.
    An older puppylup……who is rather bored by the whole thing……Sigh…….the younger ones.