How do I get to CuteOverload again?

[mushing paws into keys]

plap plap PLAP


Chicago Tribune Pet Contest, here is [drum roll] # 530! Nice sleuthing, Cuteporters Daniel and Cynthia H.



  1. This be mi first time trying ta log in…

  2. cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.

  3. …an…I had too much of teh spiced cider with teh other stuff in it… my typin’s not soo gud..

  4. Awww, sweet doggy! Look at all his delicious rolls 🙂

  5. Simpson O'Brien says:

    PLAP! PLAP! PURRRFECT sound, I can just hear this guy banging on the keys!

  6. lurkingsmirk says:

    Chubbly rolls! I want to give him a pinch.

  7. Is that a trophy or a bong in the background of this picture?

    [Probably spare robot feet… – Ed.]

  8. Cute Overload? Who are you kidding? He’s looking up wrinkle fetish porn….

  9. omg. this little puppeh is going to fall off the chair!!!!!!!!!! please somebody help him sit in the middle of the stool. i don’t want him to fall )=

  10. I so loving the lower lumbar/tockular rolls.

    The go-to-hell look is also precious.

  11. he’s all “help me. pwwwwwweeeezzzz….”

  12. Ha! I love the sophisticated stare. “Excuse me, but do not disturb me while I’m browsing pictures of overly adorable houshold pets.”

  13. esther Sassaman says:

    i aer blogging about yuo!

  14. The bulldog is adorable… and I really want that apartment!!

  15. Mom why did you putts me ups here ? you alwasy say get down not up ?

    I am not use to the ups put me downs well after you get done laughing at meee!!!!

  16. Wolverine Librarian says:

    How come puppy don’t go splat?

  17. Oh darn, my stock in Snausages are down again. Somebody get my accountant on the phone.

  18. He may be #530 in Chicago, but he’s Teh Winnar™ here!

    Sooooo cute!

  19. If you don’t want me always hogging your laptop, then get me my own. 😉

  20. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    You know the word “blog” is really a shortening of “bulldog”…

  21. oaklandcat says:

    HAHAHA love the Simpsons reference in the rollover!

  22. CheshireCat says:

    Oh dears, that puppeh is right about to fall off the stool, and than his po’ little tocks are gonna need an ice pack! Barooo!
    Someone halp him find CuteOverload before it’s too late!

  23. Awwww, the chubbitude!!! I wanna tickle heem!

    Teho, ROFL at the hovertext. U r teh awsum.

  24. I’ll just order a tab…oh, wait, no time for that, the computer’s starting…

  25. yankeebird says:

    I’m in ur blog, readin ur commentz.

  26. Mu typingh suffersd fom fat pawe.

  27. The computer says … “no”.

  28. It doesn’t get any com-cuter than this.

  29. to those people who are worried about him falling off….he’s actually going to jump after he realizes his Rawhide stock dropped into the red.

    MEGA CUTE!!!! I love teh tubbeh wrinklyness.

    maybe he’s looking at wrinkle creams?

  30. 😛 What a cute lil grumpy dude! I highly doubt he’s going to fall off–he looks quite comfortable where he is, nor does he look worried about it either. So cute!

  31. Ebay, der-teh-der-der-der . . . Damn, I lost the pink tutu!

  32. awwww, look at those rolls, and the nubbular tail!

  33. pugmamatimestwo says:

    butt wrinkles!!!

  34. He looks kinda like a spring, ready to “boing” offa da stool…all those adorable accordian wrinkle chubs. I lubs heem (or her).

  35. ThreeCatNight says:

    “But when you said ‘bytes’ I thought you meant actual FOOD, so I decided to order some online. Don’t worry, it’s on your VISA!”
    (Who could possibly be angry with a face like that?)

  36. I am digging the view out the window.

  37. Hee-hee! LOL!!

    What lucky owners!

  38. Why, oh why, do you have to take piccys…….humans!!

  39. i haven’t googled it yet but i can just see it already…”disapproving pugs”!

  40. responce:

    Oh just slap down the letters and symbols:


    doggy respnds:

    but my paws too big for each key…*puppy eyes*, will U do it for me pwease?

  41. ah man! the stocks are down

  42. he just learned online that if your over 6 you might have extra wrinles