Run for the border!

I’ve had eet weeth dees cats who theenk dey can be ‘burritos’. Only me, dee Chihuahua, can do eet, with the proper Mexican flavors!

Dey tink dey are qualified to be burritos!? No way, Mang! I weel show dem!!! [rolls over to a tub of mild sauce]


Well, I’m glad we got that straightened out, Anna M.



  1. He’s a hot tamale. that one!

  2. He looks like ET in his ghost costume…

  3. bleen. A puppurrito makes more sense anyway.

  4. yet another michelle says:

    *sigh* I love CO on a Monday morn… I shall every so gently squeeeesh hees nose.

  5. OMG the miniscule kissable nose.

  6. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I’d like some hot sauce with that.

  7. It’s a Chihuahua cozee.

  8. Excuse me, but my burrito has mini curly whiskers on his schnozzle.

  9. Momof2kitties says:


  10. ThreeCatNight says:

    That nose alone, and the little furry head-ridge await my kees!

  11. nice try. you’ll neva be a real purrito.

  12. Oooh, he looks so toasty-warm!
    He’s a little peeg in a blanket!

  13. Here’s my little baby being a sad burrito ( ). A cuter version of same puplet:

  14. must…kees…nosicle!

  15. annienanners says:

    yay: bent whiskers!

  16. So!

    When is “burrito kitteh/pup” going to be a new category already??

  17. Eep! What is he wrapped in! (fingers start twitchy) Must… Knit… Cat… Cozy…

    And a big whopping dog cozy for SO’s dog.

    Heh heh heh.

  18. Gina N! For heaven’s sake! What did you DO to that poor baby?? I hope he got huge doses of lovin’ until he once again looked like the second pic!

  19. I just went wild over a recipe for jalapeno latkes, this very morningk! It’s Chanukah-Chihuahua-Multi-culti- Synchronicity Madness, I tell yez!

  20. tacos? we don’t need no steeenkeeen tacos!

    puppeh burritos all around! cute cute!

  21. awww so warm and delish.

  22. berthaslave says:

    Hmmm…I wonder if this would make an effective ad campaign for a nationwide Mexican fast food chain….

  23. Lisa, this little girl gets a million lovins’ a day! Baths, however, still not her fav…
    Oh — but funny — this is her *post-bath* doing the drying thing:

  24. Oops. Wrong URL for bath silliness:

  25. HEE! De nose, de eyes, de deleeshios silliness of de narrateev.


  26. Pup looks so comfortable and sleepy.

  27. Um, you know that people actually did use Chihuahuas as a food source onceuponatime, right?

  28. He reminds me of the Big, Bad wolf impersonating Granny. Except he’s cute and little. My, what snorgable face you have!

  29. My chihuahua Beep-Beep must have looked like that as a baby!!!!


  30. that actually looks pretty darn cozy if you ask me!

  31. garlicknots says:

    his eyes are so wide apart and his nose is so short and the earlessness is killing me! Also the eyebrows, must mention the neeny eyebrows!

  32. Oh noes!! Chihuahuas weren’t food!! Xoloitzcuintles were (both are Mexican, but Xolos are much bigger than Chihuahuas)… not that it makes it any better, he he

  33. Demeyezes luk laik beeeg bleu moonz… lil puppito!

  34. mmm, some tapitio and a horchata and this pupperito is gonna be in my belleh in no time 🙂

  35. It’s a perrito-burrito! ^_^

  36. A beep on the nose
    and a kees on the hayd!
    Dees chi-wah-wah
    Has keelt me ded.

  37. I think wrapped doglets deserve a term of their own – “Grrr-itos”!

  38. That is totally not a Chihuahua. I think it’s a mini toy doberman. Which makes it even cuter. o.o

  39. that is totally a Chi, its looks just like my Mo.. and yes, he looks like a Min Pin, too… but he is Puppurrito through and through…

  40. there is no such thing as a toy doberman. min pins actually bear no relation to the doberman…they just have similar physical characteristics. and our puppurrito freeend (short nosey and all) ees chi-hwa-hwa.

  41. LunaKitteh says:

    Exactamenté!! El perrito es muy bonito! Y poquito, tambien~ quiero dar un besito por el perrito!

  42. Ahhh all wrapped up in cotton wool. gorgeous!!

  43. CheshireCat says:

    Those unearthly pupilless blue eyes are strangely haunting…yet so anerable!

  44. Why me?!? I just want a wee blanket so I dont shiver so much.

  45. I LOVE THE BURRITO SERIES!! I will forever favor burrito animals over the rest! 😀