Put on a coat before you watch this

Sure it’s cold, but I’m gonna JOOMP into it ANYWAY!


Kat S., my temperature just dropped 10 degrees watching that video



  1. Awww! That looks like the dog my best friend had as a kid… ;_; *misses that doggie* Looks like the weather where I am! Yay playing in the snow~

  2. Too funny! Such a happy pooch!

  3. At least someone is glad it snowed. But he doesn’t have to drive the car in it!

    Take joy in the simple events of life.

  4. Ah, the dog. Lover of all things wet, in motion and that can fit in their mouf.
    If only a snow machine was affordable.

  5. I love the big finish. Bet daddy was tired but not the dog. Did they make snow angels after. Tail swishing in the snow.

  6. Pups just wanna have fun. Nobody ever said they was smart.

  7. yumpin’ yimminy! that’s one happy puppers.

  8. oohlookasquirrel says:

    aww, there need to be more dog owners who turn tedious chores into puppy fun time. I do love to see happy critters with loving owners!

  9. Doggy dancer makes me feel better about how freezing my toes ‘n noes are. Winter fun!

  10. OK what is that music from ? I have heard it before but I can’t remember wwhat from .

    Great use of music and video!!!!!

    that doggie will sleep that one off for a while… My doggie was what is wrong with you mom ?

  11. Brandi Lee says:

    i feel a conga line coming
    jump in the line rock your body in time

  12. I suppose I could go do this with the sand at the North Shore… although it might hurt a little more and I would be sweating!

  13. “OK what is that music from ? I have heard it before but I can’t remember wwhat from .”

    I think it was in “Dr. No”.

  14. The song I think is by Harry Belefonte. Cute. Calypso music to a dog jumping in snow.

  15. Aw, now I want to watch Beetlejuice!

  16. SOoooo adorable! This made my day! I’ve been inside studying away. The music is from the movie The Mask

  17. It’s “Jump in the Line” lyrics by Danny Elfman, sung by Harry Belafonte. It’s from the ending of Beetlejuice.

    That’s so adorable, I wish I my doggie was still with us, he just adored playing in snow too.

  18. my husband says they played it in Betelgeuse. I mean Beetlejuice. i’m guessing either Louis Prima or, as Reagan said, Harry Belefonte.

    poor goldies. so sweet. so fun. not so brainy. 🙂

  19. Meg may have gotten colder watching that–I got warmer. What a happy doggie! What a loving daddy, and whoever took the video stood outside too.

  20. I love that finish. Heck with digging out the car, let’s just wanted to play with the puppy.

  21. Hahaha! I just got back from taking my lab outside. She whined and paced and promised she really had to go to the bathroom, but when we got out there, all she really wanted to do was roll in the snow. That’s how it’s been all day! Lol.

  22. Utterly redonkulous! BTW, saw the notice about submish for the 2009 calendar… is there a 2008 available? That would make my year!

  23. Silly puppy!! Very cute!

  24. Aww, the puppy is “catching” the snow!

  25. Aww, the puppy is “catching” the snow! Too adorable.

  26. Ahh, Beetlejuice! I had an image of Winona Ryder dancing to that song in my head and now I know why.

    That dog is just redonk. Hope he got a nice warm towel and a biccie when he came inside. 🙂

  27. That video makes me so happy! It reminded me of how my old doggy would steal the mittens off my hand and bury them in the snow, never to be seen again until the snow melted. Then there would just be mittens all over the yard. She thought it was so funny! I misses her!!

  28. gotta love dogs that will try to fetch just about anything..

  29. aw, what a great flying golden! it’s practically surfing those waves of snow, or maybe that’s just the calypso effect on my brain. happiest snow shoveling ever!

  30. Aww, I just want to know where it snows that much and why I don’t live there. Stheriously. I’d shovel snow with nary a complaint if it meant I never had to deal with six months of 95+ weather per year again.

  31. That dog looks like he’s having so much fun! My kitty only managed to look freaked out and confused when I used to take him out to the yard after it snowed.

    And yes, song is classic Harry Belafonte.


    lovin that. 🙂
    me Bella dus luv the snow as well…. yummmy.

  33. Noelegy, Theo and I are in Minnesota, and we easily get this much snow. Careful what you wish for, though: the *high* temperature here today was 16 degrees.

  34. Pearl Ostroff says:

    I think the dog is an Irish Setter. not a golden. Very redonkulous dogs. Never grow up. The song is, as chanpon said, classic Harry Belefonte and predates the movie Beetlejuice by several decades.

  35. that looks fun 😀

  36. jaye- that dus splain a lot right there.
    luvin the Min-a-sew- tons. 🙂
    yer a chilly sort aren’t ya. ummm.
    it gets 32 here in van. wa. and we be freezin!

  37. oh , and in case you HAVEN’T seen my beautiful Bella-
    she’s an angel from heaven.
    no question bout that.
    give her love.

  38. Yay! I’m glad to see my submish up. I sent this in, only like 3 hours ago.

    Brecken (short for Breckenridge, as he was born in Colorado) is a golden retriever. Irish setters are a red color.

    My parents are dogsitting him for my brother as he is figure skating with Dorothy Hamil’s Broadway on Ice for the next four months.

  39. kathleen- he totally rocks!
    awesome vid!

  40. Here’s the clip from Beetlejuice:

  41. Goldens always seem to make their own parties. I love this video!

  42. i lurv that silly movie.

  43. who’s the beetlejuice entry person?
    jus wonderin…..
    dint knoww you could be annon here.

  44. My family had a Golden Retriever/Samoyed mix, born in January and in Colorado (just like this doggy!), who LURVED the snow with every ounce of his being. He would even beg to go outside in a hailstorm because he thought that was snow, too.

  45. theo? are you there?
    i feel an aura about the cque, i’m usually not mistaken.

    Our next pupp(s) are gunna be a pair of goldens. this is Fab.

  46. Catsquatch says:

    Automatic Snow Compactor Doesnt need batteries.
    Works for kibble.
    Inquire within.

  47. GerbilNibble says:


    Lovzin eet.

    4 paws for happy dogs.


  48. Please, please, please, if I’m very good in this life can I come back as a dog in my next one? I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed anything as much as this dog seems to be enjoying the snow.

  49. To 260Oakley: My family doctor wants to come back as dog, too! Only because, we tend to pamper our dogs with tenderloin scraps and other good meat.

  50. haha, who needs a snow blower, you throw the snow and he spreads it all around evenly

  51. AuntieMame says:

    Dogs do everything with such gusto!

    I had to sweep about four inches of snow off my car today. I wasn’t having near as much fun as Mr. Doggy Snowypants.

  52. Bansheefay says:

    *pouts* It’s telling me that the vid is no longer available.

  53. refresh your browser, maybe?
    cause my mom is checking her hits on the vid right now.

  54. or do a search for ‘Brecken’ on youTube

  55. Bansheefay
    theo will fix asap.
    i’m knowing this….

  56. Looks like so much fun!

  57. Aww, my Golden does the same exact thing with snow. Only if she were doing it she’d probably run into the wall in her excitement…

  58. Man, I love Goldens! And the song rocks too.

  59. Aw. .. This makes me think of my puppy- golden mix who LOVED snow (snowballs were the only thing he didn’t actually have to bring back, I could just make more and he’d keep chasing!) We had to put him down in Oct. 13 yrs old, cancer, of course. Want him BACK!! Especially when it snows. Baroo.

  60. yankeebird says:

    Adorable puppy, one of my favorite songs, and OMFG A CUTE OVERLOAD CALENDAR?!?!!!!!11!!1!

    Never mind that my date for night didn’t happen, could today have been any better? I think not!

  61. I love this video calyp-so much! I was dancing while watching this. Come on, peeps. Admit you were doing the same.

  62. Awwwwwww, what a happydawg!!! This video gives me the fuzzies! And the calypso music is hilarious!

    Is it wrong that I want it to snow where I am?

  63. berthaslave says:

    At first, I was happy. Then I was cold and tired. I’m very glad to be living in Southern California right now. The only seasonal exercise we get is bringing in the lawn chairs so they don’t get wet in the occasional rain.

  64. This was so great! ^_^
    My Kody Bear loves the snow. She’ll go out and just lay in it and let it accumulate on her back, if she’s not playing in it.
    Although, great music aside, my favorite part was watching the snow around the pup get visibly deeper! ^_^

  65. Aww, Goldens love snow!! This makes me miss my Bucky, a Golden-Lab mix who loved nothing more…

  66. Harry Belafonte FTW!!!

    He spoke at my brother’s college graduation, and when he stepped to the podium, he was greeted by a thundering chorus of “DAAAAYYYYY- OOOOOOOOOH!”

  67. PS, Ladies, see if you can find a pic of Mr. Belafonte from oh, say 1955-1960. OH MY!!!

  68. circuscake says:

    i love seeing doggies so insanely happy- hooray for the peeps braving the cold to make it happen.

    i recently had the pleasure of watching a lab puppy experience her first snow. she was in heaven.

    my dog? not so much.

  69. Berthaslave, don’t you belong to a lawn chair drill team?

  70. Now THAR’s a pup who knows how to have a good time.

  71. Aaaawww! That pup was exhausted by the end of the video – but she was not givingks up!! Awesome song, too. 🙂

  72. That does look fun! I would totally be jumping in the snow too!

  73. OH MY GOODNESS….My Doggie does that too. Way too cute.

  74. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    My late beloved cocker, Skippy, did this with thunder. Every time it rained, he’d beg to go outside, and would attempt to “catch” the thunder. Not sure what he planned to do with it if he caught it…

    BTW, we had to keep him indoors when we set off firecrackers. He wanted to “catch” those, too! Darling doggie, but “short yellow bus” mentality.

    Dreamspinner Cheryl

  75. “It’s “Jump in the Line” lyrics by Danny Elfman, sung by Harry Belafonte. It’s from the ending of Beetlejuice.”

    “Jump in the Line” wasn’t written by Danny Elfman, it was written by Harry Belafonte, and was originally released back in the ’60s.

  76. elifromcalii05 says:

    I have a very strong feeling that my golden would do the exact same thing.
    They are so goofy…but not always the brightest.

  77. Brecken (the dog who is in the video), is an extremely smart dog. He figured out how to open the gate that keeping him in the kitchen (otherwise he’d eat things that he shouldn’t) and went upstairs and climbed into my parents bed.

  78. great music for this clip! happy dawg.

  79. Awww! I love Brecken! He would have a good time with Toasty, who goes completely crackerdog in the snow. Lots of laughs on the winter walks!

  80. What good exercise for both of them, lol! I couldn’t turn up my computer loud enuff tho. LOVE that song.

    (Oh it’s record hot here today in SC – upper 70s. Ugh. On a brighter note, I’m taking my pooch to the park!)

  81. Shannon — if the snow wasn’t too cold and dry here right now to be packable, which it is, I’d take this opportunity to huck a few slushballs right into your 78-degree dog park.

    Yep, all the way from Minneapolis.

    It’s unlucky to doubt.

  82. LOL Shannon why are you ugh ing about weather in the upper 70’s… have you never shoveled snow. or scraped you windshield of ice in the morning in 20 below weather or my favorite 40 below with a windchill of 60 below. oh yeah good times! ; )

  83. yet another michelle says:

    This is exactly why I’m a dog person. Who doesn’t appreciate a daily dose of redonk?

    Funny, my two boxers seem to just know when to kick the redonk into high gear!

  84. This vid is enough to make me want to have a dog again. TOTAL joy, complete elation, always tail-waggin’ ready for more, more, more! Love the way his coat gets darker as he gets damper from melting snow. If you could hitch a broom to that tail, he could clear all your walks in no time.

  85. A little seasonal chill would be welcome here too, Shannon. I have the a/c on, because it’s 76 and may go to 80. We’re still in sandals/shorts. Ah, Florida!

  86. Jaye, will y’all make fun of my Texas accent if I move to Minnesota? 🙂 I read http://www.lileks.com every day, and he is always grinching about the weather. I think he wants to move to Arizona eventually. I know our two floofy dawgs would be happier in cold weather. I can totally see them playing in the snow like this. That is, if they’re not too spoiled from getting to come inside all the time…

  87. Awwww – what a wonderful pup – what energy. Now I want to take him inside and cuddle him in a big towel and give him a goodie.

  88. Noelegy, us Minnesotans will find your accent adorable. 🙂

    We’ll get you a copy of “How to Talk Like a Minnesotan” as a welcome gift.

  89. Our neighbor’s dog does that. He barks right before he chomps!

  90. Still hearing the song in my head….. and oddly it reminded me of that “My Name is Earl” episode… (Catalina Jumping instead of pole dancing episode.)

  91. I’ve been humming the song all day. And I blame this video!

    Noelegy, if you find Michigan…er…Minnesota not quite to your taste, you can come to Colorado. We have lots of snow. And lots of Texans. So you’d fit right in!

  92. No no no no I don’t want all that mess. Just cold enuff perhaps to wear a sweater! I put all my warm weather clothes away, for cripes sake! Maybe cool enuff for hot chocolate or fluffy blankets. THIS is redonk. Maybe a coupla inches of snow – not feet, thank you very much! My pup likes snow too.

  93. AuntieMame: The song has been stuck in my head for about a day, but I don’t complain it’s a good song, just easy enuff to get stuck in one’s head.

  94. Awww! So cute! And what *perfect* music too 🙂

  95. Ahhhhh … Goldens … doesn’t get much better than that. Silly, adorable, doofus dogs will try to retrieve and fetch anything. We’ve had 3 Goldens, one currently. Nothing else like ’em. They’ll do anything to please you and are born entertainers.

  96. Aw – that is so cute. My lab likes to try to catch snowballs, I wonder if she’d like this too!

  97. Melissa H. says:

    That is one happy doggy! But I’ll bet dad’s arms get tired after a while.

  98. Jaye – “How to Talk Minnesotan” eh? I work at the theater that did that, and know a bunch of the actors…! haha

  99. My Danny Banani (an oversized tri-colour Border Collie) used to do exactly this! It made shovelling snow a fun thing! He would jump & I would laugh and I am sure the whole neighbourhood had fun watching. He would always end up being a “snow dog”. I miss my Mr. Banani – this was so fun to watch! Thank you!

  100. CheshireCat says:

    This video is a tad bit depressing for certain people (like me). Who live in places where it doesn’t snow. *pouts* I used to live in Rochester and I wanna go back and play with my puppehs in the snowwww!

  101. Cheshire – lol! I live in Rochester and wanna go back to Phoenix where it’s warm and my kitties can chase June bugs around the yard in January. Grass is always greener!

  102. Here in NH we have snow and ice, so we spend a lot of time sliding around. I’m sure the dog would have fun iceskating in my ice driving. The dog shows the fun side of snow, when it’s soft and fluffy, it’s fun to play in!

  103. Throw the snow! Throw the snow! Throw the snow! Throw the snow!