Napping with exposed guttular regions

This kitteh is just *asking for EET*

[Goes underneath kitteh post, smooshes face into belleh]


Katherine B. alerted us to this sweet Japanese Scottish fold site… ahnngnn



  1. My Tummy is feeling a bit of a draft

  2. ppplllblbbrrrrrttttttt

    (with props to Don Martin RIP)

    *get THAT reference – will ya*

  3. The belleh needs tickled … How can you not resist … Sleeping Kitty and exposed belly…. two! Two! two temptations in one!

  4. >poke!<

  5. ShelleyTambo says:

    Carrie, he was always my favorite when I stole my brother’s Mads. I was six years old and didn’t get most of it, though.

  6. I thought kitteh was teeny until I saw THE BLOB.

  7. Did anyone’s Mom used to make them eggs in a frame (bread with hole punched out)?
    That’s the first thing that came to mind when gazing at the gut sag…damn I’m hungry.

  8. Manda! Toad in a hole.; ) My mom never made them for us, but I made them for my girls They loved them.

  9. I’m still trying to figure out what part of the kitty is sticking out. :-/

    [TUMMYBAG! – Ed.]

  10. LOL Annie! “Toad in a hole” 😀 I think everybody’s got a different funny name for it…
    Scottish Folds are just as tasty 🙂

  11. Momof2kitties says:

    Must sneak in for a belleh snorgle!

    *makes quick getaway before face gets swiped off by paw of anger*

  12. ThreeCatNight says:

    I’d love to personally hoist up that sleeping kitty and snorgle him.

  13. one of the erins says:

    Manda– my mom didn’t, but I used to make them for myself. I just thought of them the other day, funny it would come up now! I got it out of a kids cookbook, which was also probably the one that had the “painted toast” where you put food coloring on the bread before you toast it.

  14. “does this perch make my tummy look big?”

  15. ZOMG! Did anyone go to the kitteh’s site yet? There are over a dozen pages of this cutie, and the fact that it’s in Japanese doesn’t detract from its cuteness.

    Ze world shall perish from ze proshness of zis kitteh. Ahhhnn…

  16. Poke fluffy belly!!!

  17. bellehbellehbellehbelleh

  18. berthaslave says:

    Oh, Carrie, you have invoked the name of Mad’s MADdest artist! The only thing that would make this kitteh better is if his name was Dr. Fonebone or Captain Klutz.

    As a bellied person, I approve of this picture.

  19. berthaslave says:

    Or Fester Bestertester.

  20. Or Emmanuel Festerbestertester!

    Seriously, did you see the piece in the Washington Post about how girls didn’t like MAD? I emailed the guy and told him a thing or two! It was almost as bad as when the Car Guys said girls didn’t give wedgies!

  21. Girls didn’t like MAD???

    Hmmmph. As a girl for a very long time now, I beg to differ.

    MAD rocked!!! I am glad you told them a thing or three, Theresa.

  22. Interesting…his sleepy “Z”‘s are crossed…hmmmm….

  23. what do you mean girls didn’t like mad… when I was a teenager everyone read mad..
    I have two daughters and they read mad too.

    Spy vs Spy… My Favorite.

  24. Renee in Texas says:

    “Toad in a hole”
    No one can come up with the correct reference for this photo???? You know “Fold in a hole”

  25. Oh god, needs a snorgling in a serious way!

  26. That doubles as a belly massage…

  27. *Thud* Falls through slinkily in classic kitteh style.

    Manda-I call them popeyes!

  28. Cute! But…ow!

  29. Mine would only ever fall asleep like that one time. He’d hate the belly snorgle attack.

    Love the little zzzzzz’s

  30. Aww .. that site has the picture that was used in the lolcat where he’s all, I played your guy. He died.

  31. ooohhhh…snorgleishes!

    annie and manda- in my house it’s called a hole in one. on st. patty’s day i use the shamrock cookie cutter.

  32. —————–


  33. BELLY ROLL!!!!!! -^__^-

  34. BELLY ROLL!!!!!!! -^__^-

    ** Im being told Im spam =( **

  35. OMG I want to poke and run.

  36. That scottish fold site is wonderful!! I want CO to feature this video from the site, but I don’t know how to link to it, but if you go near the bottom of this page, there’s a SUPER cute video of one of the kittehs sitting up on his bum, and then getting his foots tickled.

  37. (It’s the one right above the dachshunds)

  38. One of the cats I petsit used to do that. It was a game– Buddy would run up and lie on the platform next to the door, and I had to poke him through the hole and not get slashed when he whirled around and tried to nail me. Of course I had the advantage because I decided whether to try it or not, but he still got me sometimes. RIP Buddy, I miss you when I take care of your sisters.

  39. LOL! That’s a very FOLDABLE Scottish Fold!

    Oh, and I’m a MAD fan too. Can’t get my hands on it often, but it’s brilliant.

  40. The site has ICHC-like captions in Japanese!!! Too cool!

  41. I also like the photo on this kitty’s website, which Sonya gave us the link to, in which the kitty has her head upside down through the platform hole.

    I hope my mother didn’t throw out my brother’s old MAD magazines from the ’60’s….

  42. hatfullofsky says:

    only a cat could manage to make something that looks so uncomfortable seem so effortless & cool… only a cat

  43. Brak_Silverbone says:

    We miss you, Don Martin… I got to meet Sergio Aragones at a convention about 5 years ago. I told him about how I used to steal my brother’s MADs when I was little, and he cracked up. What a nice guy!

    *pokie pokie pokie* to kitty tum-tum…

  44. CheshireCat says:

    *kisses kitteh belleh passionately*

  45. Funny, one of the posts near the bottom of the Japanese page makes reference to the axis of snorgling that gets referred to so often at CO. The arrow points to the spot that the owner finds absolutely irresistible.

  46. I wonder if she’s pregnant. My calico used to stand on two stairs with her pregnant belly hanging between them.